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Retired from the US Navy (21 years) and state (20 years). Recently remarried after being widowed for 5 years. 2 daughters, and a step-daughter, all functioning adults). Graduated from college after the Navy with BA in Education, psychology, Economics, History and Political Science. Teach Hunter Safety for Washington (since 1991) and do historical reenactments for Civil War, WW-1and WW-2.

Quote of the Day

For some time now I have missed Grouchy and his QOTD. After some discussion, I am going to try and step into his (very large) shoes. Any assistance with good ones is gratefully appreciated. This one has been attributed to a number of people. The earliest version I can find is from Otto Leupold Fürst vonBismarck: “Der Mann, der kein Sozialist bei 20 ist, ohne Herz , aber, wenn noch ein Sozialist bei 30 er hat kein Gehirn” (He who is not a socialist at 20 has no heart, but if he remains a socialist after 30 he has no … Continue reading

The Night of the Long Knives

From THE CONSTITUTION: As a historian (and a person pf Prußian-German descent who had relatives on both sides in WW-1 and 2 and lost over 200 relatives in the Camps) I have a great interest in the politics of the day. I came across thisd article the other day, and since I have said many times that I saw similarities between not and Wiemar Germany, thought I would share it. Just as the Nazi’s formed the SA and then the SS, to give the party an army of it’s own, Democrats have formed the KKK back in the late 1860’s, … Continue reading

Is there a Coup in the Works?

Not long ago Stephen Coonts put out a new book. LIBERTY’S LAST STAND. Islamic terrorists lit the fuse…but a treacherous president planted the bomb. With the nation in shock over a series of Islamist outrages (shooting up a Catholic grade school and a baseball game are just two of them) by “refugees”, the president of the United States – Barry Soetoro – imposes martial law, cancels the imminent presidential election, and suspends the Constitution. In response, Texas secedes—and what follows is the bloodiest, most harrowing internal insurrection since the Civil War. The purges that follow arrest thousands of people, including … Continue reading

THE CLINTON BODY BAGS *Purely coincidental

This came across to me yesterday, and seems to be something well worth putting out to the world (again) in one place.  For those too young to remember, a start on this road again with the election of Hillary. What an amazing list of mere coincidences….. *Purely coincidental?* *THE CLINTON BODY BAGS* *Food for Thought * Just a quick refresher course lest we forget what has happened to many “friends” of the Clintons. 1- *James McDougal *- Clintons convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr’s investigation. … Continue reading

What REALLY is a High Powered Assault Rifle?

(From FreedomOutpost)   Sometimes you really do wonder if some politicians are lying or just plain ignorant. The latest example of this wonder if Florida Representative Alan Grayson, who thinks the AR-15 is a real fully automatic “assault rifle.” In an interview following the shooting in Orlando by a follower of Islam’s Muhammad, Grayson made the ridiculous claim that an AR-15 can fire 700 rounds per minute. In speaking of Islamic jihadist Omar Mateen, Grayson said, “If he were who he was and he was not able to buy a weapon that shoots off 700 rounds in a minute, a lot … Continue reading

Was the Colorado Vote Rigged Against Trump

Trump lost Colorado by 100% to Zero.  And Trump and his supporters have cried “FOUL”, and contend that the vote was rigged against him. He kind of ignored the rules there (and in a couple of other states) where he lost. Maybe he was playing a different game – he always has played by his own version of the rules. Maybe the rules were “rigged” against him, but that rigging was done back in 1912, and had Trump or his people taken time to read the rules, he might have done much better. And Trump has also benefited by the … Continue reading

Stop whining. Change things.

I’m not posting much right now.  I want to wait until we have something positive to blog about.  A chosen candidate.  I am not interested in the vicious attacks of those people who hate candidate X.  However, Pamela Adams has a few words to say about the primary process.  She says: When Sen. Bernard Sanders won New Hampshire and Hillary Clinton walked away with the majority of delegates, people were shocked but made some very funny “spreading the wealth around” jokes. When Sen. Ted Cruz started winning delegates at conventions in Colorado and then Wyoming, the cries of fowl play … Continue reading

The Importance of YOUR vote.

