What Gays Should Know About Islam

  Try searching YouTube for this information. You will find horrific cases of where gays have been given horrible death sentences for their acts. I personally have little acceptance for homosexuality.  Especially with the way it is being rammed down the throats of general populations across the world.  One of the most basic tenants I was taught as a child was to respect the rights of others but not at the expense of common sense and majority beliefs. Another was whatever sexuality practiced should be behind closed doors of home, not forced in public places for public disdain of what … Continue reading

Terror Analyst Tracks Orlando – San Bernardino Link DHS Missed

Posted on June 13, 2016 by Rick Wells Philip Haney, the DHS whistle-blower who was ordered to delete his evidence of terrorist activity among a network of mosques and Islamic individuals by DHS Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson in order to protect the Islamists and not risk any hurt feelings, made an appearance on Breitbart News Sunday radio on June 12th. Naturally the topic was the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando and he had some chilling observations. He said that had Jeh Johnson not intruded, blocked his investigation, and forced him to trash terrorist network information that he had uncovered, what happened … Continue reading

Obama’s Controlled Demolition Of America Leaves Door Wide Open To A Jihad Army

Submitted by IWB, on June 13th, 2016 Omar Mateen, the man said responsible for the Pulse nightclub attack last night in Orlando, called 911 and pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State, according to officials. http://www.infowars.com/orlando-shoot… [Omar Mateen researched other clubs in the area] http://www.infowars.com/report-orland… [Terror cells eye locations for attack] http://www.infowars.com/breaking-isis… [Religion of peace strikes again] http://www.infowars.com/the-truth-abo… ~Hang on to your seats, folks, this is about to turn really nasty. I hope I’m wrong but I have my doubts…

Wonderful Employment Opportunity For Seniors!

~ In keeping in with LGBT Month, I thought this should be posted. If anyone can answer these questions, many enquiring minds want to know!  ~Blessed B~ There are important questions to be answered about this LGBT bathroom legislation and transgenders being able to use a restroom of the gender that they “identify” with. Will public restrooms be required to have a Genital Inspection Station posted at the entrance to all public restrooms? Who will have to pay these Pecker Checkers and Vaginal Badgers, the people using the restroom, or the entity that owns the restroom? And how much money … Continue reading

Now Ain’t This Just Marvel-Ous

In keeping with President Barry the Fairy’s new proclamation designating June as the National Pervert Month, I submit the following to help promote Ohomo’s passion for this historic event. Progressive superhero fans took to Twitter Monday to petition Marvel to change Captain America’s sexual orientation in an upcoming film. Using the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend, thousands of people asked the company behind the popular superhero to re-fashion him as a gay man in an upcoming installment. Yes, Captain America, the shining example of American Patriotism, may go fag.  Could THIS…. …..Become THIS…. Marvel and DC already have a few homo  superheroes in the comic … Continue reading


@#%^&(*&^*+!#$%&**+++ !! I was just able to leave the heterosexual safety of my home after a grueling long and disgusting Memorial Day Weekend here on what is normally my slice of paradise, after being besieged with 10s of thousands LGBTQRXOSZ……etc…etc..’s that made their annual sashay to our little beach town. You can read of my despair HERE. And now THIS from the Fag Commander In Chief :     The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release May 31, 2016 Presidential Proclamation — LGBT Pride Month, 2016 LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, AND TRANSGENDER PRIDE MONTH, 2016 – – … Continue reading

I’m Looking For Gay Lovers….

….TO RUN OVER WITH MY TRUCK ! And it would be as easy as shooting LGBTQs in a barrel where I live this weekend. Fortunately for me, I live just a short hop across a bridge from a beautiful beach with sugar-white sand and turquoise water. Unfortunately for me and the majority of residents that call this little slice of Heaven home, we will be invaded by 10s of thousands queers, dykes, trannies, gender-confused, and other assorted labels of perverts, on full obnoxious display on our beach, in our stores, restaurants, bars, and most other public places, the whole 4 … Continue reading

In Search of Transgender

In search of  transgender I know I am an old lady but these people who fling around the word “transgender” have me not only confused but totally pissed off. I was informed by my son the other day that there are nearly a dozen titles being used for non-heterosexuals. According to an article from Intersex Society of North America, sex of an individual should be considered not a product of our chromosomes, but rather, a product of our total genetic makeup, and of the functions of these genes during development.  According to them: Transgender or transexual – usually people who are born … Continue reading

News This Week

Welcome to a roundup of this week’s TOP STORIES ! 1st up : BEYONCE RULES THE WORLD !! Just when you think Obozo can’t get any more racist and moronic, he tells a gaggle of black new graduates at Howard University to admire an entertainer known for demeaning the police and acting like a whore!     In the #2 spot : GARY WELSH FOUND DEAD ! You may ask “Who the hell is Gary Welsh ?? Gary Welsh was an attorney and political blogger at Advance Indiana. He was the source for the photos of Marco Rubio at queer parties in South Florida in his younger … Continue reading

