Fire Up The Dozers For Jun 25 2015

When you see this headline, you know the U-frigging-N has reared it’s corrupt, ugly head again. This thing is worse than Ghidorah, the three-headed monster of myth. If there ever was a reason for nuking Turtle Bay, this bunch of morons’ treatment of the LEGITIMATE state of Israel is a sure fire qualifier. Claudia Rosett from P.J. has the latest lie-fest from the fools.   Unbelievable: Is UN Report on 2014 Israel-Gaza War Actually Excusing Hamas Use of Human Shields? The UN has given terrorists worldwide a field guide on how to use human shields for propaganda in the future. … Continue reading


Nothing like adding a bit of humor into our exposing the left for the lunatics they are. Jodi always delivers. As usual, from  Enjoy.   You just got to love the way Jodi dishes derision on the Donkeys. ~ CLYDE. Catch Jodi next week. Same bat-time, same bat-channel.

NOXIOUS RANT ALERT : From The ” Global Warming Insanity” File For Jun 24 2015

For those who think this Regime is “of the people”, guess again. Tell me WHEN did the Bush, Bush Sr., Clinton, or even Carter administrations EVER say those who disagree with them are “not normal human beings”. But, with the Obama Regime, it is de rigeur. Michael Bastasch at The Daily has the latest lunacy out of EPA Administrator McCarthy’s moronic pie chute.   EPA Chief: ‘Climate Deniers’ Aren’t Normal Human Beings Michael Bastasch 4:21 PM 06/23/2015 EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told an audience Tuesday gathered at a White House conference “normal people,” not “climate deniers” will win the … Continue reading

Time For Mrs. A.L.’S Humpday Pinecones

Sorry about missing last week’s grand award, as I was down with a certainly leftist summer cold. In the aftermath of the horrific, senseless slaughter by Dylann Roof in South Carolina, as usual, the left, the media, and even some on the right have their proverbial panties in a wad over a symbol, ignoring the REAL issue. From NASCAR all the way down, the moron fringe has decided the Stars And Bars made Dylann Roof shoot those poor souls. I guess ALL these morons, from our Pinecone on down, FORGOT a small FACT. Roof was on psychotropic medications. Along with totally … Continue reading

The Non-Global Warming Triumvirate Continues.

In my two earlier posts today, we saw how CO2 concentrations, and glacial formations are EXCEEDING, by leaps and bounds, the hand-wringing, fear-stricken and panic crazed leftist environmentalists’ “projections”. We hit’em with a right cross, and a left upper-cut, now here comes the gut-punch, from Dr. Susan Crockford at Seems as if our “about to become extinct” Coke-drinkers are doing quite well, thank you very much.   Polar bear news: 1st fat bear ashore in WHB, trouble in S. Greenland, and more hybrid hype Posted on June 21, 2015 | By Dr. Susan Crockford Last week, among other events, the … Continue reading

Hey, MOONBATS. IF There Is Global Warming…..

…..Then PLEASE explain THIS. We are bombarded daily by leftists from the Holy Father on down to the lowliest hippie about how global warming is MELTING all the glaciers and polar ice fields. I have posted, until I’m projectiling vomit, how that just is NOT the case. In this report from our friend Anthony Watts at , he illustrates how the REVERSE is true.   The Hubbard Glacier defies ‘climate change’ – continues to grow Anthony Watts / June 22, 2015 Hubbard Glacier could permanently dam the entrance to Russell Fiord in as little as 10 years From NOAA … Continue reading

So, CO2 Is Going To Kill Us ?

