Did Gun Shop Owner Cross the Line?

This Katy, Texas gun shop owner has made some headlines with his anti-Obama signs, but did he go too far with his latest one? Jeremy Alcede owns Tactical Firearms and has found a way to advertise his gun shop for free by putting up signs that get people to think and talk. In the past, he’s put up signs demanding the impeachment of O and even offered to trade our ‘leader’ to Mexico in return for jailed Marine Andrew Tahmooressi. The one that questions which drugs Harry Reid is on happens to be one of my favorites, but folks are asking if his latest sign went too far. I say no, … Continue reading

A Letter to the President

The following letter was written September 6th by Carl Higbie, a patriot and former Navy SEAL: President Obama, As a Former Navy SEAL of 9 years, it pains me to address you as Mr. President because I do not hold you in esteem with the presidency nor as a Commander in Chief. You have, and continue to fail the country that you are under oath to be the highest guardian of. Until the recent months I had given you what little benefit of the doubt I could muster…, conceding that you were genuinely doing what you thought was best for our … Continue reading

Another Home Defense Story – Phoenix, Arizona

From Breitbart News: (Note: the break-in occurred in May, but the 911 audio wasn’t released until September) On September 3, AZ Central posted the audio of a 911 call that provides frightening insight into the terror that gripped a Phoenix, Arizona, widow as her door was kicked in and she came under attack. At the same time, the audio stands as further proof that a gun becomes an equalizer in the hands of a woman who finds herself in this situation. As the tape reveals, the attacker–Michael Lewis–pounced on the 47-year-old woman, seemingly without considering the fact that she might shoot … Continue reading

Why We Should Abolish the Minimum Wage

A free market economy depends upon the unhindered ability of all participants to pursue what they believe to be in their own best interests, hence the word “FREE.”  If I have something to sell that I think is worth $100 I don’t have to sell it to you for $50 and you cannot be forced to buy it from me for $100.  Each of us can decide how badly we want either the money or the goods when choosing whether or not to negotiate.  If we ultimately settle on a price of $75 with no one being physically or legally … Continue reading

A Happy Ending, Thanks to the 2A

  From IJ Review: An aspiring burglar didn’t leave with anything other than major embarrassment after trying to rob a gun owner’s home in Omaha, Nebraska. Barb Haley was awoken in her home around 2:30 AM on Tuesday. As she walked through the house, she had the sinking feeling that an intruder might be there with her. After looking around the house and not finding anyone, Haley headed back to sleep. But right when Haley made it to her bedroom, she heard a “huge crash.” KMTV reports what happened next: Her dog, Dozer, sniffed out of the suspect, who was hiding in … Continue reading

Sheriff Mike Lewis: If Feds Take Our Guns, There Will Be ‘All-Out Civil War’

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis, from  Maryland, has this to say about any attempt by the government to disarm the citizens of his county: I would add that this would also be true in many counties around the country.  It is true in mine. Kudos sheriff!  Now we just need about 6,500 more just like him. ~ Hardnox

What Next, You Ask ?

HERE is what next. The Thug-In-Chief, yet again bypassing the Constitutionally required approval of Congress to introduce, pass, and send to him for signing of LAW. This man has been a one man train wreck. Add in the absolute FAILURE of the republican led House to rein this fool in, we are now facing something that could absolutely STRANGLE what little life is LEFT in our economy. My fervent wish would be for Congress to find their collective cojones, and slap the asshat upside the head with a resounding NO on this garbage. From Breitbart.com and Warner Todd Huston. Obama Hopes … Continue reading

South Carolina Home Invader = DRT

From Breitbart: On August 22 an armed home invader who allegedly forced his way into a Darlington County, South Carolina home and killed the family dog, “physically assaulted” a woman, “and struck an 11-year-old boy on the head with a gun” was then shot and killed by the male homeowner. The Darlington County coroner identified the deceased home invader as 25-year-old Marquis Benjamin. According to News Channel 15, Darlington County Sheriff Wayne Byrd says Benjamin had an accomplice in the invasion and “deputies arrested a second suspect, Brandon Lunn, hours after the burglary” took place. Bryd said a male “homeowner was … Continue reading

Shocker: Illinois Crime Rates Drop

Gee, who on the right didn’t predict this one? As lefty heads explode… From the New American: Chicago: Drop in Crime as Concealed Carry Applications Surge This year, Illinois became the 50th state to issue concealed carry permits. And despite strident warnings from anti-gun advocates that allowing such permits would create more crimes, it has actually lowered crime rates. The Washington Times writes, “Reports of burglary and motor vehicle theft are down 20 percent and 26 percent respectively. In the first quarter, the city’s homicide rate was at a 56-year low.” Police in Chicago have acknowledged the importance of armed … Continue reading

Amani Mustafa: Escaping to Freedom

This video is a year old so some of you may have seen it, but it’s worthy of a revisit. The 11 minute investment to watch this courageous lady tell her story of escaping the muslims in Egypt and coming to America is time well spent. It is people like her and her story that renews my appreciation of what we sometimes take for granted – our freedom. ~Kathy

GAO: Bergdahl Swap Was Definitely ILLEGAL

From TPNN: Many Americans were outraged when, after over a decade of fighting terrorism, the Obama Administration swapped five highly-dangerous terrorists for one American deserter who, according to numerous reports, was believed to have either deserted his post or defected. According to a report from a nonpartisan watchdog group, (pdf) the U.S. government broke the law when they swapped five terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl earlier this year. The Government Accountability Office issued a finding on Thursday that detailed how the Obama Administration broke the law by failing to notify Congress 30 days in advance of the prisoner swap- a mandate … Continue reading

Should the US Limt Free Speech?

