Holder to State AGs: Enforce What You Want

  Eric Holder, US Attorney General tells the State’s Attorney generals that they don’t need to enforce laws that they don’t like.   (in case the video doesn’t start properly fast forward to the 1 minute mark) This is bullshit.  We are a nation of laws.  Our laws are not a menu. When the hell are we going to kick these crooks to the curb? ~ Hardnox

SCOTUS Relaxes Rules on Warrantless Search

From the LA Times: Police officers may enter and search a home without a warrant as long as one occupant consents, even if another resident has previously objected, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in a Los Angeles case. The 6-3 ruling, triggered by a Los Angeles Police Department arrest in 2009, gives authorities more leeway to search homes without obtaining a warrant, even when there is no emergency. The majority, led by Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., said police need not take the time to get a magistrate’s approval before entering a home in such cases. But dissenters, led by … Continue reading

Actor Steven Seagal Calls For Obama Impeachment

Actor Steven Seagal appeared at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix on February 22, 2014 where he called for the impeachment of President Obama. ~ Hardnox

“Academic Freedom” ? Apparently, Not HERE.

So you save your money, hock your future to send your kid to a “fine” institution of higher learning, where THIS  is the norm. It is horseshit like the following that makes me want to carpet-bomb this particular place. Read it, and see if you do not agree. From The Daily Caller.com  BTW, break out a new pisstivity meter. Harvard writer: Free speech threatens liberalism and must be destroyed. 10:28 PM  02/23/2014  By Robby  Soave Harvard. Welcome ONLY if you are a radical, mind-numb leftist IDIOT. If this Harvard University student got her way, free speech on campus would  be … Continue reading

SCOTUS Declines Challenges to Gun Laws

Reuters: The Supreme Court on Monday declined to wade into the politically volatile issue of gun control by leaving intact three court rulings rejecting challenges to federal and state laws. The court’s decision not to hear the cases represented a loss for gun rights advocates, including the National Rifle Association, which was behind two of the challenges. The first case involved a challenge by the NRA to a Texas law that prevents 18-20 year olds from carrying handguns in public. It also raised the broader question of whether there is a broad right under the Second Amendment to bear arms … Continue reading

Allen West: Unrest in Venezuela and Ukraine coming to America?

From Allen West.com The prevailing theme for this week is liberty. A lot of attention is being focused towards the events in Ukraine. However, just south of us here in South Florida there is another example, Venezuela. In Venezuela we see what always happens when socialism takes root, as described so aptly by Margaret Thatcher, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” When Hugo Chavez rose to power in Venezuela, he promised everything for everyone: shared prosperity, fair share, economic equality. He enacted policies that directed the government to nationalize more of the … Continue reading

The Frog in the Pot is Us.

Here’s a thought provoking video. I submit that much of this is occurring because Americans do not know their rights or how the government is supposed to function. Americans have been conditioned slowly via “incrementalism” to accept the new normal. ~ Hardnox

Reason or Force: How We’re Persuaded

Following are excerpts from an article attributed to a Maj. L. Caudill USMC (Ret.). It’s a short, but worthwhile read. This isn’t the first time it’s been posted, it has been featured on a number of other blogs, but it is too good to assume that others have seen it, so here is a little more exposure on ‘Nox & Friends. In researching Maj. Caudill, I didn’t find a website or anything personally linked to him (except writings) and in fact, did find one reference that questioned whether the Major really existed at all. So, while I’m still going to attribute … Continue reading

Obama To Bring Back ‘The Fairness Doctrine’

Judge Andrew Napolitano warns us about the latest gangster government activities:   Greta Van Susteren has a whistleblower from the FCC on her program: If you are not upset over this you’re not paying attention. ~ Hardnox

Bill Whittle: Virtual President on Gun Control

This is a year old but is a stellar virtual speech made by Bill. I wish our elected leaders at every level would have such clarity and common sense. I also wish Bill Whittle would run for Congress or the Senate.  Imagine him on the floor addressing our elected leaders. ~ Hardnox (hat-tip Kenny)

Gestapo Alert: DHS to Track Vehicle Traffic Via License Plates

From CBN: The Department of Homeland Security wants to build a massive database so it can track cars across America through license plate scanners. The DHS is seeking contractors to create a National License Plate Recognition service that would enable its agents to use smart phones to hunt down cars and their owners. “The database should track vehicle license plate numbers that pass through cameras or are voluntarily entered into the system from a variety of sources,” the government’s contract states. DHS officials said they want to use the database to hunt down immigration violators. The agency is seeking a private … Continue reading

Our First Amendment is Under Attack Again

From Newsmax: The FCC is launching an initiative to question the priorities and decisions of newsrooms and potentially crack down on “perceived station bias,” according to one of the agency’s commissioners. In an op-ed piece for The Wall Street Journal, Ajit Pai says the Federal Communications Commission plans to send researchers to grill reporters, editors and station owners about how they decide which stories to run, as part of a “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs,” reminiscent, he says, of the now-defunct controversial Fairness Doctrine. “The FCC says the study is merely an objective fact-finding mission.  The results will inform … Continue reading


I did a post on Operation American Spring yesterday.  Below is their mission statement.  Kick-off is less than 90 days out. ~ Hardnox —oo— TO: Patriots (black, white, red, yellow, brown, male, female, civilian, military, truckers, bikers, militias, veterans, old, young, every American that loves freedom and liberty) Mission: Restoration of Constitutional government, rule of law, freedom, liberty “of the people, for the people, by the people” from despotic and tyrannical federal leadership. Assumptions: Millions of Americans will participate. American veterans and patriots are energized to end the tyranny, lawlessness, and shredding of the US Constitution. Government is not the … Continue reading

Operation American Spring

  There is a grassroots group led by Col. Harry Riley (US Army Ret.) that plans to occupy Washington beginning May 16, 2014. WND reports: Campaign demands no more business as usual   By Laura Adelmann There have been rallies in Washington to restore America to its constitutional republic foundations by truckers, bikers, veterans and others. They all met, campaigned, and then returned home. But a new rally is going to feature a different type of participant, more dedicated, more committed and more diligent. Because they don’t have plans for their event to end, to return home and let business … Continue reading