A Flag Flies In The Forest

An American flag is secured with duct tape to the top of a tall pine tree in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest near milepost 27 of I-90 on Fourth of July Pass CDA Press Old Glory is flying high atop a large ponderosa pine on Fourth of July Pass. How the flag got there, on national forest land, is a mystery. At night the American flag, which is on the north side of the highway around mile marker 27, is illuminated by a light that makes it clearly visible from Interstate 90. Jay Kirchner, a spokesperson for the Idaho Panhandle … Continue reading

SHOCKING ‘Big Mike’ News…….

 ……..NOT ! The truth about ‘Big Mike’/ ‘Gentle Giant’ / Strong-arm thug / Michael Brown MAY be found out. Sometime. But if  Got News editor-in-chief Charles C. Johnson gets his way, it will be SOONER rather than LATER. This is from the Got News report. You can also see a copy of the Petition filed at this link. ~~~~~~oOo~~~~~   Got News filed a lawsuit against St. Louis County court  to obtain the juvenile arrest records of Michael Brown after the court denied his request. Brown was killed in a controversial altercation with Officer Darren Wilson. Got News editor-in-chief Charles C. … Continue reading

DWS “Fires Up” The Crowd

  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the sheep-haired, dizzy ditz  Chairthing of the Democratic National Committee, put out a tweet and picture of a “motivated” group of followers at a meeting in New Mexico. As you can see by the group picture, “motivated” is a bit of an overstatement:   D Wasserman Schultz        ✔ @DWStweets Follow This pic says it all – @NMDEMS are motivated and ready to win! Thanks for bringing us together, @mssanchez4NM. 3:40 PM – 24 Aug 2014 51 Retweets 31 favorites She followed up with another, thanking her avid supporters : D Wasserman Schultz        ✔@DWStweets Follow .@mssanchez4NM Thank you for being … Continue reading

This Is Just Terrible !

It took Tiffany Bruce months to save up for a decorative piece to spruce up her new home in Wilkes-Barre , PA. “That statue was actually $1249, but I had to have it,” said Bruce   But this week, she realized it was missing from its normal spot on her bench. “I peeked my head out the door and Obama’s gone and I kind of went into a panic. I couldn’t breathe, and I had to go to the hospital. If it’s not on your property, you should not take it at all because it’s not yours. Vandalism of any … Continue reading

Looting & Rioting In Napa !

A 6.0 magnitude earthquake rocked wine country north of San Francisco early on Sunday, injuring dozens of people, damaging historic buildings, setting some homes on fire and causing power outages around the picturesque town of Napa. ‘Hardnox & Friends’ sent me (and a photographer) to the area to do a special report on the rioting and looting that has become so common and expected in the aftermath of these types of misfortunes. The following is what we found :   Heavy Law Enforcement Presence   Looters Running Rampant One Business Owner HOPING For Looters  ( so much to clean up … Continue reading

Zero Gets Busted–Again

Remember this headline breaking news a few days ago ? In a rare move for him, the president planned a break in the middle of his Martha’s Vineyard vacation to return to Washington on Sunday night for meetings with Vice President Joe Biden and other advisers. The White House has been cagey about why the president needs to be back in Washington for those discussions. But Sunday afternoon, they revealed at least two things on the agenda: Attorney General Eric Holder will brief the president on the latest developments in Ferguson, Mo., where there have been ongoing clashes between protesters … Continue reading

Open Mouth, Insert #

As reported on the site ‘Guns Save Lives’, the justice reporter for the Huffington Post, Ryan J Reilly, tweeted a photo of foam earplugs with the caption, “I believe these are rubber bullets, can anyone confirm? #Fergurson” Of course, they aren’t rubber bullets, they’re foam earplugs, the same kind used on construction sites, at shooting ranges, sleeping on a plane, etc. Naturally, the tweet went viral and that spurred one of the funniest hashtags of the year, #CanAnyoneConfirm. The tweets involve photos of everyday objects being mistake for more more diabolical objects and, of course, tagging Reilly. Reilly did admit … Continue reading

Fun In Ferguson !

  So much bulls**t, so little time. While cruising the news bits concerning activities in Ferguson, MO., certain little things caught my eyes. Such as ….. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ During a rally to appease the animals in Ferguson on Sunday, the state appointed head of security, Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, apologized to the family of Michael Brown. In so doing, he pretty much says : “I HAVE a son, and he’s just like Mike ‘Gentle Giant/ Teddy Bear/ Strong-arm thug ‘ Brown. Well Officer Johnson, expect similar results. And don’t expect any sympathy from us when it happens.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whenever … Continue reading

The Web In Ferguson Gets More Tangled

Attorney General Eric Holder on Sunday ordered a federal medical examiner to perform another autopsy on Michael ‘Big Mike’/Gentle Giant/Teddy Bear/Strong-arm robber’ Brown, claiming “extraordinary circumstances” surrounding the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown and a request by Brown’s family members prompted the order. The examination was to take place as soon as possible. A preliminary private autopsy found that Brown was shot at least six times, including twice in the head. Dr. Michael Baden, a former New York City chief medical examiner, told The New York Times that one of the bullets entered the top of Brown’s skull, suggesting that his head … Continue reading

More From MO.

