We Have A WINNAH ! If You Can Call It That…..

In a story that should come as no surprise, Rasmussen Reports took a survey to see who was the most unliked Congressional leader. I had it wrong. Not by much, though. Story from Kirsty Ely at TPNN.com  WARNING : Have eye-bleach handy, and REMOVE anything that could do harm to your computer.   Guess Who’s The Least Liked Leader In Congress? November 21, 2014 By Kirsty Ely The tension is palpable.  Who is the most unpopular person in congress? Well, Rasmussen Reports just did a survey.  It was a close run thing but here’s their report: NANCY PELOSI, YOU’RE A … Continue reading

Is THIS The “Short List” ?

In this article, the writer proposes 9 things the lame-duck Congress should leave alone until after January. I think it is a good start, BUT my take is, DO NOTHING. Harry Reid has bottled up the Senate for so long now, I cannot remember ANY piece of House-passed legislation that has actually made it to the floor, much less a vote. Story from Romina Boccia at The Daily Signal.com 9 Things Congress Definitely Should Not Do During Lame-Duck Session Romina Boccia  / November 17,2014   The current lame-duck session, the period between Election Day and when the new members enter … Continue reading

What Does “Global Warming”, And Obamacare Have In Common ?

Simple answer. They BOTH are products of so much bovinal scatatorial material, it is pathetic. In this article, from M. Paul at wattsupwiththat.com explains it rather succinctly. Enjoy.   New term: ‘Grubering’ and how it applies to Climate Alarmism M. Paul  /  November 16, 2014 WUWT reader M. Paul writes: Sometimes a new word emerges that neatly encapsulates a set of complex ideas.  We have recently seen such a word enter the lexicon: Grubering. For those of you who missed it, an MIT Professor named  Jonathan Gruber has been caught on video describing all the various ways that he helped … Continue reading

THIS Is What We Are Fighting.

I sometimes wonder about the left, and if THEY should be allowed “freedom of speech”. When one of the lunatics comes up with THIS bullshit, it answers my question. In the past, I have run posts on some of the insane things from the ultra-left media, usually with a chuckle, but THIS absolute bilge made my blood boil. ANY asshole who thinks THANKING, and SUPPORTING our troops AND being patriotic is “forced” or “compulsory” obviously needs a serious attitude adjustment. With a 4×4. The insanity comes from William Bigelow at Breitbart.com Salon: ‘Forced Troop Worship and Compulsory Patriotism Must End’ … Continue reading

Thank GOD For Project Veritas

In the weeks running up to last Tuesday’s miraculous republican victory, there had been a series of reports out about democrat voter fraud, and James O’Keefe’s efforts at exposing that fraud. We ran several of his videos showing various democrat campaign workers assisting in outright, and covert fraud. O’Keefe NAILED their asses to the walls. I think it DID help curb SOME fraud. Story from Greg Corombos at WND Radio.com   Vote-fraud undercover videos ‘made a difference’ Work by Project Veritas coincided with plunge for Dem candidates Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe notes that his organization did an undercover video about … Continue reading

THIS Is How The Limpstream Media Sees It.

After this past Tuesday’s stunning feat of the GOPe NOT snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, here is how the leftist lying liberal loon media sees it. From R. McKee at rightwingnews.com   No doubt about it, folks. And with some of the rumblings from the GOPe hacks, they MAY be on to something. WE must make DAMN SURE the RINO’S and the leftist lying liberal loon media DO NOT get THEIR way. That would be a HUGE waste of a monumental victory. ~ CLYDE. Keeping the leftist GOPe  honest. If THAT is possible.

A “Union Success Story” For Nov 6 2014

Among the losers other than the democrat party, THESE entities sort of went tits-up as well. This one is ESPECIALLY sweet. Connor D. Wolf  from The Daily Caller.com has the slap to the face. Scott Walker Wins In Wisconsin 10:45 PM 11/04/2014 By Connor D. Wolf Contributor   Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker won re-election against Democratic challenger Mary Burke in a race labor unions were keenly interested in. Back in 2011, Walker and the Republican-controlled state legislature passed a state law, known as Act 10, which significantly changed the collective bargaining process for most public employees within the state. The … Continue reading

Would We Expect ANYTHING Different ?

On the heels of the absolute ass-whupping the democrats took Tuesday, Obama says NYET to signing ANY Obamacare repeal. Like, GEE, NO SHIT. Some words of advice to Boehner and McConnell: DEFUND IT. The mofo CANNOT DO anything about THAT. Here it is, in the horse’s ass own words. From Newsmax.com and Greg Richter. President: I Won’t Sign Any Bill to Repeal Obamacare Wednesday, 05 Nov 2014 05:20 PM By Greg Richter   One day after his party took a drubbing in the midterm elections, President Barack Obama said he had no intention of signing a Republican bill to overturn … Continue reading

From The “BWAHAHAHAHA” File For Nov 6 2014

If Tuesday’s shellacking of the leftist machine wasn’t enough, THIS stupid bastard wasted a small FORTUNE trying to buy what the democrats could not steal. I always love seeing the old adage of  “A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted”. Story from Wynton Hall at Breitbart.com   Democrat Billionaire Tom Steyer May Have Blown $74 Million on Elections By Wynton Hall 4 Nov 2014     Democrat hedge fund billionaire and global warming activist Tom Steyer spent $74 million on Tuesday’s midterm elections, making him this election season’s single-largest donor. Almost $67 million of Steyer’s campaign war chest was … Continue reading

How Will Obama Spin It?

