The March That Didn’t March

I came across this little story by Greg You-Make-me-Want-to-Hurl Gutfeld at Breitbart and had to chuckle. ~~~ I was thinking about the disaster that was the Million Muslim March, and how it might have actually proved its point. Accidentally – of course. It changed its name to the “Million American March Against Fear,” and the only people who showed up on September 11th in D.C, were a handful of creepy truthers and kooky self-promoters. This pathetic event, therefore, showed that there are millions of moderate Muslims in the U.S. Because they didn’t show up. Maybe they, like everyone else, dismissed the march as nutty, negative … Continue reading

Warm Up The Bulldozers.

The sonsofbitches  from the U-frigging-N. are at it AGAIN. ANY candidate running for POTUS in 2016 will AUTOMATICALLY have my full support IF they  have as a plank in the platform, language to disembowel us of this NUISANCE once and for all.  From  Prepare the pisstivity meters. U. N. Human Rights Panel Prepares to Challenge U.S. Domestic Policies   September 13, 2013 – 4:11 AM By Patrick Goodenough The Palais Wilson in Geneva, once the headquarters of the League of Nations, another worthless waste of time and monies way back when, will be the venue for the U.N. Human Rights … Continue reading

Well, It Is A Start.

Coming from an administration official, of whom I thought THEY all LOVED this bunch, I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. Although, MUCH more, or in this case, MUCH LESS, needs to be the rule. From The Daily FCC commissioner calls for defunding UN agency. 6:12 PM  09/12/2013 Josh Peterson Tech  Editor    Why stop with just ONE worthless UNITU, or whatever? Defund the WHOLE damned THING. And, if THAT doesn’t work, then try THESE……… THESE will get the job DONE!!  Guarandamnteed.   A U.S. official called for the defunding of a U.N. agency on Thursday if the  agency continues … Continue reading

What Event Changed the USA Forever?

Those who read, comment and blog here tend to agree that our country is in a mess. Yesterday we remembered 911 in various ways.  While reflecting on that September day 12 years ago I got to thinking … IF there was ONE event in the history of this country that has led us to being in this mess, what was that event?  A myriad of thoughts flooded my brain. So I am asking YOU … what ONE event in the history of the United States contributed most to the mess in which we find ourselves today and WHAT leads you … Continue reading

New York Journalists Remember 9/11

From The Daily Beast: Twelve years after 9/11, the reporters and anchors who covered the worst tragedy in U.S. history remember it all too well. From holding back tears on screen to watching bodies fall from the towers, here are their stories. On September 11, 2001, people across the globe gathered around their TV’s to watch one of the worst tragedies in U.S. history unfold before their eyes. For viewers, it was unfathomable. For the anchors on the other side of the screen, it was reality. Twelve years later, they can still smell the stench of dust and death, hear … Continue reading

OK,GOP Morons, HERE It Is.

In an interesting piece, the blueprint for conservatives is pretty much laid out. It is simple. Even a RINO can do it. But, they won’t. From The American   It’s so simple, even THESE asshats could do it……. ‘ Nuff Said. September 10, 2013 Discredit Liberalism Utterly By Christopher  Chantrill Conservatives  have a Hamlet question this week.  Whether to ’tis nobler in the mind to  back President Obama as commander-in-chief, right or wrong.  Or to take arm  against a sea of troubles and defeat the president on his Syria war resolution. Or,  perchance to dream that, at this point, … Continue reading

Some 9/11 Thoughts.

Today we observe the worst attack on United States soil since Pearl Harbor. This piece is solely my thoughts, and remembrances of the fateful day in history.   On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was at the Ford Engineering lot in Dearborn, loading 6 test trucks to take up to another Ford testing facility about an hour and a half northeast of Detroit. While I was loading, the fellow I was hauling the units for came up, and said he had heard on the news the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane. He didn’t know … Continue reading

A Solemn Remembrance

  Let us remember those who died on 911. Gordon M. Aamoth Jr. Maria Rose Abad Edelmiro Abad Andrew Cross Abate Vincent Abate Laurence Christopher Abel Alona Abraham William F. Abrahamson Richard Aceto Erica H. Van Acker Heinrich Bernhard Ackermann Paul Acquaviva Donald LaRoy Adams Shannon Lewis Adams Stephen George Adams Christian Adams Patrick Adams Ignatius Udo Adanga Christy A. Addamo Terence Edward Adderley Jr. Sophia B. Addo Lee Adler Daniel Thomas Afflitto Emmanuel Akwasi Afuakwah Alok Agarwal Mukul Kumar Agarwala Joseph Agnello David Scott Agnes Joao Alberto da Fonseca Aguiar Jr. Brian G. Ahearn Jeremiah Joseph Ahern Joanne Ahladiotis … Continue reading

Updated: Bikers Denied Permit to Ride Through DC

Most everyone is aware of the Million Muslim March on Washington DC scheduled for 9/11/2013. They are descending on Washington in protest of unfair treatment in being unilaterally blamed for the events of 9/11/2001. That they picked this solemn day of remembrance is an insult and a slap in the face to all Americans. Their callous abuse of that date and our nation’s capital is a new low in our history. As a counter measure to the muslim’s actions and to honor the victims of the 9/11 attacks, a couple of weeks ago some bikers threw together a group whose plans are to … Continue reading

Something From The “GEE, NO SHIT” File.

