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ACLU Needs a Nose Job and a Hat Check

ACLU RECRUITING DEPORTED ILLEGAL ALIENS FOR ‘RETURN-AND-SUE’ BRIETBART MICHELLE MOONS 23 Mar 2015 American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) representatives reportedly traveled to Mexicali Friday on the hunt for foreign nationals who have previously been deported or removed from the United States in order to add them to a list of plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against two U.S. federal government agencies. Full story here. –00– Not only does Obama and crew have the hots for sneaking illegals in but Now the ACLU smells a way to cash in on the deal. So they travel to Mexico and find deported … Continue reading

Hard Nosed Texan-Gotta Love ‘Em

Budget Hearing – Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Homeland Security Subcommittee) April 15, 2015 HouseAppropsGOP         Oh I do love to listen to an old warhorse judge.  The video is 2 hours long. Chairman Carter and several others with the subcommittee raked Soldana over the coals.  If you are interested in just the highlights, check out these timings: :15-:35;1:05-1:10; and 1:40-1:55 but I found it all interesting.  Several, especially Carter got quite pithy in their comments.  (I would bet Carter was a very tough judge when on the bench.) At one point Soldana was whining about needing IT … Continue reading

Crime of Passion or Sharia Law?

ALLEGED TEXAS ISLAMIC ‘HONOR KILLING’ BEING PROSECUTED   From Biebart an article about the death of a activist scientist, her friend’s husband and the rage of Islamic Sharia law. You can read it here. Murder is often a crime of passion or greed.  Lord knows there is a lot happening.  However this case has had so many twists and turns, it is highly interesting for several reasons. ▪ Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan,devout Muslim, had previously killed his son-in-law, Amjad Alidam, with a 12-gauge shotgun. Irsan claimed his 29-year-old son-in-law was abusing his daughter and had threatened him and his family, according to … Continue reading

Police 21st Century Executive Order 13684

I was concerned before when I read O’s Executive Order 13685 Full order HERE. “Blocking Property of Certain Persons and Prohibiting Certain Transactions With Respect to the Crimea Region of Ukraine” — it leaves open questioning, seizure of any inside the US found to be illegally assisting in Ukraine and more. However, I should have looked at this Order EO 13684 even closer. “Section 1. Establishment. There is established a President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing (TaskForce). Sec. 2. Membership. (a) The Task Force shall be composed of not more than eleven members appointed by the President. The members … Continue reading

International Monetary Fund

I have been seeing a lot of chatter posts on impending financial doom and gloom. It all falls on the actions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  So what is it and why should I care? ANSWER: Like the United Nations, it was started to meet a need but now is capable of doing a great deal of harm.   Let me explain why this is an emerging worry.  Perhaps more knowledgeable or curious researchers can find out more as I am no global financial major.  (I got this from different financial sites after reading their credentials and information but … Continue reading

Loretta Lynch — Is There No Other Qualified Candidates

Why is it that one single nominee has to be approved for such an important position as Attorney General or Secretary of State or any other high level positions? In a majority of public and private positions across the country people compete for a position as to best qualifications not just an individual’s approval. In fact every political position generally has more than one candidate. I personally have deep reservations on any Obama has chosen. To say his track record is less than stellar is like me putting a heavy layer of icing on a burnt cake in hopes it … Continue reading

What To Do For Our Young People?

http://kmsp.videodownload.worldnow.com/KMSP_20150209194044907AA.mp4   “My goodness, what shall we ever do to stop our young people from joining radical Islam? (hand-wringing sobs and voices of outrage)” Why am I showing the February tape? Because of this news report today where the same group is again being noticed. FOX NEWS REPORT found here. Feds make arrests in Minnesota, California in connection with terrorism investigation Published April 19, 2015 How about folks PAY ATTENTION to who and what your children are doing? Question, grow a bit of hutzpa and be real Parents not absentee landlords.  Get your heads out of your computers, smart phones, or … Continue reading

The Rights of a Citizen to Vote

While Obama has been taking the heat over his Immigration Executive Order concerning giving noncitizen’s free rein, there has been a grassroots effort on local levels that has quietly enacted city/county laws to give away voting privileges to non-citizens. Several have already put this into action in spite of state and federal laws.  Their explanations on the surface sounds reasonable. After all, those living for years with permanent green cards should have a voice in how they are governed right? Others say it is a way to get more voters to the poles as apathy has reduced the numbers of … Continue reading

Seriously? Someone Is Living in an Alternate Reality!

This is totally insane!!! Not reported in the main news that I saw but definitely has My Attention. Every one of those involved need to be either deported or tried for treason. Since 9/11 we have fought, been drained of funds, weapons, world standing, and most importantly our sons and daughters killed or maimed for WHAT?  So we can be overrun by muslim jihadists in our own federal capitol and states?  Stupid idiots. A Major Muslim Group Just Made A Bold Move To Gain More Power In The US Government From James Beattie at Western Journalism comes this article: “According to … Continue reading

Sheriff Wild Bill Rides Again

      Wild Bill has it right. If laws are made for citizens then the same needs to apply to the privileged bureaucracy. The first three should be Obama, Hillary, and their main enforcer Eric!  Can’t add a thing to his rant, he nailed it.    

