Latest Primary Election 2016 Presidential Polls

From Monday, March 14 Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread Florida Republican Presidential Primary Monmouth Trump 44, Rubio 27, Cruz 17, Kasich 9 Trump +17 Florida Republican Presidential Primary Quinnipiac Trump 46, Rubio 22, Cruz 14, Kasich 10 Trump +24 Florida Democratic Presidential Primary Quinnipiac Clinton 60, Sanders 34 Clinton +26 Florida Democratic Presidential Primary PPP (D)* Clinton 57, Sanders 32 Clinton +25 Ohio Republican Presidential Primary Quinnipiac Kasich 38, Trump 38, Cruz 16, Rubio 3 Tie Ohio Democratic Presidential Primary Quinnipiac Clinton 51, Sanders 46 Clinton +5 Ohio Democratic Presidential Primary PPP (D)* Clinton 46, Sanders 41 … Continue reading

Can Donald Trump Unify a Republican Party He Fractured?

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace: Trump didn’t fracture the Republican party.  The Republican party fractured itself by totally ignoring the base after making promises to stop the Obama administration in its tracks.  Instead, the Republican party hoisted the white flag of surrender withing hours of the 2014 election and has aided and abetted the Obama agenda.  Naturally, we exploded in disgust.  Blaming trump is blatantly absurd and dishonest. Wallace is a lackey for the establishment with his moronic questions.  Where is his reporting on the protesters organized by  How about hauling George Soros in and asking him why … Continue reading

Where Was The Outcry By Liberals and Media Over This

While the US is engrossed in the political arena, we completely have missed other events happening in our country.  Only a handful of non-mainstream media internet sites carried this in February.  It is noteworthy in order to hammer home the complete lack of responsible congressional and Potus behavior on the subject of Islam and radical behavior for many of its followers.   Qatar Colonel, Wife Deported After Pleading Guilty to Domestic Slavery – ‘Barbaric,’ Says Judge Breitbart News Rob Milford February 15, 2016 A Federal Judge in San Antonio, Texas, calls treatment of servants by a colonel from Qatar “Barbaric” … Continue reading

Asshat Alert: Hillary Clinton Thinks Her Former Aide Getting Immunity is a Good Thing

CBS anchor amused at Hillary Clinton’s spin over aide’s immunity: ‘You see this as good news? Amazing… she said it with a straight face. And the lemmings will lap it up and continue to claim that it is a “vast right wing conspiracy” to hurt her because she is a woman or something like that. Geez… some people. ~ Hardnox

Former AG Mike Mukasey Discusses Laws Clinton Possibly Broke

“There are a couple of them. There’s one that says you can’t put classified information in an unclassified setting. That’s the one that General Petraeus was convicted of on his own plea. There’s one that says that you can’t expose national secrets through gross negligence. Then there’s one that says you can’t destroy government information. And then there’s one that says you can’t obstruct justice. So there’s four of them,” This is an interesting explanation in plain terms. ~ Hardnox

Jim Webb: I Would Not Vote for Hillary Clinton

Jim Webb, former Democratic party candidate who dropped out of the race opines about the presidential race. Webb dropped out of the race when he came to the realization that the deck was stacked for Hillary with all those pre-pledged Super-Delegates. He knows the system is corrupt to the core.  I have never understood why he joined the Democratic Party.  Must have been a Bush 41 thing. ~ Hardnox

Bill Whittle: The Most Shameful Injustice

Bill Whittle shows what four, five, six, seven or more decades of Death by Democrats has done to our nation’s cities. This is one of Bill’s best, ever. As I have stated a thousand times on this site, “there is nothing the left has touched that hasn’t turned to shit, there are no exceptions”. ~ Hardnox

Napolitano: Hillary in Trouble – Grand Jury Convened

Judge Andrew Napolitano explains that the former Clinton staffer who set up the email server has been granted immunity in exchange for testimony.  That immunity would only have been granted by a judge who has already convened a grand jury. Of course, no one right now (outside of the FBI and the grand jury) knows who is the target of the investigation but it is safe to say that it is at least Hillary’s staffers, and probably Hillary herself. Napolitano states “this investigation will shake the American political system to its foundations”…. ” there might have been a conspiracy within the … Continue reading

Meanwhile Back at the Democrat, Crooked D Ranch….

