Who Loves Ya, Baby ?

  ARMY–NAVY GAME Obozo 2011 The few cheers from the gay and transgender Cadets & Plebes can scarcely be heard above the chorus of BOOOs   Trump 2016   GLORY, GLORY, HALLELUJAH INDEED !! Any questions ?   ~Terry

1000 Bikers Escort A Very Important Semi-Truck

  These days it is hard to be optimistic given the stupidity and blatant thuggery being carried out in the US. Here we have a story not about race, not about religious affiliation, not about politics, but about the reason we as Christians should celebrate this season – GIVING. Giving from the heart, giving despite the weather, giving because it is the right thing to do, and most of all giving because the children of the US are hurting while their parents and adults around them are angry, desperate, and depressed. It is about bringing a little joy into the … Continue reading

Jihadist Army Waiting For January 2016

  FUQRA FILES: Learn More on Would-Be Jihadists in the US National TV reports on Clarion Project’s exposé of 22 Islamist villages around the United States where members are preparing for Jihad. The Clarion Project December 4, 2016 By Ryan Mauro Click topics below for more information: Website; About Fuqra Files; Activities by State; Court Records; First Hand Testimony; Muslim Voices Against Fuqra   –00– For eight years we have been castigated and threatened for our concerns over national security. For eight years DHS, DoJ, and Obama’s other puppets in the refugee program have brought hundreds of thousands of refugees to our … Continue reading

Assange After Thirty Days Of Silence

Whatever you personally think about the information released by Julian Assange, this video should be alarming to you and to the general populations around the world as tyrannical NWO begins orchestrating the second major phase by fast tracking its plans and eliminating free speech. Our basic human rights are under assault given all that Assange released from and through his sources. ANONYMOUS Published on Nov 28, 2016 “The CIA have taken over Wikileaks main sites and twitter accounts. We have pictures of the take down by the CIA. It has been confirmed by activists who witnessed this. Black ops team stormed the … Continue reading

Letter to All Public Educational Facilities – In Defense of “Old Glory”

Hampshire College in Massachusetts – “Liberal College Rips Down, Burns American Flag”,  By Katie 3, Conservative Republican News – 11/23/16 (private college) American University, University of Missouri at Columbia, Brown University, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Occidental College- “Flags and Dissent”, by Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed, 11/16/16 University of California at Irvine – “Why UC Students Voted to Remove American Flag”, Dennis Prager, Dennis Prager Show, 3/17/15 San Diego State University – “Military students at SDSU forced to take down American flag under threat of expulsion”, Jordan Dennison, The College Fix, 9/30/15, “Student Forced to Remove Flag”, Daniel Nussbaum, Breitbart, 9/20/14 –00– To whom it … Continue reading

Fidel Castro Is Dead Which Makes Obama, and Liberals The Media Very Sad

This is good.  From the “Doctor of common Sense”: Well stated Doc.  I’m doing a happy dance with the news that Fidel Castro has assumed room temperature.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.  He’s so vile he’s not fit for worm food as it would be cruelty to worms. Predictably, the left is mourning.  Good grief.  As always, the left is on the wrong side of everything and are the blindest of all creatures, yet will not hesitate to force the rest of us how to think or act since they believe the rest of us deplorable knuckle-draggers are so ignorant … Continue reading

Trump is Asking for Your Suggestions – Interesting – Let’s See

From Brittius   The election may be over, but our work is just getting started. In 61 days, we begin our mission to Make America Great Again! As I’ve said so many times before, I will not be able to do it alone. I’ll need you to step up and play an active role in fixing our country and enacting our platform for America. Which is why I’m asking you to take the 100-Day Plan of Action Survey, so that we can determine what we MUST accomplish as our first order of business. Our first hundred days in office will … Continue reading

What in Hades is it going to take to make people shut up and display some common sense and patience

RINOS and Negative Nellies – Sit Down and SHUT UP. Trump is not even sworn in yet and you guys are trembling like leaves in a gale force breeze. What the he*l is your problem. Do you also count chickens before they hatch? Or jump over every crack in order to keep from breaking a back? Good heavens, this guy has not even begun his presidency and people are tripping out like drug addicts at the thought of not having their next fix.  All you are doing is showing the people of our country exactly who you are NOT.   … Continue reading

I have had Enough of Media and Liberal Backlash

I have had Enough of Media and Liberal Backlash BizPac Review Samantha Chang November 14, 2016 CEO with ties to CIA publicly threatens to assassinate Trump with sniper rifle: ‘Bring it, secret service’ Donald Trump is going to keep the Secret Service very busy during his historic presidency, thanks to liberal nutcases. Trump, who has received countless death threats from anonymous morons online, is now on the receiving end of an assassination threat from a CEO with ties to the CIA. Matt Harrigan, the CEO of PacketSled, threatened to kill Trump with a sniper rifle in a series of deranged … Continue reading

