Mitt Romney Is the 2016 Republican Front-Runner

This is not an Onion story. From the National Journal: Mitt Romney leads the Republican field among New Hampshire primary voters for 2016. Yes, you read that right. Why not make it a third run for president? That’s something that the former Republican nominee is definitely not thinking about right now. To put it in his own recent words: “Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no.” But that didn’t stop the Virginia-based bipartisan policy firm Purple Strategies from adding his name to a recent survey for Granite State voters, which shows Romney in the lead … Continue reading

Hillary: Benghazi ‘My Biggest Regret’

From The Hill: Hillary Clinton, on Monday, called the Benghazi terror attack the “biggest regret” of her tenure as Secretary of State, a message she’s expected to emphasize as she ponders a 2016 White House run. “My biggest, you know, regret is what happened in Benghazi,” Clinton said when asked to identify “do-overs”of her time as America’s top diplomat during her keynote appearance before the National Automobile Dealers Association in New Orleans. “It was a terrible tragedy, losing four Americans, two diplomats and now it’s public, so I can say two CIA operatives, losing an ambassador like Chris Stevens, who was one of our very … Continue reading

Young Voters

  In case you have been wondering why we are in the sorry state that we are in politically, here are some young people from South Boston on election day in November of 2012: Granted this was only one polling place but you get the idea.  The problem is systemic and a direct result of our pathetic and worthless education system. ~ Hardnox

Rush on Scott Walker’s Budget Surplus

From  IJ Review: While the media obsesses over Justin Bieber’s next public embarrassment, Rush Limbaugh points to what he calls a “earth-shattering” conservative success that the media aren’t going to report. From the Blaze: The state of Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is “rapidly falling” and the government’s budget ended the year with a $912 million surplus, Limbaugh explained. He says the dramatic turnaround is due in large part to the conservative policies of Gov. Scott Walker. What’s even more amazing, he continued, is the fact that Walker is going to “rebate the money in the form of tax cuts to the … Continue reading

Holder: Voter ID used to Depress the Vote

  Excuse me?  How is voter photo identification used as a depression tool? We need a photo ID to drive a car, purchase prescriptions, open a bank account, rent a car, purchase an airline ticket, cash a check, write a check, return merchandise, and a host of other activities. According to Eric Holder, one can only conclude that minorities are: too stupid to get a photo id, or… do not engage in any of the activities described above, or… engaged in voter fraud and do not want to be identified. So which is it? This meme of voter id being … Continue reading

If You’ve Wondered Why…..

….I call the modern-day Republican Party the Perpetually Stupid Party, read the following article. It MAY help you understand. From   Establishment Republicans: Christie ‘Still the Odds-On Favorite’ in 2016.   by Frances Martel    23 Jan 2014, 1:43 PM PDT With many of the RNC’s most prominent members gathered for its annual winter meeting, CNN aske Republicans how they felt about the scandals engulfing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association. Like Chairman Reince Priebus, most stood by their man. Reporter Peter Hamby noted that the atmosphere at the winter meeting was not particularly favorable … Continue reading

Let’s Talk about Voter Fraud – Part III (Colorado)

This is the third article in a series on 2012 Voter Fraud and a companion piece to Garnet’s excellent post, titled “How the RNC Has Screwed Us All”,  which describes the RNC’s inability to protest voter fraud. Garnet is also defining and explaining various forms of voter fraud that can occur in any election.  If you have not had the opportunity to read (part 1), please do so here.  This  is one quote from Garnet’s piece, “Consider this: when he (someone posing as another voter) does that, he effectively cancels our your thoughtful, carefully considered, legal vote for the other candidate. “ Today’s focus … Continue reading

What WE Are Up Against.

While we here at Hardnox and Friends tend to focus on issues with a national view, we also have HUGE state fights on our hands this election year as well. One of the RICHEST women in the state, wife of the owner of Amway, Betsy DeVos, thinks WE are THE PROBLEM with the Republican brand these days. From The Detroit DeVos calls out GOP culture of intolerance.     By Nolan Finley  The Detroit News  19 Jan 2014 Betsy DeVos, the ultimate establishment Republican, is calling out the GOP’s national leadership for failing to stand up to “intolerance and insensitivity” … Continue reading

Gutfeld: From Racist to Sexist

In case some of you may have missed this, here’s a piece from ‘The Five’ and a few words on Hillary from Greg Gutfeld. Hillary as president and Bill Clinton as the First Man? God forbid! ~Kathy

Activist Judge Strikes Down PA Voter ID Law

From FOX News: HARRISBURG, Pa. – A Pennsylvania judge on Friday struck down a requirement that nearly all of the state’s 8.2 million voters show photo identification at the polls, saying it imposes an unreasonable burden on the right to vote and that officials failed to demonstrate the need for it. “Voting laws are designed to assure a free and fair election; the Voter ID Law does not further this goal,” state Commonwealth Court Judge Bernard L. McGinley wrote in a decision that set the stage for a potential courtroom showdown before the state’s highest court. McGinley, a Democrat, said … Continue reading

