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Dan Bongino: “Obamagate”

Dan Bongino as guest host on the Mark Levin show last night. Dan details the mess that is this Russia mess, the FISA mess, the FBI mess, and what it really is:  The Obama Administration weaponized federal agencies to usurp a federal election and the lefty media’s complicity. This is audio only and REALLY worth listening. This is 100 times worse than Watergate.  Mind you, the left has been yapping for the last 45 years about a bungled burglary which effectively did nothing.  In 2016, the Obama gangster government ACTUALLY DID commit crimes. ~ Hardnox

Funny Friday

From Earl: —oo— From Terry: —oo— From Gil: THE ENTRANCE EXAM FOR MEDICAL SCHOOL WHEN STUDENTS TOOK THE ENTRANCE EXAM FOR MEDICAL SCHOOL, THEY WERE PERPLEXED BY THIS QUESTION: “REARRANGE THE LETTERS P-N-E-S-I TO SPELL OUT THE PART OF THE HUMAN BODY THAT IS MOST USEFUL WHEN ERECT.” THOSE WHO SPELLED SPINE BECAME DOCTORS. THE REST ARE IN CONGRESS. ~~~~~~~ I bought a new Dodge 3500 Ram Tri-Flex Fuel Truck. It’ll run on either hydrogen, gasoline, or E85. Had to go back to the dealer yesterday because I couldn’t get the radio to work. The service technician explained that the radio was … Continue reading

FBI officials will likely face charges

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett and former U.S. attorney Joe DiGenova react to newly released FBI text messages on ‘Hannity.’  

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: “Watergate was a minor event in comparison” to #Obamagate

As additional details of Obamagate unravel, a clear fact pattern has emerged. From Fast & Furious; to the IRS and its targeting of conservative groups; to the unmasking scandal; and the weaponizing of the Department of Justice and FBI to unlawfully spy on an American citizen, the Obama administration repeatedly abused its power. The election of Donald J. Trump upended the left’s plans and operations within the USA.  Hopefully, his administration will root the bastards out but let us not forget the left are masters of deception and have been embedded for over 100 years. Mind you, they are still … Continue reading

Asshat Alert: Adam Schiff Spoofed By Russian Pranksters

Sent in by NavyVet. Asshat Adam Shiff was spoofed by two Russians who offered naked pictures of Donald Trump and some Russian babes.  Naturally, Schiff fell over himself thanking the pranksters and sent staff to retrieve the photos. Here’s the bulk of the story with a link below. ~ Hardnox —oo— From the Daily Mail: The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee was the victim of a prank phone call by Russian comedians who offered to give him ‘compromising’ dirt on Donald Trump – including nude photos of the president and a Russian reality show star. DailyMail.com can disclose that after the prank, … Continue reading

Mark Levin on Second Memo

Mark Levin is a guest of Hannity and he concludes that the purpose of the push-back from the Dims is to cover for Obama and Hillary. Exactly!  Levin has been beating this drum for a year already and he was right.  It’s not possible that Obama didn’t know what was going on and why. ~ Hardnox

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: The Real Donald Trump, Revealed

“As someone who had the honor of working with President Trump in the White House and who remains in touch with him to this day, I will tell you who the president is and what he truly wants for all Americans.” “Seven more years to go”… Bwhahahahaha I love Gorka in his freelance role. ~ Hardnox

Sunday Feel Good Stories

Two would-be robbers got more than they bargained for when they attempted to hold up a Hamilton, New Jersey convenience store when a man (off duty-security guard) walks in and pops a cap in both of them.  The thugs used a fake gun.  The man says “mines real”.  Lol —oo— A stupid ass speeds away from cops resulting in a high-speed pursuit.  Stupid ass promptly wrecks his car, then attacks the cop, and gets then blown away.  Stupid is as stupid does. —oo— A Few DRTs (Dead Right There) and a few DOTs (Dead Over There): From Gwinnett County, Georgia: A man … Continue reading

FBI, DoJ Conspired With The DNC and, Clinton Camp To Exonerate Her then Frame Trump For Collusion

On Tucker last night, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch and Joe DeGenova, former US prosecutor, discuss the criminality of the previous administration and the holdovers still there. Lastly, the 800 pound gorilla in the room that no one is addressing… Obama would most certainly have known about all of this and approved. The sneaky assholes thought Hildabeast would win the election and all of this would never have seen the light of day.  Imagine the little girl giggles coming from these criminals as they hatched their plans.  They aren’t laughing now. ~ Hardnox

Everything you need to know about the House Intelligence Committee memo & what’s in it

One America News Network reports on the FISA Memo release. Again, this is criminal. Indictments and prosecutions must commence if we are a nation of laws.  No more of this “two-sets of laws” crap anymore.  For decades, the people charged to protect us and those that are elected have been crapping all over us and yet nothing ever gets done and no one ever goes to jail. We demand accountability. ~ Hardnox