Presidential Trump Excels In Mexico

Donald Trump and Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton were both invited to Mexico by Mexican President Peña Nieto. Trump graciously accepted the invitation and met with Nieto today while Hillary has yet to respond – probably too sick or tired to entertain such ideas. After the meeting, public remarks were given by both men and then Trump took questions from the attending press. Expectations from the left (and #NeverTrump, but I repeat myself) were that Donald Trump would act as the hostile leftist media and their allegedly conservative enablers have declared him to be; he was expected to be a blowhard, … Continue reading

Words vs. Deeds

Above image via iOTWreport. #NeverTrump and their media enablers are cut from the same miserable narcissistic dirty booger-rag cloth. Here’s a bit of advice, via Cold Fury: No need to get all distressed and handwringy over the media doing what it was always going to do, what it has always done, and what it was going to do regardless of who the Republican nominee was. Remember when Mitt Romney—that nicest of all nice-guy perennial-loser candidates for whom the libtards and Republicrats (pardon the redundancy) now so winsomely yearn—was pushing grannies in wheelchairs off cliffs, deliberately giving female employees cancer, raping … Continue reading

She Wishes

The Malfunctioning Maobot, AKA Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton, sure has been glitching out and short circuiting a lot lately, and now she has called Donald Trump her husband. Now, it could be that she is just so used to bitching at her husband that when she was bitching about Trump she got a little confuzzled, and it could be that she is a nearly life like android with some kind of wiring problem, or it could be that she’s sick (physically and/or mentally), but it could also be that she realizes that Donald is strong and lively while Bill is … Continue reading

Mutant Skeeters OKed by Feds for Zika/ Zombie Apocolypse

It sounds like the beginning of a zombie apocalypse story, but only time will tell what horrors may be unleashed by our benevolent government with the authorization to use genetically altered mosquitoes that are supposed to help fight the mosquito borne Zika virus in Florida. What could possibly go wrong? Florida is already familiar with face eating zombies. h/t Drudge