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Gotta Respect Tom Brady Taking a Stand for Trump, But I’ll Still Be Snickering About This Image in my Head Today

Was this a complete conversion? If it’s this easy, why don’t they ALWAYS go for the 2 points? In my ignorant view, that conversion girl would not be pregnant.  Watch for yourself.  But if you look at the YouTube comments, the clear, overwhelming majority of comments say it was a terrible call that would not have held up under review.

Grunt’s Friday Night Movie Micro-Review: The Man from UNCLE(2015)

Officially a flop, the 2015 Man from UNCLE film by Guy Ritchie and Lionel Wigram remains a very stylish and satisfying cold war adventure.  I’m not the only one to think so; it was very popular among audiences.  Though, a grim proportion of reviewers found it ‘boring’ and the story unappealing.  What do you expect in a time of nonstop action and genocide by Death Star?  People get bored easily. But, I was not bored with the subject of this movie.  I was around in 1963, roughly the time this takes place, and it successfully captures many of the things that were exciting … Continue reading

If You Thought Trump’s Meetings with Obama Were Awkward, Wait Until He Gets to Reminisce with Justin Trudeau About Justin’s Notorious Party Mom

Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant is pretty sure that the “Madame X” Donald Trump describes in his second book is a thinly veiled Margaret Trudeau, notorious party-hound wife of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.  Trump’s account, which takes place in the mid 1970s in Manhattan, involves some explicit remembrances of (apparently), Madame Trudeau on a couch with a friend of Trump’s.  The evidence is pretty compelling, actually. This revelation comes at an embarrassing time for the young Justin, soon after it was widely speculated around the time of Fidel Castro’s death that Castro may have been Justin’s father. You see, the … Continue reading

Sean Spicer Calls Second Press Conference to Discipline Media for Grossly Undercounting Number of Democrats Ogling Melania at Inauguration (Satire)

Washington, DC – President Trump’s Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, wasted no time today letting the White House Press Pool know how it was going to be for the next four years.  Even after widespread complaints among the reporters from most networks for Spicer’s critical tone during yesterday’s press conference, the White House was at it again. Spicer rebuked CNN, in particular, for circulating doctored photographs that downplayed the impact that the First Lady’s entrance had among democrats seated in the VIP section to the right of the podium. Spicer tersely began: “First of all, it was unprofessional to photoshop out the profusely … Continue reading

Guy de Michêl: It’s the People First as Brexit Revolution Drives Freedom on Both Sides of the Atlantic

“Yesterday a new America, today a new Europe.” Guy de Michêl: 49th Parallel North News – “The people of the West are awakening. They are throwing off the yoke of political correctness,” said Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party.  “This will be the year of the people, of liberation, the year of the patriotic spring.” Wilders spoke at an “alternative European summit” that brought together for the first time Wilders, Marine Le Pen of France’s Front National, and Frauke Petry, the leader of the Alternative for Germany party. The Freedom Party is leading in polls in the Netherlands … Continue reading

Good Riddance, Charlie Bolden, You Hack

No, really.  You and your genius boss destroyed our presence in space and set back the US space effort by decades.  When you were appointed, we had a vehicle that was almost ready to go back to the Moon and then Mars in just a few years.  We also had a functioning Space Shuttle and the civilian army that maintained it.  Now, we have a few small launch systems of questionable reliability and a  few large ones with no mission.  Congratulations on capping your military and space career by being the worst kind of political hack.  Enjoy your legacy that … Continue reading

Moonwalker Down

The last man to leave his footprints on the surface of the Moon, Eugene A Cernan, a crack naval aviator sought out and recruited by NASA as a Moon mission commander, has died today.  He was 82. Gene Cernan flew the LM on Apollo 10 down from orbit to fairly close to the lunar surface, (NOT landing) and then did it again on the mission he commanded, Apollo 17, in which he landed and spent three days on the surface. A graduate of Purdue University’s Electrical Engineering School, he was very generous in his visits and time spent back at the … Continue reading

Hollywood Meltdown Gets Real: Joss Whedon Goes Full Psycho

Really, Joss? Sociopath much? I guess love’s done trumping hate with you broad-minded liberals, huh? This came up on Twitter last night, and this morning, Breitbart covered it along with the social media blowback. But, in my view, Whedon’s worse tweets were the ones that literally called for civil war to keep Trump from being sworn in. So much for peaceful transition…

Shock and Awe: After Trump’s CNN Smackdown, New Media is ‘Loaded for Bear’ and More Emboldened than Ever

Awesome video and commentary from The Swog Blog: Trump Supporters Waking Up This Morning: pic.twitter.com/R6qvi69aB8 — The Swog Blog (@hunterswogg) November 9, 2016 “Lads, I’ve seen a lot of cringe. I’ve seen male feminists, self-hating whites, and literal shakings. But now I have found the Holy Grail:” From Dianny at the Patriot Retort: “They really went into this thinking they were going to be the ones in charge.  It was extremely satisfying watching them realize they weren’t.” From Steven Crowder: From Newt Gingrich: “The reporter was an idiot. Trump pointed out he was an idiot. Most people in the country … Continue reading

Godspeed John Glenn

The last surviving member of the original “Mercury Seven” astronauts, passed away today, December 8, 2016.  John H. Glenn, Jr. was a decorated Lt. Col. in the US Marine corps, flew F-9s and an F-86 in combat during the Korean War, where he earned the nickname “Magnet Ass” for getting his planes thoroughly shot up.  The photo at right shows Lt. Col. Glenn with his wife Annie during that time period in the early 1950s. By the late 1950s, Glenn distinguished himself as a test pilot at the infamous NAS “Pax” River facility in Maryland, eventually earning a fifth Distinguished … Continue reading

Castro Goes to Hell Just in Time to Showcase American Liberals’ Criminal Hypocrisy

I can’t really do much better with this “shadenfreudepalooza” than Dianny has done, over at Patriot Retort, or other talents, like Paul Joseph Watson, or LL over at Virtual Mirage or Chrissythehyphenated and many others. Note the crowds of Cuban expatriots celebrating.  Gee, I don’t see these pictures on CNN.  Why is that? Dictators the world over lament (along with the NY Times).

As the European Establishment is Panicked by Trump, a Renewed Populism Blossoms

On this first anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Paris, the increasingly angry people of European nations have had enough of their mostly-unelected, globalist, fascist overlords.  And contrary to what we mostly hear in the American press, the election of Donald Trump has greatly encouraged them to continue in the nationalist Brexit vein. How do we know this?  Because they say so.  A good friend of mine from Paris, who blogs occasionally in English under the name FrenchReader, has pointed out that the French badly needed and wanted Hillary Clinton to be defeated.  Many waged shadow campaigns from afar specifically for Donald … Continue reading

The Electoral College is a Protection Against Voter Fraud, and It Worked Perfectly This Time

Didn’t think Trump could get elected?  You could almost be forgiven for thinking so, given that at least three critical states – California, Nevada and Virginia – had institutionalized voter fraud on a scale never before realized, put into place by rogue governors and corrupt election officials. The driver license above goes with a story by LibertFirstNews about how half of all new licenses in California have been going to illegal immigrants.  You can thank the criminal governor of the state, Jerry Brown for that.  In combination with other recent rule changes that have made it virtually impossible to ensure that only … Continue reading