Barack Obama is huddling with his minions right now, trying to put together a speech  that will help him save face and turn this humiliating spanking into spin for political gain.  By all rights he should come out contrite and humbled for having not only had his agenda and so-called leadership repudiated but also for having guided his party to historic levels of defeat (some leader, eh?).  Yet I predict he will be defiant, angry and scolding.  How dare we reject him?  That’s what’s festering in his leftist mind right now. My guess is that this arrogant man will suggest … Continue reading

Dear Republicans: No One Elected You to Work with Democrats

By Leon Wolf at Red State: As the reality of a Republican wave became imminent last night, a dangerous narrative began to take hold among the conservative talking heads on cable news and in the victory speeches of the victorious Republicans. The narrative was that now that the Republicans have control of both chambers of Congress, it is incumbent upon them to work with Obama and the other Democrats in the service of “getting things done” and “fixing the broken system.” My hope is that Republicans reject this patent nonsense for the poppycock that it is. Not only should Republicans … Continue reading

Time To SINK The “Mainstream Media”.

In this article, the usual media suspects, led by, who else, the New York Slimes calls for the ELIMINATION of the two-year election cycle. This isn’t really new, BUT the fact they are so vocal about it should give cause for concern, as the rest of the media “wanna-bes” emulate the WORST “journalistic” company on the planet. Story from John Nolte at Breitbart.com   When Democrats Lose Elections the Media Push to Annihilate the Constitution.   by  John Nolte   4 Nov 2014, 9:27 AM PDT Although I have no idea what will happen tonight, based on the insane, anti-Constitutional, … Continue reading

Talk About Unbridled Arrogance.

This Regime holds the master franchise on it. In YET ANOTHER slap in the face to America, THIS came out of the IDIOT John Holdren’s pie chute. Tea Party News Network.com, and Greg Campbell bring us the asshattery. White House: We Don’t Have to Explain Our Global Warming Claims to You November 2, 2014 By Greg Campbell   For many Americans, there exists a faith in the cult of global warming alarmism. Beyond all rational explanations and beyond the tainted “science” behind this multi-billion-dollar myth that has fostered a whole industry dedicated to the advancement of “green” technology, there remains … Continue reading

Virginia Voting Machines Also Picking Dem Candidates

From Liberty News: Democrats and their allies in media are desperately trying to convince the public that electronic voting machines are just sometimes incorrectly calibrated and there is nothing to worry about. They claim the “errors” are not bias or partisan. Unfortunately, reality is showing us the exact opposite. Just a few days ago we posted footage of an electronic voting machine in Illinois basically unable to select the Republican candidate when the voter touches the screen. The video has gone viral and you’ll find it all over the web. (we certainly weren’t the first to post it). Now there is … Continue reading

Chalk Up Another Project Veritas Win.

In the case against democrat voter fraud that is. Too many democrats, and not ENOUGH James O’Keefes. This one comes out of North Carolina. From Caroline May at Breitbart.com   Conservative Activist Allegedly Shows Ease of Voter Fraud Without Photo ID in NC by Caroline May 3 Nov 2014, 10:46 AM PDT Conservative activist James O’Keefe is back with another video that should frighten legal voters in North Carolina. His latest project shows how easy it would be to obtain a fraudulent ballot when a state does not require an ID at the polls. This election cycle, the state of … Continue reading

Don’t Get Too Cocky. The Other Side Is Democrat.

Feeling confident about the GOP taking back the U.S. Senate tomorrow ? DON’T BE ! Investigative Reporter James O’Keefe has completely destroyed the idea that voting with no ID requirements does not result in election fraud.   And there are 19 states where this is possible (and likely) In the map below, states in green have strict photo ID laws on the books while those in yellow have less strict photo ID requirements. States in blue have non-photo voter ID laws while those in gray have no voter ID law on the books. You can read more about the various voter … Continue reading

When Ideology Collides with Ego

From Canada free Press When Ideology collides with ego, and the result is considered to be a policy that allows the importation of a very deadly pathogen from one continent with stronger immunities into another continent – gene pool with weaker immunities, bringing it here on humanitarian progressive ideological grounds, then the common sense electorate, will reject not only that policy but the party that implemented it, too. What we’re seeing is not just endemic to the Ebola issue, but a general sense of rejection of the Democrats, on many issues. And justifiably so. They and more importantly their ideologies … Continue reading

What A Sad Thing To See.

What has been a cable TV staple, and used to be an EXCELLENT tool since it’s beginning is NOW, thanks to the Nation’s Barack Channel, nothing more than another outlet for leftist drivel. If they would spend as much effort on getting a forecast right as they do being liberals, they MIGHT once again be something. Here is the latest from Tom Blumer at Newsbusters.org   With Anti-Christie Headline, Is It the Weather Channel, or Politics Channel? By Tom Blumer | October 31, 2014 | 5:59 PM EDT New Jersey Governor Christie rebuked a heckler during his visit to the area … Continue reading

Here Comes the 2014 Voter Fraud

From the Wall Street Journal: In the past few months, a former police chief in Pennsylvania pleaded guilty to voter fraud in a town-council election. That fraud had flipped the outcome of a primary election. Former Connecticut legislator Christina Ayala has been indicted on 19 charges of voter fraud, including voting in districts where she didn’t reside. (She hasn’t entered a plea.) A Mississippi grand jury indicted seven individuals for voter fraud in the 2013 Hattiesburg mayoral contest, which featured voting by ineligible felons and impersonation fraud. A woman in Polk County, Tenn., was indicted on a charge of vote-buying—a … Continue reading