Please read this closely.  For the purpose of THIS article I do not care who the Republican nominee is.  A number of people, intelligent people, principled people, religious people, ethical people have stated they will not vote for (Trump)(Cruz).  Some have said they will vote for (Hillary)(Bernie) if (Trump)(Cruz) wins.  Others say they will stay home.  Others say they will write in some name or vote for a 3rd Party.  The information below came from a friend, but she got it from another source, which I do not know.  The facts, however, are correct. No matter who wins the (R) … Continue reading

Does Your Religion Help You To Vote?

Well, the other day I got an article entitled “Major Catholic Leaders Oppose Trump“. We tend to avoid religious discussions here but since I thought that this subject might make an interesting look at how the election is shaping up (since I am a Catholic and will probably end up voting for Trump if things play out the way they are looking now) I asked ‘Nox if he thought this would be an OK item to post, as long as I went and also attached other religion viewpoints.  It seemed like an easy thing – just grab a few official … Continue reading

British Gun Laws

Part 3 of Foreign gun laws Most of the source of this comes from Wikipedia.   British laws are complex, confusing, and contradictory. They are also subject to differing interpretations by different police jurisdictions. The legislation is interpreted in different ways by different police authorities. For example, some authorities allow clubs to possess long-barrelled pistols for members to use, and allow members who own them to allow other members to use them. Other authorities place the condition that only the owner may fire them; it is an offence for anyone else to even touch the firearm. This effectively requires member … Continue reading

The REALLY FIRST Thanksgiving in America

I recently came across a series of articles on items American history that I was aware of (well, aware of some of them, at least), but not really cognizant of their details.  As I have some friends in the Southwest (Arizona/New Mexico) I have become more aware of a long-neglected part of the history of the US.  Much of our cherished beliefs are WRONG.  For example, the oldest continuously occupied (by Europeans) city in the US is Saint Augustine Florida, founded in 1565, and the capitol of Florida until 1824.  Here is a recent article I came across – just … Continue reading

German Gun Laws

Part 2 of Other Country Gun Laws Part 1 was France (inspired by the terrorist attacks of 13NOV15) This article was originally published by Oliver Weiss on March 22, 2011. Here is an introduction into German gun laws; for a better understanding why Germans often only have few guns. Here’s the basic story . . . In general, Germans may posses firearms, including semi-automatic handguns/rifles. There are restrictions on the weapon’s caliber, barrel length and brass size. Everything larger than 20mm–20mm comes within German “War Weapons Control Act”—is considered unlawful for private users. To possess a firearms, an individual needs … Continue reading

Calling Down God’s Blessing on Murder

I thought that, at 68, I’d pretty much seen it all.  Churches have women and queer Priests and Bishops.   Good is bad; free speech is not allowed; Democrats are not democratic, the party that saved America from the Nazis is now socialist-fascist, but the latest thing is the blessing of murder as a God-given gift. And not from some off-the-wall nut group. It’s the United Methodist Church.  One of the so-called mainstream churches.  They claim to be: PRO FAITH – Well, my faith says in its commandments “Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder”  Not “Kill”, but murder.  The Arfamaic and Hebrew … Continue reading

Stem Cells do Work – As Long as They are From Adults – not Aborted Babies

There has been a lot of whining from the kill the baby movement about how fetal stem cells are used in science and are going to cure all our ills. Well, I have looked about, and so far have not found a single major breakthrough from fetal stem cell research. I did, however, find one from ADULT DONOR STEM CELLS. From REUTERS: By Kate Kelland A baby whom doctors thought almost certain to die has been cleared of a previously incurable leukemia in the first human use of an “off-the-shelf” cell therapy from Cellectis that creates designer immune cells. One-year-old … Continue reading