Republicans – 2018 elections are fast approaching and Democrats are gearing up

As much as we would like to believe 2016 was the only pivotal election year, this simply isn’t the case. Yes it was a major victory but here are facts that are going to reshape congress for the next few years.

According to Conservative Newsroom’s “Disaster Could Follow If Dems Take Control Of The House” article in early January 2018, we were warned that it might embolden the Democrat mentality to push hard on impeachment if they win the majority of the House in 2018. That by itself is a problem, but then think of all the efforts to drain the swamp or any number of bills that are designed to streamline government…and then think of how the Democrats with only a slim minority have already obstructed…this is a disaster in the making and would render Trump’s platform of reviving America nearly impossible. What gains have been made could find themselves reversed.

State Elections

Ballotpedia – January 20, 2018 summed up elections from 2017 that will begin to shift state and congressional power and may effectively counter any chance Trump has to move forward.

Democrats have gained 30 seats in state legislative elections since Trump took office.

In state legislative special elections spanning 2017 and early 2018, Democrats had a net gain of 12 seats, while Republicans had a net loss of 12 seats. Ninety-eight special elections were held in 2017. Ten special elections have been held so far in 2018 and another 38 special elections have been scheduled for later in the year.

It is common for the president’s party to lose seats in state legislative elections. During President Barack Obama’s (D) two terms in office, Democrats experienced a net loss of 968 state legislative seats. This was the largest net loss of state legislative seats for a two-term president since World War II. President George W. Bush (R) had a net loss of 324 state legislative seats during his two terms in office.

Examples of interesting state statistics:

  • New Jersey, Democrats had a net gain of three seats and increased their majorities in both chambers.
  • Virginia, House of Delegates Democrats gained 15 seats and cut the Republican majority from 66-34 to 51-49.
  • Wisconsin, Senate District 10 seat flips from R to D in special election with national spotlight. The special election saw the lowest voter turnout in the district in a decade.

Examples of upcoming state elections:

Ohio, filing dates passed. Includes U.S. Congress, governor and other state executives, Ohio General Assembly, and Ohio state courts. Five Republican candidates filed for the primary election in the hopes of taking on U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D). This seat was rated Lean Democratic by three outlets as of January 30 and is expected to be a battleground race. The race for the open governor’s seat also drew many candidates. Eight Democratic candidates filed for the primary election. On the Republican side, two candidates filed for the seat. A Green Party candidate also filed for election. The race was rated Lean Republican by five sources as of January 2.

Indiana, filing date has passed. Three state executive offices (secretary of state, treasurer, and auditor), 25 of 50 state senate seats, all 100 state house seats, one of five state supreme court justices, and one of 15 court of appeals justices are on the ballot in 2018.

Alabama, filing date has passed.  Elections for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, treasurer, auditor, agriculture commissioner, and public service commissioners. All 35 seats of the state Senate and all 105 seats of the state House are up for election. Five seats on the Alabama Supreme Court are up for election, as well as three seats each on the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals and the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals.

Federal Elections

Candidate filing deadlines passed this week in Alabama, Indiana, and Ohio, which have a collective 32 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives—7 percent of all seats in the chamber. Together with the other states whose deadlines are in the rearview—Illinois, Texas, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio—the primary candidate fields are already set for 22 percent of House seats on the 2018 ballot. A total of 50 current representatives have announced that they will not seek re-election in 2018. Of those 50, 34 are Republicans and 16 are Democrats.  Ballotpedia

A total of 468 seats in the U.S. Congress (33 Senate seats and all 435 House seats) are up for election on November 6, 2018. Ballotpedia  (This article contains interesting maps and other statistical information.)

The Republican Party holds 51 seats in the Senate. Democrats hold 47 seats, and the remaining two are held by independents who caucus with the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party faces greater partisan risk in 2018, as they are defending 25 seats (two of which are held by independents), while eight seats up for election in 2018 are held by Republican incumbents by comparison. The Democratic Party must defend seats in 10 states that supported Donald Trump (R) over Hillary Clinton (D) in 2016.

