Junior Legislator’s Score Card

In one of our posts yesterday, I commented about junior congressmen.  So I decided to look into their records since they took office. Luckily, Freedomworks had done scorecards for all congressman which helped me a great deal.  I found as I attempted this on my own that it was a monumental task for a brief posting. Freedomworks is a group based in Washington, D.C. that has think tank capabilities and appears to be supported by several conservative constitutionalists.  It provided a SCORECARD for all congress men and women which is a good database for research information. Scoring was based on 12 current … Continue reading

Trump: People are Tired of Incompetence

Greta has Donald Trump “On The Record” and they discuss a variety of topics. ranging from his relation with his ex-wife Ivana, the Iran Nuke Deal, Common Core, Hillary, the upcoming debates, the dishonesty of the press, and other topics.  A good interview. “Maybe Kerry & Obama Are Not Bright” I like this guy.  There is little about him that he says that isn’t spot on. ~ Hardnox

Ted Cruz answers Barack Obama and Mitch McConnell

Sen. Ted Cruz, heir apparent to the Reagan legacy, answers Barack Obama’s scurrilous attacks from East Africa and Mitch McConnell’s treachery on the Senate floor. The GOP field has some excellent-sounding conservatives running, but this is the one who will take on the “Washington cartel” just as Reagan did 40 years ago. As the old saying goes: “if you’re over the target you get flak”.  Batears knows that Senator Cruz is a threat to his phoney legacy.  I find it amusing that while in Africa he finds it important to comment on Senator Cruz’ remarks as if his immediate audience … Continue reading

DoD – Arm Your Men!

Our Military Do Not Deserve to be worried about fighting unarmed on our own continental bases. STOP dicking around and realize the war is here on our own soil.  Again I say, Obama and commanders of our forces are derelict in their duties to protect military and civilians inside the U.S.  Our military are trained for combat (unless they have been neutered).  There is NO excuse for military when in uniform and on duty not to holster a sidearm.   JIHADISTS STALKING U.S. SERVICE MEMBERS IN AMERICA? July 24, 2015 – Police are investigating a chilling note promising “death” to American … Continue reading

Huckabee Hits Media Narrative

Huckabee Hits Media Narrative, ObamaCare, dealing With Donald Trump, etc. I’m not a Huckabee fan but he’s on the mark on these topics. I don’t trust preachers turned politician… but that’s just me. As an aside: when was the last time McCain apologized for being a douche? ~ Hardnox

Federal Land and Water Power Grab

FEDS SUED OVER MASSIVE WATER-RULE POWER GRAB Claiming control over ‘every pond, stream and ditch’ in country By Bob Unruh WND JULY 16, 2015 NEW EPA RULE (pdf) June 29, 2015. The rule will become effective on August 28, 2015. A massive new power grab by bureaucrats in Washington that would give them control of “practically every pond, stream and ditch in the country” and the lands where they are is being challenged in court by a legal team that already has taken on – and defeated – federal efforts to run roughshod over Americans with water rules. The newest fight … Continue reading

Why Trump is Winning

By Daniel Greenfield As the long slow race to beat Hillary drags on, there will be a thousand conservative stories and blog posts demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that Donald Trump is a hypocrite, that he supported illegal immigrants, Hillary, abortion and higher taxes. And few of them will leave our small bubble. Trump may indeed be a liar and a hypocrite, though he wouldn’t be the only candidate in the race who has moved to the right or abandoned previous positions, but he understands what the others don’t. The Republican field is a mass of highly qualified … Continue reading

Polls show ‘President Trump’ may not be so far-fetched

From the New York Post: WASHINGTON — Republicans who started off viewing Donald Trump as an amusing sideshow are starting to fret that the real estate billionaire is becoming the main event. Since he defied skeptics and launched his presidential bid last month, Trump has rocketed in the polls, dominated media coverage and helped steer the debate on issues. “I don’t know that he even knows how far he takes this,” former Rep. Thomas Reynolds (R-NY), who is close to GOP candidate and ex-Gov. George Pataki, told The Post. “He has the wherewithal . . . He has put together a pretty … Continue reading