Previous posts on this subject include : ~ ‘Big Mike’ : Another “Good Child” ~ Michael Brown : ‘Gentle Giant/Strong-Arm Thug’ ~Officer Wilson’s Side Of The Story   There is so much going on with the Mike Brown-‘Gentle Giant/Teddy Bear/Strong-arm Thug’ story. Sure, it’s all over the MSM, but probably not THESE stories. Some of the recent HIGHLIGHTS : From IJReview …Friday’s release of the store-theft video by Ferguson police occurred over the objections of federal authorities, a law enforcement official told CNN on Saturday. Ferguson police had wanted to release the video Thursday but held off when the U.S. Justice … Continue reading

Officer Wilson’s Side Of The Story

More posts on this subject : ~ ‘Big Mike’ : Another “Good Child” ~ Michael Brown : ‘Gentle Giant/Strong-Arm Thug’ A woman named “Josie,” who says she is a friend of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson (the officer who shot the strong-arm thief Michael Brown ), called into The Dana Loesch Radio Show today to offer Officer Wilson’s side of the story.     Hmmmm…Who to believe ? A police officer  with a spotless record, who has received commendations, or the ‘eyewitness’ accomplice who was also involved in the robbery of a convenience store moments before the fatal shooting ?   ~Terry H/T to  our … Continue reading

Michael Brown: ‘Gentle Giant/Strong-Arm Thug’

To the absolute surprise of no one with a brain (OK-the left was stunned), it appears that the ‘Good Boy/Gentle Giant/Teddy Bear/ thug, Michael Brown, was caught on video in a strong-armed robbery of a convenience store just moments before he was shot and killed by an officer :   Michael Brown’s family said the police were ‘inciting violence all over again’ by releasing images of a convenience store robbery which they acknowledged ‘appeared to be’ Michael Brown. (Let’s see : 6’4″(check) 290 lbs. (check) light colored t-shirt, khaki shorts, yellow socks, red ball cap (yep, yep,and yep). Pretty sure that’s him.) Attorney … Continue reading

‘ Big Mike ‘ – Another “Good Child”

In its never-ending quest to obscure the truth, the MSM conveniently has left out some important background info about another “innocent child” . Here’s what they WANT you to see : The family of Mike Brown, the eighteen-year-old Ferguson, MO teenager shot and killed by police on Saturday, August 9, has said that the young man recently took up a passion for music, with an interest in sound engineering and plans to study at Vatterott College next week. According to his grandmother,  Desuirea Harris, “All he wanted to do is make music. Everyday he made one or two more records. He rapped about … Continue reading

The Truth About The “Do Nothing Congress”

One of the themes we have already seen emerge this summer from President Obama and his allies—reiterated in stump speech after stump speech—is a false narrative blaming House Republicans for failing to act. You can read about his latest ‘blame-fest’ in our own Clyde’s new “Bullshit Alert” article.  Unfortunately for the President, his “do-nothing Congress” talking point conveniently ignores the facts. When you look at the numbers, it is pretty clear which side of Congress is doing the people’s work, and which one is holding up the legislative process. The House has passed more than twice as many bills as the … Continue reading

S-S-SSeparated At Birth ?

We have all seen comparisons of 2 people who resemble each other, with the suspicion that possibly they were twins that were separated at birth. There are LOTS of those. But I have taken it a bit further. With diligent genealogical research, I have located what I believe to be a set of separated QUADRUPLETS ! First Up…The Sisters :   And Now….The Brothers : There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that these 4 are from the same gene pool ! ~Terry        

From Russia, With Love

A group of Russian students made a nifty “Happy Birthday” message for our pResident In Chief, lighting up the US embassy in Moscow with a laser light display depicting the president eating a banana. At least I THINK it is a banana. It could be a picture from Barry’s time spent with Reggie Love…..     I REALLY want me one of those laser lights ! ~Terry

Killer Rap

Over the weekend, two alleged “best friends,”  and wannabe rappers, got into a heated argument about who was the better artist (seriously) at their video shoot inside a convenience store, which left one of them shot multiple times and in the hospital. Footage of the incident has been released and to say that it’s shocking is an immense understatement.  In the footage, captured at the bodega in the Bronx where it went down, the still at large suspect is seen unloading a full clip into his “best friend.” The shooter never lets go of his drink, and when he runs out of … Continue reading

‘Jaws’ Of Stupidity

(Note to Clyde : Please please please…can I have this global warming  …bio-meteorology…climate change nugget of stupidity ??) Thanks Man ! (In case you were fortunate enough to miss the 1st “Sharknado”, and are in the dark about this subject, HERE is a short video to get you up to speed ). During Wednesday’s edition of “News Nation” with Tamron Hall on MSNBC-LSD, she did a promo for “Sharknado 2”, and an idiot actually claimed that climate change could make a “Sharknado” happen. Hall was speaking with the film’s writer, Thunder Levin, and in referring to the film asked : “How does someone … Continue reading

3 Cheers For Gov. Moonbeam !

  A new California law will allow students to drink alcohol, provided they don’t swallow it. Prerequisite for this class: Amazing self control. College students under the age of 21 will be allowed to drink alcohol in class, as long as they’re enrolled in a beer brewing or winemaking program and they refrain from swallowing, under legislation signed Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown. THAT was the fun part, but you can Read  More if you want. ~~~~~~oOo~~~~~ I predict a HUGE new surge in popularity for these courses. And probably a lot of repeats ( at least by the students under … Continue reading