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Retired US Marine and pissed-off American. Tired of the bullshit from inside the Beltway and determined to change it, peacefully or otherwise. A Constitution-loving American who believes that the US is #1 and should be!

The Gunny’s Response to Obama’s

pathetic speech about the Muslim terrorist shooting in Orlando where in he blamed the US! The Brown Clown yammered:  “This massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school, in a house of worship, or in a movie theater or in a nightclub. And we have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be. (It was decided in 1776 that we’re to be a FREE Constitutional Representative Republic) To actively do nothing is a decision as well.” … Continue reading

Follow Up to Military Brass Line Up

against the Second Amendment. All it takes is Owl Gore’s Internet and a little time and you sure find out where these pukes are coming from. Most of them retire, form a “consulting group” and continue to milk the government tit and the most horrific find is that most of them are hardcore Democrats and have links to such Far Left groups such as The United States Institute of Peace, who have such noteworthy Americans on their board such as: Ashton Carter, Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, and Kerry Kennedy (worked for Amnesty Int’l). Oh, and they exist on the largesse … Continue reading

Military Brass Line Up Against The 2d Amendment

going full-blown Quisling, following in the footsteps of Marshal Petain. This is how far gone America is. Here is General Betray-us, busted for security violations, has a mistress, cheats on his wife, attacks the Second Amendment, and yet somehow still thinks he is an American. So the Bilderberg asskisser Petraeus creates another anti-freedom, anti-2nd Amendment group of cocksuckers, led by attention whore Mark Kelly. These maggots call themselves, “The Veterans Coalition for Common Sense,” and these Quislings are working hard to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Now ask yourself WHY would Betray-us attend a globalist meeting, be a globalist, and work to take away the 2d Amendment and … Continue reading

Why Trump Resonates With

the Gunny. “Our country! In her intercourse with foreign nations, may she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong.” Stephen Decatur America is my country because I believe America FIRST, Always! America is my country because I was born here. This is where I live. America is my country because my parents were born here. America is my country because my forebears journeyed from other lands and became American citizens, leaving their “old country” behind and embracing all that is America. They came in the FRONT door. America is my country because my family has worn … Continue reading

Puerto Rico Too Big To Fail

so Congress rolls over AGAIN and proves the Gunny right…again. EXCERPT:  “The House on Thursday passed legislation to tackle Puerto Rico’s debt crisis, as Congress took a large step towards addressing the economic and humanitarian crisis enveloping the island. The carefully crafted compromise passed 297-127, earning majorities in both parties. The passage of the carefully crafted compromise is a significant win for Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who was an early and active supporter of the legislation, and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the White House, which also pushed the package. In a rare move, both Ryan and Pelosi took to the House … Continue reading

This Is What Happens When

idiots and dreamers are put in the White House and view the world with their heads up their asses. EXCERPT:  “U.S.-backed opposition forces in Syria’s largest city are facing a ferocious Russian-led assault, raising fears that the rebels could be eliminated in a matter of weeks. So how are the Pentagon and the intelligence community responding? By catfighting among themselves. Two Department of Defense officials told The Daily Beast that they are not eager to support the rebels in the city of Aleppo because they’re seen as being affiliated with al Qaeda in Syria, or Jabhat al Nusra. The CIA, … Continue reading

The Cuckservatives Manage to Find Their Balls

against Trump but always roll over for their Democrud allies in the Uniparty. EXCERPT:  “There is growing talk on the right of replacing Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee for president, and even chatter about a possible alternative. As Trump has floundered over the past week after questioning a federal judge’s impartiality because of his Mexican ancestry, Trump’s critics within the GOP have stepped up their efforts to thwart him. Some anti-Trump conservatives, who have tried for months to recruit an independent candidate, have begun looking more closely at attempting to persuade delegates at next month’s GOP convention to nominate someone … Continue reading

Democrat Strategery Explained

so that one will be able to follow the BS spewed by the Left on a daily basis. Stratagem #1: Never admit to an crime/error, etc. If one is found out then move to #2 ASAP. Stratagem #2: Find a Republican screwup to go public with, thus deflecting from your’s. If none… Stratagem #3: Attack a Republican who is bothering any other Democrat. If none… Stratagem #4: Refuse to admit any guilt. Use Hillary’s famous, “I don’t recall.” If that fails… Stratagem #5: Blame someone else. Usually a low-level staffer. If that doesn’t work, move to… Stratagem #6: Lie convincingly. Use Bill Clinton’s tactic … Continue reading

Obama’s Trojan Horse

We all know the story of the Trojan Horse and what happened and this is being repeated in the USA on a scale never before seen and NO ONE, and that includes the damn Congress, is doing anything about it. EXCERPT:  “Federal taxpayers are on the hook for nearly $20,000 just to settle each refugee and asylum seeker, who are then immediately eligible for cash welfare, food stamps, housing and medical aid, according to a new report on the “refugee industry.” The report provided federal budget figures showing that the government spends $19,884 on each refugee the U.S. takes in. … Continue reading

