Will I Be The First ?

To attend the Ed, aka Sgt. Schultz, from PMSNBC, “climate change reeducation camp for Deniers” ? See the loon for yourself. From wattsupwiththat.com   Ugly: MSNBC host wants ‘reducation’ for ‘climate deniers’ Posted on August 8, 2014by Anthony Watts Wow. just wow. No wonder MSNBC is tanking in ratings. Watch the video:   Proof positive MSNBC is truly THE cable channel preferred by loons all over the place. See you at “camp”. BTW, did y’all know who Ed The Loon is married to ? Give up ?  Try Debbie Wasserman- Schultz, loon extraordinaire, the chairman of the DNC. Two loons … Continue reading

If THIS Is NOT A Conspiracy, What IS ??

Earlier, I had a post about the uber-wealthy “buying” climate change legislation. In this one, we examine the governmental angle. This article, from Canada Free Press.com  lays it all out.   It’s about the Money, Not the Climate By Alan Caruba  August 6, 2014   Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), the Irish poet and dramatist, wrote “Pray don’t talk to me about the weather. Whenever people talk to me about the weather, I always feel quite certain that they mean something else.” These days, when some world leader or politician speaks of the climate—the weather is what is happening right now wherever … Continue reading

BP Agents See Over 770 Illegals in 24 Hour Span

From Opposing Views: ‘We Can’t Keep Up With This Surge’: Border Patrol Agents See More Than 770 Undocumented Immigrants In 24 Hours Recently uploaded audio of Border Patrol radio traffic has exposed just how difficult it is to maintain the southern U.S. border in McAllen, Texas. The radio recording is 24 hours worth of radio traffic condensed into 14 minutes, which was recorded on Sunday. The audio was uploaded by SecureBorderIntelligence.org, a nonprofit group investigating and reporting on the border, to emphasize the level of activity agents on patrol are confronted by. It’s estimated that 30 percent of the radio … Continue reading

Whenever The Left Is Involved, Follow The Money.

We’ve wondered where the environmentalist wackos get their funds from, to create havoc and BAD law. Wonder no more. This comes from The New American.com  The names on the list comes as no surprise to me.   Wednesday, 06 August 2014 12:15 Lawless “Billionaire Club” Behind Green Scam, Senate Study Finds Written by Alex Newman A shadowy network identified as the “Billionaires Club” is showering funds on the environmentalist so-called “green movement.” In addition, this network may be violating federal laws in its controversial efforts to elect its operatives, seize control of the federal regulatory regime, and push its radical … Continue reading

Moochie, Chik-Fil-A and Smart Snacks

Yep, she’s at it again. This time she’s declaring war on Chic-Fil-A for selling sandwiches that exceed the ‘correct’ calorie count in schools. Via American Overlook – The White House has officially condemned Chik-fil-A, the controversial fast-food franchise known for its Christian values and “original chicken sandwich.” Many public schools across the U.S., including one South Carolina district, sells Chik-fil-A at lunch. The sandwiches sell far better than the school-cooked lunch items and profits contribute to extra-curricular activities for underprivileged and special needs students. But under the first lady’s new school lunch guidelines, these schools can no longer sell Chik-fil-A, as … Continue reading

Another “Union Success Story”.

A couple of years ago, voters in Wisconsin adopted Act 10. This was a total overhaul of how teachers in the state were compensated, and the leftists of Dane County, along with the unionistas, went BERSERK. Which, for leftists, doesn’t take much. The case has progressed through the courts, and has been upheld by the Wisconsin Supreme Court on appeal. GOOD. Chalk up another victory for Gov. Scott Walker, and COMMON SENSE. This is from The Daily Caller.com     Wisconsin Teachers Unions Weakened, Demoralized 9:20 PM 08/04/2014  By Blake Neff Teachers union members feel demoralized by the Wisconsin supreme … Continue reading

It Looks Like The “Hockey Stick” Has Been BUSTED.

