Coincidence or Somehow Related to Uranium One Activities

Since nothing about the sentencing and indictments appeared in the news until now for the Uranium One people, I have to wonder if somehow this group of indictments and sentences might also be tied into the whole mess as well. You decide. Connecticut Man Sentenced To 1 Year In Federal Prison For Conspiracy And Bribery DoJ Press Release January 10, 2018 Greenbelt, Maryland – United States District Judge Theodore D. Chuang sentenced Eugene Ostrovsky, age 57, of Stamford, Connecticut to a split sentence of 6 months imprisonment followed by two years of supervised release, the first 6 months of which … Continue reading

The $80,000 Yugo, Financed By Us Maggot Taxpayers

Four point nine billion dollars up front to Elon Musk for his Tesla companies … plus a $7,500 federal income tax credit and a $2,500 rebate to each and every buyer of the Tesla Model S automobile sold in the USA.  Set aside for a moment what we maggot taxpayers get in return and consider just what the virtue-signalling, eco-warrior purchasers of the Model S themselves get for $80,000:  An unreliable vehicle with the fit and finish of a 1970s Chevy.  A jackwagon for “special” people to be seen in (when it’s actually running.)  Golly gee, with deals like this … Continue reading

Is there a Coup in the Works?

Not long ago Stephen Coonts put out a new book. LIBERTY’S LAST STAND. Islamic terrorists lit the fuse…but a treacherous president planted the bomb. With the nation in shock over a series of Islamist outrages (shooting up a Catholic grade school and a baseball game are just two of them) by “refugees”, the president of the United States – Barry Soetoro – imposes martial law, cancels the imminent presidential election, and suspends the Constitution. In response, Texas secedes—and what follows is the bloodiest, most harrowing internal insurrection since the Civil War. The purges that follow arrest thousands of people, including … Continue reading

The Night Watchman

This is a must read as it will enlighten you as to the workings of our government. A Fairy Tale?? Once upon a time the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a desert. Congress said, “Someone may steal from it at night.” So they created a night watchman position and hired a person for the job. Then Congress said, “How does the watchman do his job without instruction?” So they created a planning department and hired two people, one person to write the instructions, and one person to do time studies. Then Congress said, “How will … Continue reading

Beyond Lunacy-DOE Ends Only US Centrifuge

DOE pulls plug on Centrifuge Chillicothe Gazette Chris Balusik September 11, 2015 PIKETON — The U.S. Department of Energy is ending its contract with the American Centrifuge project in Piketon as of Sept. 30, letting the company overseeing operations there know of its decision just two days after notices were sent out about potential large-scale layoffs at the facility. Centrus Energy late Friday was working on a response to the discovery earlier in the day that the DOE intends to stop funding for the project at the end of the month, affecting the roughly 235 employees working at the site. … Continue reading

Transporting Oil and Gas by Pipeline in Canada is 4.5 Times Safer Than by Rail

From Canada Free Press Transporting oil and gas by rail in Canada is a lot more risky than moving it by pipeline, concludes a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank. Utilizing newly compiled data from Canada’s Transportation Safety Board (TSB) and Transport Canada, the study, Safety in the Transportation of Oil and Gas, finds that the rate of occurrences (incidents or accidents) per million barrels of oil transported is more than 4.5 times higher for rail than it is for pipelines for the period 2003-2013. “Federally regulated pipelines in Canada currently … Continue reading

THIS Ought To Get The Moonbats A’ Flappin’

In a stunning reversal of position, the Obama Regime has done something RIGHT, and decided to approve Shell Oil’s petition to drill off the coast of the Chukchi Sea. Must be Shell came up with the right size money bag, eh ? You can already bet the ecoloons, Big Oil haters, and the rest of the leftist assholes who voted for the BECS are whining in their wine about now. The story comes from Coral Davenport at The New York, no doubt the Slimes will be pissed as well. Administration Gives Conditional Approval for Shell to Drill in Arctic By … Continue reading

DOE warns ‘modern life’ threatened by terror, climate threats to electric grid

From:, by: Paul Bedard, on: April 21, 2015, see the article HERE. The Department of Energy warns in a new report that the aging electric grid, which provides most electricity to the nation, faces threats from terrorism and storms caused by climate change that could knock out Wall Street, hospitals and the Internet if left unfixed. In the administration’s first ever “Quadrennial Energy Review,” the department suggests that modernization is a must and estimated the cost at updating just the grid of transmission and distribution lines at $900 billion. Add in updating power plants, and the price reaches $2 … Continue reading

Region-wide power outage

An equipment failure is to blame for a region-wide power outage that impacted the White House, the Capitol, the University of Maryland and other buildings throughout D.C. and Maryland on Tuesday afternoon, according to a power company official. Officials reported that about 12:30 p.m., a ceramic insulator broke free from its support structure and fell onto a 230 KV transmission line. The falling line caused arcing and a grass fire. Some reported the sound of the high voltage short as sounding like an explosion. The incident occurred at a power switching station in rural Charles County, Md. The station is … Continue reading

Bracing for a big power grid attack (says USAToday!)