From Canada Free Press How woefully naive are those who hold onto the false premise that November’s election will free us once and for all from anti-American Barack Hussein Obama. On the first day after election, Hillary Clinton’s pant-suited bottom will be planted on the desk chair held for the past eight years by Obama, and America’s future will be the same as it was under the most infamous community organizer of his day.  In other words a hostage held America that is going, going, —-gone. An HRC presidency will be exactly the same as the BHO one with America still trapped under … Continue reading

Washington Post: Justice Dept. Grants Immunity To Hillary’s I.T. Geek

  Washington Post: The Justice Department has granted immunity to the former State Department staffer who worked on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private email server as part of a criminal investigation into the possible mishandling of classified information, according to a senior law enforcement official. The official said the FBI had secured the cooperation of Bryan Pagliano who worked on Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign before setting up the server in her New York home in 2009. As the FBI looks to wrap up its investigation in the coming months, agents will likely want to interview Clinton and her senior aides about … Continue reading

White House Occupants 2017

For the last 7-1/2 years we’ve had our White House defiled by these two: Come January 20, 2017, the above squatters will be replaced with a pair of one of these (after copious sandblasting, disinfecting, and a total paint job) : OR if this country commits cultural and political suicide we’ll get a pair of these socialist/communist fossils:   For the sake of the country, chose wisely.  Future generations depend on it. Please don’t crap this up. ~ Hardnox

Today’s Battle for Critical Delegates

From Breitbart: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will try to separate themselves from their competitors on Super Tuesday as both frontrunners are in line to rack up the lion’s share of the delegates and build what may be insurmountable leads. Republicans will battle for 595 delegates while Democrats have 865 delegates at stake tonight. Trump, who has won three straight nominating contests, has a 33-point lead in the latest national CNN/ORC poll. And according to the RealClearPolitics average of the polls, he has commanding leads in nearly every Super Tuesday state. Trump is up 14.5 percentage points in Virginia, 15.2 in … Continue reading

Cruz and Rubio Eligibility Lawsuit

From the Gateway Pundit: Although Florida media reported that Senator Marco Rubio’s parents were not US citizens when he was born, national media has largely avoided the topic. Senator Ted Cruz’s status as a natural born Canadian and a number of related eligibility lawsuits were underreported nationally, until news hit that an IL judge was hearing one of the cases. Cruz’s lawsuits were filed in Florida, Vermont, Texas, Utah, Illinois, Arkansas, Alabama, New York, and Pennsylvania, and individuals who raised a ballot challenge in Indiana are weighing whether they’ll file suit. Cruz has a new IL court date March 1st … Continue reading

BJ Clinton Gets Punked by Marine & Woman in SC

Former President Bill Clinton was leading a rally in Bluffton, S.C., Friday, when a man who said he was a veteran complained about the Veterans Administration. Then the subject changed. The man said he had seen Gold Star families “who have mourned.” He then added, “We had four lives in Benghazi killed and your wife tried to cover it up.” The crowd groaned disapproval. The man, who said he was a Marine, kept talking. Then Clinton thundered his response. “I heard your speech. I heard your speech. Will you let me answer? I’m not your commander-in-chief anymore but if I … Continue reading

GOP Donors ask GOP Consulting Firm to Research Independent Presidential Bid

From Politico: Conservative donors have engaged a major GOP consulting firm in Florida to research the feasibility of mounting a late, independent run for president amid growing fears that Donald Trump could win the Republican nomination. A memo prepared for the group zeroes in on ballot access as a looming obstacle for any independent candidate, along with actually identifying a viable, widely known contender and coalescing financial support for that person. The two states with the earliest deadlines for independent candidates, Texas and North Carolina, also have some of the highest hurdles for independents to get on the ballot, according … Continue reading