While delivering a keynote speech in Boise, Idaho, former SCOTUS Justice Sandra Day O’Conner let THIS cat out of the bag. Too bad she didn’t deliver the CAUSE for this. From Mc Clatchey News .com   Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, in Boise, laments ‘alarming degree of public ignorance’   Former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor with the great Ronaldus Magnus. A good pick?  Not really, but not bad, either.                                                            By Katie Terhune  Idaho Statesman  6 Sept. 2013 Two-thirds of Americans cannot name a single Supreme Court justice, former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor told the crowd that packed into a … Continue reading

Oppose Homosexuality? Don’t Run for Office in San Antonio!

I found this on Weasel Zippers, who ‘Scours the Bowels of the Internet’ and that’s where this brilliant decision by the City of San Antonio belongs, then flush repeatedly. San Antonio Passes Ordinance Banning Anyone Who Opposes Homosexuality From Running For Office, Receiving A City Contract… Diversity apparently trumps religious beliefs SAN ANTONIO (AP) — San Antonio’s leaders on Thursday approved anti-bias protections for gay and transgender residents, over the disapproval of top Texas Republicans and religious conservatives who packed a City Council hearing and occasionally shamed supporters for comparing the issue to the civil rights movement. The San Antonio City … Continue reading

A Two-Fer. Some You Win,Some You Lose.

This post is going to be a bit lengthy, but an EXCELLENT illustration with the problems conservatism faces at the “institutions of higher learning”. So, without further ado, look out below, ’cause here we go. From The Daily TheDC gets results: Michigan State suspends prof who called GOP racists,  rapists   4:52 PM  09/05/2013   “Sparty”, the Michigan State University mascot, and Professor Asshat,  William Penn. Robby Soave Reporter, The Daily  Caller A Michigan State University professor who began class last week by deriding  all Republicans as cheap racists who are raping the country has been suspended  for the … Continue reading

Somehow, This Isn’t The Problem.

In a move I find telling, the Republican National Senate Committee fired their fundraising director today. For, in their words, “poor performance”. We shall see. From The Daily   NRSC getting rid of its finance director 4:21 PM  09/04/2013 Ms. Carson,  HERE is your REAL problem why donations are way down. Hope that helps. Alex Pappas Political  Reporter The National Republican  Senatorial Committee is replacing its finance director due to disappointing  fundraising numbers, The Daily Caller confirmed on Wednesday. Two sources told TheDC on Wednesday that the committee — which is dedicated  to electing and re-electing Republican senators — … Continue reading

From The Minds Of Morons.

We are treated to THIS Labor Day sermon from our FAVORITE asshat, David Sirota. From Read, enjoy, learn. Monday, Sep  2, 2013 07:45 AM EDT How Labor Day was hijacked: 5 reminders of the day’s real purpose    Yes, plenty of holidays amount to just days off and barbecues. But this one has become particularly corrupted – By David Sirota .   Though national holidays are too often treated as cheap rationales for carefree days off, most still involve some sort of salute — however superficial — to the particular occasion’s ostensible purpose. Sure, Memorial Day is treated as the … Continue reading

Happy Leisure Day !

These days, Labor Day is just a bookmark.  It signals the end of summer, the start of school, the advent  of the political hustlings and the last chance to buy a car before the new model  year arrives in showrooms. Labor Day is  associated with picnics, sporting events and shopping. It could more accurately  be called Leisure Day, and as such is a distinctly American holiday. Labor Day is a Canadian import, first  celebrated in Toronto in 1872. The most noted foundational event for the  American holiday took place 10 years later when the General  Assembly of the Order of … Continue reading

Charles Goodnight, Drover And Pioneer

There was a lot of strength and power in the Old West, and it took strong and courageous folks to survive it. Following is the story of one such pioneer. End of the trail for legend and a way of life By Rob Carrigan Charles Goodnight Colorado had been a destination for trailblazing cowman Charlie Goodnight and his partner Oliver Loving when they first drove cattle across “the Graveyard of Cattleman’s Hopes,” “the Bitter River,” the Pecos. For almost two decades, blazing trails through the cattle country from the Brazos in Texas, on into New Mexico, to the Arkansas … Continue reading