Moonwalker Down

The last man to leave his footprints on the surface of the Moon, Eugene A Cernan, a crack naval aviator sought out and recruited by NASA as a Moon mission commander, has died today.  He was 82. Gene Cernan flew the LM on Apollo 10 down from orbit to fairly close to the lunar surface, (NOT landing) and then did it again on the mission he commanded, Apollo 17, in which he landed and spent three days on the surface. A graduate of Purdue University’s Electrical Engineering School, he was very generous in his visits and time spent back at the … Continue reading

Education’s Campus Brainwashing – What Concerned Conservatives and Leaders Need To Know

  Education’s Campus Brainwashing – What Concerned Conservatives and Leaders Need To Know National Association of Scholars (NAS) is a network of scholars and citizens united by commitment to academic freedom, disinterested scholarship, and excellence in American higher education. Membership in NAS is open to all who share our commitment to these broad principles. We publish a journal and have state and regional affiliates. Executive Summary Report January 2017 Introduction What we call the “New Civics” redefines civics as progressive political activism. Rooted in the radical program of the 1960s’ New Left, the New Civics presents itself as an up-to-date … Continue reading

Obama’s Devastation

of America in one excellent article. EXCERPT:  “The expansion that began in June 2009 has been the weakest since World War II, with real gross domestic product growth averaging 2.1%. At 7 1/2 years and counting, it is also among the longest on record. and EXCERPT:  “At his year-end press conference on Dec. 16, which was short on questions, long on answers, Obama spoke about his response to the Russian hacking of Democratic National Committee emails during the election. He said that when he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in China in September, he told him to “cut it … Continue reading

Bill Whittle: The Republican Party Vs. The Democrat Party

Bill Whittle knocks one out of the park with this video. It is important to know that the Left (Democrats/Socialists/Marxists/Communists/Progressives/Whatever) ARE the true racists in this country.  It’s an historical fact this is reinforced daily by the Left.  Bill does a great job explaining the differences between the two parties. The only group of individuals that are counter racist, pro-capitalist, pro-Constitution, pro-Civil Rights, pro-Individual are Conservatives who just happen to vote republican. It is my hope and dream that the Left gets squashed in short order.  Their message and actions are poison.  One of the first orders of business which … Continue reading


Recently I visited the Yorktown Battlefield here in Virginia.  The siege and resulting battle concluded a bloody five-year conflict with the British Crown for American Independence.  The battle of Yorktown was the deciding conflict where on October 19, 1781 the British General Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington. Standing on the battlefield flanked by the adjoining cemetery, I was humbled by the earthworks and the sheer vastness of the battlefield. The earthworks were lined with hundreds of cannons. One could almost hear the battle cries and the thunder of war. I couldn’t help but wonder how our forefathers might feel right now about … Continue reading

Forgotten History – Eisenhower’s Farewell Address

History is an amazing resource to help in meeting problems of today if we would only pay more attention. Eisenhower’s address is a chilling prediction of today’s problems. It also gives strength to the very words that Trump has spoken (and many others) to keep a strong military but use diplomacy first and foremost.     Avalon Project – Yale, “Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961” Excerpt: “Our people expect their President and the Congress to find essential agreement on issues of great moment, the wise resolution of which will better shape the future of the Nation. ..Throughout America’s … Continue reading

Was It Divine Intervention

again, that saved America from the abyss, with a Trump presidency on the horizon? Consider this. 1.  The American Revolution was actively fought by only 3% of the population. Imagine that, taking on the world’s only superpower, with 3% on active duty, the rest split into thirds, for, against, and who cares. And we win. 2.  During the Battle of Long Island, when Washington’s troops were heavily outnumbered, starving, low on ammo, and shivering in the cold pouring rain. The morning came and with it, a freakish fog (the rest of NYC was clear) that allowed Washington to evacuate his army … Continue reading

EU braces for political upheaval in wake of Trump, Brexit shocks

Your Welcome – GO EUROPE! EUxit Spring!       Published on Nov 11, 2016 American voters’ choice for their next leader is widely seen as a protest against the status quo. Predictions are now being made that Europe’s establishment needs to watch its back.   Never doubt that this is not over here in the US not anywhere else.  Brexit is still feeling major earthquake tremors over this and will for a long time to come.  We are seeing only the opening volleys here in the US as the socialists, radical Muslim faith followers and all the fringers begin … Continue reading

Daniel Greenfield On Forgettable Obama

Daniel Greenfield a/k/a Sultan Knish is a sharp observer, particularly on foreign policy issues. Here he advances the argument that Obama and his Regime will prove to be eminently forgettable. What say you, fellow ‘Noxxers? The Obama Era Is Over … by Daniel Greenfield Obama and his supporters loved talking about history. His victory was historic. They were on the right side of history. History was an inevitable arc that bent their way. The tidal force of demographics had made the old America irrelevant. Any progressive policy agenda was now possible because we were no longer America. We Were Obamerica. … Continue reading