The Ignorance And Stupidity

of an Elitist clown is on full display here. EXCERPT:  “High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. Yet, as great as the risks of Brexit are to the British economy, I believe the risks to the US and global economies of Mr Trump’s election as president are far greater. If he is elected, I would expect a protracted recession to begin within 18 months. The damage would be felt far beyond the United States. First, there is a substantial risk of highly erratic policy. Mr Trump has … Continue reading

On Retaking America

THE WRATH OF THE AWAKENED SAXON by Rudyard Kipling It was not part of their blood, It came to them very late, With long arrears to make good, When the Saxon began to hate. They were not easily moved, They were icy — willing to wait Till every count should be proved, Ere the Saxon began to hate. Their voices were even and low. Their eyes were level and straight. There was neither sign nor show When the Saxon began to hate. It was not preached to the crowd. It was not taught by the state. No man spoke it … Continue reading

David French’s Hatred Of The Working Class On Display

here and laughingly, this is the dipshit that neocon rump swab Bill Kristol wants to run for president (small “p” intentional). These two idiots actually think that French can derail Trump, split the electoral votes, and send the whole mess to the House to “hopefully” decide for a neocon puke like French. Once again, we can see that neocon scum hide behind the Conservative label and have been for decades. This is the drivel that French defends (written by Williamson): “It is immoral because it perpetuates a lie: that the white working class that finds itself attracted to Trump has been … Continue reading

Trump Leaves The Brown Clown A Smoldering Pile of Nothingness

A true babbling idiot is finally revealed. To those who voted TWICE for this jerkoff please, by all means, feel free to off yourself for the good of the US of A. All Trump need do is play this clown like a violin, remind The Clot about Benghazi, and ask Grandpa Depends about how it all worked out in Venezuela, and he’ll have the Terrible Trio babbling like the imbeciles they are. The Obomination as a lawyer, starting at 1:05.  

January 2017

cannot come soon enough to get rid of this pissant whiny bitch and usher in President Trump and a BETTER and GREATER America with no more whining, mewling, or bleating, just ACTION! EXCERPT:  “I hope you don’t mind me being blunt about this, but I’ve been listening to this stuff for a while now. And I’m concerned when I watch the direction of our politics. I mean, we have been hearing this story for decades: tales about welfare queens, talking about takers, talking about the ’47 percent’. It’s the story that’s broadcast every day on some cable news stations, on … Continue reading

Where Is The Honor

in the US? The Lack of honor in America today is sickening beyond belief. Once upon a time in America there was an abundance of honor flowing through the land and even politicians, as crooked then as they are today, had the best interests of America at heart, not themselves or their own, i.e., Nazi Pelosi using a USAF jet and crew as her private transportation service, from The People’s Republik of Kalifornia to DC and back, food and alcohol included. Honor. (transitive verb)  Good name or public esteem:  reputation:  a showing of usually merited respect. 2. Recognition: pay honor to our founders. Privilege: … Continue reading

Dead Man Walking

and remember, you read it here first. EXCERPT:  “As Hillary Clinton seeks to rebound from a highly critical report from the State Department’s inspector general, Senate investigators and a conservative group are zeroing in on newly revealed evidence about the activities of a now retired State Department computer specialist in orchestrating what they charge was a “cover-up” of the former secretary of state’s email practices. The role of John Bentel, whose identity as a key figure in the email probes was first reported by Yahoo News on Wednesday, is expected to be one focus of questioning today when Clinton’s former chief … Continue reading

As The Climate Change Idiots

like Obama and his fellow foreigners at the UN whine and mewl about how the seas are rising (the Gunny remembers Obuttwad yapping about after him being selected by Soros, er, elected by Soros’ voting machines, that the seas would stop rising but apparently they haven’t) and the climate is going to fry us all, let us take a journey back in time. HEADLINES since 1870 on climate change bullshit. The Examiner [Arctic Ocean warming, icebergs growing scarce, Washington Post reports] 1870 [“The climate of New-York and the contiguous Atlantic seaboard has long been a study of great interest. We … Continue reading

The Donald Reaches 1237 And The Freeloaders

across the globe begin to panic. EXCERPT:  “DUESSELDORF, GERMANY – The talks in Germany to flesh out December’s historic global climate deal are probably not at the top of Donald Trump’s agenda this week. But the diplomats from 196 nations huddled in Bonn are keenly aware of the fact that the “The Donald” is now within spitting distance of the White House — and it is making a lot of them nervous. It is not hard to see why. The last Republican standing in the U.S. presidential race has described climate change as a hoax perpetrated by China to gain … Continue reading