North Carolina Pushes Back Against Lynch and Henchmen

  Department of Justice May 9, 2016 Justice Department Files Complaint Against the State of North Carolina to Stop Discrimination Against Transgender Individuals Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch announced today that the Justice Department has filed a complaint against the state of North Carolina, the University of North Carolina (UNC) and the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (DPS) alleging that they are discriminating against transgender individuals in violation of federal law as a result of the state’s compliance with and implementation of House Bill 2 (H.B. 2). H.B. 2 requires public agencies to treat transgender individuals, whose gender identity … Continue reading

Corporate SJW Butt-Kissers Really Only Understand One Thing

Commentary via Grimm Creeper: “The store lost me when it started poking its nose into all kinds of issues instead of simply selling stuff. There was a time Target focused on keeping prices low and providing decent goods for the money. Then they got cute and ventured into the concealed carry debate. That and their complete lack of integrity over the security breach with its cards ended it for me. Now this? Sorry, Walmart’s every bit as good, if not better, and it provides tons of entertainment as well.”  Thanks, Grimm! Also please note this fine music video, courtesy of … Continue reading

You may be a Democrat Or RINO liberal if you believe Hillary:

  You may be a liberal/socialist if: 1) You believe a tiger can change its spots. 2) You believe the world is a safe, harmonious, drug friendly, and peaceful place around you every day. 3) You believe you should be freely handed everything by government like employment, food, healthcare, housing, and education. 4) You believe raising the minimum wage above $15.00 will provide greater volume of jobs, prosperity and successful businesses for everyone. 5) You believe the rights of 10 percent or less should overrule the rights of the many in a civil society. 6) You believe there should be … Continue reading

Seattle Law Allows Nude Man in Girls’ Locker Room

From Eagle Rising: Earlier in February, conservative concerns about new laws supposedly written to “protect” homosexuals and transgenders are proving to be accurate. While liberals argued that the law was simply designed to protect LGBT citizens from discrimination, conservatives replied that the laws would instead discriminate against non-LGBT citizens. Now that conflict is playing out just as conservatives had warned. At the Evans pool in Seattle, Washington, a man walked into the changing room of a local swimming pool and stripped naked in front of a girls’ swim team. When confronted about the disgusting display, the man simply replied that … Continue reading

Court Forces Catholic School to Hire Homosexual

From EagleRising.com: The Fontbonne Academy, a Catholic Girls Preparatory School, has just earned a place in American history. This past week a Massachusetts court decided that religious institutions like Fontbonne had no right to “discriminate” against homosexuals by choosing not to hire them. The court said that the religious freedom of those attending the Fontbonne Academy was not as important as the “right” of a homosexual to work for the school. From Buzzfeed: As to the constitutional claim, the school argued that its expressive association rights would be infringed if forced to hire Barrett. The court, however, found that the … Continue reading

Cleveland Opens First VA Transgender Clinic

From WKYC.com: The Cleveland VA Medical Center will open the first VA clinic specifically dedicated to the healthcare needs of transgender veterans. It will provide transgender veterans with primary care, hormonal therapy, mental health care and social work services. All of the providers in the clinic have a special interest in transgender care and will create an environment that celebrates and welcomes these veterans. Transgender patients are an important, but frequently overlooked, VA says in a news release. It “embraces the national policies that guarantee access for LGBT Veterans in the northeast Ohio area. The VAMC adopts the definition of “family” put … Continue reading

Clintons Threw a Party, but Nobody Came

By Michelle Jesse at AllenWest.com: While the law hasn’t yet caught up to the former Secretary of State, it appears she and her husband are being dropped like a hot potato by some very high-profile people. Very telling is who chose NOT to attend last night’s Clinton Global Initiative gala. As the Washington Examiner reports: While many donors and political figures will attend the annual Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) gala, many prominent figures, like President Obama, Arianna Huffington, Elton John and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg have reportedly passed up the event in favor of other activities. The $2 billion affair in New York City … Continue reading

A Judge and a Pastor Said No to Same Sex Marriage

Oregon Judge Refuses to Perform Same-Sex Marriages Marion County Judge Vance Day is being investigated by a judicial fitness commission in part over his refusal to perform same-sex marriages on religious grounds, a spokesman for the judge said. When a federal court ruling in May 2014 made same-sex marriage legal in Oregon, Day instructed his staff to refer same-sex couples looking to marry to other judges, spokesman Patrick Korten said Friday. Last fall, he decided to stop performing weddings altogether, aside from one in March that had long been scheduled, Korten said. “He made a decision nearly a year ago … Continue reading

White House Hires First Openly Transgender Staff Member

From Daily Mail: The White House announced Raffi Freedman-Gurspan’s appointment on Tuesday as the Outreach and Recruitment Director for Presidential Personnel in the White House Office of Presidential Personnel. Freedman-Gurspan, 28, who in the past went by the name Rafael, was adopted from Honduras and grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts. Freedman-Gurspan previously was a policy adviser for the National Center for Transgender Equality’s racial and economic justice initiative. Advocates hailed her appointment as an important step for the LGBT community and for ensuring that the federal government includes the voices and experiences of all Americans. White House senior adviser Valerie … Continue reading