Senate committees holding up nominations-time to force them through to Senate Floor

After a String of Amtrak Crashes,
Top Official Points Finger at Schumer

Conservative Tribune
Ben Marquis
February 10, 2018

In keeping with the left’s “resist for the sake of resistance” movement against everything President Donald Trump does, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has blocked or delayed dozens of Trump’s top executive branch post nominees.

Now, at least one official has suggested this tactic could be placing lives in danger.

That official is Deputy Secretary of Transportation Jeff Rosen, and according to The Daily Caller, he has taken exception to Schumer’s prolonged refusal to confirm the nomination of 40-year rail veteran Ronald Batory as the nation’s top railroad safety regulator and head of the Federal Railway Administration.

Rosen sent a letter to Schumer on Jan. 31 following the crash of an Amtrak train in Virginia that was carrying congressional Republicans to their annual retreat in West Virginia. The train had struck a garbage truck on the tracks, killing the driver and injuring some of the train passengers.

According to USA Today, that crash was but one of several high-profile Amtrak train crashes or derailments over the past few years, the most recent of which occurred Feb. 4 in South Carolina when an Amtrak train was accidentally shifted to a side rail and slammed into a parked CSX freight train, killing the conductor and engineer.

Unfortunately, statistics show that the number of fatalities in train accidents are on the rise, as is the rate of accidents per million miles traveled, a trend Rosen suggested could be slowed if not reversed if Schumer were to withdraw his objection to the appointed new leader and allow him to be confirmed.

“At that time, (Republican South Dakota) Sen. (John) Thune, who chairs the Commerce committee, said months have gone by and now we’re dealing with the aftermath of this tragedy, it’s time to confirm Ron Batory, and he asked for unanimous consent,” recalled Rosen, in reference to remarks in the Senate following the Washington state derailment, according to The Daily Caller.

“Senator Schumer stood up and just said ‘I object’ and then he walked away and didn’t elaborate,” Rosen continued. “So he didn’t say when he objected what the grounds were. It’s inexplicable that after those months and after the tragedy he was unwilling to put safety first, but he didn’t give the rationale.”

Rosen stated that Schumer has yet to respond to the letter he sent him, nor did Schumer respond to requests for comment from The Daily Caller.

Read the article HERE.


Since President Trump took office Senate Democrats have pulled every card in their deck to prevent nominations from being sent through to the Senate floor for confirmation.

Currently there are 120 nominations on the committee calendars
yet to be confirmed.

Many of these are for important positions which need to be filled. If these people have fulfilled all that is required by the Personnel and Security Clearance people and if there is no REAL objection to their appointment, THEN WHY ARE THEY STILL ON THE CALENDAR TO BE REVIEWED? Why are they not out on the Senate floor being approved.

Eight months is a ridiculous length of time to wait especially in critical areas like the railroad  and nuclear. We should already have had attorneys and district judges confirmed if there are no serious objections.

If the Senate Democrats sitting on committees can’t perform one of their major duties, then it is time that the Republicans do whatever it takes to force the nominations through to the Senate floor for confirmation. If they don’t and Democrats outnumber them come election time then these will all continue to be held up.

2017-06-21 Russell Vought, Deputy Director Office of Management and Budget
2017-06-21 Adam J. Sullivan, an Assistant Secretary of Transportation

2017-07-12 Annie Caputo, a Member of Nuclear Regulatory Commission
2017-07-12 David Wright, a Member of Nuclear Regulatory Commission

2017-08-02 Ronald L. Batory, Administrator of Federal Railroad Administration
2017-08-02 Dawn DeBerry Stump, a Comm’r of Commodity Futures Trading Comm’n

2017-09-07 Gilbert B. Kaplan, Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade

2017-10-04 John Marshall Mitnick, General Counsel, Department of Homeland Security
2017-10-18 Carlos G. Muniz, General Counsel, Department of Education
2017-10-18 Janet Dhillon, a Member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
2017-10-18 Daniel M. Gade, a Member of the Equal Emplymt Opportunity Commission
2017-10-19 William Northey, Under Sec of Agriculture for Farm & Foreign Agri Serv
2017-10-24 Jeffrey Gerrish, a Deputy US Trade Rep(Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Industrial Competitiveness), with the rank of Ambassador.
2017-10-24 Gregory Doud, Chief Agricultural Negotiator, Office of the United States Trade Representative, with the rank of Ambassador.
2017-10-24 Jason Kearns, a Member of the United States International Trade Commission
2017-10-25 Jeffery Martin Baran, a Member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
2017-10-26 A. Marvin Quattlebaum, Jr., US District Judge – District of South Carolina
2017-10-26 Karen Gren Scholer, US District Judge – Northern District of Texas
2017-10-26 Tilman Eugene Self III, US District Judge – Middle District of Georgia

2017-11-07 John C. Demers, an Assistant Attorney General
2017-11-08 Bruce Landsberg, a Member of the National Transportation Safety Board
2017-11-08 Raymond Martinez, Administrator – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin
2017-11-08 Nazakhtar Nikakhtar, an Assistant Secretary of Commerce
2017-11-08 Neil Jacobs, an Assistant Secretary of Commerce
2017-11-16 Anthony Kurta, a Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense

This list does not include 11 from Dec. 2017 on the calendar nor 20 or more for Jan-Feb 2018 as yet not on the senate calendar.

Note: On Schumer’s website it states: As Democratic Leader, Senator Schumer does not serve on any committees in the Senate. Most recently, he served as Ranking Member of the Committee on Rules and Administration, on the Senate Judiciary Committee as Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees, and Border Security, the Senate Finance Committee, and the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.


So these “oh so caring”, “tears rolling down cheeks” OBSTRUCTIONISTS Democrats are continuing to hold nominations hostage. They pretend to care about our nation and our citizens yet refuse to do one of their main jobs as senators. 

So how is Schumer holding up nominations if he isn’t specifically assigned to a committee? Sounds to me like someone is stalling, allowing Schumer to dictate in committees, or using him as an excuse not to get their work done.

Schumer owns those railroad deaths and injuries as far as I am concerned if he has been deliberately meddling in committee business.  National safety and foreign diplomacy alone says there are several in the above list that are important and need to be quickly reviewed and confirmed if they meet standards.

The Senate Republicans in committees are just as at fault as the Democrats for letting them get away with these tactics. They forced nominations through earlier in the year when it was obvious that the Democrats were determined to undermine the president’s administration. So force the issue now.  Slow to review and incomplete information is one thing but eight months and still some are not approved.  Geez!

Maybe the Senators need to have their paychecks reduced by penalties daily until these nominations are taken care of, as well as getting the other work out of the Senate.

We need a new leader in the Senate. It is obvious that McConnell and his buddy Schumer have been dragging their heels and making closed-door deals.

Time is running out as 2018 elections could have a big effect on both the House and the Senate if the Democrats continue their push. They may be broke according to FEC but there are some hefty donors out there willing to pour millions into races to make sure a Democrat wins any way they can.



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6 Responses to Senate committees holding up nominations-time to force them through to Senate Floor

  1. Shar says:

    The latest budget shows the Turtle and Chucku are kissing cousins. Pass time to vote on majority only and push nominees and bills thru.

    • Uriel says:

      I agree. They did it in the beginning. I do wonder what Schumer has on McC or how the Dems convinced the Republicans to stop pushing nominations through

  2. Dynalady says:

    I hope some real conservative types are making a list, checking it twice, & are going to create the Mother of All Campaign commercials to show the American people—including die-hard Democrat voters—stuff like this to prove just how hard these people are working to hurt America.

  3. Whitetop says:

    There is a Coup going on in DC and there is a long list of participants. Schumer has to be included on that list.

  4. Wise Owl says:

    All the more reason this obstructionist sons of bitches need to be voted OUT ASAP! Congress has become two warring frat houses, each determined to win at all costs, no matter the consequences, and no matter the tactics. Vote the bastards out!!!

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