Republicans also control the U.S. House of Representatives. As of February 2018, the Republican Party is in the majority, holding 238 seats to Democrats’ 193 seats, with four seats being vacant. The Democratic Party is well-positioned to gain seats in the chamber in 2018; since 1934, the party of a newly elected president has suffered an average loss of 23 seats in the House in the following midterm.

As of February 10, 2018, candidates who have filed or otherwise declared congressional runs: 1,163 Democrats; 839 Republicans, 179 Third Party.

Senate: There are 23 Democratic seats, eight Republican seats, and two seats held by independents up for election in 2018. In 2018, the Democratic Party will need to pick up two seats in the Senate in order to regain the majority they lost in 2014.

House: Following the 2016 general election, the Democratic Party gained a total of six seats. They picked up seven seats while only losing one in Nebraska. The Democratic Party fell far short of the 30 seats required to retake the chamber. As a result, the Democratic Party would need to pick up 24 seats in 2018 to win the chamber.

Examples of upcoming congressional elections:

Minnesota, candidate filing period for Congressional candidates in Minnesota is from May 22 to June 5. Rep. Rick Nolan (D) had decided not to run for reelection in 2018. One Democrat, one Republican, and one Independent have filed to run so far.

Indiana, filing period is over.  One U.S. Senate seat and nine U.S. House seats are on the ballot in 2018. Sen. Joe Donnelly’s (D) seat was rated as a toss-up for either party to win by three media outlets. Republicans hold seven of the state’s nine U.S. House seats.

Alabama, filing period is over. All seven of the state’s congressional districts are up for election. These seats are currently held by six Republicans and one Democrat. All seven incumbents were expected to run for reelection.

Arizona, special election filing period is over to replace Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), who resigned on December 8, 2017.  An ABC 15/OH Predictive Insights at the end of January found Lesko and Montenegro tied with 21 percent each in a crowded Republican field of 13 candidates.


Yes, yes so what you say…another boring day spent trudging to a polling site despite the weather or finding some way for those who are homebound or unable to get to polling sites to find a way to have their voices count as well.

This is why–


We have always known that elections have consequences whether they are local or presidential. For many years, those who voted believed that our voting system was infallible. We often heard scorn when someone challenged election results of “poor loser” and such.

What has been shown us since Trump took office is the myth of simply deciding not to vote or voting casually as if a vote meant little. If nothing else comes of Trump’s presidency, these are gems that we have learned. 

-We have learned that the Democrat Party under certain influences has deliberately planned and carried out a partisan attempt to take over our country for political or monetary gain in a way that was bordering on outright treason. The socialist/communist and the radical Islamic groups have made a great deal of headway and taken over the Democrat Party in order to carry out their agenda.

-We have learned that outside forces like the UN and those determined to set up a New World Order have deliberately and with malice done a great deal of harm to our country and our sovereignty, as well as to other countries that have fallen under their efforts and manipulations.

-We have learned that individuals have sold us out to the highest bidders for their own gain.

-We have learned that groups have banned together in a soft coup to overthrow our government, not just Donald Trump. He was just the convenient excuse.

-We have learned that this deep state group has no compunction about destroying and harming or in fact killing those who speak out or innocents in an effort to move their agenda forward. They use pedophilia, drugs, slavery, corruption, media reprisal, and more to advance their corrosive government takeover.

-We have learned that freedom, patriotism, and good morals can be swiftly taken away by those determined to shame, degrade, or imprison us for our beliefs and right to speak out.

-We have learned that in order to secure our country, we can no longer stand by and ignore issues — we must speak up and return fire with truth, either verbally, in writing, or in courts of law. 

-We have learned that in order to take over our country, there are those who subscribe to open/no borders. There are those that have no problem bypassing laws and citizen’s security in order to meet their goals. That there are those who deliberate foment chaos and encourage corruption in order to weaponize our own government against its citizens.

We cannot allow the Democrat Party as it is currently today to grab hold again of our country.

We cannot allow the continued slide down the rabbit hole to total subjugation of the world by a few.

