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Avalon -Quest for the Apple Part 4

Discovery of the apple: 9) Has Islam made inroads into the world through government, media, and education? Yes Hamas Covenant in Article 30 calls upon the educated thinkers around the world to join in Jihad. Writers, intellectuals, media people, orators, educators in all areas of every country to awaken and prepare the way for the future of Islamic State and Religion. It expressly notes that Jihad is not confined to gun and other weapons of physical war but includes every phase of the world to bring about the Islamic One World State. Educated Westerners, Europeans, Easterners on every continent who … Continue reading

What’s Behind Obama’s Rushed Immigration Push?

How many times and in how many ways will we need to get through to Congress that many of Obama’s actions may on the surface appear reasonable and helpful but in point of fact has deeper, darker meaning?? It was not even 24 hours after news reached us of the temporary stay by Judge Hanlen that media news reported Obama told DHS to Continue All Immigration Actions as fast as possible.  This went out even though it is an unlawful course of action per Judge’s ruling. Splashed across the news media headlines today was the announcement that terrorist threat within … Continue reading

Avalon – Quest for the Apple Part 3

To continue my apple search: 5) So who is at risk for annihilation?  Better to ask who is not. Let’s begin at the top of their to-do list: Jews of which there is no doubt as the Qur’an is full of hate in this arena. Christians because they side with the Jews more often than not. The communist East and the crusading West. Egypt for the Camp David Agreement. Homosexuals and sexual deviants for their abomination. Any who succumb to diverse kinds of entertainments or media not accepted in their eyes as against their religion. How am I doing?  Don’t … Continue reading

Avalon – Quest for the Apple Part 2

Continuing my quest for the apple and considering types and boundaries: 3) Are there divisions, sects, or branches across the world who practice a non-confrontation, non-violent, conservative form of Islam?  There are a very few but in general chances are slim for any to survive for long if the movements for jhad have their way. In fact, Islam in Qur’an deals more harshly in its attitude to those who are not willing to follow or participate in all of its dictates exactly using killing and any other means necessary to further its spread. From the wording found in verses, we … Continue reading

Avalon – Quest for the Apple Part 1

As so many times happens for seekers of truth, an article or picture will open a door.  So much in the news has come out–beheadings, teachings of Islam, lies and misdirections like the last few days– that when I stumble across information, I feel it important to share. One thing led to another when I came across this archived under US court judges information: the Code of Federal Regulations; Title 31, Subtitle B, Chapter V regarding Dept. of Treasury regulations relating to foreign asset control. It was the title of the case– USA versus Holy Land Foundation for Relief and … Continue reading

How Much More Should Citizens Take?

News from Egypt — swift and decisive return after beheadings —   Yet our Commander-in-chief has not made one (*?!*) move to send reinforcements in to assist our brave military troops currently surrounded by ISIS or made one single speech in the last few years that is truthful or shown one iota of patriotic backbone!!! We should DEMAND impeachment and murder charges for every soldier lost because he refused to act decisively rather than run away.  Our country has reached its lowest morale level in its history.  Yet Congress especially liberidiot cowards back this guy. I Did Not vote for … Continue reading

Silent War of the World

There are many kinds of war fought in the world some with words, some with weapons, and some curiously silent but no less deadly. Recently we talked about a oddity in the banking world. Being curious as usual, I could not let this rest without checking it out. This is what I found. In 2007 we all know many financial problems cropped up over the globe. From Madoff’s Ponzi scheme to missing investments, the world rocked and nearly collapsed from shaky banking, wildly tumbling stocks, and out of control real estate deals. Nothing has been settled even 7 years later … Continue reading

Bob Simon – Accident or Target?

NEW YORK Co-worker reportedly warned limo boss about Bob Simon‘s ‘erratic’ driver Published Fox News February 14, 2015 from New York Post Article. Bob Simon was one of the last bastions of gritty reporters who to the best of ability tried to bring truth to news. He will be missed. This Fox article mentioned several curious points.  The article brings up that the driver, Abdul Reshad Fedahi,  had been reported by a coworker for problems with driving and altercations with customers.  From what I read his license validity was even in question and had been suspended 9 times prior to the … Continue reading

Illegals, Taxes, and Earned Income Credit

Who Did not See this Coming? IRS: Extra Tax Refunds for Illegal Immigrants Granted Amnesty by Obama:     Let’s just open the borders and work as slaves shall we? As usual lies do tend to be found out.   –Uriel–    

What is Islam?

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right name.“ – Chinese Proverb So let’s begin this with the understanding Muslim refers to people and Islam refers to a precept which muslims refer to as a religion. That said, I put forth the definition that Islam is by definition a Fascist form of political governance. My definition is based on internet search through encyclopedias and dictionaries whose information is generally accepted, historical and defining information in particular. I am sure someone somewhere will have plenty of objections but so be it. First, take the definition the word, Fascism, which … Continue reading

Could Capitol Hill Actually Be Getting Tired of Executive Order Bully?

Politico: An Appeals Court Strikes Down Obama’s “Net Neutrality” Rules As Executive Overreach by John Hawkins (Jan. 15, 2015) “Yesterday’s oral arguments on the recess-appointment issue demonstrated that the Supreme Court may be ready to pull the reins sharply on the Obama administration’s exercise of power. Today, the DC Court of Appeals did the same thing. In a unanimous decision (with some dissent on the justification), the court invalidated the Net Neutrality rules imposed by the FCC when Congress refused to approve them: By classifying Internet access as an “information service” as opposed to a “telecommunications service” – which is … Continue reading