Hungry Hungry Hypo(crites)

Eight members of the Yale University graduate student union Local 33 began an indefinite, collective fast in front of University President Peter Salovey’s home on Tuesday in an effort to persuade Yale to begin collective bargaining.  “Yale wants to make us wait and wait and wait … until we give up and go away. We have committed ourselves to waiting without eating.” Local 33 Chair Aaron Greenberg said at the rally in New Haven, Conn. There was one small distinction with the hunger protest, however. Their pamphlet explained that the hunger strike was “symbolic” and participants could leave when they got hungry and could no … Continue reading

Gary North Predicted Paul (Boehner Junior) Ryan’s Healthcare Sellout Six Years Ago

Two days ago The Conservative Treehouse blog ran a fine analysis of the deliberate deep-sixing of healthcare reform by the combines vested interests of the UniParty Dems and RINOS, the insurance industry, big labor, and progressives.  About six years ago, Gary North predicted this would happen.  But few outside the ranks of the then-significant Tea Party paid any attention.  Offered here are both stories.  First, from the 6 November 2010 edition of North’s “Specific Answers” column: John Boehner’s “GobGop” Plan to Sell Out the Tea Party in 2013. It Will Begin in January 2011. First, you must understand that Boehner … Continue reading

New York About to Eliminate Test Meant to See if Teachers Can Read… because RAAAACISM!

By Warner Todd Huston March 13, 2017 There would have been a day when a story saying that teachers were about to be excused from requirements that they be able to read just to avoid charges of racism would have been an entry in an issue of the National Lampoon or even on But today, in this day of truly insane liberalism, the idea that liberals don’t care if teachers can read just to avoid charges of racism in hiring is… well, sadly, it’s not even a little surprising. New York’s Board of Regents is expected to adopt the … Continue reading

Cultural Marxism and the Red International Women’s Day

From Canada Free Press Global civic demonstrations as practiced by young and compass-less anarchist hordes have become the latest expression of cultural Marxism, an “unseen plague which corrupted America” and now threatens the rest of the western world, including small, formerly communist countries that allegedly overcame Soviet satellite status.  To understand why I use the term “allegedly,” you must understand the nostalgia of older generations, for the good ole simple days of communism, the longing for the days when they were dependent on the meager rations doled out to them monthly by the communist party apparatchiks in order to keep … Continue reading

Another Lagoon In The Swamp: The EB-5 Green Card Program

The February 2017 issue of “Verdict”, the monthly print pub from Judicial Watch, featured a story by Micah Morrison about yet another corrupted federal program.  This one doles out green cards to wealthy foreigners in exchange for payments of $500,000.  As the article says, “The stated purpose of the EB-5 program is job creation.  Each $500K fee is supposed to be directed to projects in economically distressed targeted employment areas in the US to create ten full-time jobs.” This program has generated income for Uncle Sam in the range of $15B to $21B in the last ten years.  And how … Continue reading

Tell Me It Ain’t So: Another Stimulus Package Coming?

Last night Mark Levin made a strong case AGAINST federally-funded infrastructure spending, correctly pointing out that such programs are paid for with dollars confiscated from the private sector. Yet it is undeniably true that our nation needs to repair or replace roads, bridges, airports, school buildings etc etc across the board — and since these are facilities that benefit the general public, the public should bear the cost. So how should president Trump fund his “Rebuild America” efforts? Are we in for another round of “you didn’t build that”? Steven Mufson at the L.A. Times (yeah, I know, the L.A. … Continue reading

Progressives Are The Enemies of Freedom and Liberty

It must be noted, learned, and as Hanoi John Fonda Kerry said, “seared into our brains,” that our liberty, our freedom, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution come from Natural Rights, i.e., freedom of speech, and thus, the Creator. This freedom, if you will, then follows a path to a free people, a free nation, religious freedom, and then a people self-governed. When these ingredients are combined in the proper formula, they yield a nation steeped in prosperity with an overflowing abundance for one and all, in the American dream. The Progressives, on the other hand, not only outright … Continue reading

Exposing The Communist Goals For Taking Over Our Country

Communism/socialism is a blight on this country and every country where it takes root.  The liberalist view while proclaiming it is for the lowly workers in fact removes the individual’s incentive to attain a better lifestyle, produce beyond the party’s assigned level on the regulations hierarchy.  What quickly follows is the disintegration of values, economy, the rights of an individual to plan for themselves,  and the quality of lives of those in the general populace. Places like Columbia, Venezuela, and other countries are the most recent examples. It has taken a foothold here thanks to a lot of preplanning and follow … Continue reading

Stand By to Stand By

because the crap is fixing to hit the fan. Just last week the Gunny was explaining to an individual that the stock market has been artifically propped up via Quantitative Easing, every month, since the Brown Clown took over. It has just been done to enrich the elites, return Soros’ investment on Obama, and to make Obama look good to the Lo-Fo voters. We have no manufacturing base to provide a solid foundation for a 15,000+ stock market and it is going to take a drastic drop when QE stops/Obama leaves. It has all been smoke and mirrors. So strap … Continue reading

Trump on Taxes, Economy & Energy

On FOX & Friends this morning in a Two Part segment, Donald Trump explains his tax plan and answers questions from viewers: “The middle class has been forgotten in this country… the middle class built this country..” Keep it up Donald.  Hillary has nothing to sell.  She’s an empty pantsuit parroting the same old crap that created this mess. ~ Hardnox

