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  3. I dunno. I think if some of the veterans heard what the teachers were teaching their kids, safeties may click off.

    • I don’t see the down-side…

    • Amboyduke says:

      Brother, how right you are…Up here in Canada the teachers are the conduit for the crap that the left wing agenda school boards are feeding the children. It is sickening.
      I am not trying to rationalize the acts f this poor kid…he was obviously crazy, but he maybe should have targeted the teaching staff rather than his fellow classmates.
      It also comes out that this fellow liked to kill small animals just for the fun of it…definitely a very real, serious symptom of a severely disturbed person.

      And never underestimate the affect severe bullying can have on a student.
      What a mess.

      I am an old guy, 68, with grand children in high school…and if I was an American, I would have absolutely NO PROBLEM with armed police/veterans in EVERY school in the country…locked and loaded.

      Up here in Canada, we can get a “Possession/Acquisition/Licence” for what we call “Non Restricted Weapons”.
      We can also have a special licence for certain restricted weapons, which includes all hand guns.
      But let me tell you, we can own some real amazing semi-automatic guns that come with 20 round capacity magazines, although we are not allowed by law to have more than five, {5} rounds in the magazine at one time, including one in the chamber.
      AR 15’s are prohibited, I believe, but there are lots of other types that can do the same damage that an AR-15 can do…but we have 1/10th the population of the U.S.A. and therefore we have less problems with gun violence.
      These laws will never, ever stop the criminal element from breaking these laws.

      Just something to think about…have you ever thought about the affect the entertainment industry MIGHT have on these individuals?
      The gratuitous violence in every ridiculous “Action” movie, and the insane violence and foul language that is in almost every video game…???
      Plus, people HAVE to start to REPORT WEIRD, UNUSUAL ACTIVITY when the SEE IT…and if it means some imbecile calls you a bigot, or some kind of “|phobic”, so be it.

      I pray the States can get this under control.

  4. clyde says:

    Another thing that could help. Take down the moronic “We Are A Proud Gun-Free Zone” signs. Put in it’s place ones that say “ Armed Security On Premises”.

  5. Wanted: Retired military/law enforcement veterans with clean record to work as a concealed-carry security officer and part-time janitor while school is in session.

    Pay scale begins at $15.00 p/h. Those with associates degrees in psychology are subject to negotiation.

    Work description: Secure the main entrance while students traverse, secure all fire exits, maintain the security of our students and staff and, when time allows, maintain the portico and main entrance floors. Details to follow.

  6. Wise Owl says:

    Many great ideas here, including “ARMED CITIZENS WITH SHOOT-TO-KILL ORDERS MAY BE ANYWHERE”.

  7. GunnyG says:

    And if the shooter survives, a swift trial with a fast trip to “ride the lightning.” The crap will stop fast.

  8. Whitetop says:

    Gunsmoke hadn’t cleared the air when Chelsea Handler came out with her hate speech blaming the Republicans for what happened. It is people like her who precipitate more problems than second amendment proponents. Don’t know of one of the Soros organizations sends her a 10% off coupon for her next shopping trip to Walmart to read a prepared script of hate or if she is capable of doing it on her own. She needs to be taken in for a mental evaluation.

  9. vonMesser says:

    I would happily spend an 8-hour shift in a school “watch tower” once a week as a volunteer. M1 Garand or 98K Mauser (both scoped).

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