DHS Adviser Says Caliphate’s Return Inevitable

Known for his statements that “America is an Islamic Country”, Elibiary is back out front. by John Rossomando • Jun 16, 2014 | IPT A member of President Obama’s Homeland Security Advisory Council known for controversial Twitter posts that seem to support the Muslim Brotherhood wrote Friday that it is “inevitable that ‘Caliphate’ returns.” Mohamed Elibiary has been controversial since he was first appointed to the taskforce in 2010. He was closely associated with Shukri abu Baker, former executive director of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development – one of five people convicted for illegal Hamas support in … Continue reading

Ditto What Allen West Said

From Allen West: Col. West went on a bit of rant the other day and it would be a shame if you missed it. I’m sick of being labeled an Islamophobe for stating the truth A week ago Barack Hussein Obama stated that the “world is less violent” during a Tumblr interview session – as his acolytes lapped it up. Is he really that clueless? Islamic terrorist group al-Shabab proves it so. According to Yahoo News, Dozens of extremists (i.e. Islamic terrorists) attacked a Kenyan coastal town for hours, killing those who couldn’t answer questions about Islam and those who … Continue reading

Just one week in the world of Islam. What is wrong with this faith?

                 Whether Directly or Indirectly, Our Government Supports and Supplies These Savages Herald Sun By Andrew Bolt June 16, 2014 What the hell is the problem with Islam? In the past week.. (Please, click the links for more “eye-opening and wonderful” news of this delightful and piece-loving CULT) In Kenya:  At least 34 people have been killed after unidentified armed men stormed the coastal city of Mpeketoni, setting hotels, restaurants, banks and government offices on fire and spraying bullets in streets. Kenyan army spokesman Major Emmanuel Chirchir …  blamed al-Shabaab, Somalia’s al-Qaeda-linked militant … Continue reading

Bergdahl : The Gay Muslim

I love making fun of the Libiots and everything they hold dear. I love satire. To combine the two is pure joy for me. And now I don’t even have to tax my brain trying to create it. The rapier sharp minds at The Peoples Cube do a masterful job of it, and I can share it with you with a simple copy & paste. And though they specialize in satire, it’s usually not far from the disgusting reality. Here is their latest. Enjoy. ~Terry  ~~~~~oOo~~~~~ As if cheers and glorification that Bowe Bergdahl received from the White House, as well as from ESPN, … Continue reading

Wild Bill: Tap Dancing in a Mine Field

Bill tells us that the left has forced America into a minefield of cultural bombs that sooner or later will blow up in our faces. He’s right too.  This November will be our last chance to grab the ring of freedom and correct the course that we are on as a nation.  If we fail then America fails. ~ Hardnox

The Ingredients of Islam

The Ingredients of Islam By Chris Schang May 28, 2014 One of the greatest end times signs we see today in the world is the rise of evil and wickedness in the world. Some of the evil and wickedness that we see if not new, but rather a magnification of a long time dormant evil and wickedness. This is of course is true regarding Islam, as the “religion” has been around for some 1,400 years. In order to examine Islam one should take a look at the essential “ingredients” that make up Islam. While browsing through the Internet I came … Continue reading

CAIR Complains About NYPD Informant Program

From Yahoo News: An American Islamic group is calling for a federal investigation into the New York Police Department’s reported recruitment of Muslim immigrants as informants. “The Department of Justice must investigate the potential illegality of the coercive recruitment of Muslims to spy on their own faith community,” Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said in a statement in response to Sunday’s New York Times report of an ongoing NYPD program in which detectives comb city jails for Muslims and persuade them to spy on mosques and Muslim businesses. In 2009, according to the Times, the … Continue reading

Abusing The Legal System via Harassment

. When Islam sets its sights on a project, their attitude becomes akin to a shark smelling blood in the water. American Freedom Law Center   has the story on one such situation that is currently on-going.   CAIR Targets Private Citizens in Michigan for Opposing Construction of Islamic Center   The American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) is representing seven private citizens who were issued harassing subpoenas by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) because they publicly expressed their opposition to the construction of an Islamic center in their neighborhood in Pittsfield Township, Michigan. In 2012, the Muslim Community Association of … Continue reading

Are Terrorists Training in Your Back Yard?

From Ryan Mauro at the Clarion Project: A senior official of the Muslims of the Americas/Jamaat ul-Fuqra (MOA), a terror-linked group, said during a deposition that it has a “community” outside Anchorage, Alaska. Officials also confirmed the existence of three communes in New York, California and Michigan that have yet to be publicly pinpointed. The comments came during depositions of three senior MOA officials after the group sued two critics, Martin Mawyer and Patti Pierucci, for $30 million for their book about MOA titled Twilight in America. The judge dismissed the lawsuit last week. Astonishingly, MOA Deputy Director Hussein Adams, the son of terrorist Barry Adams, admitted he … Continue reading

Hollywood Charities Boycott Beverly Hills Hotel

From the New York Times: The response here to the planned imposition of Islamic law in Brunei, with extreme penalties for adultery and gay sex, has become more pointed in recent days as two Hollywood-related charities moved events from the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency. According to the Deadline Hollywood news site, a fund-raiser on Wednesday for the youth organization Teen Line will be moved from the hotel to the Sony lot in Culver City, Calif. The event will honor Amy Pascal, co-chairwoman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Jenny Pascal, her sister. Separately, the … Continue reading