From Allen West: UK limits free speech for some – should we follow suit? When does the revered right of free speech cross the line? For British Prime Minister David Cameron, when it comes from Islamists. According to CNS News, “British Prime Minister David Cameron announced Sunday that the United Kingdom is cracking down on the speech and activities of sympathizers of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)—aka ISIS. In an oped, Camerson said the group represents a “poisonous extremism” that poses “a clear danger to Europe and to our security.” Finally, someone, an actual leader gets … Continue reading

Home Intruders Call Cops for Being Shot at by Home Owner

By Dave Jolly at Godfather Politics: Just when you think you’ve heard it all, another pair of idiots does something really stupid. Last month in Coos County, Oregon, two homeless men armed with a baseball bat and several aggressive dogs broke into the home of a 23 year old man. They attacked the home owner and took turns beating him with the bat. After suffering extensive head, face and back injuries, the home owner tried to escape. In the attempt, he managed to grab his loaded shotgun and fired two warning shots into the air. The two intruders were frightened … Continue reading

Hezbollah Supporters Held Rally in Orlando, Florida

From TPNN: Over the last few months, we have witnessed a rise in anti-Semitism in America and throughout the world. In Miami alone, a Jewish reporter was threatened with death by pro-Palestinian/pro-Hamas terrorist rally participants; swastikas have been found sprayed on and near Jewish synagogues and cars; and a rabbi was murdered in cold blood as he walked to his synagogue. Now, courtesy of Lt. Col. Allen West, we learn about additional pro-Palestinian rallies in Florida and what the people attending them say should disturb you. West says that he was sent a video by an individual documenting a pro-Hezbollah … Continue reading

In Answer to the Looting – ‘All Damn Day’

These photos are from Twitchy (Michelle Malkin) and show some of the shop owners and their buddies guarding shops so they won’t be ransacked like some of the others.                         I have to wonder about the guy in his pajama pants…perhaps he was in a hurry?                 Much of this looting smacks of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina where we saw people breaking into stores and hauling off huge TVs and carts full of goodies that had nothing to do with surviving … Continue reading

Fed Judge Rules AR-15s Not Protected by 2A

From GunsSaveLives: Federal Judge Rules AR-15′s Are “Dangerous and Unusual,” Not Protected by 2nd Amendment In what looks to be a terrible ruling for Maryland gun owners a federal judge has essentially ruled that guns that were regulated by the state of Maryland last year, including AR-15 and AK style rifles (as well as other magazine fed, semi-auto rifles with certain features), “fall outside Second Amendment protection as dangerous and unusual arms,” according to a 47 page opinion by U.S. District Judge Catherine C. Blake. The case in question is Kolbe et al v. O’Malley et al which named numerous … Continue reading

California Legislature Passes “Kill Switch” Bill To Kill Smartphones

From Conservative Byte: All powerful government flexing its muscles. Think about this if they said they wanted a TV, Radio, Newspaper, or Electricity kill switch. Legislation introduced to the Californian Senate earlier this year mandating ‘kill switches’ on all smart phones has been passed and sent to the Governor’s desk for approval. Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign bill CA SB 962 in the coming weeks, meaning that it will be against the law for any supplier or carrier in the State to sell a mobile phone that is not fitted with the technology. Manufacturers will have until July … Continue reading

‘Intelligun’ Inventor Gets In Eric Holder’s Face

From IJ Review: You guys are going to love this! Kodiak Arms President W.P. Gentry has invented a technology that would restrict gun operation to authorized users only. The company’s product is called “The Intelligun” and it uses a sensor on the handgrip of a pistol to identify fingerprints. Only those whose prints have been previously entered would be allowed to actually fire the gun. Enter Attorney General Eric Holder, who invited Gentry to further discussions after meeting with multiple firearms manufacturers earlier this year. Gentry’s comments on the interaction about how the identification technology could be used by the … Continue reading

Killer Rap

Over the weekend, two alleged “best friends,”  and wannabe rappers, got into a heated argument about who was the better artist (seriously) at their video shoot inside a convenience store, which left one of them shot multiple times and in the hospital. Footage of the incident has been released and to say that it’s shocking is an immense understatement.  In the footage, captured at the bodega in the Bronx where it went down, the still at large suspect is seen unloading a full clip into his “best friend.” The shooter never lets go of his drink, and when he runs out of … Continue reading

YOU will determine if our next President is qualified …

Now that I have your attention, please resist the almost uncontrollable urge to vomit and scroll up so that you’re not reminded of the current occupant of the White House and read on … Latest update: 8/4/2014 @ 8:49 CDT In a previous thread (“Could Obama pass a Top Secret security clearance?”), we discussed the lack of any real vetting that was performed on Barack Obama prior to his 2008 election. Even when a questionable item did become public knowledge, it was quickly buried or painted as inconsequential by the protective arm of the DNC, our so-called major media outlets. … Continue reading