Fear of Ebola Drives Mob to Kill Officials in Guinea

From the New York Times: The bodies of eight officials and journalists who went to a remote village in Guinea to dispel rumors about the deadly Ebola outbreak gripping the region were discovered after a rock-hurling mob attacked the delegation, claiming that it had come to spread the illness, a government spokesman said Thursday. The delegation had left for the village on Tuesday for what was supposed to be a community event to raise awareness about the Ebola virus, said the spokesman, Albert Camara Damantang. When the angry crowd descended on them, he said, several officials managed to escape and … Continue reading

Respiratory Virus Spreading to More States

From Breitbart: Cases of enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) are exploding all across the country with nearly 20 states reporting dozens of cases. The outbreaks are growing so quickly that the Centers for Disease Control are lagging far behind announced cases. On Wednesday the Washington Post reported that 16 states had reported cases of the respiratory illness. But only hours later, New Jersey also announced it had found some cases quickly bringing that number up to 17. Then Minnesota became the 18th state later that same day. The outbreak has been growing since at least mid-August. The CDC confirms that children are … Continue reading

Ebola: WHO Turns To Experimental Drugs

From anh-usa.org Could some of the world’s oldest antivirals stop the spread of this deadly disease? The World Health Organization (WHO) says Ebola virus disease (EVD) has a fatality rate of up to 90%. The virus is transmitted through direct physical contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes) with the blood or other bodily fluids of infected animals or humans, and through indirect contact with environments contaminated with such fluids. The current outbreak in West Africa is the world’s deadliest to date. More than 1200 people have died so far this year, and the WHO has declared an international health … Continue reading

10 Things my Child with Down Syndrome has Taught Me

From News Of Salem County by Bleigh Ahl Garcia It has been 1 year since Tristan was born, and 360 days since I received he news that he has Down Syndrome. As I sit here in amazement at the whirlwind of a year we have had with Tristan in our lives, I just wanted to share a few things I have graciously learned so far in this journey. 1. Always try to look at people through God’s eyes…. if you look with your own eyes, you might miss something. Having Tristan has taught me to see people for who they … Continue reading

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge takes ugly twist

From Down Syndrome Daily from Ken Amaro from First Coast News: This summer the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral and now the ugly side of an ice bucket challenge is spreading on social media. “I can’t even look at it,” said Leslie Weed, the parent of an autistic child and founder of The HEAL Foundation, which stands for Healing Every Autistic Life. “There is an explosion of bullying among disabled children,” she said. It happened in Bay Village, Ohio. A 15-year-old autistic boy who was lured into taking the ice bucket challenge got a bucket full of urine, feces … Continue reading

Ebola and ISIS: a chronic comparison

What does Ebola have in common with ISIS?. The simple answer is Obama. But that is where the commonality ends. Both represent threats and catastrophic circumstances. The talk about Ebola is the call and challenge to scale up the treatment of Ebola. In fact, from the Center for Disease control, they say it is not just a problem for African areas but a problem for the whole world. It demands a world-wide response. The World Health Organization is telling everyone it demands our response. See WHO video here. CDC: “I wish every world leader could see what I have seen. … Continue reading

MA Health Center Confirms Tuberculosis Case

From ItemLive.com: Lynn, MA – More than 30 Lynn Community Health Center employees and 800 patients are being tested to determine if anyone else was exposed to tuberculosis after center doctors confirmed a case one week ago. “I can confirm there is a case. We are working closely with the city Department of Health and state Public Health Department,” said center Director Lori Berry. After confirming the single positive test for tuberculosis in a male health care worker around Labor Day, Berry said center medical workers contacted and tested employees in the Union Street center as well as patients “having … Continue reading

Surgical Masks on the Ground?

Well, it finally has happened.  Obama is sending in the U.S. troops.  However, they are not going to the Middle East to confront Islamo-fascists.  Nor are they headed to support the Ukraine against invading Russians.  They are not even being tasked to close and protect the southern border here at home. Forget about those minor nuisance problems.  Our brightest and bravest young men and women in the United States military are headed for West Africa to fight – Ebola.  Upon hearing about this, I had some serious reservations.  Then after reading the full story in The Washington Post, I was sure.  This is just … Continue reading

USFS: Use Fruit Instead of Chocolate in S’mores

From Fox News by Todd Starnes: Is nothing sacred? Now the US Forest Service is telling us to substitute fruit for chocolate when making s’mores. According to the National Confectioners Association, the history of s’mores is anyone’s guess. However, the s’more recipe is first found in the 1927 Girl Scouts Handbook and some people speculate the organization coined the name. The U.S. Forest Service wants Americans to make healthier S’mores by replacing the chocolate with fruit, according to a blog post meant to commemorate National Roasted Marshmallow Day (apparently there is such a thing, it was observed on August 30 … Continue reading

Case Numbers Spike in Children’s Respiratory Illness

From Fox News: Health officials suspect that a rare respiratory virus is the reason that hundreds of children across America have been sickened in recent weeks, according to a published report. The Denver Post reported that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe that human enterovirus 68 is at the root of the epidemic, though testing of samples has not produced a definitive answer. The Post reported that officials at Children’s Hospital Colorado have treated more than 900 children for severe respiratory illnesses since August 18, with 86 admitted to the hospital. At Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, doctors … Continue reading

The Truth About Down Syndrome

  From NYT: LAST week the biologist Richard Dawkins sparked controversy when, in response to a woman’s hypothetical question about whether to carry to term a child with Down syndrome, he wrote on Twitter: “Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice.” In further statements, Mr. Dawkins suggested that his view was rooted in the moral principle of reducing overall suffering whenever possible — in this case, that of individuals born with Down syndrome and their families. But Mr. Dawkins’s argument is flawed. Not because his moral reasoning … Continue reading

Dear Richard Dawkins, You are Wrong !

From Downs Side Up It’s been one of those weeks where a bigot with a large following and a loud microphone, makes public his ignorance of Down’s syndrome. This time it was the turn of Richard Dawkins. The following piece was written through the night, shaking with anger and hurt. The following morning I received a request from Huffington Post for my thoughts. So, I sent in my night thoughts, which ultimately received over 15K likes.  I guess that, in a nutshell, is the power of blogging.  Here is what appeared.    Richard Dawkins, atheist author, provocateur, scientist, you must … Continue reading

How Many Justina Pelletier’s Are Out There ?

The video below is about a young girl who has been “kidnapped” and separated from her family.  I perceive this video does a good job of summing up the history and issues of this case well.  I recommend skipping to about 1:45 seconds.     You can read the following article, “Attorneys File Contempt Motion Against Department of Children and Families in Justina Pelletier Case,” here. This is beyond outrageous and quite bluntly, if it were my daughter I might consider civil disobedience.  How much more do we have to take in this country before we get government – all … Continue reading