The long running debate over global warming, climate change, whatever one may want to call it, has been FILLED with LIES by so many on the left it is pathetic. In this article, from wattsupwiththat.com , the flawed information, gross misrepresentations, and omission of vital facts are laid out well for us.  Enjoy. National Review gives Michael Mann the ****stick Posted on August 4, 2014 by Anthony Watts Not just a Hockeystick, but borrowing from official CNN language last week, this appears to be the legal equivalent of a f***stick. It is quite a read. McIntrye, McKittrick, Christy, and Andrew Montford … Continue reading

A Page From The Democrat Playbook.

One thing about the democrats. Set a bag of dog shit in front of them, they WILL find a way to step right in it. This leaked memo shows us how they “engineer” public sentiment, with the aid of the leftist lunatic media. The article comes to us from The Daily Caller.com and the great Michael Bastasch Leaked Memo Gives Away Dems’ ‘Extreme Weather’ Talking Points 4:38 PM 08/01/2014  By Michael Bastasch   Democrats are working hard to convince the public that regulations to limit carbon dioxide emissions are necessary to avoid economic and ecological catastrophe, according to a memo obtained … Continue reading

HEY, Dummies. We Tried To Tell You.

When Obama first announced his run in 2008, most ALL the major unions jumped right into bed with him. Some stayed there, even AFTER announcing to ONE union in particular HE was going to “run them out of business”. The fools didn’t believe him then, but NOW, better late than never, I suppose, here they come, with long knives. I simply do NOT feel sorry for them. Article from The Daily Caller.com Coal Miners Union In Full Revolt After Supporting Obama In 2008. 2:45 PM 08/02/2014 By Michael Bastasch It’s unlikely that United Mine Workers of America president Cecil Roberts … Continue reading

So, THEY Can Spend It Better Than You ?

We have all read, or heard, about the absolute GROSS mismanagement of public funds in ALL areas of government, from local, to state, and ESPECIALLY the “feral” gubbermint. This one is galling, just by the NAME of the agency, to say the least. From Citizens Against Government Waste.com     CAGW Names CFPB Director Richard Cordray July Porker of the Month       (Washington, D.C.) – Today, Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) named Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Richard Cordray its July Porker of the Month because of his gross mismanagement of the CFPB’s headquarters renovation budget, which has … Continue reading

Another “Global Warming” Hypocrite Smoked Out.

Long time readers know of my absolute disdain for Ivy-League “institutions” of higher learning. None more so than Harvard, where TODAY’S climate hypocrite hails from. With “professors” like THIS moonbattess, no wonder Harvard graduates are among those doing the MOST harm to our nation. From The Daily Caller.com Globetrotting Harvard Prof Takes Break From Jet-Setting To Gripe About Climate Change Deniers. 8:53 AM 07/25/2014 By Eric Owens Education Editor   Naomi Oreskes, a Harvard University professor who flies around the world in pollutant-spewing jumbo jet airliners to proclaim that climate change is a terrible menace, has co-written another book warning … Continue reading

Diseases Brought to Us By Illegal Immigrants

From Dennis Michael Lynch (DML Daily): Dennis is the documentary film-maker who was on site at the Bundy Ranch during the BLM episode and he was in the McAllen, Texas area a few weeks ago filming and gathering more information. Here is his latest post. DMLDAILY has received internal documents from our sources within the Border Patrol.  The documents indicate the sort of diseases being found after examining the unaccompanied children from Central America.  The multi-page document show actual numbers, including how many children are treated, how many children are being released into the public, the number of apprehensions made each … Continue reading

Another Day, Another U-frigging-N Slap At Israel

As I have pointed out the past couple of days, the U-frigging-N is in the thick of the fight between Hamas, and Israel. And, right on cue, here come the clowns from the “Human Rights Council”. BLASTING Israel for defending herself. While ZERO mention of the attacks Hamas launched FIRST. The story comes from CNSNews.com   U.N. Human Rights Council Produces Resolution Bashing Israel, Ignoring Hamas. July 23, 2014 – 4:16 AM By Patrick Goodenough   (CNSNews.com) – The U.N. Human Rights Council will hold an emergency session on Wednesday to consider a draft resolution that condemns Israel repeatedly for its military offensive … Continue reading

The Moonbats Are Flappin’ AGAIN.