EU braces for political upheaval in wake of Trump, Brexit shocks

Your Welcome – GO EUROPE! EUxit Spring!       Published on Nov 11, 2016 American voters’ choice for their next leader is widely seen as a protest against the status quo. Predictions are now being made that Europe’s establishment needs to watch its back.   Never doubt that this is not over here in the US not anywhere else.  Brexit is still feeling major earthquake tremors over this and will for a long time to come.  We are seeing only the opening volleys here in the US as the socialists, radical Muslim faith followers and all the fringers begin … Continue reading

Trey Gowdy Warning to Democrats on Law

Published on Nov 11, 2016 Trey Gowdy warns Democrats that if you let Obama weaken the law you might not like it when the next president gets in. The chickens now are coming home to roost!   What others are saying about Democrat Party. Fortune 11/11/16 Days after suffering stunning and sweeping presidential and congressional defeats, the Democratic Party faces the challenge of repairing internal turmoil while mounting an appropriate response to an unpredictable but inevitable four-year battle against President-elect Donald Trump. WBUR ON 11/10/16 For Democrats, the Election Day dream was so big they could taste it. A Democrat … Continue reading

We Remember…..

“Remember that the Canadian flag does not fly because the wind moves past it. The Canadian flag waves from the last breath of each military member who has died protecting it. Canadian armed forces – soldiers, sailors and airmen don’t fight because they hate what is in front of them … they fight because they love what’s behind them.” FOREVER GRATEFUL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> To all those who sacrificed their lives doing their duty for their Country…..thank you! To all those who have served and are serving…..thank you! ~Blessed B~

Canadian Militia Vows To Protect Borders From Illegal Americans

From Gunny G A Canadian militia seems to have taken Donald Trump’s victory very seriously fearing hundreds of thousands of illegal Americans could try to cross the border. The Permanent Active Militia (PAM) is a country-wide association which is believed to have approximately 4,500 members across the country with its headquarters in Huntington, Ontario, near the Minnesota border. “ This ain’t no Mexico border. Illegals will face snow and deadly cold temperatures, not withstanding dangerous predator attacks from bears, cougars and wolves. If you’re an American crossing the border illegally, your chances of survival are pretty slim ” – John … Continue reading

The Trump Revolution

Here is the good news. Liberalism died on 8 November 2016. The Progressive Era is over and done with. They started their Progressive BS with the scumbag Woodrow Wilson and ended it with the Obomination (which the Gunny called in 2008/09). They went off of the deep end because Americans are tired of crappy trade deals (22 YEARS of trade deficits with Mexico, which started under BJ Bubba Clinton (1994)). We’re tired of being colonized by unskilled, untrained, uneducated illegal aliens who swim rivers, jump fences, and who refuse to assimilate all the while gulping down benefits left and right … Continue reading

Clinton, Obama rush to defend Michigan as blue state turns battleground

Clinton, Obama rush to defend Michigan as blue state turns battleground Washington Times By S.A. Miller and Ben Wolfgang November 6, 2016 Michigan emerged as the unlikely final battleground of the presidential race, as Hillary Clinton hurried to defend the traditionally blue state from Donald Trump’s do-or-die appeal to disaffected working-class voters while making her own pitch Sunday in Ohio with the help of King James. On the last day before voters go to the polls, Mrs. Clinton and her top surrogate, President Obama, will head to separate rallies in Michigan, which hasn’t voted Republican for president since 1988 but … Continue reading

Millennials – WHEN are you going to realize the Socialists/Democrats are LYING just to get your vote

Millennials – WHEN are you going to realize the Democrats are LYING Your college professors that laud communism are LYING.  You are taking in like a sponge and NOT thinking for yourselves.  The youngest, most internet proficient, most supposedly intelligent level of young minds are being corrupted.  Your parents, grandparents, and those who have died to keep freedom for individuals and our country alive are reeling with shame from your attitudes. As one who survived the Sixties.  I know exactly how it feels to rebel against perceived stupidity and corporate money grubbers.  BUT YOU ARE BEING WILLFULLY DECEIVED. If you … Continue reading

A Letter From James O’Keefe

James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas Action have been doing their damnedest to get the evidence proving the multi-layered corruption in the Clinton campaign, at considerable risk to themselves. And they have done a remarkable job. Now he is asking for all of our help to make sure their efforts have not been in vain. The following letter of request is from O’Keefe. It’s not asking for money. But I’m sure they would appreciate a little financial help if you are able. ~Terry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   We just got off of the phone with the Federal Election Commission. A specialist on … Continue reading