Another Rant: Investigating Mosques

We are dangerously close to letting political correctness replace commonsense and logic – and that will cost American lives. Even though our PINO (President in Name Only) refuses to acknowledge that radical Islamic terrorists DO exist and DO execute the bulk of all terroristic activity across the globe, the pragmatic among us need to exercise commonsense and logic – to the exclusion of political correctness. While we understand that most followers of Islam may well be peaceful and law-abiding, we must also accept that terrorist activity is the exclusive domain of Muslim radicals. When we commit to treating mosques no … Continue reading

Spain’s Abengoa Solar Goes Bankrupt

Just in time for the big climate conference in Paris, Fraahnce, Spain’s highly subsidized and world tree-humper renowned Abengoa filed for bankruptcy. Rebel Media has the story. “Socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher ~ Hardnox

Weather Manipulation – Reality of Man-Made Climate Change – Part 3

  For fast view look at 1:55-5:15 The gentleman did a creditable job of investigating  and 7:07-7:19 Part 3 Begins with typical You Tube questions.  I hope each of you take time if interested in checking through different sites to draw your own conclusions.  A lot of the information is nothing more than speculation but  is actively working with knowledgeable geoengineering and qualified people to bring this information more in focus.  There are others as I mentioned in Part 2. Let’s begin with what many suggest as the chemicals being used. In one patent they noted:  Many materials having … Continue reading

Asshat Alert: Obama Ends War in Iraq

Hypocrisy at it’s finest in case you forgot…  If you didn’t, please share it with a lefty. He’s such a douche.  Now he’s blaming his staff for not informing him about the severity of ISIS which he called the “JV Team”.  He’s announced that the White House has launched an investigation into the matter.  This asshat is incapable taking responsibility for anything… unless of course he had nothing to do with it like any job creation in the private sector or the massive oil and gas production on private lands. Just this week the administration announced a worldwide terror alert … Continue reading

Stuck on Stupid: Hillary Clinton Claims Islam Is Not America’s Adversary

Hildabeast doesn’t believe that islam has anything to do with the head-choppers known as the “Islamic State”.   It’s hard to wrap one’s head around such blatant deceit (yet the lemmings cheer).  She must be beholden to the donors of the muslim mega-bucks that keep flowing into her coffers.  Follow the money. Senator Ted Cruz reponds on the Sean Hannity show. Go Ted! Hillary for Prison 2016! ~ Hardnox

List of Foreign-Born Islamists Charged With or Convicted of Crimes in US

Have you ever wondered if there is a list of all those who have entered our country as refugees and then attempted to become radicals or carried out activities as enemies of the country? Well, thankfully someone has done just that. When Obama went on his petty rant in the Philippines, he forgot that there are patriot watchers (not mainstream media as yet) who will get to the truth despite his tantrums because it is vital to our citizens to know the truth. So as Obama stomps his size ditwitz shoe, let it be known that not only was his … Continue reading

Stuck On Stupid: Ben Rhodes – Assist. National Security Advisor

Assistant National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes says the Obama administration is still planning on allowing Syrian refugees to enter the U.S. despite Friday’s terrorist attack in Paris where at least one of the attackers had a Syrian passport “One of the attackers in the French slaughter was carrying a Syrian passport that seemed to indicate that he had been a refugee that had come into Europe along with the flood of migrants in October,” Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace said to Rhodes, “Given that, is President Obama reconsidering the plan to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year?” … Continue reading

Meet the New Iran, Same As the Old Iran

This video highlights the plight of Americans held in Iranian prisons. That was a hell of a nuke deal that Obama and the Democrats foisted on us and the rest of the world. I can hardly wait until January 2017 when we get a new president.  This country desperately needs pro-American adults in charge. ~ Hardnox

FBI Has Nearly 1,000 Active ISIS Probes Inside U.S.

From Judicial Watch: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has nearly 1,000 active probes involving the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) inside the United States, dozens of law enforcement officials disclose in a letter to President Obama. The officials are elected sheriffs in Colorado making a case against the administration’s plan to transfer terrorists held at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to facilities in the state. Forty-one of Colorado’s elected sheriffs fired off the letter after two federal prisons in Florence (Supermax and the U.S. Penitentiary) along with a state complex near Canon … Continue reading

Asshat Alert – Steven Salaita

Who is Steven Salaita?  Well, he’s a Jew bashing academic that just won a cash settlement for $875,000 from the University of Illinois. From Campus Watch: A settlement between the University of Illinois (UI) and former Virginia Tech University professor Steven Salaita was approved by UI’s Board of Trustees Thursday. He will receive a lump sum payment of $600,000 and $275,000 in legal costs. In return, he will not seek or accept future employment by the university. Thus concludes a saga that began in the summer of 2014 when the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) withdrew an offered position … Continue reading

