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Funny Friday

Wife : Do you drink beer? Husband : Yes Wife : How many beers a day? Husband : Usually about three Wife : How much do you pay per beer? Husband : $5.00 which includes a tip Wife : And how long have you been drinking? Husband : About 20 years, I suppose Wife : So a beer costs $5 and you have three beers a day which puts your spending each month at $450. In one year, it would be approximately $5400 – correct? Husband : Correct Wife : If in 1 year you spend $5400, not accounting for … Continue reading

Napolitano: Will Hillary’s investigation be reopened?

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in on the future of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Personally, I think Hildabeast will get nailed to the wall, as will her fellow travelers, in the coming months.  Justice will be served cold. ~ Hardnox

Prostitutes, Russia Blackmailing Trump

The latest trash fest being conducted by the media, most notably the Washington Post, the New York Times, and Buzzfeed, alleges that Donald Trump has engaged in numerous sexual encounters with prostitutes during his numerous visits to Moscow. The left is really reaching.  The bastards are mentally and morally bankrupt. Here’s a patriot’s rant on the matter: The Left is nuts.  They are really going off the rails.  It’s all they have and this is what is supposed to pass as journalism.  They are desperate to trash Trump.  Geez… ~ Hardnox

Congress Gets A Second Chance To Pass ‘Kate’s Law’

It is absurd that Kate’s law wasn’t passed and it was opposed by the left, nor would it have been signed into law by Obama.  The reality is that illegals who commit crimes were not deported is insane.  It smacks against any semblance of common sense.  Ditto with these “sanctuary cities”. The bottom line that seems to escape the left is that these people are ILLEGAL. Lastly, these illegals that committed these crimes are REPEAT offenders.  WTF! We all know why the left embraces the illegals because they are all future democrat voters and the republican weenies don’t want to … Continue reading

Battle Lines Drawn – Trump’s Cabinet Confirmation Hearings

From the Washington ComPost: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday that Democrats should “grow up and get past” the election result. “We confirmed seven Cabinet appointments the day President Obama was sworn in,” he said, noting Republicans were a comparable position in 2009. “We didn’t like most of them, either. But he won the election,” McConnell said. “So all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration at having not only lost the White House, but having lost the Senate.” YOUR GUIDE TO THE CONFIRMATION HEARINGS Prepare yourself — things are … Continue reading

Sunday Feel Good Stories

35-year-old Patrick R. Mutter, 32-year-old Gregory S. Fish and 27-year-old Jennifer L. Ecker forced their way into a home in Trumansburg, New York. Mutter got into a physical altercation with the resident and he was DRT when the police arrived. The other two were arrested. Dantel Henderson survived and encounter with a victim him and his accomplice tried to rob in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The victim was armed and licensed and killed Henderson’s partner in the attempt, so now Dantel is looking at felony murder charges for his partner’s death. 20-year-old Eugenio Pesqueira and 21-year-old Jose Pichardo pointed guns at residents … Continue reading

How the Left pushes pedophilia

Faith Goldy of TheRebel.media looks at the latest outrageous attempt by Hollywood liberals to sexualize children. I think pedophilia is a shootable offense.  Maybe that’s just me but I don’t believe harming children is OK.  It is the worst of crimes in my opinion. ~ Hardnox

Asshat Alert: Obama – ‘Race Relations Have Gotten Better’

WTF is Obama smoking? The asshat set back race relations 50 years within the black community.  The bulk of racism exists with the inner city dwellers and in the minds of leftists.  Never mind that he was elected TWICE by white people.  Racism exists in the mind of the Left.  It’s all they have to sell because everything they touch has turned to shit.  No exceptions. Time to turn a new page.  Prosperity will help everyone.  The Left needs to be told the STFU.  I fully expect the Trump Administration will do just that. ~ Hardnox

Left Abandons Reality in All-Out Assault on Sessions

From PolitZette: Democrats apparently have decided to throw the kitchen sink at U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, the Alabama Republican chosen by President-Elect Donald Trump to become the next U.S. attorney general. Democrats and surrogates appear to be abandoning all logic, reason, and decorum in a desperate drive to smear Sessions, the Yellowhammer State’s junior senator since 1997. Sessions has become the chosen lightning rod among President-Elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks that the Democrats and their minions think they can tag as racist, despite a congenial 20-year record in the Senate. The effort to keep Sessions from heading the Justice Department seems destined … Continue reading

Funny Friday

Trump has announced that he has all the necessary materials to build the wall along the Mexican border. Everyone should have known this. When Trump won the election, 60 million Democrats shit a brick… —oo— Introducing Failey’s comet:                 Trump just keeps winning…   On January 20, 2017 …   On January 21, 2017, Barry goes back to his former job with his buddy Reggie Love: (Special thanks to Wendy, Skip, Gil for their contributions) Have a great Friday. Two weeks from today we have a new president and the end of an … Continue reading