This time, these “environmental” groups have made their REAL plan public knowledge. I have stated often here at the old blog the environmental movement is just the new home for the anti-capitalists. This article bears that sentiment out. From The Daily Caller.com   130 Environmental Groups Call For An End To Capitalism. 10:30 AM 07/23/2014  By Michael Bastasch Environmentalists have declared that global warming can’t be stopped without ending the “hegemonic capitalist system,” saying that cap-and-trade systems and conservation efforts are “false solutions.”“The structural causes of climate change are linked to the current capitalist hegemonic system,” reads the final draft of the … Continue reading

I Rest My Case. Or, Fire Up The Dozers, Part 2.

Earlier, I put up a post about the U-frigging-N turning over rockets “found” inside one of their madrassas in Gaza over to Hamas. In that post, I made a claim the U-frigging-N was NOT about peace, but about the slaughter of Israel. After reading THIS feces-laden article, there can be NO doubt just where the U-frigging-N stands. This oral effluence comes out of the cake hole of the Secretary-General himself, one Ban-ki-Moonbat. From Breitbart.com   UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon Blames Israel and ‘Occupation’ for Ongoing Conflict. by Jordan Schachtel 22 Jul 2014, 10:17 AM PDT   Ban Ki-Moon, secretary-general of … Continue reading

Seems As If The Eviroweenies Have A New Strategy.

One that is called “Death By Delay”. It is laid out nicely in this article. The gem comes to us from carbon-sense.com via our friend, and commenter Blessed B.     Death by Delay – the New Green Weapon.   Red, and Green, tape. Swallowing up the economy, one business at a time. The ‘toon sums it about right, I’d say. Special thanks to Mr. Larry Pickering for permission to reproduce this cartoon. There was a time, before the baby-boom generation took over, when we took pride in the achievements of our builders, producers and innovators. There was always great … Continue reading

One From The “GEE, NO SHIT ” File.

We know just how harmful the economic morons who are constantly carping about raising the minimum wage are. In San Freaksicko, it looks REALITY is about to slap them upside the head. I sure hope it happens. They NEED a dose of reality. From The Daily Caller.com    Report: Raising San Francisco’s Minimum Wage Could Costs Thousands Of Jobs.   6:06 PM 07/18/2014  By Connor D. Wolf   Raising San Francisco’s minimum wage to $15 an hour would cause the loss of 15,270 jobs by 2019, according to a report by the Office of Economic Analysis. “The proposed legislation is estimated … Continue reading

Democrats. Stunningly STUPID.

Just when you think democrats cannot POSSIBLY get any stupider, along comes Rep. Jan Schakowsky, dimwit- Il. to totally blow the theory out of the water. See for yourself. From CNSNews.com     Rep. Schakowsky: Legalizing Illegals ‘Would Raise the Wages, Really, of All Workers’ July 17, 2014 – 10:33 AM By Ali Meyer   (CNSNews.com) -When asked on Wednesday if putting illegal aliens on a “path to citizenship” in the United States would help unemployed Americans, Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) responded that “comprehensive immigration reform” would “raise the wages” of all workers. CNSNews.com asked Schakowsky: “Do you think that … Continue reading

Bill Whittle: It Takes A Super-Hero Not A Village

The Lefties say “It Takes a Village,” and when confronted with the wealth that comes from people VOLUNTARILY paying for the large and small increases in quality of life, reply, “You Didn’t Build That!” YES YOU DID. In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle tells us why the village is failure and why It Takes a Superhero. Kudos Bill. The problem with lefties is that they build nothing and therefore do not understand the whole concept.  Conversely, they are good at tearing things apart. Conservatives, on the other hand, are are really good at building things.  That said, we were busy while … Continue reading

Fire Up The Dozers.

I had thought the U-frigging-N had been way too quiet lately. Looks as if THEY want to be “in on the illegal alien smuggling” game as well. Any time the U-frigging-N wants to dip their corrupt, greedy hands into something, you can BET it is NOT going to be good for the U.S., nor our Treasury. This is from WND.com, via H&F’s own Kathy.   U.N. seeking to intervene in U.S. border crisis. Posted By Jerome R. Corsi On 07/14/2014 @ 4:25 pm     UNITED NATIONS – Representatives of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, or UNHRC, are … Continue reading