Fake News – Who is behind it?

While we often remember and cite tabloid headlines at the supermarket checkout stand as being the original fake news, with ridiculous headlines about alien abductions and UFOs, the term has come to light in the recent presidential election. We’ve since learned that much of it was designed to sway our voting, and came from not only the dominant campaigns, but from foreign interests. Sharyl Attkisson is a top journalist that makes an effort to provide accurate, truthful, unbiased news and exposés, and has an informative television show called Full Measure. In this clip, from a TED talk, Sharyl leads us … Continue reading

A New Proposal To Curb Food Stamp Abuse

We have angrily shuddered at stories about steak and lobster being purchased by food stamp recipients, while we struggle to use coupons, find sales, and otherwise stretch our food dollars to buy the basics.  Apparently, word of this sort of abuse (and surely much more) has filtered to the top of the Trump administration: Leftists FREAK OUT about bold Trump admin. proposal to revamp food stamps A friend once watched a bum use food stamps to buy bottled water. He left the store with a shopping cart full of water bottles purchased with our tax dollars. He went behind the … Continue reading

Are Our Mainstream Media Controlled by Puppet Masters?

I had to display this detailed org chart at full screen on a 42″ monitor to read it, but it explains why the MSM is so corrupt and in lockstep against Trump.  It is believed by some that the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, started in the 1950’s, is still active, as confirmed recently by the Free Thought Project:  “It seems that Operation Mockingbird is running strongly in 2015, under whatever code name it now operates.” A post by the mysterious “Q” on January 27, 2018, references a video posted by Julian Assange on Twitter with Joe Biden bragging about rigging the … Continue reading

Interesting Explanation of Current Events and the DoJ

The following 37 tweet sequence is from @TheLastRefuge2 on Twitter, who has an interesting point of view about it.


1. As events unfold, many are confused. All of these people are coordinating a strategy to entirely deconstruct, then rebuild, the U.S. Justice Department.


2. The level of rot is far greater than most casual observers thought.

3. Deep inside the FBI and DOJ there is wide-spread corruption amid leadership.

4. Additionally, deep inside Washington DC there are people on both sides of the aisle who are vested in the wide-spread corruption.

5. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. It is a UniParty issue.


6. There are republicans who align with democrats in support of the DOJ/FBI malfeasance, because they are both benefactors.

7. For historic context: when the IRS was weaponized to target MAGA-minded conservatives, the GOP and DEM wings of the UniParty both benefitted from the elimination of the threat known as the Tea Party.


8. In 2011, entrenched GOP power-brokers enjoyed Obama’s weaponization of the IRS because it also removed the threat to their primary elections. This crew:


9. Fast forward to 2016-2018 and there the same ideological alignment is taking place amid the DOJ/FBI weaponization. Hence, Decepticons like John McCain supporting spreading the “Clinton-Steele Dossier” etc.

10. The corruption is not the risk. Donald Trump, and his supporters are the risk. Trump is the existential threat to the system. Everything Trump represents is the threat to the system. Ergo all marques of queensbury rules are set aside and all methods are approved.


11. Again, the effective weaponizaton of DOJ/FBI is not simply a Democrat or Republican issue.

12. There are many republicans who love what President Obama tried to do. There are even more republicans who saw benefit from what President Obama tried to do. The latter group are the ‘willfully blind’ group.

13. So the group of people who are taking on the challenge of deconstructing the corruption within the U.S. Justice System is actually very small.

14. Outside that small team of White Hats, there are politicians who see political benefit from giving the appearance of being part of, or supporting, the small White Hat team.

15. However, only the “kitchen cabinet” (small group of tight White Hats) can actually be trusted. All others are kept at a distance, or used if they are seen as presenting a valid role in advancement of the Kitchen Cabinet objectives.

16. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, a republican, is specifically *NOT* part of the trust group. He is part of the GOPe crew who benefit from the corruption and cannot be trusted. Hence, he is not allowed into the Kitchen Cabinet discussions.

17. There are other republicans at various degrees of alignment with the corruption enterprise. Almost all of the #NeverTrump crew would be considered in this grouping.


18. Again, more examples. None of these “republican” people can be trusted in the clean up operation. They are all compromised at varying degrees.


19. Those who will directly defend the Clinton/Obama effort (all Democrats), and those who will indirectly defend the Clinton/Obama effort (many Republicans), will work their traditional networks -to include their media allies- in protecting the SWAMP.

20. Meanwhile, inside the DOJ and FBI, the tier(s) of corrupt leadership are vast and seemingly overwhelming. That’s why this entire clean-up operation is so carefully planned out.

21. Corrupt Republicans, almost all Democrats and virtually the entire FBI and DOJ leadership team (everyone pre-Trump) are actively working against the ‘kitchen cabinet’ restoration crew.

22. Massive amounts of disinformation are being shot-gun blasted from these corrupt entities into the media.

23. If you are following the struggle, and desire to understand what’s happening, your goal should be to figure out what information is false, which is true, and what are the motives behind anything you might read in the media.

24. While simultaneously keeping in mind that the good guys will be seeding fake news to uncover leakers working against their interests. Hence: “often the Leaks will be real, but the underlying news is fake”…

25. Just like the Chris Wray “fake news story” yesterday, about his threat to quit. And today’s media release about Wray’s chief-of-staff, James Rybicki resigning.

26. Slow down, think things through, determine if the “hot story” make senses against prior facts and motives,… and you’ll find the sequence of events becomes increasingly clear.

27. Black Hat Hunting = James Rybicki was set up with a false story (might have even been by Wray himself). Rybicki leaked it to his allies in Axios. Rybicki is then confronted about the leak,…. and the media reports Rybicki resigns.

28. Same process during the Intelligence Committee leak hunt using Don Jr.


29. Same process used by Kitchen Cabinet to discover another leaker:


30. Same process used by Kitchen Cabinet to discover another leaker:


31. The leaks are real, the news is fake.

32. This guys, and many unseen hands, are planning it all out.


33. The problem is so vast, their enemies are so numerous, the issues are so important, that everything is methodically planned and coordinated to excruciatingly exacting detail. Everything is strategically viewed in granular detail.


34. If you react with emotional criticism to every ‘Fake News’ media story you’ll be entirely lost on what is really happening.

35. Thankfully the President of the United States is used to dealing with Apex Predators, masters of disinformation, amid billion dollar real estate deals. Oddly, some would say divinely, POTUS Trump has a unique skillset that transfers nicely to this current challenge.

36. Best advice, wait 24-36 hours before formulating an opinion on any media story; and elevate yourself to see the larger picture when thinking about the goals to rebuild the entire U.S. Justice System.

37. The End.


There is not much I can add, except the hope that all the corruption comes to light in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

~ Wise Owl

Illegal Aliens Quietly Being Relocated Throughout U.S. on Commercial Flights

If this isn’t bullshit, I don’t know what is, and it is happening NOW!  Judicial Watch reported, on January 19, 2018, that instead of returning Illegal teens crossing the border into the United State, they are being flown out of Arizona and Texas, to Salt Lake City and Minneapolis, to be turned loose on unsuspecting cities.  They board commercial flights with priority boarding, ahead of all other passengers, including law enforcement personnel, accompanied by plain-clothed HHS escorts. Word has gotten out to Mexico and Central America, and the border crossings jumped from 11,100 in a month, to 26,000.  This per … Continue reading