Big Thug Mama And Daddy Went To The U friggin’ N…..

…and all we got was this load of BS : With the grand jury decision on the police shooting by Officer Darren Wilson of ‘Big Mike/ Gentle Giant/ Strong-arm thug/ Brown’ expected to come any day now, thug’s “parents” ( I use that term lightly) spoke before a UN Committee in Geneva, Switzerland, pleading for “the world to note what was happening in Ferguson and around the country.” Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. spoke to the United Nations Committee Against Torture — which also works against cruel or degrading treatment or punishment by government authorities. Thug Mama said : “We need the world … Continue reading

We Gots Us Some Rules !

With a decision expected any time from the grand jury investigating the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, protesters in the strong-arm thug’s home town have presented authorities with a list of demands to govern the impending riot. No, this is NOT satire. I shit you not ! Well at least one black thug can write a sentence , or maybe they had a cracker sympathizer write their manifesto for them. Rubber bullets NO real bullets YES , tanks, water cannons YES. And HIGH BAIL BONDS. Then shoo all Bail Bondsmen out of town for a week. Keep the animals caged! ~Terry

Oh No She Did-un’t !

Her Royal High Priestess Moochie  gave permission for the black (and, I assume, white) libtards to eat some fried chicken after they vote. What is not clear, is if that permission applies to the school children, and/or if The (drag)Queen rescinded her grant AFTER THE A**WIPES GOT THEIR CLOCKS CLEANED YESTERDAY.     The Revruns Al & Jesse, Holder, Spike Lee, and every rioter from Ferguson, are screaming “Raaaaccciiissst”. **UPDATE : This just in : No they’re not.   ~Terry

Sgt Tahmooressi Is Free !!

Tahmooressi free from Mexican jail! Obama to take credit in 3-2-1…   After more than 200 days trapped in a Mexican prison Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is finally home no thanks to the inaction of the Obama administration. On Friday a Mexican judge ordered the American hero released and returned to the U.S., reported Fox News Tahmooressi, 26, has been held since March 31 since he said he accidentally traversed the border with three legal and registered guns in his truck. The judge freed Tahmooressi without making a decision on the charges against him, according to family spokesman Jonathan Franks. … Continue reading

No Patent–No Piece (of the sales) !

In a past statement, Michael Brown’s mother asked that her son not be part of self-serving business or political actions as she pleaded that he be remembered for the good.  HOWEVER….A reported assault and theft recently shows that the banana doesn’t fall far from the tree.(oops–was that raaaacccciiiisssst ?) Seems Mama didn’t like it that Grandma and a cousin were out on the streets of Ferguson selling T-shirts and making some serious dough. So Mama rolls up with “her people” and tells Grandma to hand over the $1,400 cash, and Grandma says, “Like hell…” Next, the classy woman (who literally gave … Continue reading

A Greasy Spoon For Greased Palms

Brentwood’s Tavern restaurant has become the go-to dining destination for any Democratic candidate seeking the highest office in the land. Last Monday, they welcomed Hillary Clinton for a fundraiser hosted by film industry members Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Alan Horn, the Los Angeles Daily News reports. You can hob-nob with the elite at The Tavern   At upwards of $30,000 a plate, I was quite sure there had to be some exquisite dishes on the menu, other than the shit being shoveled out by the evening’s speakers. I came across this menu that was obtained by our new friend, SABO (see … Continue reading

SABO : An Unsavory Agent

I gotz PLENTY of ideas for some artwork. I just wish I had an ounce of his artistic ability. His handle is SABO, and this, in his own words, is his story : “Bush the Younger was elected President and the claws came out in Hollywood. I lost my friends along with a great deal of peace. It was not a good time to be a Republican in Hollywood. There was no place I could go where I wasn’t punched in the face by some sort of art defining who I was for being a Republican. Evil, Bigotted, Homophobic, Out … Continue reading

Wouldn’t Surprise Me

Obama declares November 4th a National Day of Quarantine H/T The People’s Cube President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order today making November 4, 2014 a National Day of Quarantine for those Americans who are most at risk of contracting the Ebola virus. “You cannot get Ebola through casual contact like sitting next to someone on a bus,” the President said in a press conference shortly after signing the Executive Order. “However you can catch it while waiting in line to vote.” The Executive Order only applies to registered Republicans who are currently less likely to be receiving government provided … Continue reading

5 YO Promises Not To Kill

Reason # 1 Trillion to Home School. This occurred just a stone’s throw across the state line from me. I am outraged. ****** An Alabama mother is speaking out after her five-year-old daughter was forced to sign a “no suicide” contract without her knowledge. The incident started when the girl got in trouble at school for apparently pretending a crayon was a gun and “shooting” it at another student. The mother, only identifying herself as Rebecca in a report by WPMI-TV in Mobile, said her daughter then had to write her name on a document in which she pledged that … Continue reading

