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Been slackin’ on my Jodi vids lately. My Bad. To make up for it, I offer you a double dose of our Lovely Lib Lashing Lady…..     This Week’s…..     ‘Til next time…. ~Terry

The Obomination Meets

with BLM losers in the White Mosque today. EXCERPT:  “Civil rights leaders gathered for a meeting with President Barack Obama Wednesday at the White House a week after a black man killed five police officers at a protest against police brutality in Texas. DeRay Mckesson, a prominent activist with the social justice movement Black Lives Matter, said the gathering was aimed at coming up with “concrete actions” to help Obama mend relations between law enforcement officials and black communities.” This is a real joke in that The Obomination has done EVERYTHING he can to not only destroy race relations in the USA but … Continue reading

Canadian Anthem: “All Lives Matter” at MLB All-Star Game

From Canada Free Press The suggestion that the term “All Lives Matter” should be apologized for if uttered, or in this case, sung, is absolutely ridiculous – and in truth, racist.  Is the Black Lives Matter crowd saying that only their lives matter, and all other lives are dispensable?  While tossing around accusations of racism, is not the black community that is screaming “All Lives Matter” acting in a racist manner when they place black lives over all lives when they demand an end to the phrase “All Lives Matter?” The question about “All Lives Matter,” which has become a … Continue reading

Pedophilia – the Next Sexual Rights Revolution?

  JEROME R. CORSI NEW YORK – The underlying assumption that has led to the increasing legitimization of same-sex marriage is now fueling a growing effort in academic circles to mainstream pedophilia. Once considered taboo, psychologists are beginning to walk down the same path LGBT activists established more than 50 years ago, insisting that pedophilia is an inborn “sexual orientation,” not a learned sexual behavior. If people are born with a sexual attraction to minors, the argument goes, their “orientation” should be accepted as normative and not stigmatized. James Cantor, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in the Law and Mental Health … Continue reading

Summer of Gloom

We’re in a very precarious place here in the good ol’ USA.  The outlook is currently mixed, at best.  I think that ultimately we have reason for great optimism, especially if we can depend on miracles, and I am one of those people who believe in such things.  But there is also reason for great gloom, even during the first week of July which is traditionally the time of national optimism for Americans.  Instead, it’s like we have a year without a July. We are surrounded by betrayal: in our Capital, on our streets, in our press rags, on our blogs … Continue reading

Presidential Bingo

The Daily Caller puts the responses to the Dallas Massacre side by side.  Guess whose response is Presidential and who is just a pathetic hack retard?  The Presidential one has already checked off the “racial healing,” “law and order” and “moving forward” boxes, and he hasn’t even got to office yet.  The retard never even dipped his toe in those waters, but he sure improved his golf game over the past 8 years.

The vacuum won’t start…

Posted on July 5, 2016 by DCG  A retired guy sits around the house all day so one day his wife says, “Joe, you could do something useful, like vacuum the house once a week.” The guy gives it a thought and says, “Sure, why not. Where’s the vacuum?” Half an hour later, the guy comes into the kitchen to get some coffee. His wife says, “I didn’t hear the vacuum running. I though you were going to do the vacuuming?” Exasperated, Joe answers, “The stupid thing is broken, it won’t start. We need to buy a new one.” “Really?” asked … Continue reading

Hacked Emails Confirm NATO Push To Provoke, Escalate Conflict With Russia

From Reclaim Our Republic Just two weeks ago, a huge scandal erupted within another ‘union’ as Germany slammed NATO for “warmongering” destroying the fictional narrative that ‘innocent’ NATO was merely reacting to evil Russian provocations. Furthermore, as NATO accelerated its encirclement of Russia, with British soldiers deployed in Estonia, US soldiers operating in Latvia and Canadians in Poland, while combat units are being increased in the Mediterranean…  NATO found another excuse for war, assessing that it may now have grounds to attack Russia when it announced that if a NATO member country becomes the victim of a cyber attack by … Continue reading

Gettysburg, Independence Hall, Kitty Hawk, and Now….

The STONEWALL INN NATIONAL MONUMENT ! Oh My, where does the time go ? It seems like only a short time ago I was hiding in my home in honor of our local Memorial Fag Pride Weekend, here on the yearly transformed Gay Riviera.     Next thing I know, Barry The Fairy has proclaimed the month of June to be National Fudgepacker, Muffdiver, and Confused Perv month.  I had promised to bring you the finest in stories about the best of the cess, even going so far as to cruise the HuffBlo ‘Gay Voices’ as an undercover girlyman. But … Continue reading

The Three Stooges Meet

and really ARE one not very funny joke. One pint-sized idiot from Mexico who exports his human garbage to America, another idiot who lets them in, and a panty-waist Muslim-lover from Canuckistani. The “3” Amigos? More like the Three Pendejos.  

Could Donald Trump Pull the Plug on NAFTA?

From Global News Fuelled by the Britain’s vote to leave the European Union — the Brexit — presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is on the warpath against trade agreements he sees as holding America back. “Our friends in Britain recently voted to take back control of their economy, politics and borders,” Trump said Tuesday during a campaign stop at an metal recycling plant in Monessen, Pennsylvania. “Now it’s time for the American people to take back their future. We are going to take it back.” And topping his enemy list is the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). If … Continue reading

Score!: Hardnox & Friends Banned by Feds; Restricted on Gov’t Computers

We’ve been labeled “Obscene, Tasteless.” Meanwhile, EPA employees are apparently paid to watch porn all day on their government computers, but they can’t get the political scoop from us. We’re too subversive or something. And, of course, my transgression was logged.  I should know better than to be perusing national news while on break, at work.  This is the first time I’ve noticed the restriction.  I can tell you that many other quite NSFW blogs, like Woodsterman, or Diogenes Middle Finger (Terry’s favorite), for example, are NOT restricted.  We’re honored!

The Globalists Reveal

their real agenda and why Brexit was a great move for the UK. EXCERPT:  “The foreign ministers of France and Germany are due to reveal a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states in what is being described as an “ultimatum”. Under the radical proposals EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels. Controversially member states would also lose what few controls they have left over their own borders, including the procedure for admitting and relocating refugees. The plot has … Continue reading

SOTU – When Honor is AWOL

“The untruthful Soldier trifles with the lives of his countrymen and the honor and safety of his country.” Gen. Douglas MacArthur America today is a nation without honor at the highest levels. Another Democrat scumbag is on his way to prison, one Chaka Fatta, to join the likes of Freezer Money Jefferson, Chocolate City Ray Nagin, Jesse Jackson Jr., and Kwame Kirkpatrick even as idiots like DiBlasio and Bernie Sanders are being investigated for misuse of campaign funds, etc. The fish rots from the head down and the head of this nation, one Barack Hussein Obama is himself without a shred … Continue reading

Clueless DHS Official Kelli Burriesci Testifies On The ‘K1’ Visa Program

DHS doesn’t know how many people have overstayed their visas or how many have visited Syria and returned to the USA. Feeling safer yet?  It should be noted that she is in charge of keeping track of this information. The $64 question of course is that the government is run by incompetent morons like this by the thousands.  Meanwhile, the loonatics are loose and these dickheads want our guns. ~ Hardnox