Asshat Alert: ACLU asks schools to excuse students involved in riots

From Baltimore Sun newspaper: ACLU asks schools to excuse students involved in riots A coalition of youth and juvenile justice advocates called on the city school system Thursday to refrain from suspending or expelling teenagers arrested in last week’s rioting in Baltimore. In the days after the melee outside Mondawmin Mall, which sparked rioting in other parts of Baltimore, city schools CEO Gregory Thornton said that students who participated in the incidents would face consequences. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake lifted the city’s curfew and toured a reopened Mondawmin Mall. The Coalition to Reform School Discipline — which includes the American … Continue reading

Shoot or Don’t Shoot?

We’ve seen protests all across the country after police officers have been accused of shooting people who aren’t armed. Jarrett Maupin, a vocal critic of police during recent protests, went through force training with local authorities. FOX 10’s Troy Hayden also went through the training and discusses the results. Kudos to the guy who had this idea and to the police and their PR team for following through on it. They opened the dialogue with this type of  training exercise to better engage and educate the public. Now let’s hope that mouthpiece Maupin spreads the word. Cops have to make tough … Continue reading

Baltimore Cops Charged & State Attorney Has Ties to Gray Family

From TPNN: Baltimore’s chief prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, has ruled that six officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray will be charged with manslaughter. Mosby, the 35 year old prosecutor, has been on the job for less than four months and is now faced with the biggest challenge of her career. In a statement to the press, she said that her team had worked around the clock in an independent investigation to interview dozens of witnesses, review hours of video footage and video-taped police statements, along with voluminous medical records. The medical examiner’s report, which the state attorneys’ office received … Continue reading

Hillary Blames the Cops

From:,  by: Pat Buchanan,  on: May 1, 2015,  see the article HERE.  Emphasis is Garnet92’s. Had Freddie Gray been robbed, beaten and left to die in the streets of his Baltimore neighborhood, no one would be mourning him today. No one would be marching for Freddie. No one would be using Freddie as the new poster child of “Black Lives Matter!” No one would care, three weeks later, but his family and friends. It was the manner of his death, suffering a fractured spine in police custody, that makes Freddie matter. For he can now be credibly cast in … Continue reading

Inconvenient Truths About Cops, Blacks, and Black on Black Homicides

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund 682 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty in the past five years in the United States. That averages out to over 136 dead law enforcement officers each year. Here are the numbers: 2010 – 161 2011 – 171 2012 – 126 2013 – 107 2014 – 117 Conversely, on average, there were 96 black males who are killed by white police officers each year – and another 300 white males who are killed by police officers according to FBI statistics. USA Today reported: Nearly two times a … Continue reading

Freddie Gray Smacked His Head on a Bolt in the Van

From IJ Review:(bold theirs) New evidence regarding the case of what led to Freddie Gray’s death has come to light. While many have suggested that Gray’s death was due to police negligence, the medical examiner didn’t find any proof backing that narrative. ABC News 7 reported on how Gray wasn’t injured during his arrest and the way he sustained his fatal injury: An investigation into the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray has found no evidence that his fatal injuries were caused during the videotaped arrest and interaction with police officers, according to multiple law enforcement sources. The sources spoke to … Continue reading

Crime of Passion or Sharia Law?

ALLEGED TEXAS ISLAMIC ‘HONOR KILLING’ BEING PROSECUTED   From Biebart an article about the death of a activist scientist, her friend’s husband and the rage of Islamic Sharia law. You can read it here. Murder is often a crime of passion or greed.  Lord knows there is a lot happening.  However this case has had so many twists and turns, it is highly interesting for several reasons. ▪ Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan,devout Muslim, had previously killed his son-in-law, Amjad Alidam, with a 12-gauge shotgun. Irsan claimed his 29-year-old son-in-law was abusing his daughter and had threatened him and his family, according to … Continue reading

Whole Foods Gets Hammered for Feeding National Guard

From Truth Revolt: After Whole Foods announced it was supporting law enforcement in Baltimore by providing sandwiches for the National Guard, online critics came out to criticize the store. “We teamed up with Whole Foods Market Mt. Washington to make sandwiches for the men and women keeping Baltimore safe. We are so thankful to have them here and they’re pumped for Turkey & Cheese,” the company posted on Instagram. Shortly after the image was posted, the critics fired back at Whole Foods. “We’re all Baltimoreans and have supported community organizations for many years to improve lives around our city. Currently, … Continue reading

National Guard Troops Deployed to Baltimore

From AP: National Guard troops fanned out through the city, shield-bearing police officers blocked the streets and firefighters doused still-simmering blazes early Tuesday as a growing area of Baltimore shuddered from riots following the funeral of a black man who died in police custody. The violence that started in West Baltimore on Monday afternoon — within a mile of where Freddie Gray, 25, was arrested and placed into a police van earlier this month — had by midnight spread to East Baltimore and neighborhoods close to downtown and near the baseball stadium. The streets were calm Tuesday morning. Monday’s rioting … Continue reading

Father & Son Shot Execution Style by Two Black Punks

From Daily Mail: A father and son were shot dead in an execution-style murder moments after party guests left their home in a quiet neighborhood. Nicholas Pence, 25, and his father David had been celebrating a victorious football game in their garage in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Wednesday. But moments after jovially waving goodbye to the last-remaining revelers shortly before midnight, they were both shot dead at close range in an attack that shocked and baffled the quiet community of Metairie. They were found by David’s wife, Nicholas’s mother, who had been in a bedroom when she heard gun shots. … Continue reading

