Veterans : FYI

If you are a Veteran, a spouse of a Veteran, or even a friend of a Veteran, this is important to read and pass on : reported: Anyone with a smartphone and a bar code app can scan any Department of Veterans Affairs identification card issued since 2004 and the cardholder’s Social Security number immediately pops up on the screen. The Department of Veterans Affairs published warnings about the veterans information cards (VICs) on their website in 2011 and again in July, 2013. The alert states, “Some barcode readers, including those available as applications on cell phones, can scan the … Continue reading

A Resolution I Can Keep

Seeing as how my BFAM (Brother From Another Mother) Doug Giles and I so often think amazingly alike, I decided to let him speak for both of us concerning our New Year’s Resolutions. This allows me more time to gather rotten tomatoes and eggs to throw at my TV… IF the Rose Parade, featuring 2 fags getting married on a float, appears on my screen. On 2nd thought, the Rose Parade will NOT appear on my screen today. Period. And if you like that type of parade, you can keep that type of parade. I won’t be watching again. Period. ~~~oOo~~~ Townhall … Continue reading

A Christmas Future

‘Twas the night before a Future Christmas When all through the land Not a Marxist is stirring The Reds had been banned   Central Banking abolished Gold and silver restored Wall Street is tamed Their ox has been gored   Taxes are very light With budgets in balance Freed of debt slavery Folks discover their talents   Hollywood is wholesome Filth and porn no more Kim Kardashian is history That dirty little whore   The culture is reborn It’s the end of modern art Rockwell and Rembrandt Replace Picasso, that fart   America is at peace To the Zionists dismay No more wars for Israel … Continue reading

A Gift Idea For Libtards

Do you have a libtard in your family that you HAVE to buy a present for ? Did you draw a die-hard o’zero idolizer’s name at the office gift exchange ? Just in time for the holidays! The perfect present for the Obama supporter in your life.  It’s the “Obama Scandals Collectable Paper Plate Series.” Each paper plate is lovingly crafted to commemorate a classic scandal from the Obama administration.  * BONUS* If you act NOW, they will receive  FREE  additional plates with each NEW SCANDAL (courtesy of the taxpayers). It’s the gift that will keep on giving and giving … Continue reading

Time Magazine Gets A Clue

Have you seen the new ‘Time Magazine’ cover ? Now we know the Messiah is in deep doo-doo.   Looks like a Bayer aspirin tablet.  Rumor has it that Obama intends to place a huge tax on aspirin tablets. The only reason I’ve heard is that they are white and they work. ~Terry

An Open Letter To pResident Obama

    If ever there was a time I wanted to plagiarize someone’s words, this is it. This was written and posted by Matt Walsh, on his blog, on October 3, 2013. It received over 2,000 comments and over 160 blogger ‘Likes’. All I can add is : “DAYUM ! I wish I had written that !” ~Terry ~~~oOo~~~   Dear President Obama, You strike me as the sort of man who spends a lot of time staring at his own reflection. I wonder, what do you see when you gaze so admiringly at yourself? What image do you find in that mirror … Continue reading

Help Reclaim America Now

  Although the date is rapidly drawing near, I have seen little coverage of this event….and it is one that could really let our voices be heard. I don’t know why it hasn’t been blasted from every conservative blog site, or, to my knowledge, covered by FOX News. It has the potential to be bigger even than the successful Biker and Trucker rallies. Imagine…MILLIONS of Patriots…DOZENS of Conservative speakers… a sea of RED, WHITE, and BLUE…in plain view of the Resident In Chief’s crash pad– OUR WHITE HOUSE ! It’s only a week away. Help spread the word ~Terry The … Continue reading

Breaking News : The ABA

    N&F News Nov. 11, 2013   The U.S. government has just passed a new law : The Affordable Boat Act (ABA) declares that every citizen MUST purchase a new boat, by April 2014. These “affordable” boats will cost an average of $54,000-$155,000 each. This does not include taxes, trailers, towing fees, licensing and registration fees, fuel, docking and storage fees, maintenance or repair costs. This law has been passed, because until now, typically only wealthy and financially responsible people have been able to purchase boats. This new laws ensures that every American can now have a “affordable” boat of their … Continue reading

Calling Dr. Bar-doc O’Bombay

Cue Teleprompter…..  “Turn around slowly and majestically, and rescue the woman with the RED DRESS..AND THE WIERD HAIR (easy to spot, you see) from certain doom. Appear concerned.  OK,  OK…fake this part if necessary. Just rescue her. Her friend will do most of  the work. THEN CALL FOR WATER. Maybe call the Marines who carry umbrellas.  ACT LIKE YOU’RE IN CHARGE ! The leader of the free world is nothing but an empty suited actor. He is a  few well-done speeches draped over an elitist liberal facade. And our nation is paying the price for it. If you need any more proof about … Continue reading

