Ode To That Fake Indian

Old Gray Beaver aka Squaw Speaking Bull. Other aliases from this wretched hag are: 1. Steaming Buffalo Turd 2. Ugly Snake Eyes 3. Squaw with Forked Tongue 4. Fat Saggy Rump 5. Forked Tongue Woman 6. Squaw of Steaming Dung 7. Ugly Broad Speaking Shit 8. Nasty Woman with Screeching Voice 9.  Princess Heap Big Shit-talker  


I was just cruisin’ along and came across this video, a tender story of a murderous tyrant and his burning love for a nuclear warhead.  Funny. Disturbing, yet FUNNY ! I checked out some of the comments on the video, and came across this one : Life Of Ivan If Kim Jong Un saw this he would say “damn those american spies installing cameras everywhere!” To which there was this reply : 정은김 Life Of Ivan 이 비디오는 저속한 비디오입니다. 그는 저와 저의 사랑하는 사람들에게 뛰어 왔습니다. 모든 곳을 삭제하십시오. 원하지 않으시면 우리 정부가 귀하의 팀을 고소 할 것입니 Which … Continue reading

Army launches a redesigned Basic Combat Training

Now this story should warm the hearts of veterans and raise hopes for a tougher Army. Testing strength of purpose, building group readiness, and providing cohesive units — new recruits are about to learn what military life is like. No more entitled attitudes allowed.     Low Recruit Discipline Prompts Army to Redesign Basic Training Military.com Matthew Cox February 9, 2018 The U.S. Army will soon launch a redesign of Basic Combat Training intended to build more discipline after many commanders complained that new soldiers often show up to their first units with a sloppy appearance and undisciplined attitudes. By early summer, … Continue reading

Profiles In Scourge

The unveiling of the official Presidential gallery portraits of Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, had hotly divided takes on the two pieces. Moochie’s portrait, painted by black “artist“ Amy Sherald, was mocked ruthlessly by critics who believe the artist completely botched any likeness of the former 1st Trannie in her boring and uninspired piece. It harkened back to the days of high school illustration class instead of the dignified and time-consuming art of previous First Lady’s.    Of course, the Mooch should have checked out Ms. Sheralds self-portrait before she hired her : There were many, many more authentic poses to chose from that would have captured … Continue reading

The Answer My Friend

is a full mug of schadenfruede… How many times does a Democrat have go to prison Before we’re allowed to laugh our asses off? Yes, and how many times must Pelosi ramble on Before we laugh at her senility? Yes, and how many times must CNN lie Before they’re forever labeled FAKE NEWS? The answer, my friend, is schadenfreude Yes, the answer is a full mug of schadenfreude Yes, how long do we have to wait for Obama be jailed Before we can cheer that news? Yes, and how much longer must we wait for the Clintons to die Before … Continue reading

Coffee – Shaken Not Stirred And With Extra Snowflakes

You may think it quite pretentious that I enjoy spending time in coffee shops but I do.  And since I don’t care what people think it’s somewhat irrelevant, but this is where my story begins. Despite the coffee being extortionate in these places, it is still cheaper than going out for a meal and you don’t have to tip. The added bonus is that you can traumatise ‘Barista’s’ as they like to call themselves which I’ve pretty much taken up as a hobby.  Ask for an extra large flat white with a soupçon of mixed syrups and snowflake shavings and … Continue reading

NEVER Bet Against The Donald

Pence Was Like…..     And Soon Afterwards…..   Next Challenge : I Bet You Can’t Make America Great Again I know where I’m placing my bets ! ~Terry

The Old Gray Lady, She Ain’t What She Used To Be

The New York Times used to be called the Gray Lady of American newspapers. The moniker implied a certain stateliness, a sense of responsibility, the possession of high virtue. But the Gray Lady is far from the grande dame she once was.  The term is now often used with a disparaging tone. For instance :   The Wall Street Journal is edited for those who run the world. The WaPo is edited for those who think they run the world . The Old Gray Lady is edited for those who think they should run the world.   There was once a time when we could believe what we read ( … Continue reading

How Trump Could End Government Shutdowns Forever

A Democrat Pollster Just Revealed How Trump Could End Government Shutdowns Forever Western Journalism Joe Setyon January 22, 2018 Congress may have proven its inability to avoid a federal government shutdown, but President Donald Trump can act to make sure something similar doesn’t happen in the future, according to one longtime Democrat pollster. On Friday, political analyst Pat Caddell suggested Trump should support a policy that would affect members of Congress where it hurts the most — their wallets. Caddell indicated that going forward, in addition to ensuring the government does not shut down again, members of Congress must work to … Continue reading

Word For The Day : S**thole

Today’s word is brought to you by the letters C,N, and N.   With all the bitching and uproar about what Trump supposedly said, I don’t see any of the MSM denying these countries are in fact shitholes. More like, “I can’t believe he said it !”…..but no denial. And BTW, calling a country a shithole when it is one, doesn’t make you racist. We have shitholes right here in America….Harlem, Chicago, Detroit , Compton,…….etc, etc, etc,….. ~Terry


Trump delays ‘Fake News Awards,’ saying excitement is off the charts ! President Trump said Sunday that he’ll delay the announcement of his promised Fake News Awards — “going to the most corrupt & biased of the Mainstream Media” — by more than a week. Trump had tweeted last week that he would announce the awards  today, a day when Sunday’s Golden Globe awards could dominate much of the news cycle. However, for undisclosed reasons, they have been delayed. Donald J. Trump✔@realDonaldTrump The Fake News Awards, those going to the most corrupt & biased of the Mainstream Media, will be presented to the … Continue reading

Finally…Kathy Griffin Is Funny…Sorta….

In case you have been successful at forgetting the big brouhaha over libtard idiot extraordinaire Kathy Griffin and her infamous pose with the severed head of Our President Trump, the backlash at her, her feud with former New Year’s Eve co-host Anderson Cooper, and the destruction of her so-called career ( which she blames on Trump. Go figure), here’s a short recap : If you suffered through that revolting clip, here is your reward. Last night, Kennedy from Fox News skewered  the despicable , red-headed , has-been B-list, un-funny supposed comedienne during a live co-host with Jesse Watters at the … Continue reading

No Gifts This Christmas

Santa has had a rough go lately.  The elves want $15 an hour after listening to a Bernie speech.  Mrs. Claus’ mother decided to visit.  Then to top it off, Rudolf got pissy and didn’t what to get tacked-up to make the trip.  Neither did the other reindeer. Then after finally getting Rudolf and the other reindeer tacked-up and ready, his nerves were unsteady and he had a few too many adult beverages. Finally, he got everything loaded up, reindeer flying, all systems go… then the GPs crapped out. We’re on our own folks.  🙂 Merry Christmas. ~ Hardnox