Hillary: I’ll Tell You My Position on Keystone XL When I’m President

From Canada Free Press Since Hillary Clinton wants your vote for the presidency, you might consider it reasonable that you’d want to know her position on all kinds of issues, including the Keystone XL pipeline. Well, she doesn’t agree. And her reason for that is one of the most bizarre excuses we’ve heard from her so far – which is really saying something – for why she won’t answer a question. Because, you see, she was involved with the issue as Secretary of State. That’s why she won’t tell you her position on it. Seriously. She said that: Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

Trump on a 3rd party Run?

Last night at the GOP debate, masquerading as a “Bash Trump” event, Bret Baier asked the candidates to pledge loyalty to the GOP.  Trump refused.  Republicans coast to coast are screaming “foul”.  Not so fast… Hannity asked him about it afterwards.  Here’s the interview: First and foremost Trump is a businessman.  No businessman worth his salt shows all his cards, especially to establishment political hacks that are pissed that he’s even in the race.  The establishment views Trump as a cash cow, not as a candidate, much less potus material. Let’s face it none of these candidates are lily white.  Most … Continue reading

FBI to Investigate Clinton Server and Secure Thumb Drive

  Washington Post via Associated Press August 5, 2015 WASHINGTON — The FBI is looking into the security of the private email server that Hillary Rodham Clinton used when she was secretary of state, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. The newspaper also said the FBI has asked Clinton lawyer David Kendall about the security of a thumb drive, containing copies of Clinton’s emails, that Kendall possesses. The Post report cited two anonymous government officials, but said Kendall confirmed that the government was investigating the security of the devices. Read the breaking article HERE. –00– FINALLY!   It looks like pressure from … Continue reading

Ted Cruz Slams IRS and Obama Syndicate

    This opening statement is a fantastic Statesman Speech on the order of Ronald Reagan concerning the IRS and its current misuse.  Kudos to Cruz for his comments. I can not add a single word since his speech is so well said. –Uriel–  

Will Biden, Kerry jump into the 2016 White House race?

You bet that Biden will.  Of course, Biden is a first class idiot.  That has long ago been established. This is a planned pre-announcement in the run-up to throwing Hillary under the bus.  None of this is an accident. Secretary Boltneck will probably throw his hat in the ring as well given that he has shown himself to be a first class negotiator and deal maker given his successes with Iran.  His ass still smarts since he lost to GW in 2004 and would love to be president.  Special interests are now beholden to him since Iran’s money will be … Continue reading

Junior Legislator’s Score Card

In one of our posts yesterday, I commented about junior congressmen.  So I decided to look into their records since they took office. Luckily, Freedomworks had done scorecards for all congressman which helped me a great deal.  I found as I attempted this on my own that it was a monumental task for a brief posting. Freedomworks is a group based in Washington, D.C. that has think tank capabilities and appears to be supported by several conservative constitutionalists.  It provided a SCORECARD for all congress men and women which is a good database for research information. Scoring was based on 12 current … Continue reading

Trump: People are Tired of Incompetence

Greta has Donald Trump “On The Record” and they discuss a variety of topics. ranging from his relation with his ex-wife Ivana, the Iran Nuke Deal, Common Core, Hillary, the upcoming debates, the dishonesty of the press, and other topics.  A good interview. “Maybe Kerry & Obama Are Not Bright” I like this guy.  There is little about him that he says that isn’t spot on. ~ Hardnox

DoD – Arm Your Men!

Our Military Do Not Deserve to be worried about fighting unarmed on our own continental bases. STOP dicking around and realize the war is here on our own soil.  Again I say, Obama and commanders of our forces are derelict in their duties to protect military and civilians inside the U.S.  Our military are trained for combat (unless they have been neutered).  There is NO excuse for military when in uniform and on duty not to holster a sidearm.   JIHADISTS STALKING U.S. SERVICE MEMBERS IN AMERICA? July 24, 2015 – Police are investigating a chilling note promising “death” to American … Continue reading

Who Is Hillary Clinton?

The conversation would get even more interesting if the lefty media would bother to ask some questions which is not likely since they are attempting to drag her over the finish line. Imagine for a second if a republican candidate had so much as 1% of the allegations (real or imagined) as have been lodged at Hildabeast.  The feeding frenzy would off the charts.  As we all know, the media is a propaganda arm of the left. ~ Hardnox  

There’s no mystery about why Democrats resist enforcing our immigration laws

From: nationalreview.com,  by Ian Smith,  on Jul 16, 2015,  see the article HERE. A new “sanctuary cities” map from the Center for Immigration Studies goes a long way toward explaining why open-borders Democrats are so addicted to flouting our immigration laws. When you consider the political makeup of the cities, counties, and states where illegal aliens are welcomed, you start to suspect that the liberal elite in San Francisco and elsewhere aren’t interested only in cheap nannies and gardeners. For them, pulling in more illegal aliens is, perhaps first and foremost, about pumping up their political power. The Census Bureau includes … Continue reading