If THAT were TRUE, mankind should never have started to roam the planet. Looking at this chart really puts the whole argument in a different perspective. However, some questions remain. Like, WHY has the enviroloon left NOT trotted out this chart, and how were the measurements from millions of years ago arrived at ?  I still found this chart, from Redbaiter at interesting.   The chart the CO2 alarmists don’t want you to see By Redbaiter on June 22, 2015 Could a believer please point out the spike showing mankind’s effect? ~ Sorry, Redbaiter, they won’t, because they CANNOT make … Continue reading

“Phony Baloney” News For Jun 16 2015

Our  most recent Weasel Of The Week winner is back in the news today. Sunday, we brought you the story of Rachel Dolezal, a WHITE born female, who had posed as black for quite a few years, had been named Spokane NAALCP Chapter president. Apparently, her white parents had had enough, and OUTED their daughter as a fake. Today we learn Rachel has resigned her post as Spokane NAALCP President. Blake Neff at The Daily has the REAL story.   Dolezal Resigns As Spokane NAACP Head Blake Neff Reporter    1:10 PM 06/15/2015   Rachel Dolezal, the “black” activist who caused a … Continue reading

Another Nail In The Coffin.

Of the fervent push to have EVERYONE believe in the fallacy of climate change. Quick Quiz: What has the left told us for 3 decades now ? Give up ? That we had cataclysmic anthropogenic global warming going on. As the HUMUNGOUS amounts of posts we have had here show, that is just NOT the truth. And here is some MORE government-gathered data that PROVES IT. You know heads will roll by decree of King Putt over this one. Story from Michael Bastasch at The Daily   America’s Most Advanced Climate Station Data Shows US In A 10-Year Cooling Trend … Continue reading

From The ” I’ll Believe It When I See It” File For Jun 15 2015

Well, it is official. Jeb Bush, part of the Bush Dynasty, has entered the fray. I know, you all are saying BFD. I am too, especially with the words of his entry speech. My first thought on reading it was, since WHEN has THIS asshat BELIEVED these “principles” ? We ALL know what happens should this Super RINO be the candidate. Hello, Hitlary. You can read it, and decide for yourself. Story from Alex Pappas at The Daily   Entering 2016 Race, Jeb Bush Calls For ‘New Leadership’ And ‘Conservative Principles’ [VIDEO] Alex Pappas Political Reporter   3:19 PM 06/14/2015 … Continue reading

Sorry, GOPe, But THIS Is NOT What WE Voted For.

The GOPe leadership seems hell-bent on losing the 2016 elections BEFORE they get underway. With opposition mounting to giving Obama “fast track” trade authority, which he is DESPERATE to get, so as to put the final nails in our economic coffin, the GOPe clowns trot THIS hooey out. If this passes, watch for the small business bloc to just stay home in 2016. WHAT is the GOPe’s thinking here ? Pictures of the “leadership” with small farm animals, playing Muslims and Sheep, or what ? Alex Swoyer at lays it out.   GOP Leadership’s Latest Obamatrade Ploy Revealed: Small … Continue reading

Environmental Leftists BUSTED Making “Polar Bear Global Warming Porn”.

As the polar bear (ursus maritimus) is THE poster child for the scam known as global warming, or if you rather, climate change, leave it to leftist “scientists” to falsify EVERYTHING. Dr. Susan Crockford from shows us how this bit of scammery is produced, and the LIES behind it.   Polar bear behaviour gets the animal tragedy porn treatment – two new papers Posted on June 12, 2015 | By Dr. Susan Crockford Recently, several polar bear biologists have teamed up with photographers to get pictures of starving bears into the scientific literature – and picked up by the media, with … Continue reading

OK Folks, It’s SUNDAY !!