Conservative HQ Post Election Analysis And Future Of Conservatism

  This press conference is really interesting and includes people like: L. Brent Bozell III, Adam Brandon, Marjorie Dannenfelser, David M. McIntosh, Ralph Reed, Jr. and hosted by Richard A. Viguerie, Chair of They each gave short speeches at the beginning and then opened up for further questions.  Here are a few samples of exactly why so many conservatives should realize just how important and historic the current election has been. Richard Viguerie – Conservative HQ Chairman I was there for Ronald Reagan in 1980, the landslide election victory. It was a great conservative victory but not a rejection of the voting class…Yesterday’s results was the … Continue reading

The Electoral College is a Protection Against Voter Fraud, and It Worked Perfectly This Time

Didn’t think Trump could get elected?  You could almost be forgiven for thinking so, given that at least three critical states – California, Nevada and Virginia – had institutionalized voter fraud on a scale never before realized, put into place by rogue governors and corrupt election officials. The driver license above goes with a story by LibertFirstNews about how half of all new licenses in California have been going to illegal immigrants.  You can thank the criminal governor of the state, Jerry Brown for that.  In combination with other recent rule changes that have made it virtually impossible to ensure that only … Continue reading

Thank God Our ForeFathers Thought Ahead To Provide An Equalizer To Popular Vote

A lot of learned idiots out there have been determined to try to eliminate the Electoral College. People like me who do not understand the foundations laid by our forefathers at times, should be grateful they provided an Electoral College as a counterbalance to popular vote for such a critical position as president. Many people say do away with the Electoral College but look at the results of voting last night between Hillary and Trump. Republican – Donald Trump  289 electoral votes      to       Democrat – Hillary Clinton’s 218 electoral votes As of early Wednesday morning, Clinton … Continue reading

The Trump Revolution

Here is the good news. Liberalism died on 8 November 2016. The Progressive Era is over and done with. They started their Progressive BS with the scumbag Woodrow Wilson and ended it with the Obomination (which the Gunny called in 2008/09). They went off of the deep end because Americans are tired of crappy trade deals (22 YEARS of trade deficits with Mexico, which started under BJ Bubba Clinton (1994)). We’re tired of being colonized by unskilled, untrained, uneducated illegal aliens who swim rivers, jump fences, and who refuse to assimilate all the while gulping down benefits left and right … Continue reading

Progressives Are The Enemies of Freedom and Liberty

It must be noted, learned, and as Hanoi John Fonda Kerry said, “seared into our brains,” that our liberty, our freedom, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution come from Natural Rights, i.e., freedom of speech, and thus, the Creator. This freedom, if you will, then follows a path to a free people, a free nation, religious freedom, and then a people self-governed. When these ingredients are combined in the proper formula, they yield a nation steeped in prosperity with an overflowing abundance for one and all, in the American dream. The Progressives, on the other hand, not only outright … Continue reading

Seriously??? We’re All Anita Hill True Believers Now?

This is why we lose.  We do it to ourselves.  Will we ever learn? As Ann Coulter pointed out yesterday, we need to expect a thousand Anita Hills to come forward in the next few weeks.  The casting calls have been going on for over a year.  Why do you think that is? Is it any surprise that Michelle Obama is “shaken to her core” about new allegations against Trump? If you insist on only believing women, like Stacy McCain is suddenly doing, ironically, then please consider listening to Ann Coulter.  She’s not fooled by the words being distorted and … Continue reading

Celebrate America

because today we’ve become double-digit midgets. January 20, 2017 is 98 days and a wake-up away and we are finally, FINALLY rid of the Brown Clown. Good God it seems like an eternity that we’ve been under the thumb of the dork in the WH. Seeing President-elect Trump sworn-in will be almost as good as seeing Ronaldus Magnus sworn-in back in January 1981.

Myths about Columbus

To celebrate Columbus Day, that day remembering the evil white man who enslaved the Indians oops, Native Americans and subjected them to a thousand years of enslavement and depredation until Democrats lifted them up into society, your fiendly historian provides you with some new insight: 1. MYTH: Columbus was sailing to prove the world was round. FACT: Every educated person at the end of the fifteenth century knew the earth was a sphere, a fact known since antiquity. What was in dispute was the earth’s circumference, which Columbus underestimated by one-fourth.  He thought is was about 16,000 miles around rather … Continue reading

Why Are Democrats So Anti-Freedom

is one question that needs to be asked at a debate. EXCERPT:  “In the latest partisan escalation on the Federal Election Commission, a top Democratic commissioner has ripped a Republican commissioner’s bid to protect books, radio and Internet media from regulation as “pitiful.” Ann Ravel, a former FEC chairwoman, joined other Democrats at a meeting this month to block Republican Lee Goodman’s proposal to explicitly expand the “press exemption” from regulations to books, satellite radio and Internet-based news media. In pushing his plan aside, Ravel said that she didn’t have enough time to consider Goodman’s proposal. Goodman noted that the … Continue reading

Navy scuttles sailors’ enlisted rating titles in huge career shake-up

My father was so proud of being part of Navy during WWII. Had he not been sent home for youngest of two sons (underage no less), I absolutely believe he would have been navy career and never returned to his hometown. But then my sister and I would not exist. Still all the rest of his life I think he mourned that life circumstances prevented that from happening. This remained a sore spot between his older brother and my dad till his dying breath since his brother was the one who caught him at Pearl Harbor and had him shipped … Continue reading