UCLA Electrical Engineer found guilty could face 200 plus years in prison

Professor convicted of conspiracy to illegally export microchips to China Daily Bruin By Julia Shapero July 3, 2019 . A UCLA professor could face up to 219 years in prison for attempting to export electronics with military applications to China, according to a Department of Justice press release Tuesday. Yi Chi Shih, an adjunct professor of electrical engineering and part-time Los Angeles resident, was convicted June 26 of 18 federal charges involving a scheme to obtain microchips and illegally export them to China. The microchips, known as monolithic microwave integrated circuits, can be used in different types of military technologies, … Continue reading

Hong Kong bracing for festivities of Handover anniversary

Huge turnout expected for Hong Kong democracy rally amid security lockdown at flag-raising venue Hong Kong Free Press Tom Grundy June 30, 2019 Police have erected large water-filled barriers around access points to Wan Chai’s Golden Bauhinia Square ahead of the city’s Establishment Day flag-raising ceremony on Monday. In the early hours of Saturday, nearby roads were closed as police – some with riot shields – stood guard and redirected traffic. The festivities marking 22 years since the city’s 1997 Handover will take place on the waterfront outside the Convention and Exhibition Centre. Two trade shows – the Premium Pet … Continue reading

US and Russian Warships Almost Collide in Philippine Sea

– Military.com Fox News Luke Tomlinson June 7, 2019 The U.S. Navy says one of its warships was forced to maneuver to avoid a collision with a Russian destroyer in the Philippine Sea. The USS Chancellorsville, a guided-missile cruiser, nearly collided with the Udaloy I DD 572 when it made an “unsafe maneuver”, coming within 50 to 100 feet, according to the Navy’s 7th Fleet in a statement. “This unsafe action forced Chancellorsville to execute all engines back full and to maneuver to avoid collision,” said the Navy’s 7th Fleet in a statement. Russian state media had claimed that the … Continue reading

South China Sea heating up as Beijing deploys troops

MSM too busy pushing two-year old fake news to report … South China Sea High Tension US / UK / Philippines / China June 9, 2019 – South China Sea: Philippine Coast Guard Spots PLAN Warship Off Scarborough Shoal The warship was accompanied by China Coast Guard and maritime militia vessels. The Diplomat Ankit Panda June 10, 2019 A Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy warship has been seen near Scarborough Shoal, a disputed feature in the South China Sea claimed by the Philippines and China. According to Cmd. Armand Balilo, a spokesperson for the Philippine Coast Guard, on Monday, a … Continue reading

Democrats plan Capitol Hill event to put Trump’s mental health under fire

The Washington Examiner let slip this meeting scheduled for June or later this year. The date for the town hall hasn’t been set but would be held “imminently soon within the next couple of weeks,” said Lee, who said the event was meant to be bipartisan. Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth, D-Ky., who has called for Trump’s impeachment, confirmed the event was in the works, but said it would be more likely to occur in July because lawmakers have a full plate in June with spending bills. “We’re planning to put together an event,” Yarmuth said. “She’s calling it a … Continue reading

Calling Joe Biden: China IS a Threat to the West, You Fool

Recently while campaigning, Unca Joe Biden opined that China “is not competition for us”, a remark so egregiously stupid that even the Washington Post, a scion of fake news, called him out. Yesterday I caught an interview on Brian Kilmeade’s radio program. Brian spoke with Jonathan Ward, an Oxford PhD and former consultant to the US DoD and various Fortune 500 corporations. Ward’s bio tells us he’s traveled extensively throughout China and has somehow accessed Communist Party records describing Chinese strategic goals. Jonathan Ward discussed China’s history as a one-time dominant world trading nation, and of their control of the … Continue reading

Thanks to Democrats China Monopolized the Rare Earth Metals Market

From Gateway Pundit: Excerpts: Thanks to Democrats and their anti-worker politics, the United States is now 100% dependent on 19 strategic rare metals and minerals. AND Thanks to Democrats, in 2013 the United States was tied for last, with Papua New Guinea, in the time it takes to get a permit for a new rare metal or mineral mine. If I remember correctly, I read several years ago, that the USGS completed a study on Afghanistan. In that study, they found that Afghanistan holds rare earth mineral resources amounting to multiple millions/billions of dollars. My question, then why the HELL … Continue reading

Trump and China – trade deals or tariff wars

Will consumers be affected by Trump’s tariffs on China? Fox Business News — May 8, 2019 Former Trump Campaign senior trade adviser Curtis Ellis on how Americans will be affected by President Trump’s China tariffs. – Why Trump Will Win the US China Trade War—Stephen Moore May 15, 2019 – American Thought Leaders – The Epoch Times Premiered May 15, 2019 Can China really hurt the US with its financial weapons in the US China trade war? Is the US in a “fantastic” position, as US President Donald Trump says? Is dumping US Treasury bonds really an option for the … Continue reading

