#Impeach Trump Day of Action. Grab Your Popcorn.

Tune in on Saturday, June 15, for #ImpeachTrump: An Act to Defend Democracy, a national day of local action to demand an inquiry into the impeachment of Donald Trump!


Donald Trump’s abuses of our communities and country demand action from Congress, which has the responsibility and authority to hold Trump accountable. The next crucial step is an inquiry into whether to draft articles of impeachment.

Search and RSVP for the event you will attend or create one if none exist near you! Events will be visible, family-friendly, public gatherings to demonstrate to our representatives that impeachment is the will of the people. Together, we will inform our communities about Trump’s abuses and the process of impeachment, then make plans to convey our support for impeachment to our elected officials.

A core principle shared by supporting organizations is a commitment to nonviolent, peaceful actions. All actions that are sponsored or organized on this page are intended to be nonviolent and peaceful. We expect all participants to act lawfully at all times and to seek to de-escalate any potential confrontation with those who disagree with our values. 

Saturday’s planned #ImpeachTrump Day of Action has expanded greatly in the past week with 133 events now set around the nation to call for House impeachment hearings against President Trump.

Several groups are involved including Indivisible, MoveOn, By the People, and nearly 20 others. HERE are the “partners” involved

And where they are going to be….

I seem to recall an “Impeach Trump” rally that was held in D.C. last month….
A ‘coalition’ of liberal advocacy groups was to deliver a petition with supposedly more than 10 million signatures urging Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump, but only two muzzie Democrat members of the House showed up. Reps. Al Green (Texas) and Rashida Tlaib (Mich.).
Hmmmm…Could it be that Mr. Green has tired of goats ? I must say they do make a lovely couple.

Isn’t it odd that they found 10 million people who want to impeach Trump, but they haven’t yet found 1 reason for doing so ?

The day before we enjoy the millions of people NOT showing up for the Parade Of Idiots, we may also be treated to a special Day Without Lies, if the author of “Life After America”, Joseph Mark Glazner has his say. 
You may remember his book wherein he gives a very personal memoir of his time in Canada avoiding the US Draft for the Vietnam War.

Wouldn’t that make for a simply wonderful day !


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14 Responses to #Impeach Trump Day of Action. Grab Your Popcorn.

  1. vonMesser says:

    I will be at the range Friday evening with 47 students, teaching firearms safety. Then there all day Saturday shooting.

  2. Uriel says:

    First – most of those groups are SOROS funded partially as well as Big Leftist Billionaires funded. How can these people say they represent the “middle class” when all of the funding they get comes not from the middle class but the Corporate America Billionaires. The very ones they purport to make pay for all their freebies. You know that has to be a lie because these extremely wealthy people would NEVER put their fortunes and lifestyles on the line for the entire country to suck dry.

    Second – has anyone noticed how truly pained and hate-filled the faces of these leftist people are? They are so consumed from the inside out that their faces seem to be shriveling like raisins or prunes into sour, ugly faces.

    Third, they can’t represent most of the “middle class” if they are from the big cities and coastal communities of the US where most of the population is in decline or hopelessly stagnant, where murders happen on many street corners EVERY day as drug lords, Democrat government, taxes, and tenement owners dictate their existence and tax every breath and sip of water.

    Many of these leftists are hopelessly entangled in the plantation big government mentality ball-and-chain clone cone of wax; deal with a non-realistic internet world every minute ruled by censorship and duplicity or by code and algorithm manipulation; rarely understand the truth of the day-to-day world where personal freedoms produce personal achievements and successes or failures; or college campuses where professors generally have little knowledge of the real world or they would be out there making their own way. Most of them appear at times to be card-carrying nuts pulled out of the garbage bin; sporting the weirdest of looks; fringe elements who can’t seem to function in a socially active real world; often mentally unstable and drug dependent. In short sad, angry, and easily manipulated community misfits and village idiots who have been lied to and manipulated through drugs and indoctrination since they were children..

    Most of those in the middle class that are not leftists are either one or an assortment of people of character who are conservatives, patriots; independent free-thinking adults; mature socially functioning workers, responsible, and fairly well-balanced members of communities; or have taken the plunge and become leftist walk-aways who have finally begun to get the message — Democrats are “plantation owner” and “clone or hive” mentality and expect all who are not them to tow their line, their message, and their rules OR else be whipped into shape and forced to comply.

