Profiles In Scourge

The unveiling of the official Presidential gallery portraits of Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, had hotly divided takes on the two pieces.

Moochie’s portrait, painted by black artist Amy Sherald, was mocked ruthlessly by critics who believe the artist completely botched any likeness of the former 1st Trannie in her boring and uninspired piece.
It harkened back to the days of high school illustration class instead of the dignified and time-consuming art of previous First Lady’s.


 Of course, the Mooch should have checked out Ms. Sheralds self-portrait before she hired her :

There were many, many more authentic poses to chose from that would have captured her true spirit :


Ms. Sherald, we’re not sure who you’ve painted, but congratulations on having your work in the Presidential gallery. Clever placement of Big Mike’s right hand hid her Adam’s Apple perfectly.

Now, on to Batears

Obama chose black, Yale-trained artist Kehinde Wiley to create his portrait.

OH SORRY. That was the 1st draft. My Bad.

Here’s the final work, but I gotta say, the 1st one was more authentic. What better prop than a shitter for a POS  ?

O’Bozo will surely stand out in the field of past POTUS portraits :

Notice if you will some of the more interesting aspects of this strange rendering :
Six fingers on the left hand :
A strange white glob on his temple ( I’ll leave that to your own interpretation) :
And, unlike any other before his, The Brown Clown’s  portraits speaks :

Wiley’s previous works featured black supremacist themes, including several pieces bearing a striking resemblance to the theme of O’Batears the pansy sitting in a field of weeds, in a which a black woman is shown beheading a white woman.

It perfectly illustrates the Obama Presidency. Divisive, White hating racist, America haters.

Here’s the one that should be used :

But what did anyone expect from this gutter rat?….he was/is a black racist and so is that thing he is married to, so no real surprises here….divisive right to the end.

Hopefully, this will be his next portrait, painted by one of his prison butt-buddies :



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16 Responses to Profiles In Scourge

  1. Make that chair electric and you’ll have it.

  2. Wingman says:

    It appears the “artist” that did the mooches portrait is also rocking a special package in her dress muck like the mooch does.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Very funny Terry.

    It is stunning on how these two want to be reminded for posterity. The 43 portrait groups before them were at least classy. These two nabobs chose instead to be represented by cartoon art which in all truth is what they were for 8 miserable years.

    Fortunately, the next portraits will be classy.

    • Terry says:

      Now THAT is what they should have used for the official portrait.
      You gonna post that, or is it for our private stock ?
      I left a comment on it 🙂

  4. That last “jumpsuit” pic should be of him pushing up daises, not sitting on them…But that’s just my opinion, of course.
    Again: those are both the most hideous pictures ever to be hung on ANY wall, let alone the Smithsonian. May we gag forever…

  5. captbogus2 says:

    A quick glance at any of Michelle’s clothing could tell you her FLOTUS portrait would be tasteless….

  6. Uriel says:

    But wait Terry you forgot the hidden symbolisms on posters (er um paintings) seems there is a reason
    WaPo – grayscale complexion isn’t a mistake – they are gray people.’ 
    Michelle’s dress – inspired by quilt masterpieces made by the women of Gee’s Bend, a small, remote black community in Alabama
    some call it pop art thats symbolizm won’t be understood in the future
    psst did you hear that the paintings cost half a million dollars – who pays for it?

    • Terry says:

      Hidden symbolism –I’m still working on the ‘6 finger’ angle.
      I think moochie is a ‘ grayscaled person’ ’cause the “artist” ran out of brown fingerpaint.
      Pop art ? More like poop art.

      According to the NY Times, (so it must be true ) :

      “Since the presidency of George H.W. Bush, official portraits have been paid for with private funds, mostly from big donors who will be acknowledged in media materials and credited in labels…..”

      Phfffftt !

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