From The ” I’ll Believe It When I See It” File For Jun 15 2015

Well, it is official. Jeb Bush, part of the Bush Dynasty, has entered the fray. I know, you all are saying BFD. I am too, especially with the words of his entry speech. My first thought on reading it was, since WHEN has THIS asshat BELIEVED these “principles” ? We ALL know what happens should this Super RINO be the candidate. Hello, Hitlary. You can read it, and decide for yourself. Story from Alex Pappas at The Daily   Entering 2016 Race, Jeb Bush Calls For ‘New Leadership’ And ‘Conservative Principles’ [VIDEO] Alex Pappas Political Reporter   3:19 PM 06/14/2015 … Continue reading

Lefties Make Big Comeback in 2015, Poll Analysis Finds

From the Wall Street Journal: Liberals Make Big Comeback in 2015, Poll Analysis Finds There are signs that liberals are making a comeback — and not just because a socialist is running for president, gay marriage is spreading like wildfire and pot legalization is gaining acceptance. A new analysis of Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll data finds a marked  increase in the share of registered voters identifying themselves as liberals, and an even bigger drop in the share saying they are conservatives. In three national polls conducted so far in 2015, the analysis found that 26% of registered voters identified … Continue reading

Sorry, GOPe, But THIS Is NOT What WE Voted For.

The GOPe leadership seems hell-bent on losing the 2016 elections BEFORE they get underway. With opposition mounting to giving Obama “fast track” trade authority, which he is DESPERATE to get, so as to put the final nails in our economic coffin, the GOPe clowns trot THIS hooey out. If this passes, watch for the small business bloc to just stay home in 2016. WHAT is the GOPe’s thinking here ? Pictures of the “leadership” with small farm animals, playing Muslims and Sheep, or what ? Alex Swoyer at lays it out.   GOP Leadership’s Latest Obamatrade Ploy Revealed: Small … Continue reading

From The ” WHAT The HELL Was HE Thinking” File For Jun 12 2015

In the Congressional fiasco that has passed for “debate” on the HORRID Obama fast-track trade bill, or Trade Promotion Authority,  a republican POTUS wanna-be has pretty much snuffed out his chances. This guy had really showed some promise just a couple short years ago, but with his terminal case of RINOITIS seizing his entire mind, the poor bastard has been reduced to sounding like San Fran Nan Pelosi. Story from Matthew Boyle and Garrett Reno at   Republican Opposition To Obamatrade Grows In Face Of Ryan Mistakes  by Matthew Boyle and Garrett Reno  11 Jun 2015Washington, DC The number of … Continue reading

Black Chicago Pastor: Dems Failing Us

From The Daily Beast:   It is difficult to imagine a less likely GOP presidential campaign stop than O Block.  After all, it’s the most dangerous stretch of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Chicago and one of the toughest territories in the city. But if Republicans stand a chance of chipping away at Democrats’ dominance over the black vote in this city and elsewhere, it might be something to consider. “African Americans have been loyal to the Democratic Party,” Pastor Corey Brooks said. “But there is a group of African Americans that feel like the Democratic Party has not been … Continue reading

O.K., Folks. It’s SUNDAY !!!

And that means it’s time once again to see who gets “capped” this week. As always, there were a TON of worthy candidates, but since we must remain “bipartisan”, this week’s Weasel is SUPPOSED to be one of US. With ONE stupid ass statement, our Weasel went from a possible POTUS candidate, to one who could most likely not be elected dog catcher. This week’s award sort of pains me, but if we are to remain true to the notion of Weaseldom, then THIS guy MUST receive the award. So, without further ado, let us get right to it, and give it … Continue reading

Now, If ONLY They Are Smart Enough….

…. to see the gift they have been given, the GOPe should have ZERO trouble winning the White House in ’16. BUT, let us NEVER underestimate their propensity to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This article from Thomas Smith, and Stephen Moore from lays it out. Will the GOPe  take the ball and run ? Time will tell.     Seven Obama Legacies That Are Gifts For Republicans Mon, May 18 2015 BY THOMAS SMITH AND STEPHEN MOORE,  Investor’s Business Daily 05/15/2015 06:58 PM ET After 6-1/2 years of his presidency, conservatives generally despair that Barack Obama … Continue reading

NOXIOUS RANT ALERT : Amtrak Wreck: All Republicans Fault

As all of us know by now, there was an awful Amtrak wreck on the line between Philadelphia and New York Monday night. Initial reports are the engineer was going at least twice the speed limit for the particular stretch of track. Instead of the White Mosque, and democrats focusing on finding the REAL cause, they, before all the victims were accounted for, and the dead had not even cooled yet, were, wait for it……blaming Republicans for funding cuts. No shit, the pine cones actually did. Charlie Spiering from  has the absolutely disgusting story.   White House Politicizes Tragedy, … Continue reading

Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

And HERE is the GOPe’s blueprint for it, headed up by none other than Weepy Boehner’s right-hand man. With this bunch around, we are most certainly about to witness not so much a return to democrat majority, nor White House, but the same FAILURES of the last two election cycles. You don’t need to take my word for it. Just read this stellar article from David Steinberg at     GOPointless: Jeb Hires … John Boehner’s Spokesman If anyone but Jeb becomes a GOP president, he or she will spend the term being sandbagged by his own party’s leadership … Continue reading

Judge Jeanine Pirro: “Clinton Cash”

