Democrat Cities

lead the way in murders. Maybe kissing ass, pandering, catering to, and shitting on the police AIN’T the way to go. But in any event, Dems living in those cities are getting exactly what they voted for. Corruption. Lies. Scandals. Chaos. Crime. Poverty. Decay. Moral rot. Sanctuary Cities. You know, things Democrats excel in. The Gunny figures that “giving them space to destroy,” ain’t working so well! FACTOID:  Baltimore has been a Democrat stronghold for over 150 years. FACTOID:  Idiots like Pelosi nee Alesandro come from there. (Thomas D. Alesandro, Jr., was a Democrat party U.S. Congressman from Maryland and … Continue reading

Asshat Alert: Dem suggests Hitler could’ve written Trump’s speech

On Tucker Carlson last night: WTF!  This guy is in full retard mode and he doubles down on his vitriol. I have deliberately listened for any hint of racism, or race hatred, religious hatred, or any hatred coming from Donald Trump.  “Words are cheap” and the Left owns the franchise on Cheap Words.  Trump was never accused of any “ism” until he announced his candidacy.  Up to that point he was receiving awards for his support of minorities. Of course, Tucker’s guest is a civil rights lawyer and is stuck in his mode of invisible racism whereas everything is racism. … Continue reading

Quote of the Day

“Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse,” . General George Casey Who was worried that diversity might become a casualty of the Fort Hood shooting. Not worried, of course, about Muslim terrorists, or the deaths of more than a dozen American soldiers.

How The Sanctuary Cities Are Fairing After Thanksgiving

  On November 15, 2016, the following cities across the nation flatly stated in the news that they would uphold the “Sanctuary” status of their cities while other cities have also flatly refused or declared themselves to be “sanctuary” havens across the US. Every one of the cities listed below are strict gun regulation cities. Some if not most are members or plan to become members of the gun control advocacy group Mayors Against Illegal Guns from information read. (From 11/25 – 11/27 – all but Chicago reported by Gun Violence Archive) Chicago Mayor – Rahm Emanuel – Democrat 58 … Continue reading

Asshat Alert: Sheila Jackson Lee Decries Automatic Weapons Ownership in Speech on Gun Violence

Odd how these asshats always dismiss the failed policies of their party that has wrecked urban communities, especially the black communities. Now in an age of heightened barbarism, due to jihadis and racists elements largely fostered by lefty actions, these dipsticks would prefer to disarm the citizenry while they are surrounded by people with guns.  Hypocrisy much? Lee is clueless.  Automatic weapons are already forbidden and have been since the 1930’s unless one obtains a Class III license for thousands of dollars.  If there are indeed “automatic” weapons on our streets they came via the Open Border that you assholes … Continue reading

ONLY The Idiots At The DHS & The Obama Crime Cartel

could come up with something this stupid. EXCERPT:  “U.S.-based terrorists are likely focused on mass killings at festivals, concerts, sporting events and other outdoor events, says a confidential report by the Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence and analysis branch. The Sept. 23 warning was issued in the wake of a string of bombings in Manhattan and New Jersey for which an Afghan-born Muslim, Ahmad Khan Rahami, was apprehended in a gun fight. The report says the “most likely tactics” would involve “edged weapons, small arms, vehicle assaults and possibly IEDs [improvised explosive devices], said the report, a copy of which was … Continue reading

HildaBeast Fan Club

Arcan Cetin Turkish Native, Cascade Mall Shooter CLINTON SUPPORTER STORY HERE   ~Terry

No, I Won’t Forget, in Fact I’ll Never Forget

The memory of September 11, 2001 is as clear for me today as it was 15 years ago. I remember, the second plane hitting the Towers thinking “this is war” and the white hot flash that covered my entire being. I remember the muslim assholes (in the USA) dancing in glee rejoicing that the Great Satan has been hit. I remember the people trapped in the towers diving from the windows and dropping like cabbages onto the pavement. I remember those brave Firemen and Policemen who sacrificed themselves trying to save total strangers when they knew the Towers would collapse on … Continue reading

FACT CHECK: Islamic Terrorists Have Killed More In Domestic Attacks Since 9/11 Than the ‘Right Wing’

PJ MEDIA, BY PATRICK POOLE, AUGUST 17, 2016: In recent years the establishment media has pushed a narrative that right wing terrorism has been exploding while domestic Islamic terrorism posed very little threat to Americans at all. Just last year, media outlets claimed that so-called “right wing” terrorists had killed more since 9/11 than Islamic terrorists. Even now the establishment media repeat this claim, despite the fact that even using their own preferred data sources, such claims are no longer true. When that narrative was being spun last year, including by the New York Times, the data was at best questionable; … Continue reading

