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Requiem to A US Town — Cities Need to Take Notice-2

  Part 2.     2000-2015  Hamtramck  Over the past thirty years, a large number of immigrants from the Middle East (especially Yemen) and South Asia (especially Bangladesh) have moved to the city. As of the 2000 census, the city’s foreign-born population stood at 41.1% making it Michigan’s most internationally diverse city.  One research paper from a college student noted at that time — Once a thriving Polish town, housing nearly three times as many people in the early 1920s, it has now become an international town with 20,512 people of Bosnian, Arabic, Bangladeshi, Polish, and other origins. As the … Continue reading

Requiem to A US Town — Cities Need to Take Notice 1

Hamtramck 1960’s   The headlines of many off mainstream media have been talking about one small town in the north just five miles from the heart of Detroit.  In reality, it is the story of many cities and towns across our country. This two-part series looks at the rise and fall of one town.   In the  late 1950’s, our country experienced a boom.  For a decade or so after it started, life was good.  Jobs were plentiful and our towns flourished.  City planners encouraged incoming industries and reaped the benefit of their prosperity.  However, like people, cities and towns … Continue reading

Muslim Brotherhood Influence in the United States

Hardnox and friends have done many posts on Muslim Brotherhood.  We hoped to sound an alarm for those not already aware of the precise understanding of who and what the Muslim Brotherhood is and the mass infiltration of its tentacles into the life we know in the United States.  We should all be vigilant and aggressively active in attempting to bring these groups before the public and expose their true goals.  No Democrat or Libertarian can possibly explain away what has already been entered into court records.  We MUST meet this threat with truth and determination.  Each of us daily … Continue reading

Obamacare – Democrat “Legacy” Drowning In Excesses and Stupidity

National Conference of State Legislators Updated October 2015 HEALTH INSURANCE PURCHASING COOPERATIVES AND ALLIANCES: STATE AND FEDERAL ROLES Federal Health Reform Creates the “Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP)” Article found HERE. Under the federal health reform law the creation of new health insurance cooperatives was encouraged primarily through the distribution of up to $6 billion in funding under the Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) program. The Secretary of HHS is to use the authorized funds to foster the creation of new nonprofit member-run health insurance issuers that offer QHPs in the individual and small group markets. Federal funds … Continue reading

Christians In Poland Rise Up Against Liberals and Muslims

I seriously doubt this ever hits the US mainstream media. Kudos to Poland Christians for taking a stand! Polish soccer fans take the Islamist threat very seriously. Polish Football Fans Vow to ‘Defend Christianity’ Against Muslim Migrants by Raheem Kassam  •  Nov 2, 2015 Cross-posted from Breitbart Polish football (soccer) fans unveiled an enormous anti-mass-migration banner at Sunday’s Silesian Wrocław match against Poznań. Images from the match last night show a giant crusader defending Europe from invading jihadists in boats labelled USS Hussein, USS Bin Laden, and USS ISIS. Just a week after Poland voted to kick out every left-wing … Continue reading

Obama Calls For Early Prisoner Releases-Federal Prisons 101

The Marshall Project. 10-29-2015. Article is rather lengthy and can be seen HERE.  (What is below is my use of the information as reference while not directly quoted in full, it is the content of their site.) Starting Friday and over the next few days, the federal Bureau of Prisons is set to release an estimated 6,112 people from custody as part of an effort that reduced their sentences for drug crimes. It is the largest on-time release of federal prisoners .  Updated numbers from the Bureau of Prisons show that only about 1,000 of the inmates will be heading … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Campaign Lie on DOMA

    Dick Morris was a friend and advisor to Bill Clinton during his time as Governor of Arkansas, Morris became a political adviser to the White House after Clinton was elected president in 1992. Today he is a political commentator for news and blogs, an author of books, and a political strategist. On October 29, 2015 he wrote the following for Newsmax. Article HERE Hillary Lied About DOMA On Rachel Maddow Show On MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, Hillary Clinton said that it was the threat of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage that led her husband President Bill … Continue reading

Avoiding World War III and Putting Stop to Part of the World Unrest

Commentary: You know when children in a group act out, the best answer is to allow them to solve the problem themselves while adults watch over to insure their safety. At least as I was growing up that was the answer. No weapons, just bodies. I am heartily sick of how all the countries of the world are being punished and will ultimately be drawn into a massive war because of the antics of a few. I know the following sounds harsh and unreasonable to the liberals. The socialists who advocate harsh discipline though may actually see merit. There are … Continue reading

Cities in Distress – What Is Going On

Another city in distress.   Rather than find fault with or accuse people, I would rather look at some basic facts that might be a heads up for each reader to consider in their own cities and towns.  Signs of distress in cities and towns across the US are being seen and felt.  We absolutely MUST get a handle on these issues.  There is no more delay and no easy fix. On October 29, 2015, the Reading School District had another brawl at its Reading Intermediate High School called Citadel.  It started after school and quickly escalated from 2 fighting to … Continue reading

Computer Formulas Making Decisions in Your Life

I came across the following article about algorithms and how they affect us on a daily basis.  It lists several different articles to consider.  Mathematics (algorithms) run every program we use from budget, banking, police work to retail sales.  They are mathematically unbiased.  However, those who produce the algorithms are not.  In many cases such as our credit scores, these algorithms are complicated and often not made transparent so people have little or no idea just what or how they affect us.  Knowing who, what, why, and inclusive material can mean the difference between getting a loan, buying products, being … Continue reading

