Schiff’s Gun Grab Move – repeal of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act

“Shifty” is living up to his nickname.

On October 26, 2005, S397 and its companion bill in the House, HR 800, were passed by congress and signed into law. Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act – (Sec. 3) was in response to those who wanted to hold manufacturers responsible for every incident and every action where someone got hurt by a gun.

The law prohibits civil action against gun and ammunition manufacturers except for certain issues like negligence in manufacturing. It also stopped any pending actions and lawsuits already in the court system concerning the same.

It was voted into being along mostly partisan lines in the House 283/144 of which 60 were Democrat yeas and in the Senate 65/31 of which about 17 were Democrat yeas.

By the time it was sent to the president to be signed, 37 amendments were tacked onto the bill. Many of those amendments covered protections for victims (especially children), armor piercing weapons and their ammunition, manufacturer protections from civil liability actions specifics, child safety locks, and Clinton even added prohibition of violent video games.

Adam Schiff introduced today into the House HR 3214. Its purpose is to REPEAL the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. The bill is so new that the actual text is not yet available. However, generally it is to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, and provide for the discoverability and admissibility of gun trace information in civil proceedings.

He managed to get 10 Democrats as co-sponsors. These Democrats included newbies — Debbie Murcarsel-Powell and Jason Crow. Of the eight other co-sponsors four — Blumenauer, Lynch, Schakowsky, and Serrano — were in office during the 2005 vote. They all voted against the original bill.

So now all of a sudden Shifty Schiff has decided to repeal the entire act? What is behind his actions?

This is mere speculation since he just today sneaked the bill onto the floor for consideration. But, more than likely he is fulfilling a socialist objective to remove our means of protection and like many insecure nerds attempting to impress his younger socialists friends that he is in lockstep with their gun confiscation demands.

This bill would certainly put a major disruption in the production, repair, or sales of ANY weapon and ammunition for non-military use. In the past two years, manufacturers have been hounded in banks with some having their accounts closed without warning. They have had to deal with a lot more censure from leftist businesses and activists. Many have had to leave California and other Democrat stronghold states in order to do business because of the leftists there.

This repeal would allow open season in the courts as well as across business lines virtually guaranteeing the elimination of manufacturers, retailers, and second-market sellers through bankruptcy. The end aim and result would be the complete loss of weapons and ammunition across the U.S.

Hopefully someone up in that swamp is paying attention or we may find that there will be only a black market in weapons and ammunition.

These jackasses are determined to take away every means of protection just like has happened in other countries around the world. The only reason socialism has not caught on enough here yet is that we do have a standing militia of armed and determined citizenry willing to protect our country.


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17 Responses to Schiff’s Gun Grab Move – repeal of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act

  1. WF Jones says:

    “Other countries” may pass laws, yet trying to enforce them is the trick. After the mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, there was a gun grabbing Lefty outcry that rivals gun grabbing Lefty outcries here in The U.S.. Legislation was quickly passed, and then certain guns owned by private citizens were supposed to be handed over to the proper authorities. Long story short, very few weapons listed in the legislation have been relinquished. Door to door confiscation is being discussed by Jack Booted Lefties.

    Although, you won’t hear much about the situation there from The Left’s Propaganda Machine here in the U.S….I have a very good friend who lives just outside of Christchurch on his farm, soooooo…I get local news from there, quick, fast, and muy pronto.

    Deal is, they try that BS here, and I think thanks to the # of guns/owners in this country, The MoFo’s gonna have the same problem of enforcement by multiples of 100 To 1.

    Have at it Lefties, it’ll be quite an entertaining time to be had by all.


  2. WF Jones says:

    You do know that those Elites work incrementally, one little piece at a time until they get what results they have been working towards. It has taken them over 4 generations of hard work to put us where we sit today, on the veritable precipace of Socialism. Near as I figger, their game plan will not come to total success, under the most favorable conditions, for another 3 generations or so, and that is, if it does not get set back on it’s heels, and reset to Square One.

    Our job, should we choose to accept it, is to work diligently to kick their Lefty Asses, and their POS Socialist Bogus Utopia Plans, back to that thar Square One—if they can F*** it up, we can fix it.


    • Uriel says:

      Of course they do. And yes it will be nearly a Mission Impossible feat to go back to Square One. Which is why EVERY move they make is suspect and should be considered for long term effects.

  3. jim says:

    Why don’t these idiots in congress do something useful like stop telemarketers, robo calls, illegal immigration by closing the southern border, you know something useful…..

    Better yet, Just abolish congress, it is no longer doing anything worthy, all are just a bunch of obstructionist traitors….replace them with 1 representative and 1 senator per/from each state…..this will save the USA trillions per year….

    • Uriel says:

      lol I agree but in this day replace them with a data poll that every citizen can buzz in on and only a citizen and only one time with thumbprint scan.

  4. whitetop says:

    It would be nice to charge the little Shitless with treason so he could be broken by lawyers fees.

  5. malenurseken says:

    PENCIL NECK is a POS! His day is coming. And this will never work! THEY dont want black market either. Or to ignorant to think its possible. Lets see! I bet there will be lot of gun and ammo sales upcoming!

    • Uriel says:

      No doubt malenurseken… after each threat of removal gun sales spike. the only problem is what will people use for ammo if there is no gunpowder or bullets.

  6. vonMesser says:

    More and more I fear armed rebellion.

    • Uriel says:

      fear — no I don’t, am more worried that it will come to pass, definitely…

      • I don’t think an open armed rebellion is in order.
        Selective culling of the commie herd maybe… or two at a time, subsonic, suppressed. Calling Charles Bronson.