Research Proves What Reasonably Intelligent Citizens Already Knew

Red States Outperform Blue In Managing Taxpayer Money Investor’s  Business Daily IDB Editorial July 8, 2015 Pop quiz: What do the most fiscally sound states have in common? Good weather? Oil? Blind luck? Or is it conservative policies such as keeping taxes low, regulations reasonable and spending under control? A new report from George Mason University’s Mercatus Center ranks all 50 states based on 14 measures designed to determine whether states can pay their short-term bills and meet their long-term obligations — debt, pension liabilities and such. The data go through 2013. The best-run states have enough cash to pay … Continue reading

Trump and Political Correctness

From Canada Free Press: Trump wins battle against Political Correctness When Donald Trump announced for President, he made some strong statements about the immigration problems facing our nation. He said that Mexico was “bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.” In essence, Trump noted that Mexico was not sending their scientists and scholars to America. In his speech, he mentioned that while immigrants are taking jobs in this country; corporations like Ford are setting up plants in Mexico. To deal with the crisis, Trump vowed to build a border fence and have Mexico … Continue reading

Cruz: ‘I Salute Donald Trump’ for Focusing on Illegal Immigration

Cruz is keeping with Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment: Do not speak against fellow republicans. I agree, the left will do that very well on their own without our side providing sound bites for them to use after our candidate has been chosen. I’m pleased that Sen. Cruz is calling out the cartel.  I’m also pleased that Trump is saying what most politicians aren’t saying but I wish he’d adhere to the 11th commandment and instead focus on the left and their abysmal record. ~ Hardnox

Voters Unenthusiastic About Democrats

I think the stats are telling.  So only 35% of millennials are excited to vote D?  It’s no small wonder that we get treated to the latest outrage of the week like homo marriage, the Confederate Flag, the bullshit jobs numbers, the bullshit economic numbers, the war on blacks by cops, income inequality, the war on women, white on black racism, slavery, etc. etc… the left needs to continue their “hey, here’s a new shiny object” to keep their base riled up and hopefully get them to the polls. Granted, it’s still 17 months before the election and a lot … Continue reading

As Rome Burns…..

The institutional left fiddles. With the very founding of our nation, and it’s Constitution which has served us well, until the rise of the left, and those on the right who agree with them, or will not stand athwart their perverted desire to “fundamentally transform America”. This article from Rand Simberg with PJ Media.com spells it out FAR better than I could. I’m still beyond disgusted.   How Republics Die When we ignore and sidestep the Constitutional and legal process to achieve a desired end, the bedrock starts to turn to sand. by Rand Simberg June 27, 2015 – 8:58 … Continue reading

Judas Roberts Strikes Again.

To the surprise of no one. Judas Roberts is the one who did the mental gymnastics with the law, the meaning of words, anything he could to twist and turn that abomination into law. So it should come as no surprise he twisted the meaning of PLAIN GODDAMN ENGLISH once again to save the day. Judas Roberts, welcome to the legion of DISASTROUS republican SCOTUS picks. Ben Shapiro sums it up best at Breitbart.com   Roberts Court Tortures Law to Save Obamacare…Again! by   Ben Shapiro    25 Jun 2015 On Thursday, the Supreme Court released its long-awaited decision on Obamacare’s IRS subsidies under … Continue reading

Time For Mrs. A.L.’S Humpday Pinecones

Sorry about missing last week’s grand award, as I was down with a certainly leftist summer cold. In the aftermath of the horrific, senseless slaughter by Dylann Roof in South Carolina, as usual, the left, the media, and even some on the right have their proverbial panties in a wad over a symbol, ignoring the REAL issue. From NASCAR all the way down, the moron fringe has decided the Stars And Bars made Dylann Roof shoot those poor souls. I guess ALL these morons, from our Pinecone on down, FORGOT a small FACT. Roof was on psychotropic medications. Along with totally … Continue reading