    Those on the right of the center of life seesaw are the rest of the country who are hard working wage earners and retirees who have to go to work every day to support themselves and their families. They have to worry about a roof over their heads, food in the belly, taxes, and the insane number of regulations and overly bloated big government that are clogging the heart and veins of our country. They KNOW the difference between the LIES the Democrats spread, the TRUTH that Democrats will never face and are reasonably and less frantically able to explain their stand on important social, community, and political issues.

    The HATE and INSANITY that emanates from those to the left of the center of the seesaw increasiingly appear to be twisted, prune-faced hateful sour-hearted bodies and minds of the leftists zombies who can’t articulate quietly or in any meaningful way and debate the reasons for the leftists goals or attitudes. For the most part they can only parrot the lefts mantra, have no thinking independent mind, only a hive mentality.

    These Borgs do not deserve the honor of living in a country where for the last two centuries they have been protected from the ravages of dictators and regimes who starve and regularly terrify and enslave citizens in order to maintain a semblance of governance.

    They do not deserve a place to live in a country where walking into a store of ANY kind provides them with a multitude of options and choices unlike those socialist dictatorship countries who decide for hapless citizens what new trends will be and who gets what consumable. They do not deserve a land where individual thinking and freedoms including feeling safe within their own homes is not just a sentence but a fact.

    THEY DO HAVE THE RIGHT to remove themselves from our shores and travel to any country in the world most like their constant mentally deficient babble who will take them in. Let them live freely in one of those countries and NEVER return to our shores.

    End of message and time to get down from my lectern to go laugh and enjoy life..

    • Terry says:

      Oh please, don’t stop now Uriel. I’ve got a feeling you were just getting warmed up.
      Kudos for such an outstanding comment, one that certainly deserves a free-standing posting of its own.
      You hit many nails on the head, and I couldn’t agree more with you.

  3. SafeSpace says:

    Impeach Trump Day: A leftard first, attempting to create a case where there is no evidence. Looking at the map where these gatherings of jackagons are scheduled, I see many cities that are not run by “progressive” mayors. Just for shits and grins, perhaps the conservative mayors should demand the “protestors” secure permits for their little hissy fits. And if they don’t, round ’em up and run ’em off. Could serve as a good training exercise for the National Guard, too.

    • Terry says:

      Along with the permits, each ‘protester’ should be asked in a pop quiz “What are you protesting today?”
      The majority wouldn’t have a clue, but they will know how to pick up their paycheck for it.

  4. SafeSpace says:

    I understand that Glazner’s book “Life After America” was printed in China, and is only three pages long.

  5. whitetop says:

    The democrat party (communist) have been practicing the BIG LIE since Trump won the election and hope to eventually get him out of office. The House continues its stupid hearings or whatever they call them. Yesterday their star witness John Dean and Chairman Nadler got their asses handed to them on a platter by Jordan, Gaetz and Ratcliffe. Nadler is so clueless everything passed over his head.

    • Terry says:

      I’m still laughing that they drug John Dean into this hoax.
      The last time he said anything notable it was recorded on a gramophone !

  6. I checked the map and a rally is being held in a town 20 miles south of me, Lewisburg, PA. That is a college town that houses a collection of miscreant “socialist/marxist/communist/progressive” professors that are more focused on stirring up crap than doing anything productive, like providing a quality education to their students. It would not surprise me if a Bucknell University professor was in charge of this shindig.
    Recently the town of State College, PA, which is where Penn State University is located, ran one of their professors for the US Congress seat vacated by Tom Marino. They had their asses handed to them when (D) Marc Freidenberg lost by a 2 to 1 margin to (R) Fred Keller, in spite of a large orchestrated letter to the editor campaign, in regional newspapers, extolling the virtues of their progressive candidate. I just hope it is a preview of the 2020 election where Trump wins by a huge margin.

    • Terry says:

      Barring major voter fraud, it will be.
      Which brings us to the question “How to bar major voter fraud?”

      • SafeSpace says:

        Terry: (#1) Require every voter to present a photo voter ID card, locally issued and as mandated by uniform federal law. (#2) Severely limit early voting and absentee ballots. (#3) Add a citizenship question to the upcoming census. (#4) Stand back as libtard judges go ballistic in their stampede to shut down #1, #2 and #3.

      • Pennsylvania has mandated all new voting machines which have a paper trail. The numbers better match when the ballots are counted. It will cost our county $1 million and the machines must be in place before the next election. This is the best investment in democracy I have heard of in a long time.

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