Obama Campaign Team Hands Canada Over to the Lib-Left

From Canada Free Press The Province of Ontario with twice the debt of California making it now the world’s most indebted sub-sovereign borrower, saddled Canada with its first lib-left government in more than a decade in elections tonight. Prime Minister Elect Justin Trudeau’s friendship with the high spending Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn is a matter of public record.  Ontario has a whopping $307 billion in bond debt; spends less per person on delivering service than any other province in Canada, yet still has a higher annual operating deficit. None of this has bothered Canada’s new Liberal prime minister. Tonight was … Continue reading

Man In Niqab and Others in Masks Gets to Vote !

From The Rebel Media Last month, the Federal Court of Appeal ordered Canadian citizenship courts to allow the wearing of face-obscuring Muslim niqabs while taking the oath of citizenship. What’s next — wearing niqabs while voting? We thought we’d check, by sending David Menzies to vote, while covered from head to toe in a niqab. The results were shocking.  Elections Canada did almost nothing to determine his real identity. All Elections Canada required was the signing of an oath to confirm his identity.  It’s one thing to insult Canadian culture by degrading women. It’s just insane to let people vote … Continue reading

‘Feminist’ Who Attacked Trump Turns Out To Be A Planted Jeb Bush Staffer

From Canada Free Press Maybe you’ve seen the clip. Things got ugly at the “No Labels Problem Solver Convention” when a young woman stood up and attacked Trump for being anti-woman. Her name is Lauren Batchelder, and she doubted that Trump was a “friend to woman.” She wanted to know if – unlike President Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton – President Trump would pay women the same as men, and she demanded to know if she would “get to choose” what she does with her body. Trump defended himself, but that didn’t stop CNN from compiling a ridiculous hit piece … Continue reading

7 Gun Control Myths That Just Won’t Die

From: thefederalist.com,  by Sean Davis,  on Oct 7, 2015,  see the article HERE. After every shooting, politicians and activists rush to the cameras or their keyboards to tell people exactly what should be done to stop mass shootings in the future. Gun control proponents demand more gun control. Gun rights advocates dig in their heels and explain why new laws won’t stop evil people from doing evil things, especially when current laws aren’t adequately enforced. Unfortunately, the debate between the two sides is rarely illuminating, as it usually devolves into tired recitations of worn-out talking points about the issue. These … Continue reading

Dislike Harry Reid? If so, you’re gonna LOVE this!

HARRY REID LAWSUIT AGAINST EXERCISE BAND MANUFACTURER ‘OPENS THE DOORS’ TO HIS BATHROOM, MEDICAL AND BANK RECORDS From: breitbart.com,  by Michael Patrick Leahy,  on Oct 9, 2015,  see the article HERE. Sen. Harry Reid filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of an exercise band that he claims “broke or slipped” while “mounted to a sturdy object in his bathroom” as he used it on January 1, causing injuries that blinded him in one eye. “The lawsuit is really going to open the doors if the company’s defense counsel wants to go after Harry Reid,” an attorney and expert on product … Continue reading