#PizzaGate River Of Sh*t: David Brock, Ol’ Joe, BHO May Be Involved, Too

Over the decades I’ve heard tales of satanists, pagans, occultists, and sexual deviants — but always believed these folks were a distinct minority among us.  Now I am no longer so sure.  Thanks to the open sewers of Twitter and Instagram, we find rivers of shit running all across the fruited plain. source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svPDzNO6GQk Here is a recent YouTube research video (a long but extremely thorough one) that gives names and IDs of hundreds of people involved with the pedophilia and ritualistic filth going on in this nation. The Islamists have nothing on our own deviants, it seems.  Martin Luther … Continue reading

“Trump Mafia” from YouTube: No Editorial Comment Required

Here are two rather unusual, short videos from “Trump Mafia” that showed up on YouTube in the past week. Enjoy the slide shows of photos of some of our pals on the Left. The soft voiceover offers some interesting comments about folks who will want their money back, now that Hillary lost, and what they might do to get it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0CIPnhS4Qs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSHLeVGVYOM — SafeSpace —  

Tell Me It Ain’t So: Another Stimulus Package Coming?

Last night Mark Levin made a strong case AGAINST federally-funded infrastructure spending, correctly pointing out that such programs are paid for with dollars confiscated from the private sector. Yet it is undeniably true that our nation needs to repair or replace roads, bridges, airports, school buildings etc etc across the board — and since these are facilities that benefit the general public, the public should bear the cost. So how should president Trump fund his “Rebuild America” efforts? Are we in for another round of “you didn’t build that”? Steven Mufson at the L.A. Times (yeah, I know, the L.A. … Continue reading

Yet More Evidence That Podesta & Brock Are Not Strategic Geniuses

We know the end of the story: Hillary failed in her attempt to steal the throne because her ideology and personality were rightly seen as poisonous by mentally-healthy Americans. Here’s some insight into how her campaign story started: With a colossal mis-reading of the electorate’s mood by two of the smartest people in the room, John Podesta and David Brock. Courtesy Martin Armstrong on November 12th  (link follows article). The Real Clinton Conspiracy that Backfired – The Worst Candidate in American History Hillary lost not merely because she misread the “real” people. She decided to run a very divisive and … Continue reading

David Brock & His Billionaire Leftist Pals Plan To “Kick Trump’s Ass”

Furor and gnashing of teeth on the Left. What to do? Millions of dollars given to Hillary — millions that could have been spent on trips to Davos and Renaissance Weekends, whilst wearing just the right clothes and shoes — and nothing to show for it. Here’s the plan, as laid out by David Brock, in a report by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge today.  Remember:  Brock is the man who created Media Matters.  His career track could be called David Horowitz in reverse. The last time we encountered David Brock, Hillary Clinton’s so called media “attack dog”, was two months … Continue reading

Here’s One Good Reason Why Our Universities Graduate Morons

Hero of the Left, respected historian, and astute political commentator Noam Chomsky demonstrates his monumental ignorance: Noam Chomsky’s infamous reputation as a self-loathing Jew notwithstanding, he is considered a leading intellectual on the left. He is an MIT Professor of linguistics, prolific pamphleteer, and highly influential leftist. He is known for his extreme views (e.g., that America is worse than Nazi Germany) and “The so-called War on Terror is pure hypocrisy, virtually without exception.” The principal theme of what may be loosely termed Chomsky’s intellectual oeuvre: Whatever evil exists in the world, the United States is to blame. His intellectual obsession … Continue reading

Sister of Bill DeBlasio’s Senior Police Advisor: “F*ck Whiteness”

You just can’t make this stuff up.  Lincoln Restler pulls down $107K a year of citizens’ money serving as a senior advisor to NYC Mayor and noted communist sympathizer Bill DeBlasio. Mr. Restler is a “senior police advisor” which is the height either of irony or insult, I’m not sure which. This photo, taken in the lovely and safe streets of Manhattan on Monday November 14th, shows Restler’s sister and their parents. Sis is the smiling libturd with the oh-so-trendy black boots, holding the sweet little sign that reads “F*CK WHITENESS”. Now we have two good reasons to cut off … Continue reading

Keith Ellison: New Strategist for America’s Progressive Leftist Party

American “progressives” are like termites, or fire ants … or cancer:  Crush one colony, and two more spring up somewhere else.  They never go away, even when Americans repudiate their thinking and their philosophy at every political level from dogcatcher to president. Case in point:  Attempting to cement their position in the hinterlands of politics for the next several election cycles, the Dhimmicrats are seriously considering putting Keith Ellison in charge of party strategy. We’ve all heard how Mr. Ellison placed his hand on a Qu’ran when he took his oath of office. We’ve all heard the gushing accolades from … Continue reading

Two Recent Photos That Truly Make My Blood Boil

Here are two recent photos of a pair of my favorite people. One is Huma Abedin, in tears as she walks to Hillaroid’s NYC campaign HQ. The other is Grandma Clot on a hiking trail in the .01%-ers community of Chappaqua, two days after the election.  What is so upsetting about these images?  Well, let’s think about what we see here. First, we have The Regime’s personal communications link to the Muslim Brotherhood, a woman who was raised and schooled in Saudi Arabia by Pakistani parents.  Note that Missus Weiner is wearing stiletto heels that would give Chris Matthews a … Continue reading