We cannot allow the sovereignty of our nation, our constitution, or our way of life to be destroyed by a seditious, treasonous group determined to make us more like Venezuela than who we are now, all for the idea that the world would be better if a socialist government ruled the ENTIRE world.

We cannot allow the genocide of more than three-fourths of the world population by deranged groups of so-called “elites” who have every intention of surviving a holocaust they have deliberately instigated in order to reset the world.

For if we do continue to ignore or passively allow them to occur, then all is lost and we have handed our country and the world over to these “elites”.


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12 Responses to Republicans – 2018 elections are fast approaching and Democrats are gearing up

  1. Edsss says:

    Given that to date, ***No ONE*** is willing to call the current mess created by the elites for what it is, TREASON, then the ‘Merikan mushroom dance continues regardless of what joke for a party claims victory.

    • Uriel says:

      Understood Edsss. I think many feel this way BUT if one does not exercise the right to vote for a candidate of personal choice THEN one is as guilty as the whole “Merikan mushroom dance” in destroying our nation. We all are waiting as patiently as possible but that may ultimately not be enough.

  2. Tony Hodges says:

    I’m from Arizona. While I agree with much you say, I find it interesting you have left out (2) very important seats in AZ – McCain and Flake, as well as not introducing two exciting, new Republican candidates on the horizon:: Dr. Kelly Ward and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, et al. It is a generally accepted fact here that, notwithstanding his illness, Mr. McCain is and has been vulnerable and that Flake will be replaced with a Republican. Both these candidates are receiving aid from above, which I’m sure is the case with many important seats in contention.

    Certainly no one should sit idly by, thinking we are safe. You are doing a great service for us, keeping these issues in perspective and in the forefront of importance.

    I applaud you, Uriel.

    • Uriel says:

      Welcome to Hardnox Tony. Thank you for your compliment. I feel it is very important to keep this before our readership. As to your notes on Arizona- I tried to keep this post very short but Ballotpedia is a great site for finding out more. I couldn’t agree more Flake and McCain are both of great interest to me as well. Arpaio is really interesting but I worry about his age. Best of luck in Arizona elections coming up! I hope more patriots are on the horizon in all the states.

  3. Wise Owl says:

    Sadly, Uriel, too many Americans are more interested in Kardashian gossip than politics. They are ignorant, myopic, uninterested, and accurately reflect Homer Simpson, who is created to represent 100 IQ.

    But, you writers here, the political posters, those who relay wisdom to the social media, who actively discuss reality with their peers, friends, and associates, etc, are doing SOMETHING. Whether it is enough or not, remains to be seen, given that the media is overwhelmingly on the wrong side. Pointing out the lies by the media, with irrefutable proof, will go a long way toward making the unthinking liberal sheeple pause, and begin realizing that they are being lied to.

    Every little bit helps. Thank you for the great reminder.

    • Uriel says:

      As do you Wise Owl…all we can do, any of us, is try in any way we are able to make a difference. I like others, do get discouraged but take heart that I have done my best. Like many here, I am retired and living on a modest fixed income so giving money even a dollar to me is nearly impossible. This is my way. I’m glad you have joined Hardnox to give voice as well.

  4. Whitetop says:

    Hate and pessimism permeates our society so much people don’t feel like it is worthwhile to vote. They neglect this God given right at their own peril. I shudder when I hear about the millineals trending toward the socialist ideals which will influence their voting.
    The representative in my district is retiring after a long career feeding at the taxpayer teat. Hopefully we will get a person strong in their beliefs and principles to defend and protect the Constitution. This isn’t being done by the majority of people in Congress. We have the opportunity to replace a lot of Rinos with conservatives in this next election.

  5. vonMesser says:

    I have said for YEARS that the control of Congress is more important than the Presidency in that Congress controls the making of laws and the budget. Just because “your” guy wins the Presidency doesn’t mean sit back on your duff and enjoy.

    • Uriel says:

      Great comment Von and so true! Shame is most don’t understand because they would be far more cautious about who they choose. The flip side though is how many really good men have chosen not to run because they believe they can’t make a difference or have too much to lose by opening themselves to public scrutiny

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