HildaBeast Fan

Ebola Patient’s Half Brother & Spokesman Is Ready For Hillary! Meet Wilfred Smallwood, a Liberian-born Phoenix man who has been the go to source for quotes about his Ebola-stricken brother, Thomas Eric Duncan. Smallwood is a refugee from Liberia. And according to his Facebook profile, he’s ready for Hillary! is working on discovering the immigration status of Thomas Eric Duncan’s relatives Louise Troh, Youngor Jallah, his stepdaughter, and her husband Aaaron Yah. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I commend for their efforts. But at this point What Difference Does It Make ? If they are illegals, I’m sure that will all be … Continue reading

Hey Whiteys : $13 Can Make You A Non-Racist !

From Following in the footsteps of President Obama, a company is out to create a “teachable moment” from the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. In a rush to judgement similar to what we saw from Obama when Cambridge, Mass., police “acted stupidly” in arresting black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., the company is out to “educate white America about the racist reality in 2014.”, described on its website as a “for-profit T-shirt company with an activist heart,” created a video ad featuring six young black kids who are said to live on the same street … Continue reading

That’ll Learn ‘Em !

In response to this :    And This :   And This :     Ferguson is doing THIS : The city of Ferguson, MO, wants to show the nation that it learned its lesson from the tragic Michael Brown shooting and the accusations of racism and excessive force that followed. The city’s solution: be more lenient on crime. In order to “improve trust within the community and increase transparency,” Ferguson city leaders are proposing sweeping changes to their criminal justice system that will be more lenient in response to crimes and lessen the financial impact on low-income areas. The … Continue reading

‘Big Mike’ Brown’s Instagrams

Since no one else in the media seems interested in presenting factual truth to dispel the imagery of Michael ‘Big Mike / Gentle Giant / Strong-arm thug’ Brown as the sweet, GOOOOD  boy that wouldn’t hurt a fly and was denied his chance of becoming a useful citizen by preparing to go to school to become a Refrigeration / A.C. tech (as soon as he completed his sentence for strong-armed robbery of the convenience store that was CAPTURED ON TAPE), and the possibility that his budding career as a (c)rap-artist of violence, sex, and drug themed songs didn’t go well, … Continue reading

Results Of ‘Big Mike’s’ Juvie Record Probe

Previous posts on ‘Mike Brown’ include : ‘Big Mike’ : Another “Good Child” ~ Michael Brown : ‘Gentle Giant/Strong-Arm Thug’ ~Officer Wilson’s Side Of The Story  ~More From MO. ~ The Web In Ferguson Gets More Tangled   This is what happened with the GotNews and The St. Louis Post-Dispatch lawsuits to have Michael ‘Gentle Giant’ Brown’s Juvenile records released. You can see my story about it HERE. This is what the AOL article said : The 18-year-old fatally shot by a suburban St. Louis police officer didn’t face any juvenile charges at the time of his death and never was … Continue reading

Robin Williams & Ol’ Betsy

This performance was from “I Love Liberty,” a two-hour television special created by Norman Lear and presented by People For the American Way in 1982. The message is even MORE important today than it was 32 years ago, when we had an AMERICAN President that loved Our Country ! ~Terry  

A Flag Flies In The Forest

An American flag is secured with duct tape to the top of a tall pine tree in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest near milepost 27 of I-90 on Fourth of July Pass CDA Press Old Glory is flying high atop a large ponderosa pine on Fourth of July Pass. How the flag got there, on national forest land, is a mystery. At night the American flag, which is on the north side of the highway around mile marker 27, is illuminated by a light that makes it clearly visible from Interstate 90. Jay Kirchner, a spokesperson for the Idaho Panhandle … Continue reading

SHOCKING ‘Big Mike’ News…….

 ……..NOT ! The truth about ‘Big Mike’/ ‘Gentle Giant’ / Strong-arm thug / Michael Brown MAY be found out. Sometime. But if  Got News editor-in-chief Charles C. Johnson gets his way, it will be SOONER rather than LATER. This is from the Got News report. You can also see a copy of the Petition filed at this link. ~~~~~~oOo~~~~~   Got News filed a lawsuit against St. Louis County court  to obtain the juvenile arrest records of Michael Brown after the court denied his request. Brown was killed in a controversial altercation with Officer Darren Wilson. Got News editor-in-chief Charles C. … Continue reading