Alleged Home Invader ‘Chose Wrong House,’ Homeowner Was Armed, Ready

From:,  by: AWR Hawkins,  on: April 26, 2015,  see the article HERE. On April 23, an alleged 18-year-old home invader “chose the wrong house” for a daylight robbery in Arlington, Texas, and was shot and killed by the homeowner, who was in the residence at the time. The incident occurred around 4 pm. The body of the deceased suspect–Nathyn Tealer–was discovered in the backyard when police arrived. They arrested a second, uninjured suspect shortly afterward the incident took place. According to 5 NBC DFW, the homeowner heard a loud noise coming from the back of his house and saw … Continue reading

Smack Down, Southern Style

Western Journalism: It Takes Just 40 Seconds For This Awesome Southern Judge To Smack Down A Gang Member She’s being called the “Southern Judge Judy” for her tough, direct, no-nonsense demeanor in her Tennessee courtroom. Lila Statom laid down the law for a reputed gang member, O’Shea Smith, when he appeared before her on an attempted murder charge and referred to a public housing development as his “hood.” The video of that verbal smackdown has gone viral, with a lot of viewers leaving comments thanking Hamilton County Judge Statom for her firm stance on the gang violence that has rocked … Continue reading

Alabama man kills teen after home invasion, rape of neighbor

From:, by:  Nina Golgowski, on: April 14, 2015,  see the article HERE. A violent rape and home invasion involving three thugs ended in a 17-year-old being shot to death after taking his victim hostage to a neighbor’s home for more money, authorities in Alabama said. The frightening attack around 3 a.m. Monday in Gadsden, approximately 60 miles north of Birmingham, saw three males kick in a sleeping 38-year-old woman’s front door before ransacking the place, the Gadsden Times reported. As two of the intruders grabbed whatever valuables they could find, police said the 17-year-old burst into the woman’s bedroom and … Continue reading

Means Testing, Marxism and Chris Christie

Remember that old book, Animal Farm?  That glorious, little book which every American child reads in grade school and whose lessons are promptly forgotten by so many in adulthood?  Yes, that’s the one.  It’s a story about achieving communism through incrementalism.  Here’s how it works:  you begin with what seems like a noble purpose and you establish a set of rules.  Then slowly, over time, the powers that be begin to change the rules…one by one…, until one day people wake up and what they have no longer resembles the noble thing that they were sold, but that’s okay because … Continue reading

Black Judge Gives Black Home Invader Probation, Attacks White Family for Racism

From:, by: AWR Hawkins, on: April 14, 2015, see the article HERE. A black judge, offended by a white family’s concern that their toddler was frightened of black men after a violent home invasion and robbery, publicly shamed them and let off the convicted man with mere probation. When Gregory Wallace was sentenced for alleged armed home invasion near Buechel, Kentucky, Judge Olu Stevens “slammed” the homeowners, Jordan and Tommy Gray, for not correcting their daughter’s fear of black men. Wallace, who was convicted of robbery, had been found guilty of participating in the March 2013 armed home invasion, in which he … Continue reading

Minorities and the Police – One solution to solving a conflict

Over the past few years there have been a number of “incidents” between police and (usually) black persons. Several of these have ended with the black man being killed. Immediately the black “community” (race hustlers and professional racists for the most part) scream that blacks are being hunted down and killed by white cops. Blacks make up 13 percent of the US population.  They make up between 3 and 5 percent of the cops. Zero percent in some locales. But they make up, at the same time, close to half the stops and arrests. More in some places. Is this … Continue reading

Boston Bomber Tsarnaev found Guilty on All 30 Counts

Fox News and others are live outside the courtroom as the verdicts are coming in on 30 separate counts against the bomber who hid in a boat for hours before he was discovered. The jurors have listened to 92 witnesses for prosecution and 4 for the defense. They also had to watch the actual video of the bomb going off and killing the young boy and the lady who was nearby. Seventeen of the 30 charges are death penalty eligible charges and that will be deliberated by the same jury, according to attorneys in discussion with Fox’ Gretchen Carlson. The reason … Continue reading

When All the Right Words Are Wrong

  Each of us tries to do our best as Christians or simply good people.  We hear what we think is good and act accordingly.  However, there are times and people that no matter the help, can not get right with themselves or the world. How do you tell a parent a generous donation of a child’s heart was wasted or might better have been used by another child who would possibly have valued the gift more?  How do you explain to a court that a “race card” is not reasonable when deciding medical issues or any issue for that … Continue reading

Asshat Alert – Thug Stole Ring Off of Dying Woman

From New York Daily News: A Kansas man who stole the wedding ring off of an unconscious mom’s finger as she lay dying in a Taco Bell drive-thru will spend more than 11 years behind bars. Daquantrius Johnson will serve the 136-month sentence on top of other prison terms for crimes he committed in 2013, the Wichita Eagle reported. The 21-year-old will be locked up for more than 20 years altogether. Johnson was convicted of aggravated burglary, robbery and misdemeanor theft last December for stealing from Danielle Zimmerman in December 2013. Prosecutors said Johnson stole her purse and pulled the … Continue reading