Judge Jeanine Pirro – Hannity: Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Interviewed By FBI

Hannity and Pirro discuss the latest events surrounding the Hillary email scandal. I’m not holding my breath that the Queen of Pantsuits will get indicted under this administration.  On the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing.  Trump can bash her with this issue for the next 6 months. ~ Hardnox

Democratic Strategist Says Trump Will Beat Hillary

Interesting that Dim strategists are already predicting a Trump win over Hildabeast this early.  I’m not surprised.  Every Dim I have met this last year hates Hillary for the same reasons conservatives do. In the general election Trump will shred Hillary.  She sucks on the campaign trail with vapid speeches and a lackluster presence on a public stage.  Trump is the opposite.  He will cream her. Everyone that opines about Hillary’s inevitability ignores that a skinny no name lawyer from Illinois blew her out of the water in 2008 despite her being touted as the “smartest and most experienced woman … Continue reading

California Looks to Cover Illegal Immigrants Under Obamacare

From the Daily Signal: In an unprecedented move, California legislators look to extend Obamacare health coverage to the state’s estimated 2.6 millionillegal immigrant population. If passed and signed into law, California would be the first state in the nation to request illegal immigrants be covered through a state exchange, the Los Angeles Times reported. It is against the law for California to allow illegal immigrants to enroll in Covered California, the state’s Obamacare health insurance exchange, Sally C. Pipes, president and CEO of the pro-free-market Pacific Research Institute, told The Daily Signal in an emailed response. “The law does not … Continue reading

Cruz-Kasich recriminations typify everything hapless about the Stop Trump movement

From the Washington Post: THE BIG IDEA: Each party’s nominating contest has entered the dénouement phase, even if many conservative and liberal activists cannot yet recognize it. One race is ending with a bang; the other, with a whimper. First, the Republicans… A majority of Republicans do not want Donald Trump to be their party’s standard bearer, but the continuing failure to coalesce around an alternative makes him increasingly likely to prevail at the convention in Cleveland. The Kasich-Cruz deal to divide up spheres of influence did not just fall apart. It has backfired. For all intents and purposes, both … Continue reading

How Likely Will Candidates Keep Their Campaign Promises?

We all know that politicians can’t or won’t keep their promises.  None of what the left ever promises is ever kept.  Anyone that believes they will must think that unicorns are real. The truth is that anyone who is president will need to deal with Congress and the lobbyists that control them which is why term limits is an absolute must if this nation is every to return to the control of “we the people”. Regarding the “Wall”, I remember Congress passed the funding appropriation during GW43’s first term.  Then in 2006 under Pelosi’s House leadership the funding was pulled. … Continue reading

Trump: I will reduce taxes and take on Wall Street

This was an interesting interview on Hannity last night: I hope he’s right about uniting the Republican Party.  The GOPe orchestrated circular firing squad has done incalculable harm.  Oddly, Trump supporters are saying they will vote for Cruz but not all Cruz supporters would vote for Trump in November.  That kind of stupidity defies words. Below is a chart describing the proposed tax plans for the candidates: Of course a “proposed” plan is simply that.  Any prez needs the Congress to go along with it but would set the tone.  Hillary’s plan is the status quo Obama plan which favors … Continue reading

So Are Trump and the 26 States That Are Suing Wrong to Get Tough On Illegal Immigrants From Mexico?

Newly discovered tunnel not far from one found in Calexico. Fox News April 21, 2016 Border patrol agent explores newly discovered US-Mexico drug tunnel with GoPro camera The discovery of the once-secret 800-yard tunnel — believed to be the longest ever found in California — led investigators to more than a ton of cocaine and seven tons of marijuana, officials said Wednesday. Read HERE for the complete article. —— So how does Mexico treat immigrants, non-native land owners, and illegal immigrants? How Mexico Handles Illegal Immigrants Daily KOS Apr 28, 2010 by colonel ingus Ingus article can be read HERE. … Continue reading

Stop whining. Change things.

I’m not posting much right now.  I want to wait until we have something positive to blog about.  A chosen candidate.  I am not interested in the vicious attacks of those people who hate candidate X.  However, Pamela Adams has a few words to say about the primary process.  She says: When Sen. Bernard Sanders won New Hampshire and Hillary Clinton walked away with the majority of delegates, people were shocked but made some very funny “spreading the wealth around” jokes. When Sen. Ted Cruz started winning delegates at conventions in Colorado and then Wyoming, the cries of fowl play … Continue reading

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Clinton vs Sanders – Trump vs Cruz vs Kasich

In case you missed it… I really love this gal. Bernie beating Hillary?  I love it how Jeanine skewers Hildabeast and I doubt Sandernista will get the nod because of the Dim superdelegates but it’s funny anyway.  Hillary is such a shitty candidate that she is being rejected by lefties once again.  Bwhahahahahahaha. Trump not getting to 1237 ahead of the convention? The socialist wing of the democrat party is bigger than expected? The Republican Rules Committee the week before the Convention? ~ Hardnox

In The Words Of Bugs Bunny

“what a maroon.” EXCERPT:  “What I also know, because I handle a lot of classified information, is that there are — there’s classified, and then there’s classified,” Obama told Fox News. “There’s stuff that is really top-secret, top-secret, and there’s stuff that is being presented to the president or the secretary of state, that you might not want on the transom, or going out over the wire, but is basically stuff that you could get in open-source.” Quite frankly, this is possibly the stupidest, most ignoramious, and moronic thing that the Brown Clown has said in all off the miserable … Continue reading

CNN: The Democratic Primary Process Was Rigged To Favor Hillary Clinton

The libtards are finally coming to the realization that the Democratic nominating process is kabuki theater. Hildabeast is being rebuked by half of those claiming to be democrats.  Hillary has lied, schemed, bartered, cajoled, and purchased influence for decades yet the grand prize she desperately seeks is still out of reach.  The crazy part is that she is being rejected in favor of a communist which should tell us that this country is in much worse shape than we could ever imagine. ~ Hardnox