Neil Cavuto Embarrasses Student Who Wants Free College

From The Washington Free Beacon: Fox Business host Neil Cavuto destroyed a student activist’s argument demanding “free” college education by simply asking who’s going to pay for it. Keeley Mullen, the national organizer for the #MillionStudentMarch, appeared on “Cavuto Coast to Coast” Thursday to explain the group’s demands: “Tuition-free public college, cancellation of all student debt, and a $15 minimum wage for all campus workers.” After Mullen listed her group’s demands, calling for “a more equitable and fair system of education,” Cavuto asked, “How’s that going to be paid?” “Um, great question,” she replied after some hesitation. “I mean, you know, … Continue reading

Canada To Reach Out to Arab States in Bid for ‘Efficient’ Foreign Policy

From Times of Israel Canada will strive for a more balanced policy regarding the Middle East, including active outreach to the Arab world, the country’s new foreign minister said Wednesday.  “Israel is a friend, it is an ally but for us to be an effective ally we need also to strengthen our relationship with the other legitimate partners in the region,” Stéphane Dion said in an interview hours after being sworn in. “For example, we need to strengthen our relationship with Lebanon and this will help Lebanon but also Israel. To be helpful, you need to strengthen your relationship with … Continue reading

Justin Trudeau Sworn In As Canada’s New Prime Minister

From Yahoo News ~~ I couldn’t help myself. I had to add some commentary to give a more balanced approach to the Media’s Trudeaumania!~~ Blessed B TORONTO (AP) — Justin Trudeau was sworn in Wednesday as Canada’s new Liberal prime minister, and his new cabinet ministers vowed to honor campaign pledges to settle 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year. Trudeau, the son of the late iconic Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, also promised a less controlling style of “government by Cabinet” after almost 10 years of Conservative rule under Stephen Harper. ( My note~ Less controlling style? … Continue reading

Right Wing Nazis: The Big Lie

From Canada Free Press “And there are moments when I curse myself for not having understood it earlier; for having let myself be fooled by the two ‘soccer-teams’ for so long.  Dammit.”—Oriana Fallacci (1929-2006) “The Force of Reason” Traditionally the political spectrum in the United States runs from Big Government on the left side of the spectrum to no government at all (anarchy) on the extreme right of the spectrum.  This is not rocket-science folks:  Big Government on the left; limited or no government on the right> – capiche? Now you tell me, how do the Nazis, an offshoot of … Continue reading

Hillary supporters WANT Sharia Law?

From:,  by Wilmot Proviso,  on Nov 3, 2015,  see the article HERE. The following video is just one more example of the absolutely colossal ignorance of so many Hillary supporters. These people will be voting for her – and incredulously, they’re proud of it. I guess we should expect dumbassery of a group of Hillary supporters when they don’t even recognize the term “Sharia Law” and obviously know nothing about it, but when they’re told that Hillary is supporting it, they readily accept that it must be good. They are exhibiting ignorance of the highest order by: 1) having no familiarity whatsoever with the term “Sharia Law,” … Continue reading

Myth vs Facts about Foreign Gun Laws Part 1

Obama issued a statement about Oregon before the next day ended.  It was his typical spiel and echoed across many quotes by his sheeple and the mainstream media who pander to his commands. However, let’s really look at what is going on around the world since rarely do we get even an inkling of what is transpiring there other than internet search.  In the interest of expediency, I will only provide a brief quote from the sites as most relevant but have added links for complete articles for those interested.    So let’s start with “down under” Australia:   ———————— … Continue reading

This Southerner is Calling You Out, Hillary!

WND had a News Alert today after Hillary’s “grilling”. Oops! Did Hillary let Benghazi cat out of the bag? Did you catch it? Hillary hints at Murdered Ambassador’s Secret Activity By Aaron Klein   But I need a lot more meat with my potatoes. So here is the STATE DEPARTMENT News Release.  Italic emphasis is mine. Notice the date folks. Addressing the Challenge of MANPADS Proliferation Andrew J. Shapiro Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs Stimson Center Washington, DC February 2, 2012 Release found HERE. As prepared: Thank you. It is my great pleasure to be here at the Stimson Center. … Continue reading

Principal holds up student election results because winners not diverse enough

From:,  by Todd Starnes,  on Oct 20, 2015,  see the article HERE. There’s a big election controversy at a California middle school after the principal discovered that not enough black or Latino students were elected to office. Principal Lena Van Haren’s decision to withhold the results of the student government elections angered parents and students at Everett Middle School in San Francisco. “It’s not okay for a school that is really, really diverse to have the student representatives majority white,” she told the San Francisco Chronicle. “The easy thing would have been to announce the results and move on. … Continue reading

What Trudeau Has Promised Canadians

From Global News The polls hadn’t even closed across Canada when news organizations called a Liberal government – and, within an hour, a Liberal majority. Justin Trudeau’s party went from a distant third in the polls barely a month before the election to sweeping Atlantic Canada, much of Quebec, the urban centres of Ontario and even spots in Alberta’s Conservative strongholds. But after the Liberals finish celebrating their comeback victory, they’ll have to govern. And they have a tough set of promises to live up to. What Trudeau’s promised: Tax changes Trudeau’s promised to bring in tax changes – hikes … Continue reading