O’Care Fiasco Is GOP’s Fault

Yeah. You read the title correctly. This paragraph appeared in a Politico article recently : Facing such intense opposition from congressional Republicans, the  administration was in a bunker mentality as it built the enrollment system, one  former administration official said. Officials feared that if they called on  outsiders to help with the technical details of how to run a commerce website,  those companies could be subpoenaed by Hill Republicans, the former aide said.  So the task fell to trusted campaign tech experts. If a Democrat is occupying the White House, everything bad that happens is  the GOP’s fault. Everything good … Continue reading

Bush Did It Picture Of The Day

From MSLSD: Read the caption Oops. The non-news network strikes again. By the way, how many viewers do you think actually nodded along in agreement when they read their television screens? They forgot, of course, that not one single Republican voted for Obamacare, much less had anything to do with its implementation. Nice Try, Morons ! *Coming Tomorrow : It’s Twitter’s Fault That Anthony Weiner Is A Pervert ! ~Terry

Things Liberals Say

How many of these types have you encountered ? You know…the ones who wouldn’t be caught dead watching “FAUX” news, or have actually heard Sarah Palin say she “can see Russia from her kitchen”. As soon as they open their mouths you know they have never seen any program more intellectual than Chris Matthews on MSNBC. If even that. And if you want more, grab a big ol’ cup o’ joe, or a 64 oz. soft drink (unless you live in NYC, of course) and sit back for an enjoyable, extended version of “Things Libtards Say” You Are Welcome ! ~Terry

Libtards : Never Leave Home Without It

We all see and hear it everyday. It is the answer to every liberal’s non-answer. When you have a libtard by the balls, they don’t scream in pain and fight back. They all take the same course. They retaliate with the only weapon they have in their arsenal. The dreaded and much overused ancient art known as…. RAAACCIIISSSTT ! John Hawkins, on Right Wing News, has gathered a few of the arrows from their rapidly depleting quivers, and compiled some of the best ones for our non-amusement. ~Terry ~~~oOo~~~ 15 Moronic Things Liberals Call Racism Since Obama Was Elected Bizarrely, … Continue reading

Give Zero’s Nobel Prize To Putin

OOH ! Here is a fun thing to do. This is an actual petition, created to send to The Regime in Chief. ~~~oOo~~~   we petition the obama administration to: Give to President Putin the Nobel Peace Prize Mr. Obama was given in 2009. Where as Mr. Obama made a sincere commitment to starting a war with Syria, engaging our military in unwanted conflict, and doing so without the support of his people we resolve that Mr. Obama should deliver the Nobel Peace prize given to him in 2009 to a man of Peace, the President of Russia, Mr. Putin.  … Continue reading

Tribute To A Thug

Funny thing is….they were trying to spell “OBAMA”!   As nations hinge on the verge of World War 3, the band directors for one college marching band are focusing on what matters most: Trayvon Martin. This past Saturday, the Alabama State University marching band sculpted letters forming the name “Trayvon” during a halftime show.   A Tweet by the commissioner of the Southwestern Athletic Conference, Duer Sharp, said. “Bama State band with Trayvon Martin tribute,” and others reportedly “expressed pride and respect for the band’s tribute,” according to Trayvon Martin was a Florida teen who was fatally shot during … Continue reading

Karl Marx for President !

Mark Dice continually shows the ignorance of the American people, especially when it comes to politics. In petition after petition, people are willing to support the most outlandish things, and are willing to sign most anything without the slightest clue as to what it means. This is particularly true of the libtards, and the younger generations. Just mention O’zero and, whatever it is, they can’t sign fast enough. UNFORTUNATELY, not ALL are libs or young. Check this one out . ~Terry ~~~oOo~~~  

A Worthy Cause

I vowed to never contribute another dime to ANYTHING D.C. related again. But I’m making one more exception for 2 reasons:1. These brave men deserve it. 2. I want Hildebeast and obozo to see it every time they drive through the hood. ~Terry ~~~oOo~~~ While Washington, D.C. Slept… Benghazi Memorial will soon rise from the corrupt soil of Washington, D.C. Obama and Clinton will have no choice but to come face-to-face with their treachery. More importantly, this monument will stand as a reminder of Democrat corruption to future generations for centuries to come. Greg Marra, the artist who created the statue for fallen … Continue reading