Aside from attending worship services of your choice, or not, if you are non-religious, what BETTER thing could you do on Sunday morning than to see who the Weasel is ? And that is where we come in. We have had some moronic Weasels, some disgusting Weasels, some firsts in Weasel history, but this one wraps ALL of that up in one false package. Sometimes one is better off STAYING with the Creator’s idea for oneself. Our Weasel this week couldn’t be bothered with that, so, let’s get right to our……………………. WEASEL OF THE WEEK You all have heard the … Continue reading

From The ” WHAT The HELL Was HE Thinking” File For Jun 12 2015

In the Congressional fiasco that has passed for “debate” on the HORRID Obama fast-track trade bill, or Trade Promotion Authority,  a republican POTUS wanna-be has pretty much snuffed out his chances. This guy had really showed some promise just a couple short years ago, but with his terminal case of RINOITIS seizing his entire mind, the poor bastard has been reduced to sounding like San Fran Nan Pelosi. Story from Matthew Boyle and Garrett Reno at   Republican Opposition To Obamatrade Grows In Face Of Ryan Mistakes  by Matthew Boyle and Garrett Reno  11 Jun 2015Washington, DC The number of … Continue reading

So, You Want To Be Like Lance Frigging Armstrong, Eh ?

Sometimes it just does NOT pay to be an asshole. In this You-Tube clip from somewhere across the pond, our “hero” finds out the HARD way. The Beatles had a song titled “Instant Karma’s Going To Get You”, THAT kept playing in my mind while watching this. From Simon Digman at Enjoy.     This dipshit is lucky, since he WAS riding in a BUS lane, that it was a Mazda Miata, and NOT a Prevost Bus. I love it when an asshat gets his “just desserts”. Bwahahahahahaha  A Clydian hat-tip to our own Hardnox. ~ CLYDE. This shit … Continue reading

From The “GEE, NO SHIT ” File For Jun 12 2015

Often we conservatives are called heartless automatons, humorless beings that the left cannot tolerate, let alone think we MAY possess something MOST of them do not, and THAT would be a sense of humor. Although a HUGE portion of the big-name comedians and comediennes are of the liberal persuasion, some are NOT. Andrew Klavan at PJ has the story.   Hilarious Conservatism Because liberals have no sense of humor. by Andrew Klavan June 7, 2015 – 9:46 am // “#RubioCrimeSpree: Thought of parking here.” So tweeted WSJ’s @JamesTaranto Do you know why conservatives aren’t funny? It’s because liberals have … Continue reading


Time to see what the finest female fighting fools has to say. As always, from   You just GOT to laugh at the way Jodi skewers the lunatics. Hope you enjoyed it. ~ CLYDE. She’s my girl……  

Global Warming Insanity For Jun 11 2015

As the Obama Regime looks to finish the job of the destruction of every industry in the country, now it is the airlines turn. The rogue EPA, ahead of the Paris moonbat conference, has given another fatwa to a BIG part of our economy. With ZERO correlation between CO2 levels, and global temperatures, (which have NOT risen in almost 19 YEARS ) these regulations are designed more to beat up an industry, and burnish Obama’s “street cred” with the global warming fraud crowd, and other assorted environmentalist wackos. Once again, Michael Bastasch at The Daily has the skinny.   Obama … Continue reading


Every now and again some leftist lunatic comes out of the woodwork, saying “to save the planet, make humankind extinct”. To which I say, ALL LEFTISTS FIRST. Set the good example for we great unwashed. Too bad this moron wasn’t a member of Jim Jones’ cult in Guyana lo these many moons ago. We would not have to put up with his abject stupidity. Nick Hallett at has the lefty lunacy for us.   Wipe Out Humans to Save the Earth, Group Says by     Nick Hallett      10 Jun 2015 Human beings urgently need to wipe themselves out to avoid … Continue reading

From The “You Have GOT To be Shitting Me” File For Jun 10 2015

Over the past few years, we have done a number of posts chronicling the absolute DISMAL performance of our public schools. Teachers USUALLY get the bad rap for it, but SOMETIMES they DESERVE it as well. Between the teachers’ unions, caring LITTLE about the ACTUAL education of students, and an administrative staff that is ONLY worried about keeping THEIR six-figure salary jobs, it is NO WONDER our schools are in shambles, and our young people are about as smart as sand. Several writers contributed to this article, Laura Alcorn at, for the first part, and Blake Neff, from The … Continue reading