How Some of the Shadow Government is Funded

Pay attention 007, it is about to get real deep. This is another layer of corruption the Clinton machine is responsible for thanks to their pals in the CIA.  If you cross them, you could end up in a staged “murder-suicide” or exiled to a faraway place like Mr. Wilfred, a former employee of the agency who set up the clandestine money networks that he thought was for good causes until it dawned on him what the true purpose was.

Anyone who he has reached out to for help in exposing this ongoing scheme has shoved him aside either in fear of their own lives or justifying it as “all normal corruption, there isn’t anything you can do about it.”

Well, maybe somebody is doing something about it.  If you can spare the time to listen to him explain what this is all about, please do and tell others. Or, visit his website:

Then click on the link “Lumina Diem.” That is where you will find all the details. He has all the documentation to back up his story.


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2 Responses to How Some of the Shadow Government is Funded

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  2. Hardnox says:

    Good find. Very interesting.

    First, he is safe nowhere.

    Secondly, this explains why the Clintons are “untouchable’.

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