Federal Land and Water Power Grab

FEDS SUED OVER MASSIVE WATER-RULE POWER GRAB Claiming control over ‘every pond, stream and ditch’ in country By Bob Unruh WND JULY 16, 2015 NEW EPA RULE (pdf) June 29, 2015. The rule will become effective on August 28, 2015. A massive new power grab by bureaucrats in Washington that would give them control of “practically every pond, stream and ditch in the country” and the lands where they are is being challenged in court by a legal team that already has taken on – and defeated – federal efforts to run roughshod over Americans with water rules. The newest fight … Continue reading

Sanctuary Cities Report Card

    Apsanlaw.com according to their website has 30 years of immigration experience. They compiled a page on sanctuary cities that can be read HERE. Their information came from  OJJPAC.ORG and DOWNTREND.com  I did a cursory look at Wikipedia city information on these main populated cities across the country which should give conservatives a sense of justification for our attitudes concerning liberals and Democrats. The information was pulled from the Census of 2010 so obviously not currently accurate. – 16 cities had Democratic mayors – populations ranged from highest (including surrounding areas)  New York City at about 20.1m to lowest (including surrounding areas) … Continue reading

Research Proves What Reasonably Intelligent Citizens Already Knew

Red States Outperform Blue In Managing Taxpayer Money Investor’s  Business Daily IDB Editorial July 8, 2015 Pop quiz: What do the most fiscally sound states have in common? Good weather? Oil? Blind luck? Or is it conservative policies such as keeping taxes low, regulations reasonable and spending under control? A new report from George Mason University’s Mercatus Center ranks all 50 states based on 14 measures designed to determine whether states can pay their short-term bills and meet their long-term obligations — debt, pension liabilities and such. The data go through 2013. The best-run states have enough cash to pay … Continue reading


Time again for us to see who Jodi blasts this week. As always, from Newsbusters.org Enjoy.   Tune in again next time to see who Jodi nails. ~ CLYDE. Pleased to bring Jodi to you.

Time For Mrs. A.L.’S Humpday Pinecones

Yes, friends, it is once again Wednesday. A day I’m sure you all look forward to as we once again enter the lunacy that is the left, in thoughts, words and deeds. This week’s Coniferous Champion is from the world of academe, and fancies himself as a “diversity and inclusion consultant”, whatever the heck ( can’t cuss, Mrs. A.L. would shoot me a lightning bolt in the arse) that is. Just another worthless leftist salary grubber, IMHO. Anyway, let us meet our…… MRS. A.L.’S Humpday Pinecone   The champ this week is one Jamie Utt, (yes, Virginia, rhymes with NUT), from … Continue reading

From The “GEE, IMAGINE THAT ” File For July 7 2015

As we who study this Regime well know, the rogue EPA is totally out of control. Have you ever wonder WHERE they get their “talking points” from ? Well, my friends, wonder no more. This will most likely not come as much of a surprise to y’all. Michael Bastasch at The Daily Caller.com has the story.   EPA Officials Caught Using Talking Points From Soros-Backed Group Michael Bastasch   12:42 PM 07/06/2015 Emails obtained by a free-market legal group show that EPA officials may have been using talking points given to them by a policy expert with the Center for American Progress … Continue reading

Does JFK’s Speech Apply Today?

President Kennedy delivered this speech to the American Newspaper Publishers Association at a dinner held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City in April, 1961. In his speech he addressed his discontent with the press’ news coverage before, during, and after the Bay of Pigs incident, suggesting that there was a need for far greater public information. When he addressed this audience he had no idea how his words would fit our government some fifty+ years later. Except not in the manner he spoke of at the time. It’s blatantly apparent that the Democrats and the media have done a 180 degree … Continue reading

Voters Unenthusiastic About Democrats

I think the stats are telling.  So only 35% of millennials are excited to vote D?  It’s no small wonder that we get treated to the latest outrage of the week like homo marriage, the Confederate Flag, the bullshit jobs numbers, the bullshit economic numbers, the war on blacks by cops, income inequality, the war on women, white on black racism, slavery, etc. etc… the left needs to continue their “hey, here’s a new shiny object” to keep their base riled up and hopefully get them to the polls. Granted, it’s still 17 months before the election and a lot … Continue reading

Campus Reform: Guess the Candidates’ Crib

Campus Reform Correspondent Cabot Phillips played “Candidate’s Cribs” with young people in front of the White House. After trying to guess which Presidential candidate has lived in a series of mansions, many of them were shocked to find out that Hillary Clinton had lived in all four of them. “She manages her money well.” That’s easy to do since she’s got a boatload of it that came as ‘donations’ from practically every foreign country on the globe. Granted, not all these properties were owned by the Clintons, but over the years, they’ve all been rented for the summer or for … Continue reading

THIS IS EPIC: Bill Whittle explains the REAL HISTORY of the Democratic Party

Posted by The Right Scoop on Jul 3, 2015 This will go down as one of Bill Whittle’s best monologues as he spends thirteen minutes explaining the real history of the Democratic Party, from the beginning of the ‘black Republican Party’ (a slur used by Democrats to refer to the new Republicans) all the way to present. As I say in the title, this is EPIC. ~~~~~~~~~~ This Bill Wittle video seems especially timely as we enter the July 4th weekend. He’s kicking off the start of the 2016 election season with a bang – and as usual, it’s directed … Continue reading