ICE Not So Cool Under Fire

ICE Oversight Hearing April 14, 2015   I am very interested in following hearings about immigration as are many of our regulars. Gowdy was actually rather easy on Soldana yesterday. However, a few other members were proving to be just as capable of interviewing and touching on subjects of concern. So I decided to hand out trophies to those who I thought were able to turn up the heat in the April 14, 2015 session. ☆☆☆ Goes to — Louie Gohmert  Smiles here as he pins Soldara on compliance and not questioning who wrote memos. I think it was one … Continue reading

Campaigns Financed from the Shadows

George Zornick wrote a good analytical report in October 2014 called “Secretive, Deep-Pocketed ShadowCampaigns Pervade Midterms”.  In it he discusses how the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision made campaign fundraising a study in pervasive techniques to hide donators. That decision has added to contribution problems and shadow donations from many suspect characters. In the case of the Clinton’s and others in the political arenas, little has changed just become easier with special accounts like PACs. Campaign funds have appeared and disappeared for many years, just not done with court standing. Interesting that not just one but several fundraisers who have had … Continue reading

Sensible Texas Solution – Crimes by Illegal Aliens

  H.R. 11  Since 9/11 the Department of Homeland Security has been tasked with coordinating and protecting the entire country from terrorists. Somehow, it seems, they have additionally been burdened with immigration issues rather than allowing the Immigration and Naturalization Agency to handle their own business. To me it is obvious on a national scale that DHS has bitten off far more than it has available personnel or authority to do in this as well as other issues. Its purpose was to “coordinate the executive branch’s efforts to detect, prepare for, prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from terrorist … Continue reading

Interesting Twist on Bitcoins Thieves!

  Former Federal Agents Charged with Bitcoin Money Laundering and Wire Fraud Agents were Part of Baltimore’s Silk Road Task Force U.S. Department of Justice March 30, 2015 Office of Public Affairs Two former federal agents have been charged with wire fraud, money laundering and related offenses for stealing digital currency during their investigation of the Silk Road, an underground black market that allowed users to conduct illegal transactions over the Internet. The charges are contained in a federal criminal complaint issued on March 25, 2015, in the Northern District of California and unsealed today. Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. … Continue reading

Love Your Executive Amnesty Now Guys??

It sure didn’t take long for California liberals to squeal.  It seems the truth about executive amnesty came home to roost in a few birdbrain size liberal “let’s have open borders and flood our street” minds.  And we the people oh lying president are not affected by your executive amnesty “I can do what I want”,  Dicktatorial manipulations “failure to carry out orders carries consequences”,  ego trip “hey look what I did” legacy?  Really!?! Soros and all you democrat fat checkers can sure pick winners to back from a Islam follower to a scandal ridden Hillary–how the heck did any … Continue reading

Sure Sign the Iran Whatever It Is “Ain’t Good”

  From BizPac comes the solid stamp of Pelosi approval.  Gag!! Pelosi’s rolling out her Obamacare argument for Obama’s Iran deal? ‘We haven’t forgotten’ House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sided with the administration on the Iranian nuclear arms deal Wednesday, by announcing her opposition to Congressional approval of its terms. The California Democrat is asking fellow lawmakers to reject Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker’s proposal calling for Congressional review of any deal that has been struck. Diplomacy has taken us to a framework agreement founded on vigilance and enforcement, and these negotiations must be allowed to proceed unencumbered,” Pelosi said in a … Continue reading

US Supporting United Nations

  The United States has long been the major source of income for the United Nations.  Yet, another stupid waste of our tax dollars at work.  It has never made a lot of sense to me that our country be the one most often tapped for military or financial assistance. Don’t get me wrong, I believe aid when disasters strike is an important role all countries should provide especially to underdeveloped lands who have serious problems like earthquakes or hurricanes.  However, we as citizens have rallied individually supporting relief efforts through fund-raising or health organizations even beyond our monies sent … Continue reading

Part 3 – Jade 15 Military 3 Month Exercise

Well, we wondered and apparently now we know. The internet is exploding over this exercise. I do NOT think there is this much coincidence in life. First we have a resolution to help Ukraine. Then we have Russia talking arming insurgents INSIDE our states. Now we have apparrently a military exercise that started to be only 3-5 states and seems to have expanded to more!?! Washington Post says don’t worry blah blah. Why should I believe them now? Here is a PDF of this training which is apparently why we are seeing so much movement. It seems our military is … Continue reading

Part 2 — Russian Response to US Supplying Ukraine Weapons

In response to what Russia perceives as interference, they posted this in the last few days.   Chechnya offers arms to Mexico to fight United States The offer comes as a response to a U.S. House measure encouraging shipment of U.S. weapons to Ukraine. By Ed Adamczyk GROZNY , Russia, March 26 (UPI) The Russian republic of Chechnya offered to send arms to Mexico, a response to a U.S. House measure encouraging shipment of U.S. weapons to Ukraine.  Dukuvakha Abdurakhmanov, the Chechen parliament speaker, said the United States has “no right” to advise Russia on behavior with neighbors, a reference … Continue reading

Part 1 – House of Representatives- Military Aid to Ukraine

I am setting this up in 3 parts because to me they are definitely linked. We have been wondering about when a hammer would fall. Well I present 3 scenarios beginning with what has caused the escalation, Russia’s response and finally why we are seeing military vehicles. In the past week things have been happening which I have a bit poo’d off since the info came from typical alarmist sites. Part 2 happened in the last 48 hours though. And the military is expanding an exercise which oddly is at the same place and time … alarmist or not? ~Uriel     In … Continue reading