15 More Benghazi Related Murders

From Freedom Outpost: Does it Matter Now Hillary? Wednesday the Senate finally made a statement about Benghazi. A bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee has found that the State Department could have likely prevented the death of  four Americans in Benghazi if they would not have ignored the intelligence reports and pleas for assistance from our diplomatic mission.  The findings are that increased security was needed. USA Today reports: Congressional Democrats for the first time joined the GOP to  condemn the State Department for refusing security measures they say could have prevented the deaths of the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi. The report, worked on for months and released Wednesday by a  bipartisan Senate intelligence … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Voter Fraud – Part II (Ohio)

This is the second article in a series on 2012 Voter Fraud and a companion piece to Garnet’s excellent post, titled “How the RNC Has Screwed Us All”, which describes the RNC’s inability to protest voter fraud committed by the Democrats. Today’s focus is on Ohio.  None of this information is new but it deserves revisiting as it demonstrates how bad the voter fraud really is despite the left’s claim that there isn’t any. Below are a number of articles that highlight the obvious fraud that took place in Ohio: Excerpt from Fox News: Fox News has received several complaints from … Continue reading

Does this Make Your Head Spin?

The RNC Straw Poll is up and running for the 2016 Presidential election cycle.  Here is the list of candidates listed at the Straw Poll site:   – Sen. Kelly Ayotte, of New Hampshire – Haley Barbour, former Mississippi governor – John Bolton, former ambassador to the United Nations – Jeb Bush, former Florida governor – Herman Cain, a radio host – Ben Carson, author and neurosurgeon – Chris Christie, New Jersey governor – Sen. Ted Cruz, of Texas – Mitch Daniels, former Indiana governor – Newt Gingrich, former House speaker – Nikki Haley, South Carolina governor – Mike Huckabee, former … Continue reading

Rep. Gowdy Ready to Subpoena Hillary

From Capitalism Institute: Nearly a year and a half later, the State Department finally catches up (somewhat) with reality and released the names of the two terrorist organizations suspected for the Benghazi murders: Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi and Ansar al-Sharia in Darnah. They pinky promise it’s not al Qaeda though, as if that makes anything any better. This must be a little awkward for the New York Times who just days ago published an “investigative report” which held on tightly to the lie that the attacks were spontaneously spurred by a YouTube video — in an effort to protect then-Secretary of … Continue reading

Feds go after Christie over use of Sandy relief funds

From GOP USA: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is under federal investigation about whether he misused federal relief funds from Hurricane Sandy, CNN reported Monday. CNN said federal officials are investigating whether Christie improperly used relief aid in tourism ads that featured him and his family. News of the investigation came days after Christie dismissed two top advisers for their roles in the George Washington Bridge scandal in which his staff is accused of tying up traffic near the nation’s busiest bridge in retaliation for a Democratic mayor’s refusal to endorse Republican Christie’s re-election bid. That scandal prompted two investigations. … Continue reading

The NSA, Hillary and Shakedowns

Documents brought to light by Edward Snowden reveal that the NSA has the capability to turn on the camera and the microphone on your iPhone, even when it’s turned off. Snowden also revealed that two NSA programs, PRISM and XKS, can tap into all types of electronic devices. They can get into your email files, read them and even delete them with a simple keystroke. Hillary used those capabilities to silence and punish her enemies. The video doesn’t say, but the smart thing for Higbie and Fedenism to have done is make back-up copies of those files. It  would be easy to do using a … Continue reading

Ignoring The Weatherman.

“Weathermen Underground”, to weathermen at the Weather Channel, or your local station, most have the SAME thing in mind. And, THAT is promulgating the “myth” of Global Warming”, AND, as a bonus for Ayres’ bunch of Weathermen, DESTRUCTION of our nation. From Canada Free Press by Judi Mcleod: Folks don’t need ‘the weatherman’ to tell them what it’s doing outside. They can just look out the window. If you live in a small town or village and want to know what Mother Nature’s up to 30 miles down the road, email or telephone someone you know—or with today’s technology, even … Continue reading

Is There ANY Doubt.

That the GOP, aka the PSP is on it’s way to history ? When I see shit like THIS, the answer is clear. From  by Matthew Boyle       GOP Leadership: Benghazi Victims’ Families ‘Absurd and Inaccurate’ in Select Committee Demand. Absurd, Johnny-Boy ?  The TRUTH to YOU is absurd ? Christ. We EXPECT horseshit like THIS from THESE asshats. Not supposed “conservatives”. An anonymous aide for House GOP leadership told the Washington Examiner Monday it believes three family members of the victims of the Benghazi terrorist attack and other conservative movement and military community leaders are being untruthful in their demand … Continue reading