U.S. Taxpayers Fund Border Walls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle East

From Breitbart:

Excerpts: American taxpayers are continuing to fund border security measures and border walls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Lebanon with President Trump’s signing of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spending bill.

While the United States-Mexico border received only $1.3 billion for construction of a border wall at the overwhelmed southern border with soaring illegal immigration, foreign countries are getting help from American taxpayers to secure their borders.

The Republican-Democrat spending bill signed by Trump last week provides Pakistan with at least $15 million in U.S. taxpayer money for “border security programs” as well as funding for “cross border stabilization” between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

They failed to mention Jordon and possibly several other countries….in past blogs here on Nox, it has been revealed that Jordon also got about 5 Billion to create a huuuge cement wall, with a road on the Jordanian side for the military to patrol.

The continued hypocrisy of the Leftards is not astounding…..anymore….

~ Ragnar (RFXtFR)

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6 Responses to U.S. Taxpayers Fund Border Walls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle East

  1. whitetop says:

    What about the billions they gave to central American countries? Where were the republicans on the committee that came up with the bill? It gets maddening that these people we elect can not give any time to take care of the country business.

  2. Carmen says:

    How about “We the People”, recall ALL of these bums (dems/gop’s), drop them in the middle of the the Bermuda Triangle (bone yard of politicians) and “We the People” run this country. I bet in one month that we can move this country in the right direction and that wall goes up.

  3. malenurseken says:

    I wonder how many US taxpayers KNOW about this! The MEDIA certainly wont report it!

  4. malenurseken says:

    2 comments. Cant see either posted. Gd night friends! BUT this probably wont be posted either.

  5. Carmen says:

    I have recently heard via the news, that Mexico is considering (probably not to hard or they will give themselves a brain annerisum) building a wall along their Southern boarder! They don’t have the balls to stop them.

    If this happens, I guarantee that we, the tax payers, will pay for it. The drug money flows freely through sugar hole Mexico but the corrupt politicians won’t use it because it takes money out of their bank account.

    I could kick Papa Bushe’s butt for pushing NAFTA with f–ing Mexico. Now we will pay for their S. wall and we also gave money to Jordan for their wall but we can’t have one according to the communist left, who live behind tall walls with security.