Obama DHS Admitted Propaganda Targeting Whites To Push Invasion Agenda

From Constitution Obama DHS Admitted Propaganda Targeting Whites Pushing Invasion Agenda Since Beginning, Division on Race, Ethnic, Cultural Lines   In April of 2009 the Department of Homeland “Security” issued a report  titled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.” The first part of that report was an obvious attempt to portray white people as terrorists. Vilifying an innocent group while It completely whitewashed and ignored the Islamists and others who have, with few exceptions, been the ones with their fingers on the trigger or the detonator. The second part of the report … Continue reading

Shootings in Munich Being Treated as Terror Attack

Once again the troglodytes are plying their stock and trade.  At least one troglodyte targeted kids at a McDonald’s.  So far 6 are dead and 10 or more injured.  Jihadis are on the loose. More to follow… ~ Hardnox UPDATE: 10 dead so far and more than a dozen wounded.  Jihadis are still on the loose. UPDATE 2: 10 dead including the single jihadi, 20 seriously wounded.  Jihadi was an 18 year old Iranian immigrant.

Black Males Responsible For Over 50 Percent Of All Killings In US – Censorship Hides It

Here’s a blast of truth. Only when these stats are aired then and only then can this nation begin an honest conversation with the murder and crime and black racism and ultimately the improvement of blacks in general. I applaud this man’s honesty. ~ Hardnox  

Man dead after firing at plainclothes Baltimore officers

Score one for the good guys! BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore police officers responding to the sound of gunshots fatally shot a man who fired at them with an AR-15-style rifle, authorities said Friday. “We’re lucky we don’t have four dead cops right now,” Commissioner Kevin Davis said at a news conference, There is no evidence so far that Dayten Ernest Harper ambushed the officers, Davis said. The FBI had alerted law enforcement agencies throughout Maryland on Thursday that Black Guerrilla Family gang members had talked about ambushing police after last week’s sniper attack in Dallas. Four plainclothes officers riding in … Continue reading

How Reagan Handled Protestors

No political correctness here. Now we are being told that Black Panthers will be packing high powered weapons for the RNC convention. I would say Reagan’s method is deserved. If the Black Panthers and BLM arrive and they are carrying weapons, then they are terrorist and should be treated as such. Deadly force should be allowed.  Officers and attendees should not be subjected to this type of harassment or fear of life. Will Obama do this? — No. But then we know he has met with several of the BLM and possibly one or two Black Panthers over the last … Continue reading

Black Is Beautiful. Or Not.

 guess black ain’t always beautiful. Shortly after black racist Micah X. Johnson slaughtered 5 white policemen in Dallas, the media released this FB picture of him (HIS picture from HIS FB page)….   ….And shortly after that came this admonishment from Killery’s “Progressive Media Director”, aka “Asst. Race Baiter”, Zerlina Maxwell…..     Zerlina Maxwell‏@ZerlinaMaxwell Like clockwork of course the media has selected the blackest picture of the killer they could find. Sigh. Then later after this photo was issued…. …she seemed to be placated that a black racist cop killer looked less black dressed in uniform …   Zerlina Maxwell‏@ZerlinaMaxwell See … Continue reading

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Protests – Boston & Atlanta

She nailed it.  The hypocrisy is so thick one could cut it with a chainsaw.  Lynch hasn’t named this as a hate crime but anytime a white whacks a black then oh yeah it’s a hate crime.  Good grief.  She’s right, there is no clearer evidence of a hate crime then what happened in Dallas. The dishonest narrative promoted by the left is criminal.  It’s tearing our country apart. I like the guest Kevin Jackson who went over the stats.  “6,000 blacks were killed in 2015… less than 200 were killed by police… the rest were killed by other blacks”. … Continue reading

ChiCongo Shootings Website

Here’s a cool website.  Hey Jackass, which chronicles the daily shootings and murders in Chicago… you know that “gun free zone”. The ghetto critters are mowing each other down like there’s a sale on at Poyeyse and not a word from the media yet cops are killing blacks. Yeah right… ~ Hardnox Hat-tip Adrienne PS. the copy/past didn’t do a good job.  For a better visual go to the website. July to Date Shot & Killed: 14 Shot & Wounded: 124 Total Shot: 138 Total Homicides: 16 2016 StatsShortlink Last Week’s Totals (7/3 – 7/9) Shot & Killed: 11 … Continue reading

Those Little Nagging Details

Once again, in the tradition of past “Good Boys” such as Michael ‘Gentle Giant’ Brown, Trayvon ‘Skittles’ Martin,Freddie ‘Body Slam’ Gray, etc,etc…blah blah blah… who were all “murdered” by racist white cops (or the neighborhood watchman), we have 2 more “senseless tragedies” that have befallen the ‘much maligned’ black community.   The MSM narrative goes something like this :   Alton Sterling was killed for no reason by 2 racist cops, while innocently selling CDs in front of a convenience store. He was a loving father of 5 who only wished to make money to care for his family that … Continue reading