HERE is the payoff for 6 decades of the liberal left “instructing” our young people. I don’t know whether to be disgusted, or amused, so I’ll take BOTH. Let us hope and pray THIS ignoramus does not breed. Story from Kristen Tate at   Student Robbed at Gunpoint, Says He Deserved It Due to His ‘Privilege’  by Kristin Tate 29 Nov 2014, 7:50 AM PDT   Oliver Friedfeld, a senior at Georgetown University (GU) and his roommate were recently mugged at gun point — but Frieldfeld says he deserved it because of his “privilege.” In an oped for the GU … Continue reading

Getting Ready For The Big Push??

. “Black Friday” was a massive success for many retailers, but one industry in particular seems to have outstripped them all. Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” has the story. Americans Bought Guns at a Record-Setting Clip on Black Friday — Wait Until You Read How Fast the FBI Was Getting Background Check Requests   Nov. 29, 2014 7:30am Forget the Xboxes, iPhones and Tickle Me Elmos — Americans were really going crazy for guns this Black Friday, in record-setting numbers. The typical Black Friday boom in gun sales doubles the number of background checks handled by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal … Continue reading

N & F Trivia : “Black Friday “

Question: In what city did the term “Black Friday” originate? Answer: The name “Black Friday” originated in Philadelphia, where it originally was used by The Philadelphia Police Department to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic which would occur on the day after Thanksgiving. The earliest documented reference to this was in January 1966, written by Bonnie Taylor-Black of the American Dialect Society: “Black Friday” is the name which the Philadelphia police department has given to the Friday after Thanksgiving day. It is not a term of endearment to them. “Black Friday” ofiicially opens the Christmas shopping season … Continue reading

Thousands of Canadians Rally in Solidarity with Ferguson

From Sun News Network Canadians gathered in cities across Canada to show their solidarity with protesters south of the border on the heels of the controversial Ferguson, Missouri grand jury decision not to indict a cop who shot an armed black teen. “We feel the pain here too,” Saima Jamal, organizer of Calgary’s event, said. Thunderous chants of “black lives matter” echoed throughout Toronto’s downtown core Tuesday night as demonstrators voiced their frustration over police brutality against black people. An estimated 2,000 people attended the peaceful demonstration across from the United States consulate.   “I just felt it was … Continue reading

Politicians and Media Incite Violence in Ferguson

From Canada Free Press With Ferguson in flames and mobs running rampant, it became apparent to everyone—except the liberals and libertarians—that the media-hyped “militarization” of the police was not the problem. Instead, the problem in Ferguson was, and is, a criminal element doing drugs and determined to engage in anti-police violence. The additional problem is outside agitation. Police Officer Darren Wilson testified before the grand jury that Michael Brown, who was under the influence of drugs, was possessed like a “demon” and came after him before being shot and killed. Brown had just robbed a convenience store of swisher sweet … Continue reading

Ferguson Parent Of The Year Award….

…Goes To This Baby Mama : “Ah So, Grasshopper. When you can snatch the Swisher Sweets from the little man’s hand, you will be ready “ ~Old Al Sharpton Proverb ~Terry    

Single Arrest From Cameras That Read 257K License Plates

From Mercury News: Three license plate readers that Menlo Park police began using this summer captured images of more than 250,000 plates between July 1 and Oct. 1, according to a police staff report. Out of all those images, however, only one could be tracked to a crime. Police recovered a stolen car and arrested the thief. The readers, which cost a total of $57,914, are mounted on the roofs of two marked patrol cars and one unmarked vehicle used by detectives. Each has four high-speed cameras that take pictures of license plates in front of, behind and alongside police … Continue reading

13 Facts About Ferguson the Media Will Never Tell You

From NewsMax Just in Case some of our readers don’t know these facts, I decided to post them. Of course the members of the PSP will deny all of these and call me a racist. They know what orifice they can put that race card back into! According to protesters who erupted in violence after a grand jury declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., this was the case of a white policeman shooting an unarmed black teenager with his hands in the air in a community plagued by racial tension. That’s … Continue reading

Racism Can Be White or Black

From Canada Free Press On Monday, Nov 17, the Governor of Missouri activated its National Guard “to support law enforcement during any period of unrest that might occur following the grand jury’s decision concerning the investigation into the death of Michael Brown.” He declared a state of emergency. A grand jury verdict that is likely to exonerate officer Darren Wilson is assumed to require significant law enforcement because in August we witnessed the initial weeks of rioting, looting and arson in what has been described by police authorities as an organized effort. When the subject of racism occurs, it is … Continue reading

Justice Prevails In Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

As hoped for, Officer Darren Wilson was acquitted of charges in the shooting death of Michael ‘Big Mike/ Gentle Giant / Strong Arm Thug/’ Brown in Ferguson, MO. last August. After weeks of overwhelming testimonies and evidence showing Officer Wilson was clearly in the right for protecting himself against an enraged, 300 lb. gang-banger wannnabe, the Grand Jury decided not to pursue the case.   And, as expected, the savages, intent on raising hell regardless of the outcome, are really showing their true character by burning, looting, firing weapons, and just generally doing what we have come to expect of … Continue reading