Bracing for a big power grid attack: ‘One is too many’  From:, by: Steve Reilly, on: March 24, 2015, see the article HERE. About once every four days, part of the nation’s power grid — a system whose failure could leave millions in the dark — is struck by a cyber or physical attack, a USA TODAY analysis of federal energy records finds. Although the repeated security breaches have never resulted in the type of cascading outage that swept across the Northeast in 2003, they have sharpened concerns about vulnerabilities in the electric system. A widespread outage lasting even … Continue reading

From The “GEE, IMAGINE THAT” File For Mar 5 2015

It never ends. The FRAUD, the SCAMMERY, the DECEIT, the TREACHERY of the “renewable energy” business. No wonder democrats love it so. Here is the latest, and this one involves academe as well. From Peter Fricke at The Daily Rampant Fraud Pervades Rooftop Solar Industry 7:17 PM 03/04/2015  By Peter Fricke  Contributor     The case for green energy subsidies was dealt a blow recently with revelations that solar companies in Oregon and Arizona misused tax credits and defrauded customers. The Arizona Republic reported on Tuesday that, “The owners of a Phoenix solar company admitted bilking customers on the … Continue reading

Timing Is Everything, Especially With THIS Bunch

My earlier post today spoke to the Regime telling it’s minions NOT to talk about “temperature”, but focus instead on CO2 emissions when trying to sell the notion of man-made climate change. And OUT OF THE BLUE, here comes THIS report. Is it coincidence? With THIS bunch of liars, frauds, and little Himmlers, NOTHING is coincidence. From Anthony Watts at Almost 30 years after Hansen’s 1988 “alarm” on global warming, a claim of confirmation on CO2 forcing Anthony Watts / February 25, 2015 From the “this ought to shut up the “Skydragon slayers” department. Despite sophomoric claims that I’m … Continue reading

You KNEW This Was Coming

Since this past fall, we have seen retail gasoline prices drop by almost $2 per gallon across the nation. Which is GOOD news for CONSUMERS. BAD news for the ecoloon left. This HUGE drop has been caused by a HUGE drop in crude oil prices, spiked by the HUGE increases in production of crude recovered by “fracking”, oil sands in Canada, and MASSIVE increases in the Dakotas Bakken Shale fields. And, as we predicted here some time ago, GUESS WHO is trying to take CREDIT for it ? Give up ? Read on, from Michael Bastasch at The Daily … Continue reading

Government Waste – DOE Remedial Contracts

From Washington Free Beacon: Audit backlog leaves more than 40 DOE contracts worth over $90 billion vulnerable to waste and abuse Washington River Protection Solutions is working on a $7.4 billion environmental remediation contract for the Department of Energy (DOE). However, as is the case with at least 40 other DOE contracts worth more than $90 billion, taxpayers have no idea if the money is being properly spent. That contract, like a number of others for work on remediation and construction projects for the DOE, has never been subject to a federal audit. Other audits for multi-billion-dollar contracts are years behind … Continue reading

Want “Energy Independence” ? NOT With THIS Asshat

Last week, Obama was taking credit for the HUGE increase in oil and natural gas production in the U.S. In a move that will be SURE he makes our Weasel Of The Week, Obama Regime officials have said Alaska is basically OFF LIMITS anywhere else except for current leases. Story from our friend Michael Bastasch at The Daily   Obama Unilaterally Keeps Arctic Seas Off Limits To Drilling 2:55 PM 01/27/2015  By Michael Bastasch, Contributor The Obama administration plans to open up the Atlantic coast to offshore oil drilling with one hand, and with the other hand, it will … Continue reading

An “Obama Green Success Story” For Dec 9 2014

Many are the posts I have made here at the old blog about the absolute FAILURE of the Regime’s “green energy” programs, and their toll on the Treasury. Here is the latest on the numbers. From Michael Bastasch at The Daily   Solar Eclipse: 112 Solar Companies Have Closed Their Doors In 5 Years 3:09 PM 12/08/2014  By Michael Bastasch  Contributor     Since 2009, 112 solar energy companies in the United States and European Union have declared bankruptcy, closed their doors or been acquired by competitors under suboptimal conditions, according to a list put together by Greentech Media. … Continue reading

Open Mouth, Drive In Mack Truck.

And NO ONE does it better than the BECS himself, the namesake for the North Dakota Landfill. I absolutely love it when this arrogant asshole is made to look like a fool. From Michael Bastasch at The Daily   Obama In 2012: ‘We Can’t Just Drill Our Way To Lower Gas Prices’ 11:43 AM 12/05/2014 By Michael Bastasch  Contributor     Gasoline prices are plummeting as U.S. oil production from shale formations booms, reaching more than nine million barrels per day through Nov. 28. Gasoline is now hitting four-year lows and oil prices are hitting five-year lows. But it … Continue reading

Ben Carson: Shut Down Only the Executive Branch

  From Breitbart: Monday on Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum,” former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson said if President Barack Obama goes ahead with his planned executive order that would grant amnesty to upwards of 5 million illegal immigrants already living in the United States, congressional Republicans have to cause the president “pain” by strategically shutting down only the executive branch of the government. “I don’t think it has to be a full shutdown,” he said. “Congress should look at those thing that would be most detrimental to specifically the executive branch not the general public. This is a game … Continue reading

From The “ARE YOU SHITTING ME”???? File For Nov 10 2014

As we all know, Obama has absolutely pissed through TRILLIONS of dollars WE DO NOT HAVE for a LOT of shit. “Green Energy” has been one of the BIGGEST wastes of these dollars. To go to the feral government wanting MORE taxpayer dollars to pay off, wait for it…. TAXPAYER FUNDED LOANS takes a LOT of hubris. Of course, these ARE Obama’s big donors and butt buddies, so don’t be surprised if in this lame duck session, they get what they want. Story from William LaJeuness at World’s largest solar plant applying for federal grant to pay off federal … Continue reading