Lost leverage on DACA is going to bite Democrats

Democrats Just Realized They Now Have No Leverage Against Trump Over DACA

Western Journal
Erin Coates
February 10, 2018

Now that Congress has passed a budget deal to boost defense, increase spending gaps and lift the debt ceiling, Democrats are realizing they no longer can use a deal on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program as leverage against President Donald Trump.

The bipartisan spending bill was passed early Friday morning after a brief government shutdown overnight.

The new budget agreement includes $131 billion extra available for non-military spending, according to Reuters, which incorporates $90 billion for disaster aid for U.S. states and territories hit by hurricanes or wildfires last year.

The Democrats who voted against the bill disputed it because it didn’t provide a comprehensive plan for 800,000 illegal immigrants protected under DACA who were brought to the U.S. as children.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., pointed out that the Democrats “now have zero leverage on immigration,” according to the Washington Examiner.

The political party had used three leverage points for immigration in the past — budget caps, the debt ceiling and disaster aid — but those are no longer available after the new spending bill covered all three.

Trump has given Congress a deadline of March 5 to pass new legislation for the DACA program.

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Now we all pretty much believe that Pelosi is seriously mentally declining. Democrats in general seem to have the same mental deficit problems. Perhaps its the “Dim Opiods” they are privately pushing in DC.

However, in her speech on the floor and during her talks to Democrats, she obviously was thinking straight at least for a few moments when she realized this was a serious bargaining chip Democrats were about to lose. Now they have to hope McConnell and Ryan live up to their promise to address these two issues next week.

The Democrats and RINOS would have done better if they read Trump’s “Art of the Deal”. Though it is doubtful any of them would be caught with the book in their hands.

We do have a military guarantee for two years on spending as of February 5th. McConnell gave up a huge amount of money to Democrat pet projects to get the deal.  I am guessing when March 23rd rolls around and an omnibus is to be approved, there will be a lot to consider to trim back the budget for the rest of the appropriations.

Not only do we have the March 23rd deadline to finish the 2018 Omnibus but it is being reported that Trump is about to release his 2019 Budget information in the next week or so which will also grab the liberals, federal unions, and federal employees attention. In that budget he plans to reorganize the federal employment guidelines using the new Veterans employee mandate as a pattern. This is going to be another big deal.

Trump has given congress a deadline of March 5 to come up with a legitimate DACA bill or an Immigration Reform bill for approval. After that date, DACA ends. So if both the House and the Senate want to make headway on Immigration and DACA, the time is now.

I would laugh about the kink in their plans if they had not done so much over the last year to discredit this administration and attempt to stall bills and nominations. Now I am a bit more vengeful and say “Bite It” and — no DACA or Immigration this week until nominations for June – October 2017 are out of committee and approved. We have already seen that the Senate can move quickly if given the right incentive.

Of course we know McConnell hasn’t got what it takes to make that deal. After all his buddy Schumer would cry alligator tears on his shoulder as he stabs McConnell in the back if he did manage to get everything pending finished. 

The one real issue I have always had above all with Democrats – they simply can not think for themselves or vote how their constituents want them to vote.  They are automatons and have no real purpose in being in either the House or Senate if they can not think for themselves. Yet people continue to allow this behavior from those they send to congress.

Why? This is a country where independence and free-thinking are allowed. It is a country who elects from the locales to represent the citizens voices. YET THE DEMOCRATS can not seem to do any of this. Republicans appear to be in disarray as a party but at least THEY have the guts to think and vote more in line with those that elected them rather than a political party standard.




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18 Responses to Lost leverage on DACA is going to bite Democrats

  1. captbogus2 says:

    “The Democrats and RINOS would have done better if they read Trump’s “Art of the Deal””. The Democrats prove it is not ignorance but stupidity. Know thy enemy…even if it means reading their book…..

  2. Whitetop says:

    I’m tired of Schumer and Piglosie holding the citizens of this country hostage just to give refuge to illegal aliens. Outside of obtaining a voter base I see nothing they gain by being extortionists. If San Fran Nan hadn’t been so befuddled before one would think tight shoes, during her 8 hours of blabber, might have pinched her brain as well. Of course republicans are still beholding to the Chamber of Commerce.

  3. Wise Owl says:

    Remember, these frat boys, these bitter enemies, are just like sports opponents putting on a show for the gullible public’s “entertainment”. At the end of the day, off camera, they have drinks together, and maybe racquetball together the next day. Much of the adversarial behavior is an act– a high stakes game they play….with OUR dollars. It’s about WINNING, at any cost, and NOT about principles.

    It’s time to vote them all out. At election time, remind conservatives at what a major thorn in the side these bastards have been. To the liberals, remind them what failures their representatives have been, obstructing for obstruction’s sake, to the detriment of us ALL, liberals included.

    • Uriel says:

      SO true Shar! Can you Imagine the outrage and theatric display they would put on! While before Obama some voting was illegal, it was Obama and his crew who truly showed the power of the illegal immigrants vote.

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