Inmates Will Be Running The Asylum

Unbelievable. As I reported in a previous post, the thug rioters presented officials in Ferguson with a 19 point “proposal” for rules of engagement, should the Grand Jury find some cojones and righteously vindicate Officer Darren Wilson of ALL CHARGES in the shooting of Mike-Gentle Giant/ Strong arm thug/-Brown, while  Wilson was protecting himself from a criminal (Brown) who was beating him and trying to take his gun. It seems that if the Grand Jury DOES do it’s job, the St Louis mayor won’t. ************************************ St. Louis mayor caves to rioters pre-riot demands; ‘free rein’ for Ferguson protesters From BizPac … Continue reading

Sheriff: Amnesty is Simply Giving Up

From CNS News: Sacramento County, CA Sheriff Scott Jones is taking to social media to deliver a message to President Obama about securing America’s borders, telling the president that “deferred action or amnesty is deferring this crisis. It is not reform, it’s simply giving up.” In a YouTube video posted yesterday on the official Sacramento Sheriff account, Jones addresses President Obama, saying that he recently buried one of his deputies following the deadly shooting of two Northern California law enforcement officials. The man accused in the killings, Marcelo Marquez, is an illegal immigrant who had previously been deported a number of … Continue reading

From The “BWAHAHAHAHA” File For Nov 20 2014

Sometimes that old karma CAN be a real bitch. Such as that which this moonbatess found out while protesting……wait for it… POLICE in Ferguson. Hope she enjoys that steaming mug of Schadenfreude. From B. Christopher Agee at Western Ironic: Ferguson Instigator Has Car Stolen After Anti-Police Protest “Irony and karma…all in one.”  B. Christopher Agee — November 18, 2014 For more than three months, the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Mo., has been targeted by violent protesters and looters upset over the police shooting that resulted in the death of Mike Brown. Despite the fact that subsequently released evidence … Continue reading

All I Ever Wanted To Know About Racism…..

….I Learned In Ferguson. **NOTE** I am solely responsible for any personal opinion expressed in this article. It may / may not , represent the views of any other writers of the Hardnox And Friends blog site. ~Terry    ————————————————- Just like when I had monsters under my childhood bed, I’ve pulled the covers over my head and hoped that ignoring this situation would make it go away. But like all good regime sponsored crises,  this monster just keeps getting fed and growing bigger and uglier. It’s now way too big to fit under the bed. With the grand jury decision on the … Continue reading

Big Thug Mama And Daddy Went To The U friggin’ N…..

…and all we got was this load of BS : With the grand jury decision on the police shooting by Officer Darren Wilson of ‘Big Mike/ Gentle Giant/ Strong-arm thug/ Brown’ expected to come any day now, thug’s “parents” ( I use that term lightly) spoke before a UN Committee in Geneva, Switzerland, pleading for “the world to note what was happening in Ferguson and around the country.” Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. spoke to the United Nations Committee Against Torture — which also works against cruel or degrading treatment or punishment by government authorities. Thug Mama said : “We need the world … Continue reading

THIS Is What We Are Fighting.

I sometimes wonder about the left, and if THEY should be allowed “freedom of speech”. When one of the lunatics comes up with THIS bullshit, it answers my question. In the past, I have run posts on some of the insane things from the ultra-left media, usually with a chuckle, but THIS absolute bilge made my blood boil. ANY asshole who thinks THANKING, and SUPPORTING our troops AND being patriotic is “forced” or “compulsory” obviously needs a serious attitude adjustment. With a 4×4. The insanity comes from William Bigelow at Salon: ‘Forced Troop Worship and Compulsory Patriotism Must End’ … Continue reading

We Gots Us Some Rules !

With a decision expected any time from the grand jury investigating the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, protesters in the strong-arm thug’s home town have presented authorities with a list of demands to govern the impending riot. No, this is NOT satire. I shit you not ! Well at least one black thug can write a sentence , or maybe they had a cracker sympathizer write their manifesto for them. Rubber bullets NO real bullets YES , tanks, water cannons YES. And HIGH BAIL BONDS. Then shoo all Bail Bondsmen out of town for a week. Keep the animals caged! ~Terry

Police Search for Muslim Teacher Accused of Rape

Daily Mail Online:   Police are hunting for the former head teacher of a private Islamic school accused of the sexual abuse and rape of two middle school female students. Tariq Ahmad, 35, who worked at Nur-Ul-Islam Academy, Florida, has been charged with five first degree counts after the alleged abuse which left one student needing ‘substantial surgical repair’. The girls were aged 14 and 15 when Ahmad allegedly forced them into sexual relationships, according to a lawsuit. Their attorneys said Ahmed would use text messages, social media and even code on the chalk boards in the classroom to set … Continue reading

Six-Man Tackle in a Texas Airport

Right Wing News: Watch How Quickly a Seemingly Disturbed Man Gets Tackled by Good Samaritans at a Texas Airport After an Assault   God bless Texas, cowboys, good Samaritans and cops who are great at their jobs. This is what happens if you are a deranged, possibly high, wacko and you attack an innocent man at an airport in Texas. You get dog-piled and taken down by men who don’t stand for that kind of crap in the Lone Star state. After kicking and punching a man, while throwing gay slurs at him, this big, good ole’ boy gets a lesson … Continue reading