If Hildabeast gets elected next year in spite of this scandal, and others, then this country deserves to be flushed.  Why?  If Americans are so stupid, ignorant, or uninformed as to allow or support this vile woman to be the leader of this country and the de facto leader of the free world then we are done.  Stick a fork in the USA. The republicans have a number of golden opportunities to derail Hillary’s presidential ambitions.  Oddly, I have little hope they have the smarts to do it.  In fairness, the media will do everything to make sure the lemmings … Continue reading

Conservative. Black. Female. (and, of course, hated by the left)

I’m not a Rand Paul fan. He has some good ideas, but for the most part his concept of foreign affairs is pretty poor, I believe. I like his father even less. That said – Paul is consistent, honest, honourable, and a firm believer in what he stands for. He is polite, well educated (in his field) , knowledgeable on many subjects, and treats everyone with dignity and respect. This woman is a Rand Paul fan, and quite articulate about it. What she has to say translates to all conservatives, and her message should be forwarded to ALL women and … Continue reading

Campaigns Financed from the Shadows

George Zornick wrote a good analytical report in October 2014 called “Secretive, Deep-Pocketed ShadowCampaigns Pervade Midterms”.  In it he discusses how the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision made campaign fundraising a study in pervasive techniques to hide donators. That decision has added to contribution problems and shadow donations from many suspect characters. In the case of the Clinton’s and others in the political arenas, little has changed just become easier with special accounts like PACs. Campaign funds have appeared and disappeared for many years, just not done with court standing. Interesting that not just one but several fundraisers who have had … Continue reading

From The “GEE, NO SHIT ” File For Apr 4 2015

You can always tell when your side is winning ANY argument that goes against the left’s “beliefs”, as crazy as they are. These two pieces tell the tale from both sides. The first is from John Hayward at   Abandoned By Science, the Climate Cult Is A Full-Time Witch Hunt Now  by  John Hayward 3 Apr 2015 The climate-change cult is a full-on witch hunt now, and very little else. Bereft of any actual climate change, desperately seeking to avoid tough questions about why none of its sacred computer models has borne even the slightest resemblance to reality, forced to … Continue reading

Here It Is Boys & Girls Kerry’s and Obama’s Sales Job

  Iran deal would reportedly ease sanctions immediately, allow nuclear enrichment Fox News International sanctions that have crippled Iran’s economy for years would be immediately eased and the Islamic Republic could continue to enrich uranium under the terms of a deal being hammered out in Geneva between Tehran and six world powers, according to a report Thursday. Citing a draft that would serve as a framework for a 10-year deal between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, plus Germany, The Associated Press reported that Iran would be allowed to operate 6,000 enrichment centrifuges it claims … Continue reading

Gee, What Took Him So Long ?

For the past 7 years now, every time something went to shit on Obama’s watch, he has went to default. De-fault of BUSH, that is. Well, guess WHAT the latest “Blame Bush” scenario is. Give up ?  ISIS. Yep, ISIS would NEVER have been formed if it weren’t for Boosh. Here it is, from Charlie Speiring at .  Jesus, this clown truly IS a one-trick pony.   President Obama Blames Bush For Rise Of ISIS by    Charlie Spiering    17 Mar 2015 President Obama blamed former President George W. Bush for the rapid rise of Islamic State terrorists, and says … Continue reading

“Transparent” My ASS.

When the BECS, aka Barack Obama, first ran, and, unfortunately, was elected president, he told the WHOPPER Of The Century, and THAT was ” he was going to have the most transparent administration in history”. THAT was OVER within 5 minutes after the bastard won the first time. So, what do they do ? Double-down on the pea soup. Story from Carmine Sabia at   White House office exempts itself from FOIA regs – announces on National Freedom of Information Day! March 17, 2015 by Carmine Sabia The self-proclaimed most transparent administration ever has taken another step to make … Continue reading


Back from a brief break, time to get back at it. Whenever Obama has hired ANYONE for ANY job in his Regime, you can bet the farm THEY will be MASTERS of incompetence. In the battle over global warming, that incompetence, coupled with this Regime’s utter arrogance, lends itself to some REALLY good fodder for US. Sen. Jeff Sessions let loose on the Regime’s rogue EPA chief last week, it was a CLASSIC. Story from Cheryl Chumley at   Sessions dismantles EPA chief for ‘stunning’ ignorance McCarthy unable to cite evidence of climate change 03/02/ 2015  By Cheryl Chumley … Continue reading

Obama’s Lawlessness & a Time for Bravery

Ever since the United States became a nation Americans have had the luxury of looking with pity or disdain upon those nations where the populations were controlled by despots and other non-democratic forms of government.  Many of us have wondered why the people stood for such oppression and tyranny rather than revolt.  The answer, of course, is that the very nature of oppressive governments makes it hard for the people to coordinate and to fight back in sufficient numbers to overthrow their oppressors.  Ultimately what it takes is the personal sacrifice of a few to pave the way for greater … Continue reading


Ted Cruz is a far cry from the majority of what the GOPe is trying to foist upon us for 2016. He has the requisite stones to put up a SERIOUS challenge to whatever scumbag the democrats are going to anoint. He tells it like it is in this article from   Video: Conservative Firebrand Ted Cruz Blasts Fellow Republicans at CPAC “Show me when you fought!” by Michael van der Galien     February 26, 2015 – 12:12 pm After receiving a hero’s welcome at CPAC today, Senator Ted Cruz proved to the assembled conservatives that he is … Continue reading