Know Thine (snark) Enemy

What is “AntiFa” – a.k.a. “Anti-Fascists”, “ANTIFA”, “Antifa”? Writer Lucian Wintrich will explain…. A historically relevant and radically far-left domestic terrorist organization known as “Antifa”, or “anti-fascists”, employ street violence with makeshift weaponry to “spread peace and love” and fight for “social justice”. Just like their moronic ancestors, Antifa are hardline socialists, communists, or anti-capitalistic anarchists fighting for their “oppressed” comrades. The Antifa movement evolved from college level indoctrination and was then fueled by the mainstream media after they began labelling President Trump and his supporters as “Nazis” or “fascists.” Through this, the “Harry Potter” dweebs decided to pickup bike-locks … Continue reading

Common Core and the Saudi Connection – Part III

In the last of our 3-part series we take a look at what our kids are doing in classrooms across America. What’s happening in our classrooms? Only four states have not adopted Common Core into their curriculum. States highlighted in green have adopted the Common Core Standards, while states highlighted in blue only adopted the Common Core Standards for English language arts. In Volusia County, Florida, Hamas-CAIR is on the offensive. The textbook “World History” dedicates very little to Christianity or Judaism yet it contains a 32-page chapter fondly devoted to “Muslim Civilizations.” Sections include descriptions of the Koran, the growth of the Muslim empire … Continue reading

Ben Carson: Illegal Aliens Do Jobs Americans Won’t

I think Carson is wrong.  This nation is spending somewhere between 500 Billion dollars and 750 Billion dollars a year in hard figures on illegals.  Some analysts claim over a Trillion dollars per year.  The costs shouldered by the American taxpayer are enormous and those numbers continue to grow each year as more and more social services are afforded to illegals. Those veggies are incredibly expensive. Carson claims that deporting illegals is impossible.  I agree.  That process would be enormous, cumbersome, and the left would have a field day with it.  There’s a better way of doing it… I recommend … Continue reading

Anchor Babies on Trial in Texas

From:,  by Phyllis Schlafly,  on Sep 1, 2015,  see the article HERE. A federal case moving to trial in Texas could provide a means to stop the practice of extending automatic U.S. citizenship to children born to illegal aliens. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently called for legislation to end that unpopular practice, which polls show Americans oppose by more than 2 to 1, and even Jeb Bush admitted that it’s perfectly legitimate to call those children “anchor babies.” The Pew Research Center estimated that 340,000 children are born annually to citizens of Mexico and other foreign countries who … Continue reading

The Supreme Court ruling on birthright citizenship is being interpreted WRONGLY

SUPREME COURT MISTAKE THAT OPENED THE DOOR TO BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP From:,  by Ken Klukowski,  on Aug 27, 2015,  see the article HERE. Advocates of birthright citizenship are finally getting their act together, moving away from commentators who are manifestly clueless on the legal arguments for and against the proposition that the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees citizenship to every child born in America, shifting their focus to lawyers and scholars who have seriously studied this issue and can give a serious defense of birthright citizenship—a serious defense that, nonetheless, is wrong. Legal analysts are starting to focus on the best case … Continue reading

About Those Anchor Babies…

Donald Trump was chided for using the term anchor baby because it’s become the newest and latest word that offends libs, but he’s right to use that terminology because that’s exactly what they are. They are a huge weight on our society connected to a chain of endless needs that will cost us dearly for generations to come. We know from reports over the past few months that there’s been a huge increase in the number of women coming to the States to give birth for no other reason than to take advantage of the freebies they get courtesy of … Continue reading

The Lies of Illegal Immigration and Infanticide

From Canada Free Press From abortion to illegal immigration is but a short step, although at first glance, they are seemingly unrelated. In reality, the two issues are intertwined. It is imperative that we understand the end-game objectives of those pushing both agendas, for they are the same conspirators who are shredding the United States Constitution and destroying our country from within. They are using many of the same tactics and pushing many of the same lies that are left unchecked by politicians and political pundits on both sides of the political spectrum. While watching a recent panel discussion on … Continue reading

Is the Supreme Court misinterpreting the 14th Amendment?

O’Reilly has Constitutional lawyer David Rivkin and Professor John Yoo discuss the issue. I find it interesting how these wizards of smart interpret this amendment. It’s incredible that they dismiss the obvious and so casually bestow citizenship on illegals. ~ Hardnox

Mark Levin on 14th Amendment debate, Hillary’s server saga

OK then.  Why hasn’t this been addressed decades ago?  Sounds to me that our electeds have been too cowardly to address this issue for fear of alienating hispanics.  While they are at it “duel citizenship” needs to be eliminated.  How the hell can anyone be loyal to multiple countries? Levin’s comments about Hillary’s email server and the penal code is first rate.  Naturally, Batears won’t throw the book at her as it doesn’t serve his political aims.  Hillary will more than likely resurrect his real birth certificate. ~ Hardnox