China’s rejection of scrap imports — a gain for US recycling industry

China’s ban on scrap imports a boon to US recycling plants AP Mary Esch May 18, 2019 ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The halt on China’s imports of wastepaper and plastic that has disrupted U.S. recycling programs has also spurred investment in American plants that process recyclables. U.S. paper mills are expanding capacity to take advantage of a glut of cheap scrap. Some facilities that previously exported plastic or metal to China have retooled so they can process it themselves. And in a twist, the investors include Chinese companies that are still interested in having access to wastepaper or flattened bottles … Continue reading

Man Caught With Crack Pipe And White Powder Is Son Of The POTUS….

….Leading Democratic CANDIDATE. If you read more than just the title of this post, you are most likely a Conservative. Why do I say that ? Simple. A leftie would have only copied the title and pasted it on Facebook, in the comment sections of POLITICO and HuffBlo, or Tweeted it where it would be snatched up immediately and be made a ” BREAKING STORY “ on MSNBC and CNN. But, by failing to read this full article, they would have missed the important details. Such as : A police report said that he returned a rental car in Arizona that contained … Continue reading

The Conundrum – Archiving Information for Future Generations

I was just reading a couple of BBC articles that bring up a really important question. A conundrum if you will…with all of the 0 and 1 floating in etherspace…who is actually keeping information archived for people in the future? As an archeologist or some other “‘ology major” what little we know of thousands of years of living are the actual physical evidence of those who lived during those times. That included pictographs, hieroglyphics, and the most obscure and at times indecipherable written languages of long forgotten tribes and settlements around the world. With the world now functioning within the … Continue reading

Are Cheap Consumer Goods More Important Than National Security? “Yes” Say the Globalists

But, as observer Arnold Ahlert points out, this is but one of many sacrifices by American citizens that are deemed necessary by our intellectual betters in the Ruling Class.  Americans must also look the other way as many nations (with China leading the pack) treat their own workers like trash … imprison, silence, or murder dissidents … sell Americans defective and outright dangerous products with no legal remedy for personal damages caused … just so long as the elites continue controlling the playing field, and America is humbled into sharing (at gunpoint) its financial and intellectual wealth with thugs, petty … Continue reading

Race to the Arctic

– U.S. Department of State – Published on May 6, 2019 The long-term strategic goals of the Chinese Communist Party: Perpetuate CCP rule; Maintain domestic stability; Sustain economic growth and development; Defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity; and, Secure China’s status as a great power and, ultimately, emerge as the preeminent power in the Indo-Pacific region. These objectives are reflected in President Xi Jinping’s “China Dream.” In an oft-quoted sentence from a later version of the China Dream speech, Xi said: “China Dream means the dream of a people, and it is also the dreams of each Chinese person.” What … Continue reading

Russia staking claim in Artic move

Navy Times Vladimir Isachenkov, The Associated Press April 4, 2019 With missiles pointing out to sea, ‘Northern Clover’ stakes Russian claim on Arctic waters A Russian soldier stands guard on Wednesday near a Pansyr-S1 air defense system on the Kotelny Island, part of the New Siberian Islands archipelago located between the Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Sea. (Vladimir Isachenkov/AP)   SEVERNY KLEVER MILITARY BASE, Russia — Missile launchers ply icy roads and air defense systems point menacingly into the sky at this Arctic military outpost, a key vantage point for Russia to project its power over the resource-rich polar … Continue reading

Cold War Revisited — Chinese Woman caught at Mar-a-Lago

Feds: Chinese Woman Brought Malware Into Mar-a-Lago Straight out of the Cold War spy novels comes this story against our President …. A woman carrying two Chinese passports and a device containing computer malware lied to Secret Service agents and briefly gained admission to President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club over the weekend during his Florida visit, federal prosecutors allege in court documents. Newsmax April 2, 2019 Yujing Zhang managed to get through at least one checkpoint using her fake documents. Her story appeared plausible enough to fool a cursory check. Even the club manager thought her the daughter of a … Continue reading

Tired of being lied to

March 27, 2019 Chad Prather – They Lied to You – We have been lied to every day for almost three years. At what point do we say enough is enough. Rather than being thankful that President Donald Trump did not collude with Russia to win an election, people are actually angry over it. What’s the next agenda? Wake up folks. It’s coming. –-00– When will people really wake up? As the soldiers march us off to prison? When Russia and China send in the troops to take over? When the UN declares this country no longer a sovereign nation? … Continue reading