Body Part Industry – the depravity of humans runs deep

After having viewed videos of Planned Parenthood’s avaricious take on baby body parts, I was sickened. However, I recently read a post that takes this to another level. In fact, I really thought the post was nothing more than a horrendous joke that was being played out in media to cause more chaos especially given it first appeared in a Reuters post–until I checked further.

Chinese Tanker Had A Container Full Of Dead Americans

The Daily Caller
Chris White
February 8, 2018

Exporting companies are using Chinese ships, planes, and trucks to transport dead Americans across the world for research purposes, according to a Thursday report from Reuters.

A Hong Kong flagged cargo ship departed South Carolina in July carrying 6,000 pounds of human remains valued at $67,204. The container’s temperature was set to 5 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the parts from spoiling. Relatives of the dead, meanwhile, did not realize their loved ones’ remains were being dismembered and sent to Europe and elsewhere, the report notes.

Body brokers like Oregon-based MedCure rely on lax regulations to export heads, shoulders, knees and toes to Mexico, China, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, among several other countries. Plastic surgeons in Germany use heads to practice new techniques, while thousands of parts are shipped overseas annually.

“There are people who wouldn’t necessarily mind where the specimens were sent if they were fully informed,” Brandi Schmitt, who directs a body donation system at the University of California, told reporters about the trade, which is still shrouded in mystery. “But clearly there are plenty of donors that do mind and that don’t feel like they’re getting enough information.”

The FBI raided MedCure in November, which culminated in a federal investigation. (reported in the Oregon Live business section)

Families of those on in the ships were shocked to hear that their husbands, fathers, and daughters were shipped overseas.

Current regulations cover body parts intended for transplant, such as hearts and livers, which have allowed some unsavory elements of the industry to bubble to the top.

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To say I was shocked and disgusted doesn’t begin to express how I felt upon reading this post. So I decided that further information to back up its horrific report needed to be made. What I found is beyond my worst “horror flick” nightmare scenarios. The posts below are only only a sample of many. After just skimming through these I had to stop.

The Guardian, May 2012: “World Health Organization – Illegal kidney trade booms as new organ is ‘sold every hour'” World Health Organisation estimates 10,000 black market operations involving human organs take place each year.

Univ. of Utah, S J Quinney School of Law, Nov. 11, 2014: “Organ Trafficking: More Than Just a Myth.”… although the United States and most other developed nations internationally have banned the sale of organs, the black market is robust and it could be argued that it has in fact helped it flourish.

WHO, Dec, 2007: “The state of the international organ trade…” The most common way to trade organs across national borders is via potential recipients who travel abroad to undergo organ transplantation, commonly referred to as “transplant tourism”. Although this term may be contentious as it disregards the patients’ desperate motives and fails to reflect ethical issues. The article goes into detail on overall trafficking as well.

InsiderMonkey, Feb. 2017: “10 Black Market Organ Trade and Trafficking Facts, Statistics, and Stories”

Washington State Univ, Apr. 2017: “Organ Trafficking” [Illegal organ trafficking] The first record of it in 1980, and since then it has become a booming business in the 21st century especially at a global level.

Apparently business is booming. In addition to those who willingly donate their body parts when they pass on, there are others being exploited, enslaved, and murdered all for body parts to satisfy a rapidly growing market.

Another secondary equally serious issue arises in this market, apparently the protocol for disease control is being ignored — no one takes the time or makes sure that the people are disease or HIV free or that the donors are freely supplying their body parts. They simply harvest and pass the product along for the profit. Nor, apparently are there checks and rechecks of those parts being used either for scientific purposes or for transplants, especially when the payoff for using the parts passes across greedy palms.

I am totally horrified at this whole issue and just how evil and depraved the underbelly of the human race has become.  I can’t imagine being a family member of someone this was done to or being a victim. This isn’t just an isolated issue. It appears to be a worldwide cancer that has been fed by the cults and crimes portrayed in science fiction and horror films.


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  1. SafeSpace says:

    And meanwhile that murderous bitch Cecile Richards retires, wrapped in smiles and drawing a fat pension. Is this a great country, or what.

  2. Uriel says:

    no kidding lets not forget all the money she socked away that was from “perks’

  3. Ragnar says:

    Why do you think there is so many “disappearances” of young people??? 1) illegal sex trade 2) organ harvesting…..

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