Trifecta: How Do We Cope With Depressing News?

How do you keep it going when everything seems so bleak? Should you drink a martini? Should you give in to rage and anger? Find out what Trifecta does to stay positive. “… our forefathers didn’t give up and neither should we” Amen! “Never Give Up Never Surrender” is on our masthead and we never will. ~ Hardnox

It Was His Turn to Get Knocked Out

From Weasel Zippers and the New York Post: The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force busted a Brooklyn man for at least seven “knockout” assaults, cops said Friday. [Here we go again with the ‘hate’ crimes. It’s doubtful it was really a hate crime, more like a rush or a thrill to see how long he could get away with it.] Barry Baldwin, 35, punched out the victims between Nov. 9 and Christmas Eve in Canarsie and Midwood, police said. [I guess that blows the theory that it was something bored teen-agers were doing.] All of the victims were white women and … Continue reading

“Global Warming”. YEAH, RIGHT.

Try telling MOST of the country from about central Texas north. Any word from the Fraudacle ?  Michael Mann ? The U-frigging-N IPCC ? Crickets. As expected. From The Associated   ‘Polar vortex’ to blast frigid air over much of US     You KNOW these dudes are ENJOYING it.     SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — The weather warnings are dire: Life threatening wind chills. Historic cold outbreak. Winter is normally cold, but starting Sunday tundra-like temperatures are poised to deliver a rare and potentially dangerous sledgehammer blow to much of the Midwest, driving temperatures so far below … Continue reading

Can’t You Smell That Smell?

It is the smell of the AGW theory dying the death it RICHLY deserves. When the Fraudacle and the damnable U-frigging-N IPCC are QUIETLY backing away, you KNOW the REALITY is worse than the limpstream media is reporting. Good news, in my humble opinion. From The American January  2, 2014 The Global Warming Tipping Point is Near. Andrew Thomas   You GOT to LOVE IT when scammers get caught. Who to believe ?  A KNOWN liar, such as Gore, Mann, et al, or THESE “heretics”. I’ll take the heretics. Malcolm  Gladwell’s great book The Tipping Point presents the case … Continue reading

Welfare Abuse – Our Hard Earned Dollars

Listen to this interview. An Austin welfare recipient tells Austin’s Morning News she gets a lot of welfare money and can stay home and smoke weed. Lucy is 32 with three kids. She is on welfare just like her parents and admits her kids will do the same. She says taxpayers are the fools…she gets to lay up all day and smoke weed while you go to work. (hat-tip Skip) Pissed yet? ~ Hardnox

No Such Thing As “Judicial Activism”.

Oh, no not at all. REALLY ?  Then WHAT the HELL is THIS ?? Read it and judge for yourselves. From Federal Judge: Right to Same-Sex Marriage Is ‘Deeply Rooted in Nation’s History and Implicit in The Concept of Ordered Liberty’. December 21, 2013 – 9:45 AM By Terence P.  Jeffrey ( – Judge Robert J. Shelby, whom President Barack Obama appointed to the U.S. District Court in Utah last year, issued an opinion on Friday declaring that a right to same-sex marriage is “deeply rooted in the nation’s history and implicit in the concept of ordered liberty.” Shelby … Continue reading

Homosexuality. The New Totalitarianism.

In this piece by the outstanding Mark Steyn, he nails GLAAD to the cross. Metaphorically speaking, that is. Realistically would be better. From Political Correctness  Increasingly Eats Every Independent Thought In Its Path. By Mark Steyn  20 Dec. 2013 The NEW Einsatzgruppen. Or, Nazi Death Squad, for people like Phil Robertson, or anyone who tells the TRUTH about queers.   Yep. PERFECTLY normal. Uh Huh.    Last week, following the public apology of an English comedian and the arrest  of a fellow British subject both for making somewhat feeble Mandela gags, I  noted that supposedly free societies were increasingly … Continue reading

Democrats. Self-Proclaimed “Friend Of The Little Guy” Last Part.

In this short series, I have attempted to shine the light of TRUTH on the myth, promulgated by the democrats, and their willing accomplices of the mainstream media, of their “concern” for the “little people”.   THIS sums up the modern-day democrats PERFECTLY. So does THIS.   With friends like THESE, we don’t NEED enemies. In Part One, here, I covered Obamacare, and the ridiculous costs of most forms of energy. In Part Two, here, I covered the democrats asininity on manipulating the housing markets, and the scam of alternative energy, and it’s effect on costs. In Part Three, here, … Continue reading

Another One From The “GEE,NO SHIT” File.

All this verbiosity on this “esteemed panel”, and it is OBVIOUS they still do not get it. Read, and enjoy leftist media flacks talking out their anal, and oral sphincters at the SAME TIME.  From The Daily     Top reporters agree: Thanks to ignorance, the press leans left.        by     Betsy Rothstein          1:01 PM  12/18/2013 OK, folks. Quick Quiz. How many of the assembled asshats voted for Romney, in 2012, or McCain in 2008?  Give up?  The SAME number who have voted for ANY republican, or, GASP, conservative.  ZERO. It seemed the entire Politico Playbook breakfast was leading … Continue reading

Let’s Hope It Happens To HIM.

