The Truth About Down Syndrome

  From NYT: LAST week the biologist Richard Dawkins sparked controversy when, in response to a woman’s hypothetical question about whether to carry to term a child with Down syndrome, he wrote on Twitter: “Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice.” In further statements, Mr. Dawkins suggested that his view was rooted in the moral principle of reducing overall suffering whenever possible — in this case, that of individuals born with Down syndrome and their families. But Mr. Dawkins’s argument is flawed. Not because his moral reasoning … Continue reading

Dear Richard Dawkins, You are Wrong !

From Downs Side Up It’s been one of those weeks where a bigot with a large following and a loud microphone, makes public his ignorance of Down’s syndrome. This time it was the turn of Richard Dawkins. The following piece was written through the night, shaking with anger and hurt. The following morning I received a request from Huffington Post for my thoughts. So, I sent in my night thoughts, which ultimately received over 15K likes.  I guess that, in a nutshell, is the power of blogging.  Here is what appeared.    Richard Dawkins, atheist author, provocateur, scientist, you must … Continue reading

PROOF: Justin Trudeau’s Ethnic Outreach Plan Focuses on Muslim Extremists

From Ezra Levant There really is no mosque too extremist for Justin Trudeau to campaign in for votes. He even met with Saima Jamal, the organizer of the pro-Palestinian event that turned into a violent riot in Calgary. Jamal brags about how she lectured Trudeau during their meeting. That’s wilfull blindness, and it fits with his foreign policy views. Trudeau was asked what he thinks is the biggest threat to global security. He didn’t say the terrorist group ISIS or Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. You can see Trudeau’s shockingly childish answer: “The World According to Trudeau” Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau … Continue reading

The Caliphate Brings Trauma

The article below began life as a presentation at a Muslim conference in Toronto a week ago and is today published in Turkish and English by a newspaper in Turkey. ~ From Daniel Pipes – Middle East Forum: “The Caliphate Brings Trauma” Without warning, the ancient and long powerless institution of the caliphate returned to life on June 29, 2014. What does this event augur? The classic concept of the caliphate – of a single successor to Muhammad ruling a unified Muslim state – lasted just over a century and expired with the emergence of two caliphs in 750 CE. The … Continue reading

Kurdish Women Soldiers Hunting Down ISIS Kidnappers

From Citizen Warrior Posted: 24 Aug 2014 01:28 AM PDT “A crack unit of female soldiers is on the trail of Islamic State killers who have captured 3,000 innocent women in Iraq,” says The Mirror. “Thousands of non-Muslim women and girls have been kidnapped by Islamic State thugs (orthodox Muslims) on the rampage in the country over the past two weeks. “They face the terrifying prospect of being forced into marriage, sold as sex slaves or shot if they do not convert to Islam. “Now hundreds of women from the Turkish PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ party) have crossed into Iraq to … Continue reading

The Jihadi Serial Killer no One’s Talking About

From GOPUSA By Michelle Malkin August 22, 2014 6:50 am For two bloody months, an armed jihadist serial killer ran loose across the country. At least four innocent men died this spring and summer as acts of “vengeance” on behalf of aggrieved Muslims, the self-confessed murderer has now proclaimed. Have you heard about this horror? Probably not. The usual suspects who decry hate crimes and gun violence haven’t uttered a peep. Why? Like O.J.’s glove: If the narrative don’t fit, you must acquit. The admitted killer will be cast as just another “lone wolf” whose familiar grievances and bloodthirsty Islamic … Continue reading

Mosque Controversy Follows Trudeau

From by Tarek Fatah The Toronto Sun The controversy surrounding Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s March, 2011 visit to a Montreal mosque that had been identified in a leaked U.S. Department of Defence report as an al-Qaida recruitment centre, just won’t go away. After the Sun News Network broke the story, Liberal deputy leader Ralph Goodale said Trudeau had visited the Al-Sunnah Al-Nabawiah mosque in March, 2011 — a month before classified U.S. intelligence reports naming it were made public in April, 2011. But Trudeau’s defence he was not aware of the mosque’s troubling background in March, 2011 falls apart on … Continue reading

The Honor Diaries

  ABOUT THE FILM Honor Diaries features nine courageous women’s rights advocates with connections to Muslim-majority societies who are engaged in a dialogue about gender inequality. These women, who have witnessed firsthand the hardships women endure, are profiled in their efforts to affect change, both in their communities and beyond.The film gives a platform to exclusively female voices and seeks to expose the paralyzing political correctness that prevents many from identifying, understanding and addressing this international human rights disaster.  Freedom of movement, the right to education, forced marriage, and female genital mutilation are some of the systematic abuses explored in … Continue reading

Palestinians In Gaza Have Had Enough Of Hamas, Call For New Leadership

From Inquisitr.Com: Following the latest round of fighting between Israel and the Hamas terrorists of the Gaza Strip, some Palestinians have reportedly had enough of the oppression, and of being used as human shields by Hamas. As the dust settles and the two sides undertake ceasefire talks in Cairo, stories are now emerging from Gaza suggesting that residents there are sick and tired of being manipulated and used for political goals and are speaking out about it. The Chronicle Herald reported that Ziad Rizk, a 37-year-old father of two, told reporters, “We do not want to be bombarded every two … Continue reading