Paid Leave for Government Employees While Under Investigation

$1.8 Mil to Keep DHS Employees on Paid Leave for 1 Year   Judicial Watch Corruption Files October 23, 2015 Dozens of employees at the gigantic agency created after 9/11 to prevent another terrorist attack have been on “paid administrative leave” for more than a year, many of them for as long as two and three years. It’s part of a pervasive problem among the nation’s federal government agencies, where it’s a common practice to let employees collect their taxpayer-funded checks during investigations for wrongdoing and a series of other personal issues. Sometimes internal probes drag on with seemingly no … Continue reading

Myth vs Facts about Foreign Gun Laws Part 1

Obama issued a statement about Oregon before the next day ended.  It was his typical spiel and echoed across many quotes by his sheeple and the mainstream media who pander to his commands. However, let’s really look at what is going on around the world since rarely do we get even an inkling of what is transpiring there other than internet search.  In the interest of expediency, I will only provide a brief quote from the sites as most relevant but have added links for complete articles for those interested.    So let’s start with “down under” Australia:   ———————— … Continue reading

United Nations Part II – Group Most Likely to Influence

The second part of this concerns who is the most influential group behind the United Nations. There are a lot of information and research passages to wade through. Given the ever-increasing power and growth of the United Nations, or for some the intrusion, how the organization really influences our world, the United States in particular, needs immediate review. Kathy mentioned in her Part I comment that where the presidential candidates stand on this is an important point that should be considered.  Agenda 21 as intrusive as it was is only the starting point of the UN push on Agenda 2030. … Continue reading

United Nations – Closer Look Part I

THE DEBATE — SHOULD THE USA REMAIN OR LEAVE THE UNITED NATIONS?   This is a very serious question.  If we leave, then will it collapse or will other groups step in and make the UN change even more drastically? Do we stay at a more passive role?  If we stay, how do we maintain our country sovereignty when there is tremendous  pressure to have only one world government? Time for a closer look at the role United Nations is playing in our lives. October 24, 1945..The United Nations officially comes into existence to replace the League of Nations. Representatives … Continue reading

This Southerner is Calling You Out, Hillary!

WND had a News Alert today after Hillary’s “grilling”. Oops! Did Hillary let Benghazi cat out of the bag? Did you catch it? Hillary hints at Murdered Ambassador’s Secret Activity By Aaron Klein   But I need a lot more meat with my potatoes. So here is the STATE DEPARTMENT News Release.  Italic emphasis is mine. Notice the date folks. Addressing the Challenge of MANPADS Proliferation Andrew J. Shapiro Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs Stimson Center Washington, DC February 2, 2012 Release found HERE. As prepared: Thank you. It is my great pleasure to be here at the Stimson Center. … Continue reading

What Does Gov. Brown and IMF Have in Common?

I want to thank Lisa Haven for her efforts to get the word out quickly.  Good Reporter! http://lisahavennews.net/ What does Jerry Brown, who is apparently guzzling some weird tea have to do with International Monetary Fund in Europe?  Apparently A LOT!  Next month is a climate summit hosted by IMF.  Grab your barfer bag.       INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND Paris Climate Talks Press Release No. 15/473 October 19, 2015 For the first time, an unprecedented alliance of Heads of State, city and state leaders, with the support of heads of leading companies, have joined forces to urge countries and … Continue reading

Indoctrination of Our Young – Part 2

Part 2  Indoctrination of our young — Here is but one example of reaching out to youth by a well known figure and foundation.  Others are also known if you check, for instance Disney World.  There will be videos, emails, and dozens of other ways the UN will be reaching out through mega funding to begin preparing children for a different kind of world, if not immediately definitely soon. From Dave Hodges ” Commonsense Show” March 12, 2015.   Information HERE.   Bill and Melinda Gates have initiated an offshoot of Agenda 21 programs known as Global Citizen Nights. Global … Continue reading

Indoctrination of Our Young – Part 1

As a follow-up to Kathy’s Common Core regarding our children’s education, here is information to add to the understanding of just how our youth are being infected and affected by government attempts to bring us in line align with the United Nations Agenda 21 and 2030.   We are seeing daily how this is affecting our country by being endorsed and implemented by a president whose actions appear determined to eradicate our constitution and our freedoms. One of the most important tools in Hitler’s arsenal was German youth. Time and time again, Hitler spoke of the importance of indoctrination of … Continue reading

Supreme Court – Do As I Say Attitude

Constitution Law at Findlaw notes: “Speech Plus–The Constitutional Law of Leafleting, Picketing, and Demonstrating Communication of political, economic, social, and other views is not accomplished solely by face-to-face speech, broadcast speech, or writing in newspapers, periodicals, and pamphlets. There is also ”expressive conduct,” which includes picketing, patrolling, and marching, distribution of leaflets and pamphlets and addresses to publicly assembled audiences, door-to-door solicitation and many forms of ”sit-ins.” It was called into question in the 1960’s, however, when the Court seemed to leave the issue open and when a majority endorsed an opinion of Justice Black’s asserting his own narrower view … Continue reading

Clinton and Abedin – Facts versus Democrat Party Rants

This Photo: Huma Abedin, aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, helps organize a photo op of G8 Foreign Ministers on April 11, 2012 in Washington, DC. Secretary Clinton hosted this years G8 Foreign Ministers conference at the Blair House. (April 10, 2012 – Source: Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America         ABC News Benghazi Attacks By MATTHEW DALY ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON — Oct 16, 2015 Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Questioned on Benghazi Attacks A longtime aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday she answered all questions posed by the House Benghazi committee after a daylong meeting behind … Continue reading