Is there a BIGGER dumbass on TV than Jon Stewart ?  I think NOT. When one is SURROUNDED by ARMED bodyguards, I guess one needn’t worry about the “small” things. From Jon Stewart Chuckles Over ‘Knockout Games,’ Claims not a Trend. It is obvious by the stupid grin that one of “Obama’s Sons” has not run across this assmunch on the street.             by             Christian Toto                  17 Dec 2013, 3:26 PM PDT Jon Stewart finds the notion of a possible “knockout game” trend absolutely hilarious. Stewart brought up the brutal attacks on The Daily Show Monday night, chortling … Continue reading

From The ” GEE, NO SHIT” File.

Yes, kind readers, another “Gee, No Shit” moment. I’m stunned their approval numbers are THIS high. From More Than 75% Don’t Find Reporters Honest, Ethical. And YET the asshats wonder HOW they got to this point?  Any questions ????             by             John Nolte       17 Dec 2013, 10:52 AM PDT Gallup did a poll that ranks the ethical and honesty ratings of various professions, ranging from clergy to politicians to newspaper and television reporters. Gallup took the angle of looking at the results from a political point of view – the difference in how Republicans, Democrats, and Independents view the credibility … Continue reading

A Triumvirate Of Global Warming Bullshit Today.

In YET ANOTHER story about the futility of trying to convince the WORLD of Global Warming, more “journalists” are MAYBE seeing the scam for what it REALLY is. I’m not holding my breath. From, if you can believe it, The Orange County Register, via Drudge. Mark Landsbaum: Climate alarmists’ search for proof going cold. Even China’s coal-burning is offered to explain lack of global warming. Published: Dec. 13, 2013 Updated:  3:39 p.m. By Mark Landsbaum     Believers just GOT to believe, I guess. No matter how WRONG they are. Snow on the Sphinx. Who’da think THAT possible? SNOY VEY … Continue reading

More Lunacy From The Land Of Fruits And Nuts.

There MUST be some real BAD air, water, or BOTH in California. To keep coming up with such asshattery as the latest from Sacramento. Too bad the GOOD people couldn’t get out, then let it be sawn off to float westward in the Pacific. On to the story, from   California prostitutes win victim compensation   December 12, 2013 – 9:35 PM By DON THOMPSON, Associated Press Just what is needed. More “special laws” for LAWBREAKERS. Californians, WHERE does your “leadership” come up with this shit?   SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Spurred by emotional testimony from sex workers, California … Continue reading

I’m Not Surprised With THIS Revelation.

The latest leftist nutcase shooting up a “gun-free school zone” seems to have an animus. GUESS WHO it is against. You never will. From   Arapahoe High Gunman: Republicans Are the Party of ‘Let ’em Die’.      Karl Pierson. At 18, a devout leftist. Looks as if the idiotic media CANNOT blame THIS one on “the right”. Not even close.    Undoubtedly young Mr. Pierson’s heroes. At least, he STILL can vote for them.   by             John Nolte                  14 Dec 2013 Early news reports have identified the Arapahoe High School gunman as Karl Halverson Pierson, an 18-year-old student. … Continue reading

Was Justice Served?

Posted by Michael Becker on Joe For America: Mr. Becker comes with attitude, so be warned. This story makes me way beyond just angry. Count this as a language warning. Ethan Couch is a sixteen year old kid whose parents are rich. It turns out that apparently his mom and dad – make that the bitch that gave birth to him and the sperm donor she lives with – don’t have a problem with young master Couch doing drugs and drinking alcohol in excess. They also have enough – way more than enough – money to bail the little bastard out of … Continue reading


For THIS bunch to believe ANY mainstream media outlet is biased AGAINST Obama requires the willing suspension of disbelief. See if you do not agree. From The Daily CBS News is biased… against Obamacare. 9:35 AM  12/14/2013  By Sarah Hurtubise         According to one petition, some people actually think the media has been too hard on Obamacare. Selena Martinez created the petition, which has gained the support of 70,000 frequenters, to push “CBS Evening News” into covering more Obamacare success stories, which Martinez claims actually exist. According to Martinez, CBS News has been … Continue reading

Ahhh…Yes. Those KIND, GENEROUS Liberals.

Or, maybe NOT. THE most ODIOUS of ALL the communistic liberal loon Hollyweird leftists has a “Charitable Foundation.” Take a guess how much this BITCH’S “charitable foundation” gave in the last 5 years. From The Smoking via Report: Jane Fonda’s Foundation Hasn’t Given One Penny to Charity in Five Years. THIS is what a communist SLUT looks like. Anyone remember THIS ?? Or with THIS haughty asshole ?             by             Breitbart News                  12 Dec 2013, 10:12 AM PDT Jane Fonda, one of Hollywood’s most liberal stars, runs a charity that hasn’t donated a penny to good causes over the … Continue reading