Memo To Harry Reid

Dear Harry: Donald Trump is not Mitt Romney. Your lies and ignorant, divisive comments will not stick to our President-Elect. STFU, Harry, and retire on the millions of dollars you managed to bank while working on the peoples’ payroll. Harry Reid Issues Statement On Election Of “Sexual Predator” Donald Trump by Tyler Durden Nov 11, 2016 10:08 AM 314 SHARES So much for the Democrats trying to unburn bridges with the republicans, and to reach across the aisle to president-elect Donald Trump. If the just released letter from senator Harry Reid is any indication, the Democrat attempts to stonewall every … Continue reading

Daniel Greenfield On Forgettable Obama

Daniel Greenfield a/k/a Sultan Knish is a sharp observer, particularly on foreign policy issues. Here he advances the argument that Obama and his Regime will prove to be eminently forgettable. What say you, fellow ‘Noxxers? The Obama Era Is Over … by Daniel Greenfield Obama and his supporters loved talking about history. His victory was historic. They were on the right side of history. History was an inevitable arc that bent their way. The tidal force of demographics had made the old America irrelevant. Any progressive policy agenda was now possible because we were no longer America. We Were Obamerica. … Continue reading

Anti-Trump Asshats Begin Their Programmed Disruptions

Well, it took less than 24 hours for this to start: The parade of uninformed, whining, ignorant millennials, demonstrating the tolerance of open political systems for which progressives are famous. How soon until their violent “reprisals” begin, I wonder. All that Soros money is still sloshing around in the septic tanks of the left, floating snotty spoiled white college student and BLM turds to the surface, washing down the streets of once-strong American cities, just looking for conservatives to attack. Be ready, folks: The ugliness of the campaign was merely the appetizer for the coming progressive feast of fury.  How … Continue reading

All Cultures Are Not Equal: Who Can Wage and Win a Bloodless Revolution

Now that the concept of “political correctness” is on its way to the trashbin of history, allow me to point out something that we saw happen yesterday.  Half of the American voting public, tens of millions strong, supporters of Donald Trump and what he stands for, won the first and most crucial battle in a war against globalists, progressives, elitists, and the purveyors of cultural rot.  And they did it without firing a single bullet, in fact with no violence of any kind. Why was this possible?  Because the citizens who triumphed last night are part of a culture founded … Continue reading

Details On George Soros’ Manipulations Of Our Electoral Process

Author J. Christian Adams is a lawyer who has served on the Federal Election Commission.  His take on the corruption of our electoral system is informative as to the depth and extent of manipulation that scum like Soros and his “progressive” NWO abetters have achieved: (by J. Christian Adams, 7 November 2016, courtesy PJ Media):  Leaked funding documents reveal an effort by George Soros and his foundations to manipulate election laws and process rules ahead of the federal election far more expansively than has been previously reported. The billionaire and convicted felon moved hundreds of millions of dollars into often-secret … Continue reading

Gary North’s Vision Of The Hillary Presidency

This is a hoot, a good read on election day. My Dream Outcome for the Election by Gary North – November 05, 2016 I get to dream. Here is my dream. 1. Trump wins the popular vote, but Clinton wins in the electoral college by a few votes. 2. The vote is so close that in several states there are recounts. 3. This stretches on for at least two weeks. 4. Clinton is declared the victor. 5. Huma Abedin gets immunity for her testimony in the Weiner computer case. 6. No NYPD officer in the computer case commits suicide. 7. … Continue reading

How To Hack A Voting Machine

Here’s a  fresh take on a story that dates back to at least 2008.  A hacker shows how to reprogram the electronic ballot chip in Diebold voting machines to change votes.  The video-maker correctly points out that the political parties have farmed out election integrity to subcontractors.  America sure is gettin’ good at farming critical things out:  manufacturing jobs … honesty and integrity … the benefits of citizenship. This is just one more problem for members of the Trump Movement to resolve. Source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t75xvZ3osFg&feature=youtu.be — SafeSpace —  

Does Peter Paul Have Mounds of Trouble For Hillaroid?

Some weeks back while digging in the YouTube memory hole, I ran across a home video clip of Hillaroid taken by her host at a private party for a select group of leftist .01%-ers.  In this video Hillaroid stated that “of course [she] used a private server for [her] emails; why would [she] want Congress to be able to read them?” Strangely, none of the usual commentators (Hannity, Rush, Levin) found this video.  Apparently the FBI missed it, too.  Hey James Comey, how much more “intent” do you need for a “reasonable prosecutor” to act? Well, here’s an ABC News … Continue reading

Did John Kerry Pay Our Cash As Dowry To The Mullahs?

There are many reasons why the Obammy Regime ended the sanctions on Iran and paid the mullahs over $150B, much of it in cold cash. One little-known motive for this transfer of American assets to terrorists may be John Kerry’s personal involvement with high-placed Iranians. This offers further explanation for the near-treasonous actions of the Obammy Bunch when it comes to aiding and abetting the growth of Muslim governments.  Remember, less than one percent of the American population is Muslim, yet the top aides to both El Presidente and Hillaroid are both Muslim.  Now we find out that one member … Continue reading

Oct. 19 Video Call For Action From Anonymous

Those delightfully devilish folk at Anonymous have posted a well-produced video calling for hackers worldwide to “take on the corporate mainstream media”, correctly recognizing that the MSM engages in prostitution of the truth for its own self-perpetuating sake. Wonder if this morning’s denial of service (which shut down Paypal among others) was a response to Anonymous’ shout-out?  See it on YouTube: http:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqTixdeZHjc –SafeSpace