‘Sex Jihad’ Fatwa Permits Incest in Syria

FRONTPAGE Magazine May 2, 2014 Last year, according to Arabic media accounts, “Saudi cleric Nasser al-‘Umar issued a fatwa permitting mujahidin [jihadis] in Syria to have sex-jihad with their sisters [muharamhum] if no one else is available.   The Saudi preacher also praised the mujahidin for their ongoing fight against, in his words, the machine of infidelity and oppression, that is, the Syrian and Iranian regimes.” The cleric issued his fatwa on “one of the channels associated with the radical jihadi movements” where he also reportedly said: “Some today are opposing the fatwas being issued by the clerics which serve our mujahidin brethren … Continue reading

UK Subway Says Hold the Bacon

From IJ Review: Subway Bans Pork from Nearly 200 Stores in the U.K. Due to Muslim Outcry Subway is a business doing what businesses do: looking out for its customers’ interests in neighborhoods around England. But it’s how Subway is doing it that’s more than a bit ironic, given how tolerance is supposed to be a two-way street. (And excuse me, are we even driving on the right side of the road? Oh, in the U.K. we drive on the left, gotcha). The Daily Mail reports that Subway is holding the pork for customers in 185 shops around England, due … Continue reading

One High School Principal is a Foolish Man

. Colorado education professionals are evidently vying for the position of most idiotic educators.  gopthedailydose.com  has the story of one supposedly educated fool in a position of authority. HS Students Say Pledge In Arabic: ‘One Nation Under Allah’     Posted on 28 April, 2014 by Rick Wells                         The principal at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado, is facing a hailstorm of criticism from some very angry parents and residents. The school recites the Pledge of Allegiance weekly, on Mondays. Last Monday, a member of their … Continue reading

Hooray for Texas~!

But the Muslim crowd is crying “FOUL~!”,,, ABC News has the story , via Good Morning America Texas County to Feed Feral Hogs to the Homeless April 24, 2014 By LIZ FIELDS Liz Fields via Good Morning America Authorities in Texas have signed off on plans to control the growing feral hog population that includes trapping and cooking the critters to feed to the hungry at local food banks. The pigs will be trapped at George Bush Park and Congressman Bill Archer Park in Harris County, Texas, where they are threatening native wildlife and vegetation, according to Harris County Commissioner … Continue reading

Radical Islamists in Michigan Threaten American Citizens Who Oppose Construction of Islamic Center – Citizens Fight Back

Liberty News Online 04-25-2014 This multi-million dollar Muslim Brotherhood machine is steamrolling over everyone and everything in their path. Now they are harassing and bullying ordinary American citizens. Hamas-CAIR systematically destroy voices of freedom while using their leftist lapdogs in the media and culture to whitewash their terror ties. The media and entertainment elites have been doing the bidding of Hamas-CAIR. Just this week, Hamas operative and CAIR founder Nihad Awad spoke at the premiere of the pro-jihad documentary called “Newburgh Sting” at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film is a propaganda piece about the four Muslims, who were convicted … Continue reading

Megyn Kelly: 9-1-1 Memorial Controversy

More stupid crap coming from the left.  Watch this: “Intellectually dishonest” is too polite.  The left are morons and should be ignored at all costs.  The left is a scourge on any intelligent and rational thought as are the whiny-ass muslims complaining about the history of 911. Jihadis worldwide are slaughtering Christians and Jews by the tens of thousands but we hear no outrage over this but they whine about a 7 minute video. The left obviously suffers from a mental disorder that prevents them from seeing reality. I am sick of it. ~ Hardnox

Rev. Graham: Muslims Who ‘Want to Practice Sharia Law’ Should ‘Go Back Where You Came From’

CNSNews.com: “We should be afraid of sharia law” in America, and Muslims here who want to practice sharia should go back to where they came from,  “to those nations that recognize sharia law,” said Rev. Franklin Graham, head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. In a recent interview with the Charlotte Observer, Graham was asked, “Some say you demonize Islam, and Christians in this country have opposed building a mosque or are worried about Sharia law. ” Graham, who oversees the international Christian aid group Samaritan’s Purse, said, “We should be afraid of Sharia law. We should be absolutely afraid of … Continue reading

Chris Christie Tying Himself in Knots

Chris Christie is running around Robin Hood’s Barn and through Sherwood Forest, in order not to give a straightforward, honest answer. The Clarion Project has the story. Chris Christie Dodges Criticism on His Support of Islamists When asked at a Republican coalition event of potential donors to a presidential bid, Christie brushed off the criticism as ‘Internet BS.’ By Ryan Mauro      Tue, April 1, 2014   NJ Governor Chris Christie speaking at a Republican Jewish Coalition event Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie said that criticism of his record on sharia is “Internet blog B.S” when asked about it on … Continue reading

Women in Islam are Haraam or Makrooh

It has taken 1400 – plus years of inbreeding and islamic illogic, but this will be very hard to top. I leave you to ponder this mullah’s pronouncement. Leave it to the Pakistani islamists ~! Pakistan Today / Khabaristan Today   has the story. Council of Islamic Ideology declares women’s existence anti-Islamic March 15, 2014 BY Khabaristan Today Islamabad – Sharia Correspondent: The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) concluded their 192nd meeting on Thursday with the ruling that women are un-Islamic and that their mere existence contradicted Sharia and the will of Allah. As the meeting concluded CII Chairman Maulana Muhammad … Continue reading