The Hildabeast’s Bagman

has a history of corruption and flim-flammery that again makes one shake their head that this baboon got elected as Governor of Virginia (massive voter fraud). Act I:  1980. Richard Swann, Terry McAwful’s father-in-law, helped establish American Pioneer Savings & Loan in Florida and just a short ten years later, after a Mafia-style bustout, the Feds seized the thrift, and of course came the $500 million-plus bailout. McAwful’s daddy-in-law settle charges with the SEC, who found that Swann (and a partner – gee, wonder who) had broken the law by selling junk bonds worth $10 million, to cover the bustout. Swann  filed bankruptcy, investors lost everything, but daddy-in-law helped McAwful … Continue reading

US Taxpayers To Get The Shaft

once more with the coming Ryan “Puerto Rican Bailout” Bill. EXCERPT:  “Speaker Paul Ryan has reached a tentative deal with the Treasury Department on a rescue package to ease Puerto Rico’s debt crisis, according to House Natural Resources Chairman Rob Bishop, who has been leading negotiations. “We are moving forward — there is a deal,” the Utah Republican said Wednesday afternoon, adding that legislative text of the deal would be released later on Wednesday. Details of that deal were released by Bishop’s committee Wednesday night, when the bill was introduced. The agreement represents a breakthrough on an issue that has … Continue reading

Why Trump

continues to gather momentum or better yet, why Trump is turning into a juggernaut and rolled over SIXTEEN opponents in the primaries/debates and who will crush CorruptoCommie #1 or Grandpa Depends CorruptoCommie#2 in the election. The first reason is that Donald Trump plainly talks about the issues, not in a right-wing way, left-wing way, GOPe-way, DNC-way, but in an AMERICAN way. Take for example the first time that Trump brought up the illegal alien invasion and all of the other candidates, on both sides, first filled their diapers and then went about blathering that (a), Trump was wrong and that (b), … Continue reading

The Epitome Of Stupidity

One truly has to wonder if Liberals have a brain. These idiots consistently act against their best interests and call it great! EXCERPT:  “Brown, traveling to the state’s largest media market to sign the landmark bill, remained hesitant about the effects of raising the minimum wage, saying, “Economically, minimum wages may not make sense.” (Gee, no SH*T Sherlock!) But he said work is “not just an economic equation,” calling labor “part of living in a moral community.” “Morally and socially and politically, they (minimum wages) make every sense because it binds the community together and makes sure that parents can take … Continue reading

Step By Step Slowly We Draw Closer

  Step by excruciating step, we see a long-awaited justice for the Clintons’ falling into place. Published on Feb 24, 2016 “If the FBI makes the case that Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information, put American security at risk, will you prosecute the case?” Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) asked Attorney General Loretta Lynch at a budget hearing on Wednesday. Lynch never mentioned Clinton. Instead she talked about “how information was handled by the State Department.” “With respect to our investigation into how information was handled by the State Department — how they handled classified information — as I’m sure you know, … Continue reading

Paul Ryan Outdoes Boehner on Omnibus Bill

From The Daily Wire: While everyone was focused on Tuesday night’s debate, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wi.) reached an agreement on a $1.1 trillion omnibus bill that will face a vote on Friday. Here are five things you need to know about it. 1. It’s a crony capitalism slush fund. Democratic strategist Pat Caddell told Breitbart that the omnibus bill “will be one of the greatest giveaways to special interests ever devised.” Case in point: the bill provides $3 billion in funding to the Green Climate Fund, an environmental activist group. Economist Nicolas Lorist describes the Green Climate Fund’s purposes as subsidizing “green energy … Continue reading

Requiem to A US Town — Cities Need to Take Notice-2

  Part 2.     2000-2015  Hamtramck  Over the past thirty years, a large number of immigrants from the Middle East (especially Yemen) and South Asia (especially Bangladesh) have moved to the city. As of the 2000 census, the city’s foreign-born population stood at 41.1% making it Michigan’s most internationally diverse city.  One research paper from a college student noted at that time — Once a thriving Polish town, housing nearly three times as many people in the early 1920s, it has now become an international town with 20,512 people of Bosnian, Arabic, Bangladeshi, Polish, and other origins. As the … Continue reading

Requiem to A US Town — Cities Need to Take Notice 1

Hamtramck 1960’s   The headlines of many off mainstream media have been talking about one small town in the north just five miles from the heart of Detroit.  In reality, it is the story of many cities and towns across our country. This two-part series looks at the rise and fall of one town.   In the  late 1950’s, our country experienced a boom.  For a decade or so after it started, life was good.  Jobs were plentiful and our towns flourished.  City planners encouraged incoming industries and reaped the benefit of their prosperity.  However, like people, cities and towns … Continue reading

Supreme Court’s New Term: Three Key Cases to Watch

From the Wall Street Journal. The U.S. Supreme Court will take on wide range of hot-button issues in its new term. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday takes a look at three big cases that could have a major impact on politics and business. All three are quite important.  The Texas suit concerning “citizens” versus “population” in determining electoral votes will no doubt be opposed by the lefties on the court.  Seriously, counting illegals and non-citizens to determine how electoral votes are counted is patently insane. ~ Hardnox