A New Proposal To Curb Food Stamp Abuse

We have angrily shuddered at stories about steak and lobster being purchased by food stamp recipients, while we struggle to use coupons, find sales, and otherwise stretch our food dollars to buy the basics.  Apparently, word of this sort of abuse (and surely much more) has filtered to the top of the Trump administration:

Leftists FREAK OUT about bold Trump admin. proposal to revamp food stamps

A friend once watched a bum use food stamps to buy bottled water. He left the store with a shopping cart full of water bottles purchased with our tax dollars. He went behind the store and poured out all the water, then returned the empty bottles for the deposit….which he then used to buy fortified wine!

Welfare and food stamp fraud is rampant, and this one clever way to reduce it, saving taxpayers a modest sum.  Why would anyone object to a program that truly does what it is intended to do?  Well, the opposition comes from leftists and exposes their desire to have everyone dependent upon a bloated government bureaucracy at serves their big-government notions.

The current Welfare and SNAP program (“food stamps”) make it too easy, too comfortable for recipients to stay on these doles throughout their lives.  By focusing on the intended goals of being temporary aids for a person who is down on their luck to survive, a program that focuses on the basics without added convenience is a reminder that this aid is intended as temporary, and able-bodied recipients must re-double their efforts to find work or seek retraining, to stand on their own two feet.

When liberals hear suggestions that illegal immigrants should be deported and physically-able, unskilled Welfare recipients should take those job, they are outraged that this sort of work is cruel and unusual punishment.  Well, if that is all you are able to do, why the hell not?  Most people, at one time or another in their lives, take jobs that they do not like, for the sole purpose of earning income.  Why should Welfare recipients have it any better?  If they do not like the stoop labor, they can make an effort to improve their skills so they can improve their job qualities and income.  That is the American Way– the carrot at the end of the stick, to better ourselves so we can have better jobs and more income.

The Trump administration’s proposal is certainly a step in the right direction, and to replace unending reliance on handouts with training and education may be the next step.  A simple way to achieve independence may be for the Welfare check to be a diminishing quantity each month, with encouragement for training and menial job placement, would go a long way toward promoting independence and separating the lazy and unmotivated from those that are truly unable to work due to mental and/or physical disabilities.

–Wise Owl

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9 Responses to A New Proposal To Curb Food Stamp Abuse

  1. Uriel says:

    I am so glad that this administration is finally tackling the food stamp issue. There have been many huge indictments and arrests over the last year for those who are using food stamps improperly as businesses and recipients. Time to find a better way. If memory serves, those long ago pilgrims put people in stocks for a time who refused to contribute to the community and were abusing the system. Perhaps a bit much, but I still think something like what you highlighted needs to be done.

    • Diego Dave says:

      agreed! i love this idea. also, dont forget the scammers who were with 5 and 6 figure incomes getting thousands of snap dollars under multiple aliases…then selling them to illegals for cash. freaking despicable! go trumpie go!

    • Wise Owl says:

      Thank you, Uriel.
      I don’t think putting people in stocks is too much. Our present system of justice is a delayed trial, followed by numerous appeals, and when the criminals are finally indicted, their crimes have faded from America’s short-span memory. Quick, very public trials and punishment for crimes would surely serve as a significant deterrent to all.

  2. Terry says:

    This is outstanding news !
    I have long been in favor of having warehoused food to feed the stampers. Canned veggies, fruit, and meats, powdered milk, day-old baked goods, rice, salt, sugar….
    If it was good enough for field rations when I was in the military, it’s good enough for anyone.
    Freebies should be enough to sustain you and your family while you work to get on your feet, not to improve your quality of life while you sit on your ass.

  3. Ragnar says:

    Good idea, but it won’t work. The USDA will F it up 1) and 2) those people don’t want the food, they want the money from selling the food to others……

  4. henryvoyles says:

    My thoughts on this issue is that stores, private or government(private preferred, similar to say an Aldis), should be opened up and these stores are the only place where SNAP funds can be used. These stores would carry basic necessary food staples as well as personal hygiene items.
    I believe a SNAP “photo” ID should be required and checked when purchases are made. Changes in the SNAP program such as this would in my opinion cut taxpayer costs by 30%-40% right away. It’s our money, we should have a say in how it is spent.

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