Fake News – Who is behind it?

While we often remember and cite tabloid headlines at the supermarket checkout stand as being the original fake news, with ridiculous headlines about alien abductions and UFOs, the term has come to light in the recent presidential election. We’ve since learned that much of it was designed to sway our voting, and came from not only the dominant campaigns, but from foreign interests.

Sharyl Attkisson is a top journalist that makes an effort to provide accurate, truthful, unbiased news and exposés, and has an informative television show called Full Measure. In this clip, from a TED talk, Sharyl leads us to the reasons and sources behind fake news:

It is interesting to note that Eric Schmidt, of Google, was behind the recent spate of political fake news, designed to help Hillary, all the while generating more search traffic for Google. “Follow the money” was the mantra that Sharyl used to uncover who was behind the disinformation campaign.

It is also important to search on a divisive political topic using as many different search engines as you can. A comparison of Google and duckduckgo.com reveals significantly different results. Google’s search results seem to lean leftward, with positive liberal news at the top of the searches and news unbecoming to liberals or promoting conservative issues, much further down. It is an easy experiment to try.

–Wise Owl

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4 Responses to Fake News – Who is behind it?

  1. Uriel says:

    What a fantastic find Wise Owl! Take a bow. She says so much so succinctly and truthfully – wise words especially the warning at the end. Censorship and those who would shape our world begets fake narratives and can force a shutdown of freedom to speak and find out truth for ourselves.

  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    It isn’t “fake news” depending on your point of view. It’s fake news if it isn’t true or it is so skewed from the truth as to be demonstrably false.
    And where you hear the same words or phrases from a variety of sources it is probably propaganda.

    • Wise Owl says:

      Perhaps, but an example of fake news is The Russia Collusion, which CNN was pushing even when Project Veritas caught the producer admitting it was fake, but pushing the meme solely for the ratings. Points of view vary, but truth is truth, and if it’s not, it is, indeed, fake.

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