Federal Judge Has Bad News For Hillary

From The Analytical Economist at AllenWest.com: “Emailgate” hasn’t gone as planned for Hillary. After trying to play this off as a “phony” scandal early on, her lies started unraveling quickly. She told us there was no classified information sent through her private server – but we have a few hundred emails to prove that wrong. Even the staunchest Democrat who wants to try to write this off as a Republican attack on Hillary has to ponder why the FBI is investigating the situation. The latest development in the case doesn’t bode well for Hillary. As the Washington Post reports: A federal … Continue reading

Because Growing Up Is So Very Hard To Do

From Canada Free Press   Liberals like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders represent the worst of America, children in grown-up positions, obstinate in their ignorance.  They abhor free market capitalism, limited government, fiscal responsibility, faith-based anything except faith in government, self-determination, individual responsibility, anything traditional or time-tested.  They assume they know everything and yet know nothing.  President Reagan rightly observed:  “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant.  It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” These liberals, like so many other liberals, personify the ne’er-do-well student who has been sleeping soundly in class, having missed most … Continue reading

Hillary: ‘I’ve Always Tried’ To Tell the Truth, ‘Don’t Believe’ I’ve Ever Lied Or Ever Will

From: breitbart.com,  by Ian Hanchett,  on Feb 18, 2016,  see the article HERE. Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that she has “always tried to” tell the truth and doesn’t “believe” she’s ever lied or ever will in an interview on Thursday’s “CBS Evening News.” After she was asked about Jimmy Carter’s pledge that he wouldn’t lie to the American people, Hillary said, “Well, I have to tell you, I have tried, in every way, I know how literally, from my years as a young lawyer, all the way through my time as secretary of state to … Continue reading

Hillary Has Another Coughing Fit

From Red State: It seems Hillary Clinton’s body is having a hard time keeping up with the grueling election season schedule. Back in October, she started coughing in the middle of a Benghazi hearing, and was asked if she needed to take a recess.  Just last month, Clinton had a coughing fit in the middle of a speech in Iowa, which lasted a full minute. Yesterday while speaking in New York, her frail body just couldn’t take it anymore, as she once again awkwardly paused in the middle of her speech to hack up a lung.  She tried to stave … Continue reading

Trifecta: Either Way This Election Will Start a Revolution!

Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Steve Greene opine about the present state of the electorate and its mood about Washington politics and the various scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton. I hope Scott Ott is correct, and I agree 100% with Bill Whittle. Of course, the mood of this country would not be possible were it not for the utter fecklessness of our elected leaders and the turd shiners in the media that have been feeding us bread and circuses for decades. Change is coming. ~ Hardnox

The Clintons’ Mind-Boggling Damage to National Security

From Doug Ross @Journal: By Major Ed. Coet [Ret.] I am a retired US Army Intelligence Officer. In my last job in the army I was the Chief of the Human Intelligence Branch for the US European Command in Stuttgart, Germany. In that capacity I was also the Designated Program Manager for a Special Access Program (SAP) like the SAP that Hillary Clinton is alleged to have compromised in the most recent State Department Inspector General report to Congress and which has been widely reported in the news. Here is what I personally know about SAP’s and what I can … Continue reading

Judge Napalitano: Hillary Clinton’s top aides could be indicted

Judge Andrew Napolitano said Thursday that “the FBI now has leverage” in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and can indict Clinton’s top aides and trade less punishment for testimony against her. Napolitano said on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom” that “Mrs. Clinton’s top aides regularly received from Mrs. Clinton via her private server Top Secret emails. These are emails which the aides lacked the security clearance to receive.” “So this tells us a couple things,” Napolitano said. “One, Mrs. Clinton was so reckless in the manner in which she sent out Top Secret emails, knowingly sending them to … Continue reading

Clinton ‘100 percent’ sure no indictment coming over emails

From The Washington Examiner: DURHAM, N.H. — Hillary Clinton on Thursday expressed confidence that the FBI’s investigation into her handling of classified information as secretary of state will not lead to an indictment. “I am 100 percent confident nothing will come from the review of my email account,” Clinton told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd during the fifth Democratic presidential debate. Following reports that former Secretary of State Colin Powell and aides to former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice received classified materials on their personal email accounts, Clinton also said Thursday that the “FBI will have to start investigating others. “Including Republican … Continue reading

