Portland, Maine overrun with African migrants

Laura Ingraham

Fox News Jun 11, 2019 Congolese asylum seekers inundate Maine after being sent from San Antonio, Texas.

How the Hades did so many get into Maine and across the US? Have these people been registered, vetted, or checked for diseases AT ALL?

If they are supposedly being held at the southern border then …

How the heck did they get to Maine?

Who is paying for them to go to Maine?

Who is going to watch over them and assure the community that their safety and health ARE NOT AT RISK?

What happens in the next six months? Year? Ten Years? Whose jobs will they be taking over and which citizens will be short-changed in order to pay for these illegals? Which congress members AUTHORIZED this crap?


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27 Responses to Portland, Maine overrun with African migrants

  1. T.A. Parnell says:


    • Uriel says:

      I had not heard that little speech by the Maine governor before…….made me want to puck. Hope Maine LOVES her now. She sounded like Merkel.

  2. SafeSpace says:

    These folks arrived on the Barky Bus Line, with prepaid debit cards funded by the Soros Bank. Patience, folks …. coming to a neighborhood near you soon!

    • Uriel says:

      As long as they arrive in sanctuary cities and states — that sounds like justice to me. Just be sure the rest of the country doesn’t have to pick up the tab for taking care o them.

  3. whitetop says:

    These 350 people come from a country with an Ebola outbreak so what happens when our citizens become infected? I guess that is when Obama’s death panels kick in. I feel no compassion for Portland, Maine or San Antonio because they welcomed the illegals in at the expense of their own citizens. The people who made the decision to make their city sanctuary should be put in orange suits and made to make gravel out of large rocks. Obama’s crime of spying on the Trump campaign and attempting a coup on his presidency was a minor crime compared to his importing illegal aliens and dumping them on unsuspecting communities.

    • Uriel says:

      Which he did on a daily basis for most of his time in office – but especially the last four years after becoming the enabler for the UN within the US

    • Pam Dice says:

      Hey, what’s a little Ebola among multi cultural friends? — African filth…. spreading disease and African values

  4. Ragnar says:

    Don’t forget Little Mog in Minneapolis and their great congresscritter. Where a “equal Opportunity” hire cop shoot and killed (murdered) an unarmed white women from the passenger seat of a cruiser, and recently one tossed a 5 year old kid off the balcony at the Mall of America…..

  5. 219rad says:

    It’s been happening in quite a few cities & towns across America and not just across our southern border. My cousin reports from a small town called Sharon Hill PA and stated the township has been over run with these migrants who are flown in by other migrants who have been here for a bit and have learned how to work they system. They are buying homes in distress sales and converting single family homes to now house 10 to 15 to upwards to 20 people by cutting rooms in half, making large dorms out of attic space etc. These homes no longer have living rooms or dining rooms or basements, all of been converted to bed space only.

    • Uriel says:

      And these crazy people wonder why we say SHOW ME YOUR RIGHT TO CITIZENSHIP on the census. Good grief.

  6. Wendy says:

    OMG! Between Obummer & Soros, and the folks they’ve brought in to ruin us, I must say that they’re doing a damn good job. America won’t be recognizable before long!!! Why isn’t TRUMP releasing the Military on all these brash a$$holes? Either shoot them and/or send them to GITMO!!!

  7. Pam Dice says:

    An African man just assaulted a white woman on the trails above Albuquerque, in the oh, so tony Sandia Heights neighborhood…. people are afraid to walk their dogs.

    Our city parts are now campgrounds for this debris – and our State Fairgrounds are bursting with beds – all events are cancelled – and our city council is considering hiring personal body guards because of death threats from taxpayers.

    Local merchants are screaming about break ins, all around the Fairgrounds… in Central America .. glass isn’t enough, you need bars and razor wire… our stores are fair game…. and they are emptying them.

    • Uriel says:

      Seriously? First I heard about this I have friends out that way sort of.

    • malenurseken says:

      Ive a son in AZ. He tells me of all the BS in area he lives. I want him to move back north! OH he is a great shot with a rifle. He learned that here! Both my sons can draw a bead! LOOK OUT

      • vonMesser says:

        I have a good friend in Albuquerque, but she is massively liberal cool-aid drinker (good person in her heart anyway) and she claims this is all right-wing propaganda and everyone but a few fascists love the governor and her policies.

        • Uriel says:

          Well if by everyone she is referring to those living in New Mexico I DISAGREE with her. Obviously everyone does not include the entirety of the populace. She can’t speak for anyone other than herself and those she knows which AINT everyone. A typical leftist statement that has no grounding in reality.

    • Wendy says:

      Oh Pam! Bummer!!! I used to live in Albuquerque in the 70’s! I enjoyed it. I lived at a friend’s house who raced Moto Cross! He was a good friend from high school. We had fun!!!

  8. malenurseken says:

    They want them! I say FLOOD THEM! Except it still affects the entire country! Today I heard the illegals are coming up through drain covers in El Paso! OMG how do they get there? MMMMM I say drop tear gas bombs in every drain cover in the city. AND maybe a few grenades! FLUSH THE DAMN RATS OUT

    • Uriel says:

      no telling what critters will exit if you do that malenurseken…could be the Blob even but I know what you mean. it is getting ridiculous. I had honestly not heard of New Mexico problem but given the current governor is Demoncrat I get it.

  9. Errol V Calvert says:

    Where and What our troupes doing along the Southern Border? Are they still there? Have they been DE- Nutted or are they just babysitters and guides to the UNWANTED?

    • Uriel says:

      Good question Errol. I think still there. Last week I saw a post that one had been fired upon by someone on the Mexican side.

  10. Wendy says:

    I’m gettin’ me some more FIRE POWER!!! I’m NOT going to be run out of my home!!!

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