Sanders On Clinton’s Speaking Fees

The lemming students should have protests about Hildabeast’s speaking fees.  Maybe declare the whole campus a “Hildabeast Safe Zone”.  It’s crazy that she was getting $200,000 to $500,000 to mutter her worthless drivel.  Honestly, what benefit was it to higher learning?  I submit the value was zero. The old communist is right.  There’s too much money in politics.  I’m glad he’s tagging the old hag. ~ Hardnox

Even the Dims are Waking Up to Hildabeast’s Lying

How bad does a lefty have to be to be called a liar by lefty lemmings?  Sanders’ Supporters ‘Boo’ Hillary Clinton  and shout “She’s A Liar”.  Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Forward to the 3:10 mark. Officially Hildabeast won Iowa by .03 percent, some of it via coin toss.  BFD!  Yeah, that’s a victory.  She’s been running for 15 years since leaving the White House (and stealing furniture). It seems that the shine is fallen off the turd.  Good. Too bad half the lemmings are embracing an uber-socialist (probably a communist) in exchange for the promise of free stuff.  The dimwits don’t realize they … Continue reading

Hillary Project on track ‘to take her out’

From: wnd.com,  by staff,  on Jan 29, 2016,  see the article HERE. WASHINGTON – The Hillary Clinton Investigative Justice Project has reached its first threshold, having raised sufficient funds to continue its investigative series into the presidential candidate for illegal activities and to prepare a series of hard-hitting reports for WND that will lead to criminal charges being filed against her at the state level, if the Justice Department fails to indict her. The investigative research began with a series of more than 20 articles written by WND senior staff writer Jerome Corsi beginning in April 2015 portraying the Clinton … Continue reading

Adios Hildabeast

Excerpt for Western Journalism: Intelligence officials are now stating some of the emails obtained from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private, unsecured email server will not be released because they contain such high security information that it could damage national security. “We continue to process the next set of former Secretary Clinton’s emails for release under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) process and will have more to say about it later,” according to an unidentified State Department official to Fox News. “As always, we take seriously our responsibility to protect sensitive information.” More emails were scheduled to hit … Continue reading

Carly Fiorina Scores a TKO for Hillary Comments

I didn’t see much of the happy hour debates, but here’s a bit where Carly took some really good swings at Hillary.  Thanks to Joseph Morris for making this video, although it’s a little choppy, but her comments were dead on and had me applauding. It would be fun to see Carly and Hillary debate, but I doubt we’ll get that opportunity. ~Kathy

Andrew Napolitano: FBI Could Recommend Prosecution For Hillary Clinton

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in on the latest details on the FBI investigation of Hillary’s mishandling of secret and classified documents.  Now the investigation has expanded to include Hillary’s selling access in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation. Prosecuting her yesterday wouldn’t be soon enough.  Good grief, the woman is beyond corrupt. ~ Hardnox

How Hillary Got Classified Information Onto Her Private Email

From: thefederalist.com,  by Kurt Schlichter,  on Jan 25, 2016,  see the article HERE. If the latest allegations are true, Hillary Clinton and her minions committed several felonies. And they knew this when they did it. Hillary Clinton’s acolytes are racing to dismiss the latest allegations that classified material was cut and pasted into her emails, but this isn’t some mere oversight that can be hand-waved away with a shrug and a sad trombone honk. One doesn’t spill classified material into an unclassified system accidentally or through mere negligence. What these new revelations show—if they are true—is conduct that was conscious, … Continue reading

Asshat Alert: Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Exploring White House Run

The sharks smell blood in the water. GOOD! Hildabeast is about to get indicted, now uber-lefty Bloomberg is about to step into the fray.  It’s important to note that Bloomberg is wanting to spend $1 billion for fund raising.  Mind you, he’ll be paying himself back.  Lefties don’t spend their own money.  There are too many schmucks out there willing to donate mommy and daddy’s money to the lefty cause. Overall this is really good news.  The left is shitting razorblades with the prospect of a Bernie Sanders nomination.  Enter Bloomberg to save the day and nail the coffin shut … Continue reading